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Begging For It

by sexylilmissus©

He put down his drink and reached over to me, pulled me against him. A tentative kiss turns to more, inside I'm begging him to take me but he's moving so slowly. Will this be the day or not? I know it needs to be soon or not at all, I'll lose my nerve. His hands against my skin, I stand still and quiet, contemplating what I've agreed to.

Moments leading up to this flit through my mind -- the first time he flicks his fingers against my nipples, the moment he tosses the clamps into my hand, the feeling of four of his fingers inside me at once. His teeth grazing my skin, holding my hands above my head as he pulls my nipples hard, lifting my breasts with his mouth. Pinned with my ankles over my head as he takes me from above. His mouth on mine swallowing my scream when I come. Pushed down on the kitchen counter, feeling his body behind me slam into mine. Opening the box to find the leather restraints inside. Looking into his eyes as I agree to give him a day of his choosing to be his, whenever, however he wants.

I get damper by the moment, one erotic scene after another playing through my mind while his tongue delves ever deeper in my mouth. Slowly I find he's backing me up, pushing me up against the couch. His hands reaching under my clothing, he asks me just once if I'm sure. I nod but he wants me to say it out loud. Never did I think speaking would be difficult for me, the words take forever to come out but finally it spills from my lips for him to take me, make me his, and saying it makes me redden. After all I've done with him, its asking him to take me that makes me blush.

And then he pushes me to say it, say the one thing that is so hard for me... please. I was never good at saying please, asking him for what I want. Long ago that one word would lead to me being denied, teased, ignored, neglected, desperate and unfulfilled. I know in my head this is different, another place, another person, but that damaged part of me is always expecting the world to crumble when I admit I need something, want it, ask for it. Once said it seems so simple, relief floods me realizing he's not going to deny me, just push me to ask for what I want instead of assuming he knows.

He soothes me as much as arouses me with his touch. I come to my senses realizing my clothes are coming off... rapidly. Not that it bothers me, just that I'm in a cotton camisole and tight little bitty bottoms and he's only got his shoes off. His hands are all over me, I try to run my hands through his hair but it seems he has other ideas, turning me around in a blur. Before I know it, he's tying my wrists together, and I'm getting damper by the second.

From the knots at my wrists his hands flow down to grip my hips, pulling my ass into him; I can tell I'm not the only one aroused already. My nipples are next in the assault, first gentle rubbing, to tweaking and pinching to twisting them. I'm wet, the spot on my panties getting bigger all the time. He knows how wet just playing with my nipples can make me, knows it can get me off. He's kissing the back of my neck, whispering in my ear, asking me if I like that, want it. Asking me how bad I want it, am I willing to beg him for it, muttering in my ear that blurs in my mind. Without prompting, without thinking I'm asking him to take me, to fuck me. Begging him please, I want him, please I need him. His cock is rubbing through his jeans between my ass cheeks and there's fire burning between my legs. He pulls away, the sudden assault on my senses stopped, next thing I know I'm facing him again and my mouth is full of his tongue, his mouth fierce on my mine. Can't get enough of him; want to pull him against me, standing on my tiptoes leaning into him.

I'm suddenly propelled in front of him down the hall to the bedroom. Instead of the usual mess, the sheets are pulled back and the pillows in place. I land in the middle of his king size bed, and my hands go from behind me into leather cuffs, connected by chains to the headboard. He's lying between my legs, ignoring the wet panties, sucking on my breasts, and I can feel the waves building inside me. My nipples are hard begging for attention when he pulls away, the camisole bunched up under my chin. He returns with shiny clamps in his hands, pulling my nipples before pinching them flat. I gasp feeling the sudden sharp pain on first my left then my right nipple and he tells me I'm making too much noise. Before I've processed that information my camisole is pushed farther up, stretched tight, & bunched together over my mouth. I'm muzzled by my own clothing, a sharp tingling in my breasts as he flicks fingers against the clamps, my wrists pulled in separate directions, and my mind is reeling.

Spontaneously I'm lifting my hips, trying to get a little action, I want to feel him against me, want him to touch me, oh god yes please... but it seems he has other ideas. He's tying something out of sight onto the bed while pushing me flat on the bed. So many times he's threatened to tie down my hips, and now he has, the belt wrapped tightly against my hips and secured on the other side. He's looking very pleased with himself as he finishes the knot and sits up to flick my nipple clamps some more with one hand while the other cups against the wetness between my legs.

My panties are soaked, and even with my heels pushing into the bed, I can't raise my hips against his hand. He watches me try as he unbuttons his shirt and pulls off his socks, looking amused. I really don't have any choice, it'll happen however he wants, take me when he wants, I'm totally his to play with for as long as he likes. It begins to really sink in just what I've given over to him and I get even wetter thinking about it.

Next thing I know, he's pushing my legs apart, but only so he can buckle thigh cuffs high on each side. I can't really lift my head high enough to see his face, but I can feel him nipping at the inside of my thighs, wet kisses & his hot breath against my skin. The sensations are intense, and before I know it I'm begging him to put his mouth on me, to eat me, words running out of my mouth faster than I can think them. It's a futile exercise because the words aren't clear through the cami muzzling my mouth. He gets a sly smile on his face as he looks up briefly and returns to his chosen path not up my legs but down to the ankles where he attaches two more cuffs. He raises each foot in its turn to his mouth and sucks on my toes, nips at the arch of my foot, knowing it makes me crazy. He pushes back on my feet, my knees knocking against the clamps, bringing that dull ache in my breasts forefront in my mind. While I'm contemplating my sore nipples he's managed to clip each ankle to its thigh. I discover I can still move my legs sideways a little, but its an awkward and useless effort of my strength.

My juices are dripping down my thighs, knowing I am truly at his mercy, getting more aroused by the moment, but still unable to come without some sort of stimulation. He pulls back on my teeny tight little panties and slips a small buzzing vibrator against my clit, instantly taking me to sensation overload. He lays on top me, pushing the buzz harder against me, asking me what I was muttering about, did I need something, did I want something, his arousal evident from the bulge pushing against me.

He pulls the cami out of my mouth, telling me how he wants to see me come, asking will the buzz do it for me, does it help when he pushes it against my clit. My brain is swirling, the buzz is growing stronger, the weight of him adding to my torture. I immediately start begging him to just give me a little more, telling him I wanna come so bad. He's got me so damn close to coming, I just need something to push me over the edge. The urge to have him fuck me is intense, I'm pleading with him to take me when the words are swallowed up by his mouth kissing me, tongue twisting with mine, and then I'm losing the words as the sensations swamp me.

He shifts his weight, centering on my pelvis as he murmurs to me how he wants to see me come, how he wants me to come for him. He urges me to come hard and come right now as he suddenly pulls the nipple clamps off. My eyes widen like saucers as the sensation hits, blood rushing back in to my nipples, my muscles tightening, and then my body goes rigid for a split second. He's encouraging me to keep going, ride the wave, while his fingers are tweaking my sore nipples, His breathe is hot beside my ear as my body starts shaking. No control, no control at all concerning how he takes me, how I respond, how I want to move against him. He kisses me hard, his tongue invading my mouth, knowing if he keeps me going, my climaxes will get more and more intense as the night goes on.

The undertow as I come again is strong, pulling at me, swirling colors in my mind and the kiss ends. He starts telling me how he's going to take me now, wrap my wet pussy around him. Telling me how he wants to pound into me, fuck me hard. I barely comprehend what he's saying but start to understand when he rips first one side then the other of my itty bitty bottoms off my body, muttering something about buying new ones to replace them. The tie across my hips disappears somewhere and then he's naked, I can't recall when that happened, between my legs, rubbing just the head of his cock against my clit, against my pussy asking me if I want it, if I want his cock, if I want to be fucked, if I want to come...and begging him please is all I can say, can think.

He plunges in, hot, hard cock inside my wet pussy, and then slowly pulls out. Watching my face knowing how I want him, time slows to a crawl, he tells me to ask him for it, how I need to ask him because I won't get it unless I ask him. He's rubbing just the head against me again as I beg him, to please please fuck me, to please take me, to please put his cock inside me, begging over and over to please make me come, please oh god please... He slides in all hot and stops still. How he manages that control I don't know because all I want to do is buck against him. The realization comes over me again, I've no control, no choice at all, its all his, and I'm still begging him please please please, with my eyes never leaving his. I can't move, can't push against him, can't pull him into me, can't do anything but beg. Finally he starts plunging into me, bringing his body closer, sucking my nipples and thrusting hard, fucking me out of my mind.

My climax is sudden, the muscles spasm so hard, I'm coming, coming around his cock and losing sanity for a second, falling back to earth just as he starts moaning, he's going to come, going to make me all wet & sticky inside, going to splash into me, make me his - and then I can feel his cock twitch inside me, exploding deep against my cervix, his eyes go black, I love to watch him come, feel him come inside me. Tonight that's all I can do bound as I am. I can see the energy draining out of him as he unclips my ankles from my thighs. His breathing starts to slow while he's reaching up to free my wrists, and then he collapses beside me.

I stretch out my legs, pull down my arms, feels so strange to move, he's pulling me against him, holding me tight, telling me how hot I make him, how amazing it is to watch me come, blissfully kissing me as my body tingles head to foot. We drift towards sleep and my last coherent thought is that I still have twenty-plus hours left promised to him- what else might he have planned?

Written by: sexylilmissus

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