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How Mom Made Him State Champ Ch. 04

by klrxo©

Both big caps fell onto his face and Jacob found himself in big breast heaven. Smothered in pounds of breast-meat the teenager worked both nipples into his mouth, chewing and sucking greedily.

Gail smiled as slouched over face to face with her sister. They glanced down at their joining boobs, which completely covered Jacob's face.

"Oh, I think we've created a little boobie monster, sis." Gail said.

"Watch out, this monster likes to eat poochie too." Michelle said.

Jacob felt his Aunt Gail's nipple slip through his teeth as she sat back on the bed. He peeked out form beneath his mom's breast and watched as his Aunt Gail rested her hands back on the mattress and threw her knees back into the birthing position. Her big udders slid off the sides of her chest as she glared down at him.

"What about breast-boy. Wanna smooch with Aunt Gail's pooch?" She asked, slapping the meat of her genitals with her fingers.

Jacob sat up and his mom climbed onto her knees and leaned against him, so that her face was beside his, the weight of her tits against his back.

"Go on, sugar, make her scream like you did your momma." Michelle whispered.

Jacob laid down on his stomach between Gail's legs and began to feast on her big bald cunt. Gail caressed the back of his head as he sloppily licked and sucked.

Michelle took one of the bed pillows and stuffed it under Jacob's tummy so she could elevate his hips. Then she crawled in between his legs and wrapped her tiny hand around the base of his big hairless scrotum.

Jacob's testicles bulged against his sack and like earlier that night Michelle stuffed them both into her mouth, completely filling it. There was only enough room for her to roll her tongue across the sperm-filled eggs.

Clit, meat curtains, butt hole. Jacob had remembered what his mom had taught and soon he had his Aunt Gail's eyes fluttering. Through the corner of his eye he could see her tiny foot, hovering beside him, begin to quiver. Her cute little toes began to clench.

"Oh my God." Her voice shook.

His tongue went into overdrive, beating just under her clitoral hood. He was amazed that he could concentrate with his mom giving his balls such attention.

Gail's eyes were wide, her mouth panting.

"Oh God, Michelle." Gail whined, as if communicating to her sister just how intense her son was going to make her cum.

The only noise Gail could hear coming from her sister was a loud hum. She knew that Michelle was doing this in order to cause vibration against Jacob's sensitive nuts.

As she hummed, Michelle pulled at Jacob's scrotum letting his balls slide up and back in her mouth. Little sucking sounds escaped from her mouth as she held both testicles together, raking her tongue against their meaty underside.

"Oh shit, I'm gonna cum!" Gail sang.

Her face became contorted and Jacob felt her hips begin to jerk. Both Gail's feet were throw back a foot further, her sexy toes with their pale pink painted toenails clenched tightly.

"OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!" She whined like a little teenaged girl popping for the very first time.

Under Jacob's chin the head of Gail's urethra pushed forward peeking out her twat. A long stream of cum squirted from the opening, splashing against Jacob's neck. It was followed by a second, then a third.

"OH FUCK!" Gail screamed, send a fourth strong blast of pussy-cum erupting from her cunt.

Jacob kept going until Gail pushed his face away.

"Holy shit." She panted, glaring at Jacob as if he were some sort of pussy-eating God.

One at a time Jacob felt his balls pop from his mom's mouth. She crawled over the top of him, letting her tits drag against his back.

"Awe, did my baby make his Auntie Gail squirt?" She asked.

"Oh my God, Michelle I haven't been eaten like that since college." Gail said, her voice still quivering.

Michelle lowered her lips to her son's ear as he rested on the bed. "Don't get lazy on me, sweetie-pie. You have more pooch to smooch." Michelle said, kissing him tenderly on the side of the face.

Michelle crawled over onto her sister laying flat against her so their tits were smashed together. Gail smiled up at her.

"Wicked minds think alike." She giggled.

Michelle looked over her shoulder as Jacob rose to his knees. Before him were two big beautiful matronly cunts, one piled right on top of the other.

"Come on, Romeo. Now you're gonna make us both scream." She said.

"I only have one tongue, mom." Jacob said.

"I know, and it belongs to me. With your Aunt Gail you're going to do something you haven't don yet, it's called finding the G." Michelle said.

Michelle put the two fingers of her hand together and pointed them out with her palm up.

"You're going to put these two fingers together and slide them inside her. When they get all the way in you're going to bend them up like this and scratch the upper wall of her vagina. It won't take you long to find her little G-spot. Ready to try?" Michelle said.

"Okay." Jacob said, moving in close.

His fingers sunk down into his Aunt Gail's groove and turned up just as his mother directed, scratching along the upper surface of her birth canal.

"Come back just a little, sweetie" Gail said.

Jacob drug his fingers into a rougher area.

"Oh, right there. That's your Auntie's little sweet spot." Gail said.

"Come on." Michelle said, giving her ass cheek a pat.

Jacob buried his face in his mom's juicy cunt, putting his tongue to work while he stared at her big beautiful butt-hole. His fingers dug at his Aunt Gail's G-spot and soon he could feel both women squirming.

Michelle's face hovered over her sisters, both women were panting excitedly.

"Ohhhhh." Michelle whined.

"Oh God." Gail followed.

Jacob felt a rush of adrenaline. He was about to make two beautiful middle-aged sisters cum at once. Two moms with over twenty years experience and nearly fifty-thousand orgasms between them, were about cum at the hand and tongue of a teenaged boy.

"Oh God, Michelle." Gail squealed.

Soon Jacob had both moms crying as their pussies began to quiver. Their high pitched squeals sounded like two little girls getting their cherries popped.

After he made his mom and his Aunt Gail cum Jacob found himself on his back again while his mom and Aunt Gail took turns gagging on his cock. Both their tiny hands were wrapped around its meaty base, their long painted fingernails grasping at the tender cock-flesh. Working together the two hands jerked at the stalk, causing Jacob's big ball-sack to bounce wildly.

As they did this, either Michelle's or Gail's lips would rise and fall on the top three inches, nursing sloppily on the bulbous tip.

Jacob was in absolute paradise watching two grown women take turns on him, their drooping breasts flopping all around.

"Oh, I love wrapping my lips around this sweet little sugar stick." Gail said as she popped the mushroom-shaped cork from her mouth and rolled her tongue across its glistening surface.

Michelle nipped at its girth with her puckered lips, probing its vein covered surface with the tip of her tongue.

"LITTLE sugar stick? You are kidding right? There's nothing little about my baby's cock...It's his momma's big pussy-stretcher." Michelle said.

"Well just don't forget I want my pussy stretched too...then I want it pounded." Gail said.

"Did you hear that, sweetie? You Aunt Gail wants your big dick inside her to. Isn't that exciting?" Michelle smiled as her sister shoved his cock into her mouth.

"Yeah." Jacob moaned.

"Not as exciting as having it inside your momma though. You're gonna make me scream with that big baby-maker aren't you sweet-heart?" Michelle smiled naughtily, peering back at him, her big tits hanging lewdly beneath her.

Jacob finally popped with his mom and Aunt Gail taking turns swallowing an equal share of spunk. He slept like a baby that night, snuggled comfortably between them, tits draped across his chest and smooth matronly legs resting on his.

Written by: klrxo

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