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Grandmother's Sacrifice Ch. 02

by eksynapse©

After a short while, he pulled out. Her anus glistened with his fresh cum and her mucus secretions. A little blood streaked her ass cheeks.

The guy wiped his cock on the pillowcase and got off the bed. Mehmaw just lay there, softly sobbing.

"Who's next?" he asked.

Taking the invitation, the Mexican got on the bed.

I was horrified by what I'd just seen, of course; my sympathies were completely with my grandmother. But at the same time I was excited beyond words. My brain was reeling. I'd already used three Kleenex beating off to everything I'd seen over the past hour or so.

Just at this point some knuckles rapped on the door and the black guy went to answer it. Four other guys peeked into the room from the hall.

"Hey, man," said a voice. "What the fuck's goin' on in there?"

And that's when I felt suddenly someone grab me: big black arms.

"Hey, little dude. Whatchoo doin'? You watchin' your ol' granny gettin' fucked? You like that, huh?"

The next thing I knew I was being carried into the next room. As the guy dropped me down on the floor, Mehmaw sat bolt upright in shock and horror, pushing the Mexican off. She frantically tried covering herself, one arm over her breasts and the other over her genitals.

"What's this, man?" the Mexican said, annoyed.

"I caught this little jerk-off watchin' through a hole in the fuckin' closet."

"Oh," the Mexican said with a leer, "you been watchin' the good time we been havin' with your grandma? Want some of this?"

"Oh, please, let him go," my grandmother pleaded.

The Mexican looked at me: "You wanna fuck your granny?"

"Let him go!" she begged again. "Please! He's a child."

I resented that; I wasn't a child. I was ready to start college.

"I saw him grabbin' his pecker while he was watchin'. I'll bet he'd like a piece of his ol' granny. Wouldn't ya, kid?"

"Yeah," one of the other guys said, turned on by the kinky idea. "I'd pay serious money to see him fuck his grandma." Oh no!" Mehmaw said, horrified.

The Mexican stuck his face close to mine. "You wanna fuck her? You wanna fuck your ol' granny?"

"No," I said and looked down, though I knew I was lying.

He grabbed my chin. "You say no, but your pecker says yeah." He turned to the others.

"Whatchoo say, muchachas?"

"I say he fucks 'er, man," Bronco said.

The other guys, of course, all agreed, the sick twisted shits. They pushed me down on the bed and stripped me naked. Mehmaw was begging them to let me leave. I got up and stood there covering my cock with my hands. I was so embarrassed. One of the guys gave me a shove toward my grandmother.

"Go to it, man. She's waitin' on ya. G'wan!"

"Make your grandson a man, Nana!"

"Fuck the shit out of him, Grandma!"

"You're sick, all of you!" Mehmaw spat out. "You're perverts!"

"That's right," Bronco laughed, "You got it." And the other guys laughed right along with him.

Mehmah swelled with outrage. "Do you think I'd ever consent to have sex with my own grandchild? You animals! Animals!" She was just about screaming now.

One of the guys stepped up to me and pulled out an ugly shiv with a makeshift handle held on with duct tape. It wasn't elegant, but it sure hurt like hell as he stuck it up under my chin.

My grandmother gave a panicked yell. "No no no! Don't hurt him! He's a boy, a boy!"

The guy with the knife said, "This kid's gettin' fucked or he's gettin' cut, I don't care which. It's your call."

"Let him go. I'll do anything you want," Mehmaw said. "But just do it with me, just with me. Leave him out of this."

"Well," Bronco said, "I guess we could always take him downstairs and make him do his momma. 'Course, I reckon she might pop a stitch."

My grandmother looked at them, then at me, her eyes wild and frantic. I could see her mind racing, trying to think of anything that could get us both out of this. The guy with the shiv spun me around, put the tip against my throat. I thought he was actually going to slit me ear to ear.

"STOP IT!" Mehmaw shouted. She held out her arms to me. "Come here! Come here, honey," she crooned.

The guy shoved me into my grandmother's arms. She clutched me to her bare bosom.

"Please," she said through her tears, "Please don't make us do this. He's a baby."

One of the guys yanked me away from her and took hold of my pecker.

"He don't look like much of a baby to me. He's got what it takes."

I took an odd measure of pride in his saying that. One of the guys pushed Mehmaw on her back, exposing her breasts and newly shaved cunt.

"Look at her, kid. You can't tell me you wouldn't mind parkin' your dick in some of that fine granny cooze, wouldya? Go on!" he said, giving me another shove, "Do it to it!"

I looked at Mehmaw lying there sprawled on her back. I saw her pink flesh, her pendulous, humongous breasts with those thick, protruding nipples. I looked at her thighs and the little beard above the fleshy mons, at her enticing labia and that profound womanly mystery that lay within. She looked to me like a fucking fertility goddess! My cock stiffened and lurched upward.

The guys exploded with laughter.

"There ya go!" one of them shouted.

"Told ya!" another guy crowed.

Several hands pushed me toward my grandmother who embraced me and kissed my forehead and face, like I was a small child to be protected. My chest came up against those spectacular tits, and I tingled at the contact.

A pair of big hands held Mehmaw down while two other guys pulled her legs apart, completely exposing her sex. She looked up at me with pitiful helplessness. But something had been switched off in my brain. I felt no pity, no sense I was about to break a monumental taboo. The only thing I wanted at that moment was to possess her, to stick my dick in her, to experience every ounce of her sexuality. In short, I wanted to fuck my grandmother's brains out. It was like I was living some deranged fantasy where there was no concern with consequences - there was only the here and now.

In a dissociated fog, I found myself climbing on top of her mountainous softness. I sank onto that voluptuous body and laid my head against those fabulous, pillowy breasts. Mehmaw meanwhile was crying and blubbering about how she didn't want this, that she'd only let the men have her to keep my mother and me safe.

The guy again waved the shiv and threatened to cut me if I wasn't fucking her in ten seconds. She grabbed my cock in a panic and quickly guided me inside her. I felt my cock enveloped in that incredible hot moistness. I'd never felt anything so unspeakably wonderful.

I instinctively started pumping her, felt my cock gliding back and forth, caressed by her velvety folds, and now she was sobbing, "Oh God, I'm so sorry, honey, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, honey", but I wasn't the least bit sorry even though I was crying also and apologizing, "Oh, Mehmaw, I'm sorry," and I fucked her in a crazed, hazy delirium of lust, and I didn't care about anything except having her, and now my lips were on those nipples, my tongue licking them, and she tried forcing my head away saying, "Oh no don't do that, darling," and I was half-crying, half-moaning, "Oh, I'm sorry, Mehmaw, I'm so sorry", and sucked her nipple anyway and one of the guys shouted "Whoo! Looky that boy goin' after them big ol' titties!" and then I tried kissing but she turned her face away, saying, "Oh no, honey, oh don't, you don't know what you're doing", and I was running my hands all over her massive tits and squeezing them and they were firmer than I thought they'd be and I was biting them and she was crying, "No don't", and her belly was shaking with her sobbing and my thrusting and she was saying, "Oho, please, oh no, oho, oh God, oh please, honey, oho, please don't do that!", and I was saying, "Oh Mehmaw, I love you", and she said back weeping, "I love you, too, honey", and she felt sensational and my hands were squeezing and roaming all over her, and her arms went up over her head and were lying now on the mattress and I started massaging and squeezing the soft lump of her armpit flesh, then I was licking and biting it, and I noticed her tits all mounded up and her fat nipples sticking up big and round and hard and inviting, and I rubbed them with my finger tips and pinched them and rolled them back and forth between my fingers and her tits were jiggling back and forth and --- oh God -- I fastened my mouth on one nipple, then the other and I sucked it way into my mouth and she was whimpering, "Oh God no don't do that, honey -- ahaarrh --- oh God help us -- aharrh, nunhh, nunhh - ahaar! Oh God forgive us, God forgive me", and I was kissing and slobbering all over her armpits, her tits, her wrinkled neck, her lower lip, her whole mouth, and my hands were grasping her thighs near her crotch with its little obscene beard and I was thrusting into her and I felt down between us, my cock slippery with her cunt juice, gliding up and down, and I pulled back to glimpse my dick pumping in and out, between those moist fat cunt lips bigger than Audra's, and Mehmaw's face was streaming with tears and she was sobbing, "I'm so sorry, honey, oho, ohh-ahaarrh! Oh my God! I'm going insane -- ahaarrh, oho, oh no, pho, oh my God", and my mouth was on top of Mehmaw's mouth now with the fine cracks around her lips and I was kissing her and she was kissing me back and I could taste her salty tears and I stuck my tongue in her mouth and my tongue touched her tongue and she touched me back and suddenly someone was pushing both her thighs way up so now I was fucking her at a steep angle, and God it felt so good, plunging up and down in my Mehmaw, up to my balls in Mehmaw, oh God! up to my balls in her, grinding, my hips going around and around, then pushing in and rocking back and forth in her, and "aherrr!" Mehmaw moaned, eyes rolling up in her head, and someone said, "Look, kid, see yourself fuckin' your grandma", and suddenly someone was holding a wall mirror behind me so I could see our reflection, see my cock going in and out of my grandmother, and she swung her hand in a feeble effort to knock the nasty mirror away, but I kept looking back, watching myself fuck her in the mirror and seeing us like that made the fire in my brain rage hotter and I dug my fingers into the cheeks of her big cushy ass and put my hand down again to feel my wet cock moving back and forth in her and my fingers were so slick they slid part ways in, alongside my slimy pumping cock, in her steamy cunt, and God she felt so wet, so good, and I looked back in the mirror at my cock shoving, and my fingers felt the back of her fuck tube as my cock made it protrude each time I drew back, and oh God I accidentally touched Mehmaw's asshole and she said "Oh, no, baby, oh don't do that" and I deliberately touched it again, and this time I fingered her asshole, even though she objected, and I felt her anus pucker and I stuck my finger in a ways and her butthole crimped my finger and her big body was heaving with me, and God I was fucking my Mehmaw, fucking my grandmother, fucking my mother's mother, fucking Paw-Paw's wife, fucking the grandmother of all my cousins, and mother of all my uncles and aunts, and her face was wild and my balls were slapping her ass, and her head was thrashing back and forth, and she was still crying "Oho, I'm so sorry, honey, I'm so sorry", and I was saying "Unhh, Mehmaw - uunnh - it's - unnh -- you --" through my gritted teeth, wanting to say, "you big ol' tittied cunt! I'm fucking you, me your precious grandson, feel my cock inside you, soon I'm gonna cum in you, gonna shoot off in you -- oh Mehmaw, I'm fucking the living shit out of you!" but I didn't say that, and her hands were now gripping my back and she was all bug-eyed and agitated and confused and licking her lips and her face was flushed red and she was clutching me to her and grabbing my ass and pulling me to her and we were both sobbing and bucking against one another, and I heard one of the men call out, "You're gettin' her now, boy, she's close", and her big body shuddered again and then again and she was crying out, "OHO, NO, OHO, OH MY GOD, NO, OHO, OHO!" as another voice called out "You brought her home, kid!" and I could feel something big building in my nuts and everything tensed up, and all that pressure at the base of my cock and a slight hesitation and ... kuh-throb and -- "UNNH!" the explosive release, how hard I was cumming in Mehmaw -- in my grandmother, throbbing, spraying the inside of her cunt with my sperm, and --"OH GOD, OHO!" she exclaimed again, feeling my wild spurting, spurting, spurting ... spurting ...

Then all still. All quiet. No more movement. The guys were all hooting.

I was lying on top of my grandmother's belly, both of us limp and drenched with sweat, she quietly weeping, confused as me, full of the guilty sin of lust, my head still whirling, my cock draining the last delicious drops into her, into my Mehmaw's sweet loving cunt. We lay there coupled together, she awash in shame, completely spent, me rejoicing, vibrantly alive, thrilling to my cock bathing in our commingling taboo juices.

She's completely mine, I thought, I've fucked her! I've fucked Mehmaw! And I'm the one who brought her home. I made her cum so hard with my virgin cock that she cried out! I made a grown woman cum. I made Mehmaw cum! And at that thought, my cock gave a sudden lurch, and she gasped in response, and I started gently thrusting again, because it felt so good, and to let her know I was still inside her, and that she was mine!

I lay my face against her breast, stared at her delectable nipple, and gave it one last lick and nibble and suck. I felt her body release a monumental sigh as she reached up and gently stroked my hair, staring blankly into space as I continued to suck her.

Our grandmother-grandson relationship was now irrevocably shattered. She knew it; I knew it. From that moment on, we'd never be able to be in the same room together without our both vividly recalling what had happened here today. No more innocent family reunions, no more Thanksgiving dinners, no more mornings at church, without our both rekindling the memories of this wickedly delicious, shame-filled moment. I had kissed her, as no grandson should ever kiss his grandmother. I had groped and sucked her tits. I'd fucked her pussy. I'd touched her asshole and put my finger inside. I had cum inside her. And, most devastating for her, I'd given her a whalloping, big orgasm!

As I tried to lift my body off of hers, I felt like I'd swum a mile against the current and was now trying to crawl onto dry land. A pair of hands helped me off the bed and onto my feet. They turned to around to look at my grandmother as two men spread her thighs wide for me to see. Cum rolled out of her cunt and slid down toward her anus. Cum.

My cum!

"You did that," one of the men said to me, pointing at her red, swollen snatch. "You fucked her good, kid. Now thank your ol' granny for makin' you a man today."

I looked at her lying there, all tits and belly and thighs and gaping sloppy pussy lips, her hands over her face in shame, and said, "Thank you, Mehmaw."

"Oh God!" she said, "Oh God!" And then she exclaimed in sudden realization, sitting upright, taking her hand from her face, "Don't tell your mother. Promise me you won't tell your mother!"

"'Course he gonna tell his mama," one of the black men teased. "Be like gettin' a hole in one an' never gettin' to brag about it."

Mehmaw put her forearm over her face and began weeping.

Someone put my clothes in my arms and I suddenly found myself being propelled toward the door.

"You best go on," a man said. "We still got unfinished business here with your Granny."

"Aw, don't make the kid go," Bronco said. "Let him watch and learn somethin'." "No!" Mehmaw protested. "You promised you'd let him go."

"Stay put, kid," someone else said, and suddenly I found myself being pushed down onto the floor. I was being given a front row seat to the next act of my grandmother's rape. I leaned back against the wall, the blood roaring in my ears, with fear and excitement.

I noted that two of the men were in the process of disrobing while two other guys were already stark naked, stroking their dicks in eager anticipation.

One of them was a giant white guy -- probably six-and-a-half feet tall -- totally bald, with a couple of thick rolls of skin at the base of his skull, and a mustache and goatee. Barbed wire tattoos encircled both his upper arms. His massive back was covered with great multi-colored tattoos of Death riding a chopper, wielding a large scythe surrounded by flaming skulls and swastikas, all of which became animated when his muscles rippled. He stood jerking the foreskin of his long, thick cock back and forth. The glans looked like an only slightly smaller version of his bald head.

While he was staring at my naked Mehmaw, I heard him mutter to the Mexican: "I'm gonna fuck ol' Granny here so hard, she's gonna puke cum!"

Saying that, he climbed onto the bed, dwarfing my grandmother, who, as I already mentioned, was not a petite woman. As his body blocked Mehmaw from my view, I heard her say, "Oh, please don't! Let my grandson go out first. Please! I don't want him to see this!" He ignored her. He adjusted his position so that now I could see as he spread her pussy lips wide, then dug inside her with two fingers, then three, then all five and even part of his hand. She winced and cried out. Then he drew out his hand and notched the tip of his cock at the opening of her cunt.

"Ohhhhh!" she sobbed, as he entered her. He fucked missionary style for several minutes, then turned her on her side. He hiked one of her legs up in the air and laid it on his shoulder, exposing her privates to everyone in the room. He reinserted himself, the girth of his cock spreading her labia wide.

"You feeling it, you old bitch?" he grunted, giving her long, powerful strokes.

"Unnh! Nunnh! Unnh!"

"Feel me stretchin' your cunt, do ya?" He turned to the other guys: "I'm gonna fuck her till her head spins 'round like that bitch in the Exorcist."

The other guys convulsed in laughter. Such cleverness.

"Oh! Oh! Unnnh! Oho!" my grandmother moaned, as he shoved his member up against the back wall of her vagina and ground into her. She had an expression of wide-eyed astonishment. Her eyes briefly contacted mine.

"Oh honey," she pleaded with me, "Go out, please --" I started to get up, but some guy pushed me back down.

The bald guy gave her a series of ferocious jabs. Mehmaw's eyes rolled back in her head so that just the whites were showing. Then he started pulling out every so often, slowly plunging all the way in up to his balls. Her eyes rolled back down. She was looking in my direction, but I don't think she saw me; she looked dazed, eyes glazed, unfocused.

"Oh God, oh God," moaned Mehmaw in a monotone, as her body slowly rocked with his movements, "Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God ..."

This went on for a couple of minutes. Then he rolled her back to the missionary position and put both arms under her thighs and lifted. He rolled her up on her shoulders so that her heels were way up in the air. Her body rocked back and forth as he fucked her. I saw her butthole winking at me between her thighs, and her inner thighs glistening with her juices. No doubt about it, Mehmaw was being royally screwed, blued and tattooed. It was an all out fuck session. I'm sure her brain was buzzing, bewildered by conflicting feelings of shame and lust.

Eventually, he rolled Mehmaw onto her left side, got into the spoon position behind her, then hoisted her right thigh over his arm and slid his slimy cock back up inside her pussy. He kept up a steady moderate rhythm. He grunted like he was working out on a body bag. Sometimes a cock thrust would push one of the inner cunt lips up inside her, then it would come sliding back out as he drew back. It was pretty sexy stuff.

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