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What Once Was Innocent Ch. 14

by constanthardon©

"Okay sweetheart, turn left up here." Garrett tapped his fingers lightly against his daughter's upper thigh. He smiled even though he knew Makayla was busy paying attention to the road. Every thought conceivable ran through his mind as his hand occasionally drifted under her beautiful, white, airy sun dress. A gift from Larissa.

He recalled days of her as a little girl. How sweet and soft-hearted she always was. How she always thought of others before herself. He grimaced, still uncomfortable with the way their relationship had taken its turn, one year ago tomorrow. How could he do such a thing? Was it a somewhat normal thing to even think of one's daughter in such a way? He loved her more then anything. At times throughout her life, he had actually cried at how much he could love another person. Garrett caught her eyes, turned toward him, as she sped up the narrow, two-lane road.

"Where the hell are we?" Makayla questioned as she shifted into fourth gear.

"Larrisa wrote that we should continue on this road for another five miles and then to be on lookout for a very small, dirt road with a fence and a security gate."

Garrett only took brief moments to glance at the road during the mysterious excursion. His eyes stayed firmly on his beloved daughter; taking in her incredible beauty. The light dress that Larissa had given her fit like it was hand-made for her. It tugged softly on her waist, collecting in flowing ruffles about her silky thighs. She paid no attention to the hemline as it waved up and down her legs from the turbulent wind tossing through the convertible. His eyes roamed over her completely. The straps of the dress were almost invisible, biting into her radiant shoulders. The bright orange glow of the quickly setting sun sparkled against her. Her skin seemed to consume it like a warm bath.

Her breasts looked delicious, as always, carefully kissing each other; tucked tightly in the almost transparent fabric. They perched high with an enormous amount of luscious cleavage spilling out of the top. Her hair danced behind her in long, bronze spirals. Thin, white ribbons curled and tangled themselves in her luminous locks, each one tying up a small portion of her hair on each side, keeping it away from her face. She was nothing short of a goddess.

He knew tonight was the night. Tonight all the long-awaited, passionate yearnings would show themselves. He eagerly read the last line of the directions again and tucked them back into his brown jacket pocket.

"Here! Here baby!" Garrett clenched his fingertips into the elastic softness of his daughter's thigh. He firmly braced himself from the immediate force of the car slowing. He hoped out of the car and quickly inserted the key that was taped to the letter into the hardened steel padlock. He waved his daughter in as he opened the gate and then looked around cautiously as he secured it. No one for miles.

"Wow Daddy!" Makayla tip-toed into the doorless entryway of the small structure. "What is this place?" She peered around, amazed at it's rustic beauty.

"I see now." Garrett thought aloud. "I remember Larissa and Liam talking about an old cabin that belonged to her grandfather. She talked about how she and Liam had planned to build a house on the land. I remember her saying how beautiful it was." Garrett craned his neck upward at the looming, exposed, wooden beams of the roofless cabin. The sky burned an almost magical rainbow of colors. Hints of stars had already began to form in the western sky, but eastward it blazed in shades of purples, pinks and oranges. Makayla followed his stare.

"Wow. She was right. You can see forever way up here. Look, Dad, there's the city." Makayla inhaled the warm, summer air as she gazed though one of the cabins large, windowless openings in the wall. The mountain seemed to hide itself from the rest of the known world.

"Another note," Garrett softly muttered as he slipped the paper from the envelope. He felt his daughter's arm slip around his waist. He read it out loud:

"Hey guys! I hope you're enjoying my little piece of paradise. I hope to, one day, make it back there. This is all for you two, so make the most of it. Everything there is for you. Light the candles. There are three blankets in the small box in the corner. Take them outside if you wish. The bed is on loan, so if you would, take the linens off and bundle them in one of the blankets. I trust that you brought the wine I left for you two as well. If you feel the urge, I left a small camcorder in the box. There's plenty of tapes and two spare batteries. That is completely up to you, of course. I'm so excited for you two. I can't keep my mind from imagining what will happen tonight. Remember, you are completely alone. I have never once seen anyone anywhere near that cabin in all the times I've been up there. I love you both so much! See you soon! Larissa."

"How could anyone be so sweet?" Makayla rounded the side of her father, peering up into his eyes.

"One in a million, huh?" Garrett smiled at his delicate, young daughter. "Make that two." He leaned over to meet her lips with his. Her arms gently wrapped around his neck.

Garrett's anticipation peaked as he glanced at his beautiful, virgin daughter each time he lit a candle. She sat patiently on the big, fluffy bed holding two thin glasses of crystal-white wine by the stems. She smiled as her father met her.

"Wow, this is a really soft bed!" Garrett felt the nervous timber in his voice. He reached for the offered wine glass, sipping as he ran his hand across the cool, white sheets.

"These must have cost a fortune. I don't think I've ever felt anything like them." Makayla slid closer to her father. "Nervous Daddy?" She ran her hand over the top of his.

"Yes." Garrett's mind fought with itself. He felt Makayla pry one of his legs apart. He moved the other wider as his daughter slid her body back against him.

She tilted her head back and turned slightly to meet his face with hers. Garrett breathed in her fragrant hair as it fell across his shoulder.

"I am too, Daddy. I've wanted this for so long." She quickly turned further, placing her soft hand on his cheek. "It is happening, right Daddy?" She innocently stared at her father with the fear that it wouldn't. "You are going to take my virginity tonight, right?"

Garrett's cock thumped as the words tickled his ear. "Yes. It is happening tonight." Garrett swallowed hard. "I want nothing more then to be your first." He shoved his hand into his coat pocket. "But first..." He laughed as his daughter gasped at the sight of the long, black box before her. "For my gorgeous daughter. Happy Birthday, Princess."

Makayla gave him a quick peck on the cheek and leaned back further against him so that he could watch her open it. "It's not my birthday yet, Daddy. I'm still eighteen for a few hours." She winked as the sentence affected her father firmly against her perky, little ass. She tugged on the box lid. "Oh... my...GOD, DADDY!" Makayla's eyes glowed brighter then the fire of the large diamonds. "These are... these are... oh my, Daddy! These are breathtaking!" She unsecured one of the earrings and quickly brought it to her ear.

"Then you like them?" He coughed teasingly as Makayla turned around and planted herself against him in a tight embrace.

"Yes, Daddy," she whispered. "I love them. And I love you."

Seriousness quickly took over them as she lifted her embrace and lowered her lips to his. Delicately they kissed. Slowly circling father's and daughter's tongues tasted one another.

Garrett hesitated. "One more." Garrett pulled a smaller, matching box from his pocket.

He bathed his vision in his daughter's image, taking her into his memory. He smiled excitedly as Makayla knelt in front of him, prying open the box's hinge.

He expected her to bounce about the bed or hug him until his head popped off. But neither occurred. He questioned his selection in gifts as he horridly watched a large tear form on the side of his daughter's icy blue eye.

"What's–" Garrett was silenced by her finger. She needed a moment.

She slowly slipped it from the box as if it were a fragile butterfly and peered deeply into the brilliance of the mirrored nugget.

"It's..." She slipped it on her finger and held it daintily in the air before them. "It's beautiful, Daddy."

Garrett smiled but was a bit uncomfortable. Somehow he saw her reaction being completely different. His uneasiness rose even higher as he watched Makayla rise; standing before him. She had the oddest look on her face. Garrett felt himself almost diverting his gaze from the goddess for the first time. He had never seen such seriousness in his daughter's eyes.

She stepped closer; her toes only an inch away from his crotch. "I want you to take me right now, Daddy. And I won't take no for an answer. She stepped lightly, planting each foot on either side of his hips and gently lowered herself onto her father's lap.

Garrett sighed as his beauty's almost weightless body collided with his. All of his previous reservations fell away as his daughter stared motionless at him. He placed his hands on her fabric-covered thighs.

"I love you so much, Daddy. I've dreamt of this moment for years. More than is logical in this world." She gently tugged at the sleeves of his jacket as she talked. "This has become so much more than curious thoughts alone in my bed at night." She draped his jacket over the side of the bed, letting it fall to the floor. She teased at the buttons of his shirt, releasing each one between her thin fingers. Her eyes never left his. His never left hers.

"I began imagining this happening between us long before the night, or nights, that I curiously watched you make love to Mom." She peeled his shirt from his arms. She quickly roamed her gaze about his tensed, smooth muscular chest.

"I may blush when I say this, but we've become so honest with each other that I know I can say whatever I should need to say to you." She dropped his shirt beside the bed. She traced her fingernails along his rippled, topless form.

"Daddy, I've wanted you to make love to me for so long." She hesitated and huffed a small laugh. "I've wanted you to make love to me since I was little."

Garrett's eyes momentarily widened. "R-Really?"

"Yes, Daddy. Why do you think I always waited until Mom was asleep before I asked you to tuck me in or read me a story?" Her hands slid down his stomach, up her legs until they grasped her father's. "I know you had to have realized something by the way I acted... The way I behaved around you when no one else was around." Gently, she slipped her dress up from under her father's hands, yearning to feel his touch on her naked flesh.

"I-I had no idea, actually." Garrett closed his eyes as he felt the firmness of her upper thighs.

Makayla's calmness soothed her father's uneasiness. Her words were so quiet. So seductively sweet. "Oh come on, Daddy. You couldn't tell when I would lay on your lap, always after Mom went to bed, that I wanted you?" Her hands traveled back down her legs, again connecting with his stomach. Her fingertip slipped lightly between Garrett's belt line and his skin.

"Honey, I assumed you were too young to have such thoughts. About me or any one else."

For the first time, Makayla's expression changed. She looked at him in disbelief. "Daddy. I would press my breasts, or nipples rather, against your thigh and lay my face right on top of you dick. Don't tell me you didn't know."

"I honestly did not." Garrett closed his eyes as his daughter's slender finger slid back and forth under his dress slacks.

"Remember how I would always wait a bit and then peel my night shirt up so you could scratch my bare back?" She fumbled with his belt.

"Yes I do remember."

"I always pulled it up just high enough that I could feel my naked breasts on your thigh. I loved feeling your penis against my cheek, just barely covered under you boxers." She smiled as she finally dislodged the belt buckle. "I always imagined one night it would accidentally slip out of the opening and you'd be so frightened that you wouldn't move and I could lay there with it touching my skin... touching my lips. I fantasized about actually daring to kiss it."

Garrett's erection pierced between his daughter's legs, digging into her even more. What she was saying was quite unsettling. But having her there right then, the way she was telling him this, brought him such pleasure.

"Did you ever look at my bottom, Daddy? When I would pull my night shirt up?" She slowly unbuttoned his pants then tugged at the zipper. Her eyes closed lightly as she felt his hands begin to move under her dress.

"Um... yes. I admit it. I did look. It was too cute."

"I always wore my cutest panties for you. I hoped you would look. I hoped you would eventually slip your hand under them and touch my young ass. I wished that you would've..." Makayla bit her lip as she felt her father's fingers separating her panties' waistband from her skin. "...would've touched me. I think I went to bed drenched every night." She peeled the edge of her dress up to let him see under it. "Just like tonight."

Garrett squinted through the fast-approaching darkness at the panties. He felt her body slowly rising higher from him.

"Larissa bought these for me too. Aren't they adorable?" Makayla held her dress high between her fingertips. "Look," she pointed at the center of the crotch. "She knitted this on here." She pressed her crotch closer to his face.

"For my Daddy," Garrett read aloud. "My God." Garrett felt his cock escaping the confines of his pants by itself. He ran his fingertip over the stitching then tucked the finger under the innocent mound. He looked up into her eyes. She was intently staring back at him; her head lowered so cutely.

"Wished I would've touched you here, Princess?" Garrett's cock leaped as he roamed his eyes up and down his incredibly gorgeous daughter's body standing before him.

She nodded her affirmation. "Under my panties." She closed her eyes.

Garrett's heart raced as he dug his fingertips under the side of the thin, white cotton panties. He heard his daughter sigh as his fingers softly slipped across her perfectly-smooth pubic area. "Here, Sugar?" He delicately traced her unbelievably wet pussy, feeling her labia part at even the most tender of touches.

"There Daddy," she whispered. "Yes, right there."

Garrett gently stroked the almost non-existent lips. Her juices covered his fingers constantly. "What are you thinking about, Love?"

"I'm still thinking about back then."

"What about it?" Garrett slowly eased his finger into his daughter's vagina slightly. He felt a bead of precum purge itself from his member as his lovely little girl's eyes opened for him so intensely seductively.

"I'm imagining that I'm still a little girl and you've come up to my room and we are on my little bed and you are touching my little, tiny pussy, Daddy."

Garrett swallowed the lump in his throat as he watched her lips relaxingly release the forbidden answer.

"Take my panties off, Daddy. I want you to see my little girl pussy."

Garrett tensed as his heard his daughter's sweet squeal as he accidentally pressed his finger into her tight hole. He felt her hymen resisting the intrusion.

"Easy Daddy. I'm just a little girl."

"Little girl, huh?" Garrett began easing the waistband of her panties lower.

"Yes. Your little girl."

"Is that what you want this to be like?" Garrett's eyes swam in the dimly-lit image of his own daughter's naked pussy revealing to him as he tugged the panties lower.

"No Daddy. I'm just taking this in for the moment. I want this to be me and you. Now." She looked down as Garrett peeled her drenched underwear down her legs and stepped out of them. She squirmed as she felt his tongue immediately collide with the wetness, wiggling between the folds.

"That tickles Daddy!" She let him drag his tongue through her opening a few times, then bent to pull his slacks the rest of the way off. She turned away from him to release the pants from his legs, cooing lightly as she felt his warm tongue lapping up her pussy.

Garrett cupped every drop of his daughter's delicious, virgin lubrications onto his tongue, moaning loudly as her light, sweet, female waters poured into his mouth. He felt the rage of intense sexual lust take over him. He dragged his flattened tongue completely up her unearthly tight entrance repeatedly not stopping until his tongue met the small of her back.

He slid himself around onto his knees behind her as she stood back up before him. Gently he slathered his wet tongue up the backs of her calves, circling his sharpened tongue across the backs of her knees, then lapping at them each. His hands steadied her on the shaky mattress, bracing her legs against his animalistic craving to devour every inch of her body. He made long, slow laps up and down the backs of her toned, tanned thighs; inhaling her scent each time he came closer and closer to its hungry, feminine calling. His face ventured under her dress.

Makayla ached as her father lightly kissed her immaculately pink innocence. She shivered as she looked down to see his tongue tracing underneath her. Her knees almost buckled as he slithered his tongue inside her.

Garrett sensed her instablility. He flipped over and lay between her legs. He happily peered into the darkened chasm the dress made as it hovered around her marvelous hips. She instinctively turned and lowered her body onto his mouth. Her dress covered his face.

"Oh God yes, Daddy," she whimpered. She searched in the dim candle light until her eyes fixated on his naked cock.

Garrett felt his tongue dig firmly into Makalya's pelvic bone as she lowered onto him fully. His moan vibrated inside her as she slowly sucked his hardness completely to the end. He shuddered as her own moans surrounded his cock. The sensation traveled down below his tightened balls.

Unexpectedly, Makayla rose. She turned to face her father, sliding her body down his. She kissed him passionately then looked at him so serenely. "I can't wait any longer, Daddy. I've waited for so long and I think I'm going to die if you don't take me now." She pressed her sopping wet pussy against his length. "Fuck me Daddy. Fuck me so sweetly." She kissed him again, quickly, and rolled over onto her back beside him, pulling on his arm. "Fuck me this instant, Daddy."

Garrett felt the already approaching orgasm building inside of him, just knowing this was the moment. This was finally the moment he would feel his cock tear through his beautiful daughter's eighteen year old pussy was almost too much.

He slowly peeled her dress above her head, taking in her perfect, naked form. Her breasts shimmered in the new moon's glow. They were practically moons themselves. God they were so incredibly massive and round! He sank her nipple between his lips; grunting as his penis found itself trapped in his daughter's teenage, virginal juices.

Makayla begged, "Daddy, no more of that! I can't wait anymore!" She writhed in sexual curiosity as he continued to lick her fantastic tits. She pressed both of her palms against his cheeks demanding that he look at her. He stared at her madly. "Now, Daddy," she whispered. "Take my virginity."

Garrett's desire was insane. He wanted to taste every inch of her. But he wanted more than anything to be inside of her. She had far too many wonderful places to explore but he realized her insatiable need to be opened. He slid himself off of the bed, standing, pulling her legs toward him. He panted at what was about to take place as her precious pussy hovered on the edge of the mattress. Slowly Garrett guided his painfully hard penis tip to her vagina. He firmly pressed the tip against her, flicking it hard against her swollen clit. He spoke to himself.

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