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The Boss's Wife Ch. 03

by durastyle©

What a night, what an experience. I could hardly believe what had happened. I sat there at my desk the following morning replaying the events of last night in my mind. Just thinking about it was giving me a hard on. Even the mental image of my boss licking my cum off his wife's body, even that bizarre spectacle I found a total turn on. My God, he had actually done that!

Then the phone rang.

"Hi David, how are you this morning?"

It was Elizabeth.

"Very good," I said. "Very good indeed. And how are you?"

"Real good. Between you and my husband, you have made me so sore I can hardly walk!"

"Well, I suppose I should take that as a compliment," I said. The sound of her voice alone was making me hard.

"Yes, you should take it as a compliment," she giggled. "And thank you, thank you very much for last night. It was wonderful."

"I think I should say the same."

"God David, I'm so sore, but I'm feeling so horny! I just keep thinking about last night and it's making me so wet!"

"Yes, so am I, and it's making me hard. That was an amazing experience."

"Yes, it was. And it's going to happen again. This is not over yet."

"Good," I said. "I look forward to it."

"So, what are you looking forward to?"

The teasing inflection in her voice was just so titillating.

"Fucking you, my sexy little babe. Fucking you again."

"Oh yes," she said. "I want to do it again!"

"David," she continued, "I want to ask you something: do you think I'm a slut?"

I wondered where she was going with this. I didn't want to say the wrong thing. Best to err on the side of caution.

"No, of course not. But you are very sexy."

"Hmm," she said. "But I don't mind if you think of me as a slut. I don't mind even if you call me a slut. I don't mind at all."

"You are very sexy, a real hot babe," I said. "And you're also such a little slut."

"Ooohh, am I?" I heard her purring over the line. Yep, I thought that's what she wanted to hear.

"Oh yes," I continued, "such a dirty little slut to let her employee fuck her and make her husband watch. That's so slutty."

"Oohh, yes, it is, isn't it? Ooh, I'm such a slut for doing that, making my husband watch you fuck me. I think I almost should be punished for being so bad. Don't you think so?"

"Yes, you probably should," I said, my hand now wrapped around my cock. "You deserve to be punished. You shouldn't treat your employee like a fuck toy – only a filthy slut would do that."

"Oooh yes, I know, I know it's wrong, but I can't help it. Your cock is just so good, David!"

"Well, my little slut, if it's so good, I think you should suck it, don't you? Hmm? That's what a slut would do, Elizabeth."

"Oooohhh, yes," she moaned. "Oooh yes, you are right." God, it sounded like she was about to cum. The strength of her arousal only emboldened me further. I was feeling powerfully horny.

"Yes, you know I am right, Elizabeth. You are a dirty slut, and sluts belong on their knees giving head. And I'm sure you've imagined what that would be like, to have my cock in your mouth, hmm?"

"Ooh yes, oohh yes I have."

"And how it would feel, you know, when I cum, when I blast my cum inside your mouth."

"Ooh yes, oohh yes, ooh God that's so hot!"

And I will take a photograph of you doing it, my cum splattered all over your pretty face and mouth."

"Ooohhhh, David!

"Yes, and I will show it to people, just to show what a hot little slut you are – maybe even post it on the internet so the whole world can see, and men around the world can jerk off to the sight of your pretty slut face stuffed full of my cock."

"Ooohhhh, ooohhhh, oh my God David!!"

She was cumming, no doubt about it. I said nothing while she moaned and squealed over the phone. I sat there listening to her sexy voice while I rubbed my rock-hard cock. Soon she was back on the line.

"Oh David, I just made myself cum - again. That's the third time this morning!"

"Good," I said.

Then I heard the door of my office open. It was Robert.

"Um, Robert's just walked in. We can talk about this later," I said, trying to make it sound like a business call – although why carry on the pretense I wasn't quite sure.

"OK sweety," she said as she hung up.

"Morning Robert," I said.

"Morning," he grunted.

"Did you have a nice night," I said, before immediately wondering whether or not I should have said anything that even remotely referred to the events of the previous evening.

"Hmm," he said, stiffening, the lines on his forehead tightening in that familiar way I had seen before when the guy is about to blow his stack. Yep, should have kept my mouth shut. "Yes, I did have a pleasant evening, if you're asking. But might I remind you that you are here to work, not to discuss anything that might happen after hours. You are here to WORK! That is all. Is that fucking clear?"

"Yes, boss," I said, cowering slightly under his sheer thunderous fury. Man, he could be scary!

"Good. Now, I want to see where you're up to with the Errington job."

I pulled up the drawings on my screen. He looked over my shoulder, studying it. I braced myself for the inevitable critical assault.

"Hmm," he said. "Not bad. Not bad at all. Keep going with that."

And then he was gone. 'Not bad'. That was closest thing to praising my work that he had ever come. Hmm, I thought to myself, he really must have had a good night after I'd left...

I sat there for a while, now unable to concentrate on my work at all. This situation was getting weirder all the time. That little exchange with Robert showed me pretty clearly that there was a clear line of demarcation between what happened here at work and what happened between himself, his wife and myself after hours. I found that hard to really understand, how he could totally switch from pathetic cuckolded husband to tyrannical boss from one night to the next day, but I figured it at least made things less complicated. I at least knew how to act when I was at work. And I still hadn't lost my job.

But what about Elizabeth? She seemed in her own way as much of a head case as he was. Here she was, getting off on the idea of me being her personal employed fuck toy, and then orgasming over the phone as I called her a slut and that she should be sucking my cock – an 'intimacy', she had said, quite firmly from my memory, that she reserved for her husband alone. What the fuck is going on in her head?

I was even surprised at myself, at what I had said over the phone. That little phone chat was so sexy, but how did I even know that that kind of slut talk was going to get her off? I didn't, but the conversation just seemed to take on a life all its own. What was I thinking telling her over the phone that she should be sucking my cock, when she'd already told me that she wouldn't do that, and then telling her that I'd post pictures of her on the internet? That's probably put the kybosh on her letting me take any pictures of her now – she'd be worried that I'd show the world. But then wasn't she kind of in control of me? I mean, if I wanted to keep my job, I had to do and act as I was told. I was being quite aggressive with her over the phone – maybe I felt a little put out that she'd sent me home so dismissively, like a tradesmen who had completed a task, after I had come on her face, in fact. It did offend me just a little bit, I had to admit. But then over the phone she was totally getting off on the whole idea of letting others see a picture of her sucking my dick. She had gotten totally off on that. And I had made a girl cum just by talking to her over the phone. That was a first for me.

Well, I thought, whatever. There didn't seem much point in thinking too deeply about all of this, because there were too many things that just didn't add up, didn't make sense. But it did seem as though I was now somehow on a good thing, perhaps also locked into a very weird situation, but one in which I was getting to fuck the sexiest girl I had ever met. And 'it's not over yet', she had said. So we would be meeting again – but what exactly did 'not over yet' mean? Saying something like that seemed to suggest a logical conclusion to this situation, but logic was something that I could hardly imagine could be applied here. None of this was normal or logical. What did she mean?

No, there was no point in continuing to mull all this over. There were no answers that I could see. All I could do was go along and enjoy the ride, and so far the ride had been exhilarating.

Nothing much happened over the next week. I was almost disappointed that I hadn't received another 'dinner' invite.

No matter, I had a date for the weekend with Sarah. She and I had been seeing each other on and off for a few months, but it was a very casual arrangement. "Fuck buddies" was the term she used. She'd just come out of a fairly nasty relationship, but, as she put it to me, she still had needs every now and then. She certainly does, I mused to myself as I thought of the last time we'd been together – the girl has a bit of a thing for sex in public, and we had a wonderful time together in a bus stop shelter late one night. As for me, it suited me fine. I wasn't interested in anything serious after my last relationship, and in any case I'd decided not to bother too much with women while I tried to get my career back on track. Neither of us expected anything to develop out of it; it was just convenient and welcome distraction for both of us at the time. Of course, over the past week I hadn't had much need to think about Sarah, but when she called, and I had nothing else planned, I thought, why not? Why not indeed.

Friday night we hooked up at the local for drinks and a pub meal. After that it would be back to my place or her place, or some other place out in the open somewhere if it took her fancy.

"Hi David," she said as she arrived in the bar, giving me a peck on the cheek. "How's tricks."

"Oh yeah," I said. "Not bad. My boss is still an arsehole, although the other day I met his wife and she's hot. Can't imagine what she sees in him." Probably shouldn't have even mentioned Elizabeth, I suddenly thought to myself, but I certainly wasn't going to take the conversation much further than that.

"Yeah, it's hard to see how some women can go with rich arseholes. My boss is the same, a real prick, but his wife is really nice. Guess it's the old trophy wife syndrome."

"Yeah," I said.

We had our drinks and ate our burgers. I used to really look forward to these little interludes with Sarah, but sitting there I couldn't help but think how plain she was – in both looks and conversation. I felt a little guilty even to be thinking it, but she was actually a bit boring. As she told me about her week I found myself zoning out, thinking instead about Elizabeth and what she was doing this Friday night, a full week after that first 'dinner' with her and Robert.

"You look a little distracted," Sarah said.

"Yeah, sorry, just a bit preoccupied with work."

"Hmm. Well, hopefully we'll be able to take your mind off work a little later, huh?"

"Yeah," I chuckled.

"David, I'm feeling horny. Let's get out of here."

I wasn't feeling particularly horny at that moment, but I knew that would change. As we left, the experience of fucking Elizabeth while her husband watched went flashing through my mind. The fact that another person was watching – never mind the fact of who that person was – I had actually found incredibly exciting. As a raw visceral experience, the idea of being watched fucking seemed such a fundamental turn on. I had never thought of myself as an exhibitionist, but...

"Hey Sarah," said as we strolled out of the bar together. "Ever had sex with people watching you? You know, not like the other night, where we were doing it at the bus stop and it was exciting because we knew we might get caught, but I mean with people watching because they want to watch. People watching you having sex and getting off on it – not being disgusted or offended or wanting to call the police."

"No, but it sounds fucking horny. I like that idea."

"Don't ask me why, but I'd really like to do that - tonight. What about if we catch a taxi, and we can fuck in the back while the driver drives around. You know, like the driver would love it – watching people fuck in the back of his car – I mean, how fucking boring must it be driving round in a cab all night?"

"Oh yeah, I guess," she said dismissively. "We could do that but it sounds a bit tawdry to me. Hey, what about going to a swingers' club instead?"


"A swingers' club. You know, 'swinging' – surely you must have heard of the concept."

"Yeah, of course I have. But a swingers' club? Are you serious? Sounds a lot sleazier than fucking in the back of a taxi."

"Well it's not sleazy, or at least not from what I've heard."

"So what have you heard? How do you know about these swingers' clubs?"

"A girlfriend of mine went to one. With her man – they only allow couples. She told me all about it – and it sounds really horny, not sleazy at all."

"Fuck me, the things women talk about to each other!" I said. "But go on, I'm all ears."

"Well, it's kind of like a night club, only people also get to do stuff that'd get you thrown out of a normal night club. Anyway, they went there with the intention of getting together with others, you know, a threesome with another girl, but they baulked at that for their first time there. Instead, they just went in the 'action' section of the club and had sex with each other. There were other people having sex in other areas and they could hear each other moaning. Every now and then people would pass through the corridor and see my friend and her man fucking. She said to me it was a total turn on to lay there naked and all exposed while her man fucked her, with other couples stopping briefly to watch them. It totally blew her away – and it wasn't sleazy at all, she reckoned. Everyone there was quite normal and really nice. She said it was so good they're going to go again real soon, only this time she hopes to get another girl involved."

"That does sound horny," I said. It certainly did. What she was explaining was pretty much exactly the sort of thing I was thinking about. A swinger's club. I'd never really thought about it before – I'd always thought of it as like a brothel or something. This girl's not so boring after all...

"So, where is this place – are you saying we should go there tonight?"

"Why not? I've actually been thinking about it ever since my friend told me about her night there. That's why I can tell you I know where the club is, how much it costs to enter and also that it's open tonight. It's funny you should have said what you just did, because I had been thinking of raising the idea of us going to the swingers' club myself – only I thought you would think it a bit depraved."

"That's why I like you Sarah, you're so wonderfully depraved."

"Well, it's good to see we've got at least one thing in common!" she said, and we both laughed.

"OK, this is a great idea," I said. "Take me there."

We hailed a cab and were on our way. The club was only a few kilometres away, near one of the restaurant precincts. I knew this area well, but I didn't know about any such clubs like this. If I had been feeling less than interested earlier on in the night, now I was charged – in a little while we will be fucking, naked, with other people doing the same, and others watching us. Wow, I might get to watch two sexy babes licking each other! I'd only ever seen lesbian action in porno films; never for real, and I'd certainly never been in a three-some of any kind. As the taxi toured through the city towards our destination, I began to get very excited thinking about what was to come.

Soon we arrived. We were greeted at the front door by a man dressed in black. Once it was confirmed we were a couple (the sign on the door said couples and single females ONLY) we paid our money and were ushered inside, the solid steel door closing behind us. The man gave us a brief explanation of the club rules and what happened on the two different levels. A firm 'no', or 'no thanks' meant exactly that, and anyone who didn't respect that would likely be thrown out of the place. Same for any kind of aggro or arguments – you were out. Sounded fair enough to me.

Inside it really was just like a night club. There were couples there lounging around in sofas drinking and chatting – if you knew no better, you would be mistaken for thinking this was normal bar.

We got some drinks from the bar and found a spare sofa. Most of the couples were sitting separately, but there were a few people chatting in larger groups. It was interesting to watch them – four young, good looking people, two tall, well built guys and a couple of hot looking girls, a brunette and a red head, all of them dressed in stylish black. They really looked just like four cool young people in a normal night club.

I watched as the four of them got up and left the room.

"See that?" Sarah said. "They're going up to the action room upstairs."

"You've obviously done your research well," I said.

"Always pays to be prepared, David."

"So, what do we do, wait here until someone approaches us?"

"Well, maybe. If I see a cute looking guy, would you be cool with a threesome? I've never done it with two guys, you know."

"Why not?" I said. "Neither have I. What about another girl?"

"Nah, not into girls," she said.

We sat there for a while, until our drinks were finished.

"Come on," she said, grabbing my hand, "let's go upstairs."

Up we went. The upstairs section opened out into a kind of foyer where you could leave your clothes. There was no one else in the room, but through into the next section we could hear voices. I thought I could hear someone moaning.

"Clothes off now," she said. Awkwardly we stripped off. There were lockers to put your clothes in. Sarah had been given a locker key when we entered the club.

Soon we were both naked. We looked at each other. She took a deep breath and took my hand.

"OK, this is it," she said. "Let's go inside."

We walked into the darkened area. There were little rooms cordoned off by shade cloth, but they had windows in the sides, down low, so you could obviously see in and out – although in the darkness it was still pretty private. As we walked past one of those rooms I could hear movement inside, voices. The gentle moan of a woman's cry of pleasure. Sarah heard it too and stopped. She looked at me, and then reached for the shade cloth, pulling the curtain aside a little so we could look inside.

It was dark, but not too dark to see what was going on. It was the two couples we had seen earlier downstairs, only now they were naked. And what they were doing! The brunette was on her back, legs spread, and the red head chick's face was buried in her pussy. The two guys were on either side of the brunette, and I almost didn't notice the fact that she had a hand wrapped around each of their cocks. They were both hard. They were leaning down to pinch the girl's nipples as the red head continued to lick her clit. One of the guys looked up at me and smiled. The look on his face said it all: this was just too good; he was in heaven.

We didn't stay watching for more than a few seconds. I think we both thought we were someone intruding. We moved on to the next room. It was vacant. Sarah looked at me.

"Let's go in here," she said, leading me in by the hand.

The room was fairly small, the floor furnished entirely as a kind of bed. Sarah grabbed the curtain and pulled it completely open. The whole area of the room was no visually exposed to the outside corridor. The windows on the other side of the room meant anyone walking either side would get a perfect view of us. It felt almost like we were naked and on display in a shop front window.

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