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Two Weeks in Cap d'Agde Ch. 07

by DanandMandy©

Hi again. This is Dan. My wife Mandy and I spent a two-week holiday in Cap d'Agde in the south of France in September. We stayed in the naturist section, called Port Ambonne, which has a reputation as a place where couples come to have fun after the family holiday season has finished. We had such a wild time that we just had to write down our holiday experiences so that you can enjoy them too. This is what happened on the evening of the third day of our holiday.

Mandy and I arrived back at our apartment carrying a take-away dinner of roast chicken, French fries, fresh baguette and half a dozen bottles of local wine (one for dinner and the rest in case we ended up bringing friends back like the night before). The food was surprisingly good for a take-away, especially when followed up with a crème caramel dessert. At least take-away food and ready-made puddings don't lead to much washing-up.

I showered first and then got dressed while Mandy used the shower. Then she went into the bedroom to get ready for the evening alone "so I can surprise you with my outfit," she said. We were due to meet our English friends Jim and Linda and George and Jill again, and both Mandy and I were quite excited at the thought of another sexual free-for-all.

As I waited I switched on the TV. First I tried to decipher a French news broadcast about EU farming subsidies, then I found a French quiz show but I couldn't make sense of the questions let alone guess what the answers might be. So I strolled out onto the balcony in the fading daylight to gaze at the passers-by in the street below.

The street lights conveniently came on to help me get the most out of this voyeuristic exercise. I hadn't been there long, and I was just concentrating on a woman in a shocking-pink microdress when Mandy called to say she was ready. In the street below, the woman's microdress had ridden right up her hips, showing her white thong and most of her bum. The guy with her seemed to have helped it happen since he had his arm around her and was fondling her bum cheeks as they walked along. She didn't seem to mind.

"When you've finished ogling other women, I said I'm ready," Mandy called again, and this time an unfinished piece of bread from our meal hit me on my back.

"You're going to get a good spanking for that," I said as I turned around.

"What a great idea," Mandy replied. "That'll give the perfect finish to my outfit. Do you like it? Spank me now before we go to meet the others."

I recognized Mandy's skirt as the remnants of her school uniform. We'd been to a school disco evening at a club near our home six months before and Mandy had cut off the navy blue pleated skirt so that it skimmed her stocking tops. However, that was quite respectable considering what she'd done to it now. The waistband with its two buttons at the back had gone, so the skirt hung low on her hips, and only an eight-inch length of material remained.

"I couldn't cut it any shorter since the zip is seven inches long," Mandy said.

"I'm sure it will be fine," I said. "You can always wear something shorter another evening."

"You can see my pussy though, can't you?" Mandy asked anxiously.

"Yes of course," I replied, admiring the fact that the skirt stopped a fraction above her pink pussy lips – naked of course.

"Oh good," she said, relieved. She turned round, "and my bum?"

"Yes lots of it," I answered.

"Great," she said, "that's just how it should be."

Apart from the scrap of skirt, Mandy had on a black suspender belt that started way above the skirt and black stockings that started way below it. Her high black stiletto-heeled shoes had ankle straps. Apart from that, all she had on was her school tie, loosely tied round her neck. No bra, no blouse, just beautiful rounded breasts as naked as the pussy and bum below them.

"Now spank me a few times and give me some bright red marks on my bum," Mandy said. "That'll finish off the naughty schoolgirl image just nicely."

"I don't want to hurt you," I said.

"Oh, don't worry about that," she answered. "The pain won't last for long, and anyway I don't mind you hurting me sometimes, remember. Come on, get on with it. Give me some spank marks. Linda and Jill will think it's great."

Mandy bent over the back of an armchair while I slapped her with my hand a few times.

"Can't you do it harder?" she asked. "I want the girls to see what you've done to me. I bet they'll be jealous."

So I slapped her hard on the cheeks of her bum with the flat of my hand 10 or 12 times, and then three or four times more for good measure.

"Was that painful?" I asked.

"Of course it was," she said, walking into the bedroom to look at her bum in the mirror.

"That looks great," she said. "It's glowing red and I can see the marks of your hand too. Did you enjoy spanking me?"

"Actually, yes I did," I confessed.

"Well do it a few more times," she said. "Do it really hard. Make my bum red and sore so that I'll feel it tingling with pain all evening. It'll remind me how much you fancy me."

She bent over the chair again in the skirt that covered nothing and I slapped her even harder another six times.

"Wow," she said, straightening up. "That was something I won't ask for too often. But tonight it makes me feel sluttier than ever. Come on, let's get going."

At the Montrose bar we found the standard crowd of scantily-dressed women and their partners. As usual there were several crotch-length hipster denim miniskirts with an assortment of tops varying from flimsy to non-existent. A woman who arrived just before us was wearing a stretchy black minidress with stocking tops showing, while the woman just behind us was in turquoise see-through harem pants and a lacy top. As usual, underwear was optional and many of the women had opted out of it.

We saw one young woman in a black PVC microdress who had obviously brought two boyfriends with her. She was kissing one full on the mouth while the other was close behind her with his hand between her legs. As I watched, she turned round and kissed the second one while the first took his turn at fingering her pussy. Later in the evening I noticed they were still at it, the guys taking turns at her pussy and the girl in seventh heaven in the middle of a crowd of people. Her dress was barely long enough to cover her pussy, but in any case it spent most of the evening up round her waist from what I could see.

Two women in their early thirties were chatting with half a dozen guys of maybe the same age. As the music got livelier the two females kicked off their shoes and climbed up on the bar to dance a dance that made their already ultra-short dresses ride up their hips even further. The dance was hot and it wasn't long before these two women were giving the guys – and several hundred other people – a strip show that involved pouring bottles of Evian mineral water over each other as they undressed. As the show heated up, the supply of Evian increased. The waiter was doing a roaring trade. The bar was drenched, two sodden microdresses lay on the floor, and two thongs were sagging as mineral water was poured into them.

Encouraged by cheering from their male entourage and from the rest of the crowd, the two women soon pulled their dripping thongs off too – and threw them at the guys they were with. That was followed by a steamy session of open-mouth kissing, boob touching, nipple-tweaking and pussy stroking.

When the two women had had enough, a couple of their male friends lifted them down. The guys got happily soaked as the dripping naked female bodies rubbed against them. The women asked the guy behind the bar to look after their dresses and thongs till later, then they put their shoes on again, fixed their lipstick, and spent the rest of their time at the Montrose with nothing on but high heels and make-up. On the bar, an older woman with a black basque and stockings under her red fishnet dress was now dancing in their place.

George and Jill arrived just as I was ordering some drinks, and Jim and Linda found us soon afterwards. Our girls all greeted each other by kissing once again.

At first I was surprised to see Jill wearing jeans, but on closer inspection I saw they were low-rise to the extreme. I can't imagine how they stayed up, they were so low on her hips. At the back the top half of her bum cleft was showing, and at the front they dipped so low that they can't have been more than a centimeter above her pussy. Mandy, who I hadn't realized knew about such things, told me they were a design called "close shave" – impossible to wear unless every bit of public hair has been removed. The jeans showed off Jill's butterfly tattoo – situated precisely where her pubic hair had once been – perfectly. She wore no top except for a red and black lacy bra that pushed her breasts upwards and only just managed to cover her nipples.

Linda was wearing her high-heeled boots again, with a brief leather skirt and a red net top similar to the black one she'd lost the night before. I remember thinking to myself "this place can't be real" as I looked at my sexy wife, our sexy friends, and the sexy backdrop of so many erotically-dressed women. But it was real, sure enough – and it was fantastic to experience it.

"I really like your outfit, Mandy," Jill said.

"You must be the naughtiest naughty schoolgirl I've seen," Linda added.

"I've been so naughty that I got spanked. Look," Mandy answered, turning her back to us all and flipping up the little there was of her skirt.

Jill and Linda shrieked with appreciation at the red spank marks on Mandy's buttocks. "What a great idea for a sexy outfit," Linda said. Then, stroking Mandy's bum cheeks she asked, "Does it hurt, or are you enjoying it?"

"A bit of the first and a lot of the second," Mandy replied. "I asked Dan to do it to me."

"Will you do it me too," Linda asked me.

"And me," added Jill.

"I'd love to," I said, "so long as these guys don't mind."

Without waiting for Jim and George to answer, Mandy chipped in, "Oh they won't mind. I'll keep them both occupied while you do it."

Just like the night before, we stayed at the Montrose until 11:30 or so when George suggested we try one of the clubs to see what was on offer.

"Well, there's one not far from our apartment that has gangbangs on offer," said Mandy. "Let's try that."

"Yes, I've seen places advertising gangbangs," said Linda. "It could be fun to see what goes on."

"Sure thing," added Jill, "but only so long as Dan promises to give us a good spanking."

"Of course I will," I said. "It will be my pleasure."

"Come on then," said Mandy, taking George and Jim by their arms. "You guys can gangbang me while Dan spanks your partners."

There were shrieks of laughter and more girly giggling from our women as we set off to the club near the bakery. George and Jim walked either side of Mandy. Both of them had an arm round her, their two hands pushing up her skirt and feeling her bum.

"Why don't you slap my butt?" she asked them. Neither of them answered but they both started slapping it, which led to more shrieking and giggling.

With two guys doing that to my wife, I decided I had the right to do what I wanted to their partners. As I walked between Jill and Linda I put my arms around them and soon I had both my hands full – first with boob, then with butt, then back to boob again. They seemed to think it was normal and, quite honestly, in that place at that time of the evening it seemed to be.

"Here we are," said Mandy as we arrived at the club. The poster on the heavy wooden door announced gangbangs with free entry for couples (with a drink thrown in) though single men had to pay a hefty 40 Euros admission charge. Our three women agreed that free entry was a bargain so how could we guys refuse? We rang the bell and were admitted almost immediately.

Inside there was a dancefloor about the size of a couple of living rooms, a bar, and a door through to a rear area that was separated into several sections – some curtained and some not, but each equipped with a large waterbed covered with a rubber-type material. On the walls, I noticed, were paper towel dispensers.

On the dancefloor were several couples in various stages of undress. The music was fast and several women were putting on really erotic dance displays for their partners – and for the group of 15 to 20 single guys at the back of the room. Some couples were shuffling around the dancefloor slowly undressing and caressing each other. And in the middle a woman with the top of her dress pulled down and the bottom pulled up had her partner's pants down and was giving him a blowjob as couples danced around them.

Our three women went straight to the dancefloor and started to move their bodies to the music. Mandy's naked breasts bobbed up and down to the disco beat, Linda made sure her skirt rode high on her hips as she danced, and Jill's "close shave" jeans were slowly giving way to the force of gravity. What a sight.

"I've never seen anything like this before," I said. And both George and Jim admitted that they hadn't either.

"Linda and I are new to swinging," Jim said. "We came here to try it out."

"So did we," added George. "We decided we could let our hair down here without too much risk of being recognized." And all three of us agreed that we liked what we found in this erotic resort.

The three of us stood by the bar admiring the view, which included a young brunette with close-cropped hair who was dancing in front of a guy aged maybe 30 who lounged on a sofa watching her every move. She wore a stretchy white lace minidress, hold-up stockings and pink stilettos. She even wore a pink g-string under the see-through dress though it didn't stay in place for very long.

A bit of upward stretching during the dance soon raised the hem of the brunette's dress above her crotch. Dancing a foot or two in front of the guy, she started rubbing her pussy through the pink g-string, then pulled the g-string aside and rubbed the real thing, then pulled the g-string down to her knees and alternated the rubbing with pulling her pussy lips apart. By this time the guy had stopped lounging and was showing more interest. She soon had stepped out of her g-string altogether, and as she dangled it under his nose he perked up even more. He made a grab for the tiny garment but she whisked it away and stepped back a few paces. Then, with the g-string hanging from her finger, she beckoned to him to follow her as she strode towards the back rooms.

The guy was on his feet and right behind her in a shot. So were some of the other single guys. And so, I must admit, were Jim, George and me. As the couple reached a large room with three king-size water-beds in it, the brunette put her arms round her partner's neck and kissed him. And she stayed like that for the next five minutes, her mouth glued to his as he raised her dress and stroked first her bum and then her pussy. As we watched, several guys moved in close to the brunette in white and joined in the stroking.

Before long she had three pairs of hands, as well as her boyfriend's, exploring the crevices of her body – and all the time she stood kissing her partner, her arms round his neck, making no attempt to discourage the unknown hands that were caressing her bum cheeks and rubbing her pussy. In fact, judging by the noises she was starting to make, I can safely say she seemed to be enjoying it.

In a flash the boyfriend pulled the transparent white lace dress over the brunette's head, and the unknown hands let her go as he steered her towards the nearest waterbed. As she lay down in just shoes and stockings – though with her g-string still in her hand – he undressed quickly and presented her smiling mouth with an erect cock to suck. He nodded to the three guys who'd been fingering his girlfriend and that seemed to be the signal for them to do even more. One of them stripped off his shirt, stuck out his tongue, and proceeded to lick her pussy in earnest, while the other two contented themselves with massaging her breasts and kissing her nipples.

"She looks well taken care of, but what about us?" I heard a familiar female voice just behind me. I turned round to see Mandy, Jill and Linda who had obviously been watching the show too.

"As far as I recall," said Mandy looking at Jim and George, "you two guys are supposed to be giving me a gangbang, not gawping at other guys doing it."

"And you, Dan, are supposed to be spanking Linda and me," said Jill.

"And since you like watching debauchery, if you really make our bums sting, we might even let you try some debauchery on us," Linda added.

And then the debauchery just seemed to happen. Mandy stepped out of her school skirt and clambered onto a vacant waterbed, as Jim and George quickly stripped off their clothes and joined her. Still in her suspenders, stockings and striped school tie, she lay back with her legs wide open as Jim got busy licking her pussy and George filled her willing mouth with cock.

Linda's leather skirt and red net top were soon on the floor and Jill's bra soon followed them. Then the Jill started to undo the laces that held her low-cut jeans in place. There wasn't much to undo and she soon shoved the jeans down her legs, removing her red high heels to pull them off, and then putting the shoes on again once she was naked.

"Now you spank us," Linda said.

"Make sure it hurts a bit," added Jill.

"Quite a bit," added Linda, as the two of them climbed onto the same waterbed as Mandy. Then side by side, on their hands and knees, their feet sticking over the side of the bed, they stuck their butts in the air.

The room was filling up by this time and we had quite an audience of couples and single men. On the other bed, the brunette was still giving her boyfriend a blow-job. She was slowly masturbating two other guys as a third stranger fucked her doggy-style. Mandy was wriggling her pelvis as Jim explored her pussy with his tongue, and she wanked George with one hand as she encircled the end of his cock with her lips. Mandy's other arm reached out so that she could cup one of Linda's boobs in her hand.

"Come on Dan," shouted Linda. "Make us scream."

With such an invitation, what else could I do? I stood between the two waiting backsides, caressed them gently with both hands, slipped my hands between both pairs of legs and stroked the soft damp pussies, then pressed my index fingers firmly against two tight pink anuses. Stripping off my clothes I moved to the left so I could slap better with my right hand.

Jill got it first – the flat of my hand hard across her buttocks. "I-yee," was the first sound she made, followed by "Yes, give me more."

So I did. I slapped her four more times – each time making her squeal.

"My turn, my turn," called Linda. So then she got her turn of five loud slaps too.

"Me again," I heard Jill say. So this time I gave her one hard slap on each buttock, and then I gave the same to Linda too.

"Et moi aussi," a woman who was watching us said to me. She pulled up her shiny red microdress, pulled down her shiny black thong, climbed onto the waterbed next to Jill, and presented me with a beautifully rounded backside. I was unsure what to do at first but then I decided to do what any gentleman would do in the circumstances – I gave her five slaps on the bum with the flat of my hand.

"Oui, fantastique," she squealed. And then "encore." And everyone who was watching seemed to call out at once, "encore". So I slapped her twice more, and then twice more again.

On the opposite bed, the brunette was on her back, her breasts getting sprayed with cum from a couple of cocks. A third guy was still fucking her and her partner was still in her mouth. Mandy was in a similar position – with George fucking her pussy as hard as he could, and Jim fucking her mouth and not holding back much either.

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