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Against My Will Ch. 6

by lynn_bb©

I moaned as the man pushed very slowly into me. My vagina was wet with my forced orgasm and I could feel the tip separating my lips, pushing into me a little more. He paused and I braced myself for my body's impalement when heard him say, "Look at me Bitch! I want you to know who fucked you first." A hand grabbed my hair and twisted causing my head to rise and my eyes to open.

"Ohhhhh, please, no, oh no," I sobbed. One of the dwarfs had pushed completely in me, his balls pushing against my rear. He began to withdraw and thrust himself back into me, his short, stubby cock only going several inches deep. I could feel his thrusts as the hand in my hair forced me to watch as the dwarf raped my bound body. All I could do was to clinch my bound hands as the rape continued, the small cock pushed in to the hilt with each down thrust.

He continued to rape me for several minutes and I heard him grunt, "I'm going to fill you Bitch, get ready." With horror I remembered Kathy's fear of becoming pregnant and I realized that I had not taken a birth control pill since we were kidnapped. "No, I beg you." I moaned as I felt him speed up his thrusts, the tip of his cock expanding slightly. Frantically, I tried to buck him off of me thrashing as best I could against the ropes holding me to the bed.

He grabbed my hips and held on as my body tried in vain to dislodge him. "Please, please, don't cum in me." I whimpered as I glanced at his face, but I knew it was too late. His mouth was open, spittle drooled out of his mouth onto my belly; His eyes tightly shut as a series of loud grunts came from his throat. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO," I moaned as I felt his ejaculation bath the first few inches of my vagina and I turned my head away, tears running down my cheeks, sobs racking my violated body as the dwarf continued to pump his sperm into me. "Good Pussy," he grunted as he pulled out of me, his grotesque stomach on my belly. His shrunken, wet cock pushed against my pubic hairs, coating them with his cum. I felt his weight lift off of me only to be replaced by the next man as he knelt between my bound legs.

Weakly I protested as I felt the cock positioned on my slit. When he pushed into me I realized that my rapist was huge and opened my eyes. A very large, very dark black man was on top of me. "Please, please," I whispered, "please don't hurt me." I tried to twist to away to relieve the pressure that the cock caused as he entered me, but it made no difference. I gasped as I was completely filled by the black's cock. I had never taken such a large cock before and perversely wondered if I could take all of him. He continued to push deeper in my vagina until finally the base of his cock pushed against my pussy lips.

He paused for several seconds and repositioned himself. I held my breath as he slowly pulled partially out of me. Holding himself steady he looked me in the eyes and smiled as he lowered himself, forcing the massive rod deep inside me. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh," I moaned softly as my body was filled with the cock. I raised my shoulders and tossed my head back and forth as he set into a slow rhythm, his cock pushing my body forward causing the ropes to bit into my ankles with each down stroke. The dwarf's cum and my own juices eased the entry as he plunged deep in me, each stroke pushing the tip of his cock deeper than any man had gone.

As he picked up speed I couldn't help my body's response. My nipples had become hard as each stroke brushed against my clitoris. "No, no, no," I thought, "I can't be enjoying this', yet I could feel the warmth creep against my nub causing me to groan in frustration.

Without warning I heard him groan as his body shuddered, his cock entering me to the hilt. His hands went to my ass and pulled me to him, completely impaling my vagina as he came. My mind raced as I moaned, but what did I want? My body cried in frustration that he didn't fuck me long enough for me to reach orgasm. My mind cried in outrage that I was being raped and made pregnant by these bastards. He held himself deep in me as I felt the cock contract several more times, empting his cum and coating the insides of my vagina with his seed. I was almost disappointed when he started to withdraw from my battered body, but the realization that it was rape and probably a forced impregnation quickly brought me back to reality. His tip finally withdrew and I was horrified when I felt some of his sperm seep from my slit and run down my crack.

I didn't have much time to think about the situation because the third man got between my legs and ran the tip of his cock over my opening, coating it with the other's sperm. Suddenly I heard a voice say, "Wait a minute before you fuck her. Let's work both ends. Of course she may need a little persuasion, but we can handle that." I almost got sick when I saw the fat guy standing beside me. He reached for my breast and I tried to shrink into the mattress as he took my right nipple between his fingers and began to gently roll it. My body was still sexually charged and the nipple grew with the stimulation until it was hard. "Now for the persuasion" he said and before I could react he slipped a clamp on the swollen nipple. My chest jerked a little at the slight pain the clamp caused and I saw that there was a line from the clamp to his hand. Without a word he put his leg over my body and straddled my chest, his rear on my breasts and his cock inches from my face. "I told you that you would beg to suck me," he said with a grin on his face.

"You bastard," I screamed. "I'll neve--------------Auggggggg." The jaws of the clamp bit into my nipple as he pushed the button on the controller and I screamed in pain. The fat man put his hand on my chin and said, "You know, you really want to suck me! Ask me nice and I'll let you service me." His hand released my chin and grasped the base of his cock. He ran the tip over my quivering lower lip and I started to turn my head away when I felt the clamp jaws begin to tighten. "Please, please, it hurts," I whispered and he released the pressure and said, "I believe there is something you want to do?" I sobbed with the thought of having the cock of this fat, vile man in my mouth, but I knew that I had no choice. With a low whisper I said, "Please, I want to suck your cock, please, but just don't hurt me." With a smile he put down the controller and grabbed my hair, pulling my head toward his cock. With his other hand he guided the cock to my face and ran the leaking tip over my lips, making them glisten with his pre-cum.

"OK baby, time to nurse," he said as he pushed the tip of his cock against my lips. "Open up Bitch," he hissed and with a groan I parted my lips. A smile crossed his face as he flexed his hips forward, his cock entering my mouth, the rolls of his obese stomach pushing against my head. Both of his hands grabbed my hair and he pushed his cock in and out, using my mouth for the cruel oral rape. I groaned as the cock slide over my tongue and pushed against the back of my throat forcing me to taste the salty juices that were coming from him.

The other man thrust his cock into my soaked vagina cause more cum to drain from me. He settled in to a steady rhythm as he fucked me, the cock entering me on each thrust to the hilt. Every few thrusts into me he would move his hips and grind the base of his cock against my vagina opening and clitoris causing small sparks of sexual heat to spread over my lower stomach.

My double rape continued for what seemed like hours, my body battered as their cocks ravished my bound body. I felt the man between my legs shudder and plunge deep into me as his first ejaculation added another layer of sperm to my already soaked passage. There was nothing I could do except lie there as his cock shot jet after jet of his sperm into my belly. I groaned in frustration as I felt the man begin to withdraw and was shocked that the frustration was from not being able to reach orgasm before he withdrew. My mind raced as I wondered how I could want sexual satisfaction in spite of the fact that what was being done to my body was rape, pure and simple rape.

I didn't have long to dwell on the lack of satisfaction because the fat man raping my mouth suddenly grasped my hair harder and increased the speed of his fucking. I heard him groan and felt the tip of the cock quiver with my tongue. "Oh no, don't" I screamed around the cock as I tried to turn my head away, but the man's grip was too tight and I felt his the first shot of his load on my tongue. I thought I would be sick as he held my head steady empting the rest of his load in my helpless mouth. I tried not to swallow as he pulled out causing some of his sperm to run out of the corner of my mouth and slide down my cheek to my chin. Tears formed in my eyes as I saw my sperm coated face in the mirror. I could also see the wet place on the mattress and the glistening around my slit as some of the multiple loads of cum ran out of my body.

I sobbed softly, my head turned when I felt the now familiar weight of a man mounting me, the tip of his cock probing my vagina. I groaned as the man pushed his cock into my sperm filled passage and I heard the fat man say, "You'll be a good cocksucker before we're through with you. Hell! I might even buy you myself, but first things first. There are three more fuckers on this train."

I shuddered as I felt a body position itself on my chest and almost lost it when I realized that the second dwarf was going to force me to suck him off. I almost forgot about the man raping me as I turned to the fat man and begged him to stop the dwarf. He laughed and said it was part of my training as well as reminding me that the nipple clamp "persuasion" was still attached to my breast. Utterly defeated I opened my mouth as the dwarf pushed his stubby cock past my lips.

To be continued...

Written by: lynn_bb

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