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Mardi Gras Whore Wife

by Fourtsix©

"Let's go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras this year," my wife Sally exclaimed. "It will be an adventure!" And so we began to make plans to head to the "Big Easy." Mardi Gras is a full season in New Orleans, with parades, parties, and general merriment beginning around two weeks before the actual day. Folks let their hair down and do things they would never do the rest of the year. Of course, Sally planned on doing something she did the rest of the year as well...fuck strangers.

Sally is a voluptuous former cheerleader with short blonde hair and dancing blue eyes. At age 47 her figure is fuller than it was during her cheerleading years. But like a fine wine that body has gotten more delicious as it aged. She has large round breasts that still stand firm, with nipples that get a half inch long when they are hard. Her belly is round and fertile. Her hourglass figure narrows at the waist and then widens at her broad hips. There are few sights more pleasurable than seeing Sally on her elbows and knees with her round ass thrust in the air and her thighs spread, waiting for a hard cock to plunge into her pussy.

Sally and I got married around six years ago. She had been married before for nearly ten years and had been faithful for the whole time of her first marriage. But after her divorce she became a true swinging divorcee. By the time I met her, she was in her prime. If she liked her date she fucked him. She had been with both married and single men. We hit it off, dated for a year and then got married. When we screwed I sometimes had her tell me about the different men she had fucked before she met me. I was amazed at how hard it made me.

One of the first fantasies Sally shared with me was about her being in a threesome with another man and me. The two of us were walking on a nude beach when we came upon a fisherman. Sally began flirting with him and he soon was kissing her and fondling her large breasts. While I watched, she then got on her knees on the beach and he entered her from behind. After the fisherman came inside her, she than invited me to have sloppy seconds. This first fantasy was followed by another where she was in a beach house with me and four of my friends. Each night she would go to sleep on a couch in the living room. All through the night each of us would wake her and fuck her, living her lying there with her legs spread and our cum leaking out of her pussy. I was surprised at just how horny these fantasies made me.

Then, two years ago, we decided to make fantasy a reality. After her first threesome, Sally became almost insatiable. Soon she had her first gang bang, and then another. By the beginning of 2001 she had fucked many strangers while I watched and participated.

We arrived in New Orleans the weekend before Mardi Gras and checked into the Royal Sonesta. Canal Street was too crowded during the parades so we took the streetcar out to St. Charles. Soon we were yelling "throw me something mister" with the best of them. One of the biggest parades was Bacchus. It was at night and we had slipped into warmer clothes since it was chilly. Sally wore a black long-sleeved turtleneck Without a bra and tight jeans. The nipples of her large tits made little bumps in the turtleneck fabric and you could see the V of her pussy through her pants. There was a surreal carnival-like atmosphere to the evening. Sally saw a man walking with several very long necklaces on.

"Can I have one of those?" she asked.

"Sure, if you give me kiss," he replied.

Sally went right up to him, pushed her breasts against his chest and gave him a long kiss. His hand grabbed her by one ass check and he ground his groin against hers as his tongue explored her wet mouth. As they separated he gave her his best necklace and a business card.

"I'm having a party at my place on Mardi Gras night. I'd like for you to come. Wear anything and expect anything. I see you have a wedding ring, you can bring your husband if you want. Or perhaps you are here with a lover?" Then he turned and disappeared into the crowd.

We looked at the card. It simply said "Le Bacchanal" and gave an address in the Garden District.

"I think we should go," I said.

"I know we should go," said Sally.

By the time I had slipped the card in my pocket, Sally was off and trying to get a long necklace off of another male reveler. By the time the night was over she had collected six necklaces, but no more business cards.

Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, was a warm day. Sally wore a loose skirt and a white cotton t-shirt. Of course, she chose not to wear a bra. The shirt was so thin that you could faintly see her nipples which pushed against the fabric. After the morning parades we headed back to our hotel and Bourbon Street. Bourbon was very crowded. As we pushed through the people I could see the back of my wife's neck becoming flushed. I caught up with her when we went into a bar.

"I can't believe it," she said, "as I walked past some of the men they were touching me. Several fondled my ass or my tits. One even grabbed my ass for a split second."

"Did you see the buttons a number of the men were wearing?" I asked. "They said 'Show us your tits.'"

"How could I miss them," Sally replied, "just seeing them made my nipples hard."

"Maybe you should," I suggested.

"Should what?" my wife asked.

"Show them your tits. They are magnificent," I replied.

After a couple of drinks we were as tipsy and rowdy as everyone else in the crowd. As we walked out of the bar onto Bourbon Street, a couple of college-aged guys approached my wife. "Show us your tits," they demanded. Glancing around to make sure there were no policeman in the area, my wife pulled up her t-shirt and gave them a quick view. They cheered and walked on. But several other men had seen and asked that she do the same for them. She obliged and pretty soon was surrounded by men asking to see her tits. Each time she pulled up her shirt they gave her Mardi Gras necklaces. As we walked around the French Quarter that afternoon, my slut wife must have flashed at least fifty people. She even let a couple of guys fondle her tits.

We returned to the hotel around 7:00 pm and prepared for the party. I wore a black tuxedo and a cloak with a black mask. The mask was in the 18th century style with a long crooked nose. Sally put on a black lace teddy with long sleeves and a high neck (and a snap crotch). It covered just enough of her to be provocative. And if you looked carefully, you could clearly see her nipples through the lace. She then put on a short black skirt, thigh-high stockings, and long black gloves. She finished the ensemble with high heeled shoes. She looked like a very high-priced hooker.

"You still need a mask," I said.

"I bought one the other day while I was walking around the Quarter," she replied, pulling a mask out of a bag. It was made up of black feathers and contrasted perfectly with her blonde hair. Bourbon Street was still very busy so we had to walk several blocks to catch a cab. As Sally strutted her stuff down Bourbon I heard several catcalls. When we got to the Garden District it was very quiet by comparison. The dark shadows cast by the old oaks were only interrupted by the softly glowing street lamps. The address we were given was for a large 1880s house. We were met at the door by a butler to whom we presented the card. We followed him down the hallway to the parlor.

As we entered the parlor we saw around 20 other people in costume. Beyond that was another room, a back parlor, with more costumed revelers dancing. Just then a man came up to us, our host. He was dressed in colorful tights with a jester's cap and a painted face. He gave Sally a big kiss then turned to me. "Your wife made a distinct impression on me at the parade the other day. I knew that she, and you, would be a wonderful addition to my party. I am so glad you both came. Of course I am sure you will come again and again." He laughed as he turned and walked off.

Sally and I stopped at the bar for drinks and then surveyed the scene. In the back parlor the dancers were definitely having a good time. Some of the women had taken the "show us your tits" theme seriously and had removed their tops. Some of the men were burying their faces in their partners' breasts as they danced. We noticed that every so often a couple would walk outof the room into the hall and up the stairs to the second floor. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Sally asked.

"Oh yeah," I said, "it looks like we came to the right party."

Soon Sally and I were dancing as well. As we danced I slid my hand up and down her ass, lifting her short skirt up so the other men could see her round ass cheeks. After the third dance I felt a tap on my shoulder.

"May I cut in, partner?" a gentleman in a cowboy outfit asked. I looked at Sally, who gave a nod. As Sally and the cowboy danced I could see that she was putting on her sexy and seductive attitude. On the fast dances she shook her breasts and wiggled her ass. On the slow dances she pressed herself closely against him, running her hands down his back and touching his buttocks. Soon he was grabbing her by her ass and burying his face in her large breasts. After three dances he whispered something in her ear.

She looked at me for a moment, then said something back. As the two of them walked out of the room and mounted the stairs I knew the mounting had just begun. I decided to give them some time before I went upstairs to watch so I asked a single woman near the bar to dance. I suspected it was her husband who had gone upstairs with my wife. We had a pleasant conversation but it was clear she was not at the party for sex. But she had been watching her husband as closely as I had been watching my wife and probably knew what was going on.

In around 15 minutes I saw the cowboy come down the stairs but my wife was not with him. I was wondering if I should be worried until I saw him talking to three other men. When they went upstairs I suspected what was happening. I waited around five minutes and then up the stairs myself. As I walked down the second floor hall I could passed several closed doors then I saw an open door near the end of the hall. I walked into the door and into a very luxurious Victorian bedroom. And there on the bed was my wife. Her clothes were in a pile beside the bed. She was lying on her back with her legs spread and one man between them pumping his hard cock into her pussy. Two men knelt on the large bed and Sally had a cock in each hand. She was jerking on the cocks, keeping them hard. After a few minutes the man between my slut wife's legs pulled out and one of the men shoved his cock into her vacant pussy. My wife laid her legs on his shoulders as he slowly slid his cock and out of her cunt. With each deep thrust he pushed her legs way back and I could see his hard dick plunging to the hilt.

"Man your wife is hot," I heard behind me.

There was our host and two more guys. The four of us moved closer to the bed and watched as the foursome continued to go at it. My wife gasped and moaned as her partner plunged his 8" dick into her. In a few minutes he began to quicken his thrusting. Grunting loudly he shuddered and I could see his ass contract as he dumped his load of cum in my slut wife's cunt.

"Oh yeah, cum inside me," she breathed. In a moment he pulled his still-jerking cock out of my wife. It was slick with his cum and her juices.

"Lick it," he demanded. My wife obediently rolled over and got on her elbows and knees. He pushed his dick in her face and she licked it clean. Remaining in the doggy-style position, she looked up.

"Who's going to fuck me now, I need more cock."

The two men who had been on either side of Sally repositioned themselves so one could penetrate her pussy while the other shoved his cock in her mouth.

"Mmmm," Sally said, withdrawing her mouth from his cock, "I love getting fucked in my both and pussy at the same time." The four of us who were watching crowded in closer.

"Fuck my slut wife, cum on her pretty face." I encouraged the two of them. Hearing their fuck slut's husband talking that way sent both of them over the edge. The man in her mouth pulled out his dick and began jerking rapidly on it. A nine inch stream of cum shot out of it, hitting my wife on the cheek and nose. Pumping, he put his cock up against her face and covered it with several more squirts. "I'm cumming," groaned the man in her pussy. "Give me your cum" Sally said looking back at him with her sperm-covered face. He pulled out and shot his cum all over her back and ass.

Our host walked into the bathroom adjoining the bedroom and got a damp washcloth. He walked up to Sally and gently cleaned her cum-covered face and ass. She laid on her back and he climbed on top of her; they locked in a tight embrace with tongues and legs intertwined. The passion of the embrace gave me a brief twinge of jealousy. My wife had just fucked three strangers and now she was lovingly kissing a very handsome and very rich stranger. I watched as Sally pulled our host's tights off. She slowly ran her tongue down his chest, stomach and then finally to his dick. He moaned as she kissed and licked his rapidly hardening cock. He then moved back in the bed until he was leaning against the headboard with his legs spread. My slut wife's head bobbed up and down between his legs as his stiff cock slid in and out of her mouth.

"I am the owner and ruler of this place," he said. "You have been invited here tonight to serve me and every other man here. Tomorrow you are your husband's property. Tonight you are mine. You shall be my designated whore for the night."

My whore wife looked up at him and murmured "Yes...master."

"Spread your legs and serve my friends," he ordered.

As she sucked on our host my wife got up on her knees. She spread her legs so we could see her open pussy, still wet with cum. The man next too me pulled off his pants, revealing a thick nine inch cock. Crawling on the bed he knelt behind my wife. Grasping his large cock he pushed its head against my wife's cunt.

"Oh yes, fuck me," she said.

As he thrust, her slick pussy parted allowing the thick member to work its way in.

"You're so big, I can hardly take you," she said to him.

Our host said, "You will take him and more my succulent whore. It is Mardi Gras and you are the chosen one." He grabbed her head and pushed her mouth down on his cock. It was six inches long and my wife easily took it deep in her throat. I walked over to the side of the bed and watched as my wife moved between the two strangers taking first one cock deep in her mouth and then the other cock deep in her pussy. Her large 38C breasts bounced back and forth.

"Fuck my slut wife, shoot your sperm deep inside her," I told the man fucking her pussy. He winked at me in appreciation then turned his attention back to my wife.

After fifteen minutes of action, the man in my wife's pussy began to pump harder. My wife took her mouth away from our host's cock.

"Uh, uh, uh," she gasped as the long thick cock rammed her, "fuck me, fuck me, fuck me."

"Fuck the whore," our host exclaimed, "give her your cum."

The man shuddered once, twice and then stopped moving. His nine inch cock was half in her pussy. I could see it flexing as it pumped his hot semen into my wife's body. Then he pushed in to the hilt as his cock emptied the last of its sperm deep in my wife.

"Don't pull out just yet," my wife begged. For a few minutes they stayed connected like a couple of dogs, my wife on her hands and knees and the strange on his knees behind her. Finally he pulled out. His large cock had stretched my wife's pussy enough that it stayed wide open for a brief moment leaking his cum.

"Who's next," our host asked pushing my wife's head back down on his pole. She obediently kept her legs open so the next man could enter her. The man standing beside me got up on the bed and thrust his cock in my wife. The action resumed again until he, like the man before him, came in her pussy.

By this time there were more men and a few women gathered in the room. I could hear them talking.

One woman was telling another. "He asked me to do that once. I said 'no way.' After all I do have my dignity. Where did he get that whore?"

Across the room another woman was saying to her husband, "Why don't you let me try that sometime. I'd love to have a number of men taking care of me."

Mostly the women watched in awe while the men watched with lust. Clearly some wanted to fuck my wife but felt self-conscious or thought their wives wouldn't let them. But others were starting to take off their pants and get in line to take a turn.

My wife continued to get fucked doggy style by man after man until she was clearly exhausted. The whole time our host presided over the gang bang from his position on the bed feeding her his cock and stopping every so often to avoid cumming. Finally he asked my wife to lie on her back.

"Every man who has not cum with this whore and still wants to can join me in giving her a cum bath," he announced to the gathered crowd.

Now it was the voyeurs' turn to get off. Three men stepped out of the crowd pumping on their hard cocks. I too had watched the whole time without cumming but my cock had gotten soft. Sally looked over at me and grabbed my cock.

She pulled me to her for a kiss. "I am his whore for tonight but I am your whore every night."

My soft cock started to harden with this attention. Soon the other three men and the host had gathered around my wife. Two had their cocks directed at her face while one was near her breasts and while our host was between her legs with his cock directed at her pussy.

"Encourage them," our host told Sally.

"I'm his wife but I'm your whore," she mumured. "Cover my face and body with your hot sperm."

"Yes, cum on my slut wife," I said.

One of the men over my wife's face began to gasp. His pumping intensified and a stream of white cum shot out of his dick, landing on her forehead and in her blonde hair. My wife stuck out her tongue and he pump more cum onto it. She pulled her tongue back, scraping the cum against her teeth so it rolled out the corners of her mouth. The sight was too much for the other man, who shot his load across her cheek and over her right eye. Then he wiped his still jerking cock all over her face. Her face glistened with cum. About the same time the man at her breasts shot a stream of cum across them as well.

Finally our host's cock shot all over her cunt. After being sucked for nearly an hour his balls were full of cum. He came for what seemed like forever, covering her pussy lips and thighs. Drops of his semen rolled down her thighs and glistened in her blonde bush.

My wife lay on the bed with cum on her face, in her hair, all over her tits, and her pussy was leaking semen from the many men who had fucked her. I wondered if the pill would help her successfully resist all of the sperm inside her or if this would be the gang bang that would make her pregnant. The view, the thoughts, and my wife's gentle pumping on my cock made the cum well up within me. I leaned over her face directing my cock into her open mouth. My cock jerked sending gob after gob of cum into her mouth and over her tongue. Sitting up she swallowed deeply, taking my load into her throat and stomach. The crowd behind me clapped and she smiled. It had been a good Mardi Gras.

Written by: Fourtsix

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