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Everybody Loves Raymond: Debra's Day

by demurebutwild©

"Well, I guess not," she replied, still somewhat flustered. Did her hair look okay? He was staring hard at her, and while part of her wished he'd stop, the other part—the "Naughty Debra" part—just hoped like hell he liked what he saw. She also hoped he didn't notice how her eyes kept roaming back to his chest, and worse (she blushed furiously at the thought) to the front of his pants...or that her nipples were growing hard under her shirt. "I appreciate the thought, Marco, I do."

"Thank you, Mrs. Barone," he said. "But I have not yet greeted you properly," and with this statement he stepped up to her, and through the door as she stumbled back. "May I do so? I would feel much better if I could, you may be sure," he said, quietly closing the door behind him.

'Oh, God, what is he up to?' she thought. 'What the hell is this "greeting" he's talking about? And why did I let him in!?' She knew right then that this was a turning point; she could see it in his eyes. She could send him away, and no harm done...or she could acquiesce, and things would likely get very interesting, very quickly. What to say? Were such little words as "yes" and "no" really as full of power as this, as full of....consequence? Life-altering words was what they were right now, and her mouth squeaked out a "yes" before she even knew she'd said it.

"Ah, thank you, Mrs. Barone!" Marco said, his face lighting with a smile. He reached out slowly, taking her hand in his. His hand was warm and strong, and neither too rough nor too smooth. He brought the hand to his lips, and slowly kissed the back of it in an oddly courtly gesture. Debra's knees almost buckled at the sensation. She couldn't recall ever seeing anything so sexy as Marco staring in her eyes as he kissed her hand with that beautiful mouth of his. Debra was instantly aware of three things; she was as wet as she could remember ever being, she wanted Marco like no one she'd ever wanted in her life, and that he obviously wanted her, as well.

"Thank you," she whispered huskily, not really sure what else to say.

"You're welcome, Mrs. Barone," he said, stepping closer to her. Looking up, she saw he was looking straight into her eyes, and she saw the lust reflected there. He wanted her, alright, and he knew exactly what he was going to do with her. She had the strangest feeling of being transparent to him, that he could see right through her and knew everything she was thinking, feeling, and wanting.

"So beautiful, Mrs. Barone," he said, leaning down to kiss her. His lips touched hers, and suddenly, she was no longer Debra Barone, mother of three and wife of 14 years...she was simply a woman, and a woman who desperately wanted to please and be pleased by the young man in front of her.

She reached up and put her arms around his neck, drawing him close. She could smell the remains of the cologne he'd worn that day, and relished the feel of his lips on hers as the kiss deepened. His tongue pushed gently into her mouth, probing her and testing her as his hands began to roam her body and pull her to him. His body, she realized, was as taught as a steel bar, hard in all the right ways without being too big and bulky. Her hands moved up and down his back as her tongue caressed his, and her mouth pressed harder against his in increasing fervor.

He broke this kiss and, breathing heavily (much to her satisfaction), asked her "Mrs. Barone, this is what you need, I know. But is it what you want?"

She considered this for a time; was it an hour, or a millisecond? She wasn't sure, only that she simply nodded and said "yes" very quietly, looking intently into Marco's eyes. She might be sorry later, but for right now, she could no more turn him away than she could go to the moon. He nodded, and leaned in to kiss her again, much more intently this time. He moaned quietly in her mouth as his hands moved down her back to her ass.

She pulled him closer, forcing her tongue deeper into his mouth and grinding her pelvis against him. She could feel his cock hardening through his jeans, and though she was no expert at judging, she could tell it was a lot bigger than anything she'd ever had before. His hands cupped her ass, and he quickly put his hands down the back of her sweats, into her panties, his bare hands stroking the soft skin of her ass. She gasped aloud, kissing him harder still, loving the feel of his hands as they stroked her behind, and shivering as his fingers probed between her cheeks, almost but not quite touching her puckered asshole as he explored her.

With a grunt, he lifted her from the floor, and carried her quickly to the wall, spinning her around and pinning her against it, face first. He dropped to his knees, quickly stripping her sweats and panties off (at least she'd worn a nice pair of bikinis, and not her comfortable "granny panties" she liked to relax in, she thought) baring her from the waist down. He spread her feet a bit, and stroked her ass some more. She could feel his hot breath and appraising glance as he looked at her ass, and hoped he liked what he saw. He kissed her gently, running his tongue across her right cheek, tasting and exploring her before standing again. He kissed the back of her neck, and pressed his body against her. His hard, hard cock was pressed against her ass through his jeans, and she pushed her ass back against him to feel it more.

His hands roamed down her stomach, her sides, and her thighs before finally settling on her hips. He moved his right hand deliberately lower, stroking just below her belly-button. She ached for it to move lower and moaned aloud, encouraging him to touch her. His hand drifted down, through the neat, trimmed patch of pubic hair above her sex (she kept herself trimmed for Ray, leaving only a small triangular patch of hair above her vagina...he liked it that way, claiming a totally bare woman was "like a kid"), stroking it lightly before moving down to her lips. His fingers probed her, and she dimly realized that she was completely soaked...her wetness was literally coating her thighs, and her sweats were probably wet, too. He stroked her sex, not quite entering her with his fingers. He also stroked her swollen clit, and she moaned loudly when he did, loving his touch...firm, but not harsh. He rubbed her and continued to kiss her neck, finally bringing his wet fingers up to her face.

"Taste yourself, Mrs. Barone" he said, whispering in her ear. "Taste what I will taste very soon".

Debra whimpered with pleasure, envisioning what his mouth and tongue would feel like down there, and without any hesitation she took his fingers in her mouth, sucking greedily and tasting herself. She'd never done that before, and found it incredibly sexy. She tasted musky, but not unpleasant...she could definitely get used to it. Debra pulled her fingers from her mouth, licking her lips as she reached up to pull him to her.

"Your turn for a taste", she whispered, kissing him deeply. Marco thrust his tongue against hers, savoring the taste of her.

Debra turned back to face him, thrusting her hand down to the front of his pants, stroking his hard cock through his jeans. She rubbed it greedily, enjoying the feel of it and anticipating having it in her mouth. She felt so sexy, standing there naked from the waist down in only a thin tank top, rubbing the cock of a boy half her age and kissing him like she hadn't kissed anyone in years. Finally, Marco broke their embrace and said "bedroom", lifting her up by the waist and heading for the stairs.

Debra wrapper her legs around him, loving the feel of his strong hands holding her up by her naked ass, his fingers against her wet lips and anus. He carried her effortlessly upstairs, kicking open the door to her bedroom, and setting her on the bed's edge. As he straightened up to kick off his shoes, she stripped off her shirt, and stared hungrily at him. She was just so hot! She couldn't remember ever wanting a man like was past wanting, she needed him. She needed him to fuck her, to make her cum and make her his. She didn't care what he wanted...she'd do anything, so long as he fucked her and gave her the release she needed.

He stepped forward, her face inches from his waist as he reached down and touched her breasts. She arched her back, loving the feel of his warm, strong hands on her breasts as he stroked them and tweaked her nipples.

"Take my pants off", he said. She willingly complied, fighting with the snap of his jeans and unzipping them. She pulled them down as he stood there in front of her, stripping of his own shirt. Debra got his pants unzipped and down, leaving him in just a pair of black brief underwear. She moaned as she saw his cock sticking up out of the band, rock hard and bigger than she thought. She pulled his underwear off, and his cock was free, standing out right in her face. It was huge; at least 8 inches in length, and appropriately thick. It was gorgeous, characteristic bend to the left, it was straight as an arrow. His balls, too, were very big, and he had no hair on his scrotum...only above his lovely prick. She couldn't wait to suck him, and to lick his balls. She had a wild impulse to deep throat him, something she'd only done once years ago.

She ran her hands over his tight stomach and chest, and leaned forward to kiss his cock. She kissed the tip of it, tasting it with her tongue.

"Spit on it", he said, staring at her with obvious lust. She moaned lightly, and spit on the head of his cock, swirling it with her tongue. She took him in her hand, and was pleasantly surprised to find that while he was quite long, he wasn't so thick that it would be painful to have him in her. She'd seen porn and knew that guys thought the bigger the better, but that wasn't strictly true. Size did matter, yes, but too much was painful, and she wanted to be able to fuck this man in every way she could without worrying about it. She stroked him, sucking the tip of his cock as she did, her free hand running over his chest, touching his nipples. Ray loved that, as she found most men did, and Marco seemed no exception.

He put his hands in her hair, and slowly, without thinking or even knowing he was doing it, began moving his hips back and forth. She slowly took more of him into her mouth, working her way down his cock and getting used to the feel of him in her mouth. She took long, slow strokes, sucking hard as she pulled out, and running her tongue along the bottom of his cock as she did. He clearly enjoyed it, and groaned quietly as she took him with her mouth. She'd always been good at this; everyone she'd been with said so. As she sucked him, she looked at him; he was obviously young, she thought. He still had a young mans body, thinner and not as completely developed as a true adult. He was six feet in height, but if he weighed 170 pounds, she'd be surprised. But what was there was perfect; tight, trim, defined, and with a perfect olive complexion.

Taking her mouth from his cock, she took it in her hand and held it up, giving her access to his balls. She licked his shaven scrotum, lapping at first one egg-sized ball and then the other, stroking his spittle-soaked cock as she did. As she licked and sucked his balls, she was dimly aware that, big as they were, the kid could probably cum a gallon. Excited at the thought she took his cock back in her wet mouth, deliberately salivating on it to make it wetter. She hummed as she sucked his cock, and finally stopped moving in and out on him. She moved her head down, down, taking him further into her mouth. His head reached the back of her throat, and she stopped, forcing herself to relax before trying to take him further. The trick was to swallow just as she took him in, and to keep swallowing until he was in her throat. She desperately wanted to do this with him, to feel his pubic hair against her face and his cum-laden balls against her chin.

Taking a breath, she slowly pushed him back, swallowing as she did. It worked! She had him past her throat, and was swallowing quickly and working her head forward until, at last, she had it. All 8 beautiful, hard inches of his gorgeous cock were in her mouth, and a good three down her throat. She looked up at him, her mouth stretched around the base of his cock.

She could smell the musky odor of his pubic hair as it tickled her nose. She moved her tongue around the base of his cock, and put both hands on his ass, pulling him toward her. He pulled free, finally, gasping as he did so. He looked down at her, panting, and told her to open her mouth again.

"I want to fuck your mouth, Mrs. Barone," he said. "I want to fuck your mouth, then cum on your face." She opened her mouth and said nothing; he wasn't asking, he was telling, and she loved it. He took her head in his hands, and slowly began to fuck her mouth, moving his cock in and out, with shallow strokes.

He gradually began to lengthen his strokes, and to go more quickly, and before long—with her complete encouragement—he was going as quickly as he could. Debra slurped on his cock, making as much noise as she could. She knew he'd love it, and to tell the truth, she enjoyed doing it. She occasionally gagged a bit when he hit the back of her throat, but she knew he'd like that sound, too, so she didn't mind. She put her hands on his tight ass, gripping it and holding it with her nails, moaning loudly and loving this whole thing; the feel of his cock in her mouth, his obvious pleasure, and the fact that he was doing this to her, of all the people he could have.

She felt him start to swell in her mouth and knew he was close. He grunted once, twice and then quickly pulled his cock from her mouth, just as he came. She was stunned at how much semen spewed from his cock, hotly spurting across her cheek into her hair. She turned her lips to him, wanting it in her mouth, and he squirted stream after stream onto her face and into her open mouth. She'd never done this; rarely had she even swallowed, much less let a man cum all over her face and hair. She didn't care, though, and in fact loved it. It was what he wanted and needed, and all she cared about was fulfilling that need.

When he was done, he took his cock in hand and rubbed it across her lips, and she kissed and licked it eagerly, tasting his semen. She was a mess; her face was literally dripping with cum, as it ran down her chin and cheek and dripped onto her breasts. He knelt down next to her, and to her total surprise, began kissing it off her face! He slowly and gently licked her face clean, lapping up his own cum from her cheek. This was incredible! She'd never expected this, and was totally aroused by it.

Finally, when he'd gotten as much as he wanted—though nowhere near all of it—he looked at her, and leaned in to kiss her. His cum mingled in their mouths as she kissed him, shoving her tongue into his mouth to savor the taste of him. He was salty and strong, but not bitter...she loved the taste. He sucked in quickly, and pulled free, taking his cum with him. She was surprised and actually disappointed...she'd wanted to swallow his cum and then show him her empty mouth while he watched, knowing it would turn him on, and because she wanted to demonstrate her total willingness to please him and submit to his will.

He put his hand in her hair, twisting it and pulling, guiding her head back. Debra leaned it back, looking at him and wondering what this was about. He leaned his face over hers, and opened his mouth slightly. She opened hers in response, and he dripped his come into her open mouth from his own. She quickly got the idea, and opened wide, catching it on her tongue and swirling it about with her mouth still open, letting him see her enjoy his semen. When she had it all, she savored it briefly, as she savored the lustful look on his face as he watched her tasting his seed.

Finally, she swallowed loudly, and then showed him her open mouth, empty. This had to be the sexiest, most erotic thing she'd ever done, or heard of! She was conscious of his nearness, and his obvious lust for her, and now turned her thoughts to herself. She was soaked with wetness, and was aching with need...if he even touched her with his cock, she'd come instantly, she knew.

He leaned back on his knees in front of her, he on the floor and she sitting on the bed still.

"Turn over, and kneel on the edge" he said.

She did as she was told, eagerly anticipating him taking her from behind. Doggie style was actually her favorite way of having sex, but she never admitted it. It just felt so dirty, in a way, and it was a turn on to offer herself that way and to give up any control. To her surprise, he didn't stand as she expected. Instead, and to her intense delight, he leaned in and slowly began licking and kissing the backs of her thighs. So, THIS was what he had in mind!

She'd been eaten from behind once or twice, but found most guys didn't prefer it that way. Marco obviously did, and she knew that he would perform to her satisfaction. She spread her knees a bit more, and leaned down on her elbows, pushing her ass up to give him better access to her. He continued to kiss her legs, and her ass cheeks, straying close to her lips but never quite touching. It was maddening, the waiting!

Finally, she realized he wanted her to ask for it...he wanted her to tell him what she wanted. It was just part of his way, like his telling her that he wanted to fuck her face or to take his pants off.

She turned her head and said "Marco, baby, please put your tongue in me! I need to cum, baby, please, kiss my pussy (she shivered at this, having never said it before), eat me baby, and make me cum in your mouth!"

At this, he growled his consent and put his hot, hot mouth on her wet pussy, slowly licking her from clit to taint. She moaned aloud, loving the feel of his hot breath, lips and tongue on her. She was soaking wet and getting wetter....she could feel it on her thighs, running down them toward her knees. Marco licked her lips, kissing her, before finally putting his hands on her ass. He placed his thumbs on the outside of her lips, and spread her open. She felt so deliciously bare, so open, and when he shoved his tongue in her, she screamed in delight. He slowly tongue-fucked her, paying her back for the mouth fuck she'd given him. She moaned in sheer delight, loving it as he licked and probed her.

Debra was on the edge, shaking and quivering, her pussy literally dripping wet when he took her clit between his teeth, gently biting it while pressing his tongue to it. She came almost instantly, a hard, bullet-quick orgasm that shook her body from head to toe and resulted in a gushing of fluid from her opening.

Marco moaned his approval, quickly covering her lips with his mouth, lapping up her cream as he did, kissing and sucking her to get it all up ('just like I swallowed all his cum', she thought in a haze). He pulled his tongue from her, and began licking her again, this time taking long, slow strokes from her clit, working up to her ass. He licked her slowly, wetting her with her own cum, and then to her arousal, he spat on her puckered anus. Debra squealed in surprise when his tongue touched her tight ring, and gasped aloud when he used his hands to spread her cheeks and open her hole.

Plunging his tongue in her, he swirled it around her ass, teasing her with it and making her crazy, slowly forcing it deeper into her. This, too, was something she'd never done. She'd heard that it could be pleasurable (Linda in particular said it was great), but no man she'd been with had offered to do it...and she certainly wasn't going to ask. She'd have to tell Linda she'd been right, she thought. She squirmed, burying her face in the sheets, basking in the wonderful feel of his tongue in her anus and his hands on her cheeks. She reached back, rubbing her clit with her hand. She couldn't believe how turned on she was; she'd just come so hard her teeth hurt, and here she was, hotter and more ready than she'd ever been.

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