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R's First Adventure

by jambeaux©

I came home from a late night at the office to find R sitting up in bed as if she had been reading. As I leaned to kiss her full lips, she whispered in a husky tone, "Hurry up and come to bed."

With that, she bent forward to pull her sleeping shirt over her head, revealing her pert breasts with taut nipples. I could see she wasn't wearing panties.

I whistled appreciatively, and she gave me a coy smile that said, "I'm ready for you."

I ran my fingers lightly over her thighs, and her legs parted slightly. Kneeling by the bed, I lowered my cheek to brush her neatly trimmed triangle of pubic hair, then darted my tongue between her pussy lips.

Man, she was hot and wet. My tongue slowly lapped the entire length of her juicy slit, then dipped deep into her cunt and came up hard against her clit.

R moaned, then whispered again, "Hurry and get in bed."

Giving her clit one last hard thrust from my tongue, I stood and made my way to the lavatory to quickly brush my teeth.

I threw off my clothes as I approached the bed, my cock rock-hard and ready.

But first, I returned to R's creamy pussy, lapping up her juices and steadily tonguing her clit. R opened her legs wider, her passion mounting as I savored the taste of her dripping cunt and lifted her swelling clit with stroke after stroke.

Suddenly, she panted, " I need your cock right now. I'm ready to cum."

I hated to break away from the oral action _ I love the explosive feeling I get when my woman's pussy cascades under my mouth, quivering, and then collapsing in waves of ecstasy beneath my lips.

But R's wish is my command, and, besides, my cock was beginning to feel left out of the equation.

I moved over R as her legs widened and her hips rose up to receive me. I centered my cock at the entrance to her cunt, then pushed into her as deeply as I could thrust.

She was hot... her skin was warm, and her breasts were swollen. I cupped one with one hand and wrapped my other arm around her shoulders to pull my body higher against her cunt.

I stroked in and out, trying to maintain control against the passion that R had ignited in me. As my cock maintained a steady pace, I could sense that R was nearing her climax, and I bore down harder, grinding against her mound.

R reacted with a low moan that grew in intensity until she finally peaked with a sharp intake of breath and a throbbing release of tension to the core of her sexual being.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh," she mouthed as the shock waves of a massive orgasm flooded over her.

I held on for the ride, grateful for the release that would allow me to savor a long, teasing fuck. When her breathing slowed somewhat, and as I moved slowly in and out of her even wetter pussy, I came out with the question that had been in the back of my mind since I had walked into the room: What had gotten her so hot while I was gone?

Somewhat sheepishly, R replied that she had been reading a men's magazine I had left in a nightstand drawer by the bed. R doesn't mind my reading such magazines, although she's commented on several occasions that I probably wish I had one of the babes in the pictorials instead of her. I always manage to talk myself out of those situations somehow.

"Did you see something sexy?" I asked.

"There was this one story that kind of turned me on," she allowed.

At my urging, and with me picking up the pace of fucking her luscious cunt, R proceeded to tell me the details of the (probably fictitious} letter.

It seems this young couple were talking about extra-marital sex, and the guy said he'd like to see his wife flirt with other men to see how he would react.

The next time they went out, they ended up at a bar they'd never visited before. They noticed a lot of unattached guys, and the husband suggested they separate and see what developed.

In no time at all, the woman was the object of attention from a number of guys who bought her drinks and led her to the dance floor. Pretty soon, the guys were getting serious with their advances.

As the guy watched his wife responding encouragingly to the suggestive dance moves, hands stroking her shapely ass, stolen kisses and touching under the table, his cock grew harder than he'd ever experienced. Instead of feeling pangs of jealousy, he felt a tremendous desire for his wife as he sat mesmerized by the scene unfolding before him.

As the night progressed, she sat at a table with three men about her age. Soon, one of them drew close to her and began whispering in her ear. She reacted to his whispered suggestion at first with a look of shock, but after several seconds she gave him a sly smile and a kiss on the lips. Then they got up and went outside.

The husband took all of this in, finding himself shocked when his wife walked out with one of the three. He quickly followed them outside, arriving in the parking lot in time to see them crawling into the guy's car and lock arms in a passionate embrace.

Withdrawing to the safety of his own car, the husband stared intently at the vehicle in the dim light outside the bar. Soon, the couple dropped out of his line of sight; evidently they were lying on the back seat.

The poor husband watched in agony for about 15 minutes, but could discern only hints of motion inside the other car. Finally, the woman and her back-seat lover raised up for a minute, then exited the vehicle and walked back inside.

Drained, and wondering what had transpired, the husband was about to walk back inside when the bar's door opened and his wife appeared with another guy in the threesome.

The husband waited for a few minutes until they were settled in No. 2's car, then casually strolled past it on his way back to the bar. Casting a furtive look inside as he passed the car, he received the shock of his life: his very sexy wife of five years was giving the other guy a blowjob as he lay on the rear seat.

Hubby didn't risk a second look, but he knew from experience that Lover No. 2 was having the time of his life. While straight fucking was his wife's primary passion, she was very skilled at sucking a man to orgasm.

His cock now ached at the thought of what he was missing, but he hurried inside and ordered a drink to steady his nerves. Almost halfway through the drink, he saw his wife come back inside and give her other new friends a sheepish grin. She slid in close to the guy who appeared to be next in line and snuggled up to whisper in his ear.

He smiled and shook his head in reply, then leaned down and gave her a deep kiss, undoubtedly getting a taste of his friend's cum in the process.

She threw down the rest of her drink, and after looking in her husband's direction for the first time in more than an hour, took No. 3 by the hand and led him toward the door.

The husband stewed some more, until finally his wife returned with her guy -- both of them with flushed looks on their faces.

When the woman left the three guys to go to the restroom, her husband met her as she came out, asking her how she planned to extricate herself from their clutches.

"You're next," she said, suggesting that he call a cab and she'd follow him home after she made some excuses to the men. The couple met up again shortly after that and capped the night with a hot, lusty romp and much talk about their adventure.

I was hearing this story as I slowly pumped my cock into R's creamy, hot cunt, and, in no time, she worked me into my own blasting climax.

When I recovered a bit, I stated the obvious: something about the story touched a hot button in R's psyche. She agreed, but said she couldn't decide whether it was the theme of sex with random strangers or a woman having sex with other guys in front of her husband.

I think the latter theme was the bigger turn-on for me, and I half-jokingly asked R on a subsequent night -- as we slowly fucked -- if she would like one day to act out the story with me.

"Maybe," she said. "Think you could handle it?"

I honestly didn't know, but the thought was intriguing. As the days passed, we kept returning to the concept of a wife flirting in front of her husband.

Finally, I screwed up the courage to tell R that we could give it a try. As I outlined my plan, I half expected her to get angry for me trying to force her to break our bonds of fidelity. But, she didn't, and seemed to be weighing the idea in her mind.

I told her she wouldn't have to go all the way with anyone, and said we could come up with a "script" to follow that would leave her a way out of a sticky situation.

"We'll see," she finally said, and left it at that.

Certainly, her brush with the magazine story put a momentary spark in our lovemaking. Every time one of us brought it up, it doubled our ardor.

Eventually, as the weekend approached, R whispered during one of our post-coital tender moments, "When are we going to try your plan?"

"Saturday night," I replied, as a jolt ran through me and brought my damp cock back to life.

When the day arrived, R dressed in tight, low-cut jeans, boots, a clingy V-neck pullover blouse that was short enough to show her sexy, flat stomach, belly button and lower back when she raised her arms or bent over. A western-style vest completed her outfit. We agreed she'd leave her wedding ring at home.

I had picked a bar in the next town over from ours. It was a little rough for my taste, but I thought it would be perfect for our experiment. We traveled in separate cars, and she agreed to let me go in first.

She was to wait 10 minutes before entering. If I came out before then, it was a signal that I had spotted someone who knew both of us and the deal was off. Likewise, when I thought she perhaps was nearing the point of no return with a strange guy, her cue to break it off would be me leaving the bar.

As we left our house, she stopped to give me a lingering, wet kiss and assured me that we were going to enjoy this and fuck our brains out when we returned home.

We pulled into the bar's parking lot as the light of day faded. Inside, I didn't see a soul I knew, so I ordered a beer and began to nurse it. Soon, R appeared through the entrance, looking very hot and desirable.

She almost stopped the conversation in the bar, or so it seemed, as she made her way through the tables to a corner of the horseshoe-shaped bar opposite my perch.

She ordered one of those girly drinks she favors and was reaching in her vest pocket for some money when this tall, dark-haired guy appeared from nowhere and slapped a bill on the bar to pay for her drink.

R immediately brightened; one, because I suppose she was gratified to draw a man's attention so quickly and, two, he was attractive in a bad-boy sort of way.

I pegged him as an auto mechanic with a leader-of-the-pack charisma. Turns out, I was pretty well dead-on.

As R and the guy -- I later learned his name was Danny -- talked, with her smile and fluttering eyelashes lighting his fire, I sat across the way with a raging hard-on.

R didn't withdraw as Danny drew closer to her, but she kept flashing glances at me to see how I was standing up. I tried to maintain a poker face, but I probably looked like a pile of jelly as my bride slowly started warming up to her pick-up.

My cock literally ached when they got up to dance, with R clinging to the guy. Toward the end of the song, he let one hand slide down to her tight ass, and she shifted her body to get even closer to him.

They went back to the bar to finish their drinks, and he drew his face close to hers to engage in a conversation that no one else could hear. I could only imagine what they were saying, but I guessed he was trying to figure out what she was about and how he could get her undressed.

About 20 minutes later, he stood up and led her to a front corner of the room, where some guys were playing pool. They evidently knew him, as they appeared to be joking with him and obviously questioning him about his "date." I could see them nodding to her as he introduced her.

While he shot pool with the guys, she held his beer, occasionally taking a swig of it for herself. She looked at me now and then, and, although my dick was throbbing and my head was asking if I had not made a big mistake, I gave no outward sign of worry.

Soon, he was claiming hugs from R when he made a good shot, and she was deeply engrossed in her flirtation with Mr. Danger. When he bought a pack of cigarettes, she tucked the pack inside her V-neck into her bra to hold it for him while he smoked and stroked his cue stick.

R told me later she was so wet at that point she was afraid a damp spot would appear on her denim at the crotch. An exaggeration, no doubt, but it indicated his appeal to her sense of sexual adventure. After several games and nearly two hours in the bar, I couldn't stand it any longer, and I made my way to the door the next time she looked my way.

I waited in my car in breathless anticipation until the door finally opened and R came out with Danny trailing her. Catching her arm before she could get away, he engaged her in an animated conversation for several minutes. I could see her shaking her head and trying to get away, but he persisted.

Finally -- with my heart thumping -- he led her to a large pickup truck almost directly in front of my car, climbed into the passenger seat and pulled her in with him. Before the door closed, I could see from the interior light that she was sitting on his lap, facing him.

"What the hell is going on?" I thought, but there was nothing to do but wait for events to unfold, since she obviously wasn't physically coerced into getting into the truck with him.

I couldn't see much in the truck's darkened interior, but by their relative positions, I had to assume they were at least kissing and fondling each other. As I watched, I idly ran my thumb over my hard, aching cock through the fabric of my pants. I needed some relief, no doubt about it.

After a lifetime, the truck's interior light came on, and I saw a lot of movement inside, followed in a few minutes by R climbing out of the car and him following her.

They embraced for a minute, then they engaged in a long, deep kiss. He watched as she hurried to her car and waited until she started the engine before he walked back inside.

I threw my car into gear and hurried to keep the taillights of her car in sight. She was waiting for me in the living room when I got home, with her arms wide open and beckoning and a smile playing across her lips.

Right away, I noticed a rather large, elongated damp spot on her blouse and another small round spot near the zipper of her jeans.

"What's that?" I blurted.

"He shot cum on me," she said matter-of-factly. "I'll tell you about it later. Right now, I need your cock."

Leading her into the bedroom, I lifted her blouse and pulled it over her head, closely eying and sniffing the colorless stain on the fabric. Her bra was undone and her breasts were swollen and her nipples pointed like bullets. Her skin was hot to the touch.

I unsnapped and unzipped her jeans, watching as she wriggled her hips out of the tight denim while her breasts swayed seductively. Her panties fell to the floor atop the jeans as I moved her to the bed.

R sank down on the mattress and spread her legs, inviting me to fuck her. I obliged as soon as most of my clothing joined the heap at the foot of the bed. The head of my cock part the lips of her damp pussy with practiced ease, and I penetrated her steaming cunt to the hilt of my shaft.

"Oh god," she moaned, arching her back and lifting her hips to receive me. Her state of arousal was off the scale, and she fucked me with abandon. I matched each of her thrusts with the hard, driving force of my legs and groin, pulling almost out of her wetness before slamming my hardness back into the depths of her pussy.

As she ascended ever higher in her pursuit of sexual bliss, R shifted gears slightly and locked her legs around mine to hold me tightly to her body. I began a series of subtle movements in her cunt as I pressed my pelvic bone against hers and brought the most pressure I could bear on her swollen clit.

"Oh yes! Oh yes!" she repeated, over and over, as she climbed toward the peak of orgasm. Suddenly I felt it: the throbbing and spasms radiating from her clit as she came hard against my cock. There is no better feeling of mastery that a man can experience than pushing a woman's orgasm to a climax.

With her pussy still throbbing and clutching my cock, I surrendered control and shot into her with my own mind-blowing release.

After we caught our breath and untangled our arms and legs, R filled in the blanks about her adventure. When she saw me leaving, she waited a minute or two, then began making her own move to leave. Danny, naturally, was disappointed, and he kept pressuring her to wait a little longer. She told him she needed to get home to relieve her babysitter.

He followed her out the door, however, and coaxed her into climbing into the passenger side of his truck. With him sitting on the seat and her sitting as far back as she could on his thighs, they started kissing. His tongue quickly darted into her open mouth.

His hands soon moved under her blouse to her bra, which he unsnapped to give him access to her succulent breasts. R said she responded with equal ardor, losing control for a few minutes until he began pressing her to take off her jeans.

"I wasn't about to do that in that parking lot with people coming and going. I was in a jam. I didn't know how to get away without looking like a cheap cock-teaser, but I couldn't fuck in those jeans and I wasn't taking them off in public," she said.

R said she unzipped his pants and reached into his drawers to free his cock instead. It was big and hard, just as she knew it would be.

She thought she could get away if she could get him to cum, so she backed up as far as she could and put her mouth over the head, tasting the salty precum oozing from the tip.

But she couldn't keep up her sucking because her back was killing her in the position she was in. Stretching out along the front seat was out, too, because of a console between the driver's and passenger's seats that didn't fold up.

Desperate, she moved up again and began kissing him deeply, begging him to squeeze her breasts, and stroking his cock with an up-and-down motion.

To help him reach an orgasm, she was all over him while keeping a steady beat on his throbbing pole. Between kisses, she told him how good he made her feel, how big his cock felt in her hand, how good he tasted and how hot he was making her feel. I suspect she was not exaggerating very much.

When he erupted, the first shot caught R by surprise, as the hot, sticky spurt hit her blouse. But as he moaned his release, she caught the rest of his cum in her hands.

Signaling her predicament with a chuckle, she was glad to see him produce a large handkerchief from his back pocket. Wiping her hands on the cloth, she slid back and bent over his hardness again, licking the head and the slit at the tip clean of his emission and feeling for all the world like a sexually liberated woman.

As they rearranged clothing and prepared to go their separate ways, he gave her a business card and asked if they could meet again.

R, now totally off script, only replied, "Maybe," and declined to reveal her last name or give him her phone number.

"Call me," he pleaded as they broke their kiss outside the truck.


Although the nagging thought that I may have put our marriage in jeopardy popped into my mind over and over again -- R and I had remained faithful to each other through our four years together -- acting out the fantasy put a spark into our lovemaking.

We went at it several times the following day, Sunday, without our passion cooling. Moments after the alarm sounded Monday morning, R -- who had to rise first to get to work on time -- reached over to stroke my cock and coax me into a morning romp.

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