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Fucking My Brother-In-Law

by sharedhousewife©

When my sister lost her battle with cancer, I felt a strong connection with my brother-in-law. After all, the four of us had swapped together and really were the best of friends. My brother-in-law, Dan, was lost without her and really hurting. Scott suggested after a few weeks, that I go over and perk Dan up by giving him a good "roll in the hay". So I called up Dan and told him I would be over to help him tidy up the house. I unlocked the door slow, so that he could hear the click. I walked into the family room and looked around before seeing him asleep on the couch in front of the television. I stood at his head and looked down at his peaceful face and sculpted body. Before my eyes, a 6-foot, dark haired, well-muscled, hairy-chest Adonis lies napping. As I watch him, my mind starts to fantasize and I begin to get warm. I start to slide my hands up my legs under my skirt. I lean back in a barstool and not taking my eyes off this Adonis, I slide my fingers under my thong. Just as I skim one finger along my wet slit, my cell phone rings. Seeing our house number on caller ID, I flip the switch on my hands free and answer.

"I know you're being naughty," Scott says to me. I laugh and describe the scene. He tells me to slide a finger inside of myself to make it wet, then slide it out and circle my hard clit.

Just hearing his low sexy voice is sending chills down my spine. I slide my middle finger inside, feeling the ridges of my g-spot and my wet walls. Sliding out of my hole and up to circle my clit, which now is as hard as a pebble. I moan and it feels so good! I take my other hand and suck on a finger making it wet also. Circling my nipples and with the breeze from the open room window, they become rock hard.

"Imagine my finger is stroking you," he purrs in my ear. "God yes," is my response. I continue to circle and pinch my nipple while stroking my clit; first in circles and then in a faster up and down motion. When I reach the bottom, I slide my finger into my pussy, wetting it more each time.

"What are you doing?" he asks as he hears me moan.

"I am finger fucking myself while stroking my clit."

"Are you remembering my hands in your pussy?"


"Good, now take your finger and taste yourself." As your finger enters your mouth, pretend you are feeding me your pussy."

I take my finger and slowly rub it around my lips before inserting it into my mouth. I taste the tanginess of my aroused vagina and moan.

"Good girl." "I see you like it as much as I do."

I hear him un-zipper his pants and imagine his hand stroking himself in the slow then faster rhythm that he likes. I hear him moan. I know he is thinking about our last time together this morning.

"Let's cum together," he pants in my ear.

I looked up and saw Dan watching me. I spread my legs so he could see what he has started and continue rubbing my clit. I return to the up and down stroking and enter my pussy. I start to go faster along with Scott's stroking. I hear him moan and start to spasm. I threw my head back, pinched my nipple hard and finger fucked myself with my middle finger while my thumb rubbed my clit. I came so hard that I dripped down my hand. At the same time, I hear Scott moan my name and know we have both cum together. When I catch my breath and open my eyes, I see Dan smiling.

I noticed that Dan was only wearing a pair of jean shorts that are unbuttoned and loosened. I feel a stirring in my abdomen as my glance continued its perusal. His well muscled legs are slightly spread. Devouring him with my eyes, I unbuttoned my dress and let it float to the floor. I unclasped my black, lace bra and let it follow the way of my dress. I left on my lace garter belt and stockings along with my 5 inch heels and knelt at his head. I began to run my fingers thru his hair and kissed his forehead. I continued to kiss along his cheek and chin, and then licked up to rim his lips with my tongue. He parted his lips slightly and I entered in search of his tongue. How I loved the taste of him. At the same time I found his tongue, his hands found my breasts.

I started a dance with his tongue, as he pinched the nipples of my 34 DD breasts. I could feel their rosy peaks harden. I left his mouth and licked down the center of his neck to his left nipple, where I circled it with my tongue and then blew on it to see it pucker. I took the pebble in my mouth and bit it hard which earned me a slap from him. With a chuckle, I then licked over to his right nipple and repeated the action. It hardened like the other, so I couldn't resist biting hard on the other nipple, earning me another slap. Now my pussy is wet and itching for action. I traveled down his hardened stomach, licking, kissing and nipping. My breasts reached his mouth and he began to feast; licking, sucking and biting. The harder he suckled, the wetter I got. While Dan was gorging himself on my tits, I stretched my hands down inside his pants and found my prize.

His cock was hard and pulsating. With one hand lightly pumping his shaft, I used the other to unzip and widen his pants to allow his beautiful cock to spring free. I pulled my right breast out of his mouth and slid down until I could lick the tip. I circled the tip with my tongue, at the same time I felt his hands on my hips and pulling my wet pussy to his lips. I felt him licking my slit. He suckled on my lips a little while inserting two fingers into me in search of my g-spot. As I felt his fingers move, I lowered my mouth on him. I took his tip into my mouth and chewed and sucked while rolling his balls in one hand and stroking with the other. All of a sudden, I felt a shot of ecstasy as he found my clit and sucked hard. This made me pump his face and lower my mouth all the way down his throbbing cock to the bottom.

I swirled my tongue, raised my mouth and sucked like it was a straw. We continued to lick and suck, and the only sound in the room was our slurping. I took a finger and placed it inside his mouth while he sucked on my clit to get it nice and wet. I then slid it down his shaft and into his ass. Dan jumped, jamming his shaft deep down my throat. I felt him take one of his now soaked fingers out of my pussy and insert it into my ass in reply. I moaned! He then took two fingers and replaced them into my pussy. Dan was fucking my pussy and ass with his hands while he sucked hard on my clit. I was now mindless in pleasure. My head bobbed up and down while sucking on his throbbing cock, as I finger fucked his ass and massaged his balls.

I could see his balls tighten and felt his cock swell. I knew he was getting ready to blow. I timed myself to wait, and just as his first spurt started, I let go and we came hard together. As the spasms lessened, we stopped sucking and just licked each other clean while lying there on the sofa. We never said a word! I told him I would fix us something for lunch, but I wanted to clean off our juices first.

I took a hot, steamy shower in the master bathroom lit only by sunlight. I didn't hear Dan come in, since I was standing under the shower enjoying the heat and solitude. I felt his hands on my shoulders as he lightly squeezed them, then ran his fingers down my back, and pulled me against him, letting me feel his hard cock. "mmmmmm."

The water ran down the front of me dripping off my nipples. His hands followed the water, massaging my breasts, pinching my nipples then spread my legs apart. Dan ran his fingers along my inner thighs, along my slit and slipped a finger in my pussy while his other hand stroked my now pulsating clit. As he heard me purr, he turned me around to push me against the shower wall. He lifted a leg and placed it over his shoulder, and replaced his finger with his tongue, then circled and stroked my clit. All the while, he finger fucked me with my hands in his hair, holding his head to me. He picked up speed until he could feel me getting close and then he stopped. Dan did this to me several times until I was screaming, "let me cum."

He then took my clit into his mouth and sucked hard, sending me spiraling over the cliff. Dan lowered my leg, and while I was still trying to catch my breath, he pulled me into the alcove and pulled me on top of him. He slammed me down hard until he was fully imbedded. I could still feel small spasms. I took control of them and clenched and released on his hard, throbbing cock in waves. Now Dan was moaning! He held onto my ass and started to move me up and down, with long, strong strokes he bent his head and sucked on my nipples, first one and then other. This led to my walls spontaneously contracting, which in turn, pulsated on him and made him rub my g-spot. We continued on that way until we both came hard. We allowed the water to stream down on us while we caught our breath.

As he peeled off my damp towel, tossing it aside, he started a trail of soft kisses up my right leg, then down my left, deliberately avoiding my pussy. I found myself getting wetter and wetter as he squeezed each of my toes. I wanted to be touched, kissed and licked in the worst way. I spread my legs wide, inviting him toward me again. After what seemed like eternity, he traced a path up to my pussy. He ran his finger up and down its length. Parting my labia, his fingers circled my already swollen clit. Teasing me, he pinched the bud softy and continued to thrust his fingers deeply in and out of my dripping pussy. Wanting more, I tilted my hips up, begging to be licked and kissed. Grasping my ass in his hands, he hoisted me to his lips. His tongue parted my pussy and eagerly lapped at my juices.

He paid special attention to my clit, licking and kissing it in between fucking me more deeply with his tongue. As I began to climax, I felt more fingers thrust into my pussy. The feeling is too much for me to handle. I burst open like a peach! While my climax tapered off, he laid me back on the bed. He kissed my stomach and my breasts. He softy sucked each nipple before making his way up to my neck. Chills ran through my body as he kissed my neck. With each kiss, more moisture built in my pussy. His cock was now pressed against my thigh. I spread my legs wide, offering a place for his cock to explore. He took the hint and his cock was thrust between my pussy lips, moving in and out of the soft folds. It felt wonderful! My wet desires engulfed his shaft and I couldn't wait anymore. I wanted him deep inside me!

Together we turned over so I was on top. Now he could have a full view of his cock slipping inside my pussy. I raised myself up and slowly lowered myself, engulfing his shaft. As I rode him up and down, I touched my pussy. It felt incredible! Not knowing how much more of this we both could take, he called for us to change positions. I lifted off his cock and moved onto my hands and knees. He knelt behind me and pulled apart my ass cheeks. When I begged him to enter me, he thrust his cock inside my pussy. At this angle he was hitting my G spot, making me crazed with desire. With every thrust of his cock, I felt I was about to explode. We were both on the verge of climax, our bodies sweating from the workout.

We could take no more and I felt his cum shooting into my pussy, as he rammed as hard as he could. My pussy once again grasped his cock, milking it dry. Completely spent, he dismounted me and I lay in his arms. Wondering if he would like to attempt another round, I stroked his chest and pinched his nipples, making them hard. His cock twitched a little, and I took that as a sign. I crawled between his legs and took his now limp cock into my mouth. The warmth of my lips and tongue were enough to rouse his interest again. I licked up and down the shaft and I swirled my tongue over the head. Drops of pre-come formed and were soon licked away by my eager tongue. I massaged his balls gently as I sucked. His breathing indicated that he is nearing climax.

While I sucked his cock I played with myself, because I know this really gets him off. I synchronized my actions, pushed my wet fingers in and out of my pussy and bobbed up and down on his hard cock. He began to pant, then to gasp, and then I was rewarded with a mouthful of his semen. I put my fingers up to my mouth and tasted my own juices.

I must return home soon to my husband, so its time for another quick shower. I stood in the doorway fresh from the shower, still wet with the towel in my hand. I looked at Dan and winked. He watched me slowly dry myself. His hand moved down and slowly started stroking his ever-growing cock at the sight of my wet tight body. I watched him stroking his cock. I took the towel and bent over facing away from him and started to dry my legs; long, slow strokes upward with my legs spread a little so that he could see my labia between them. I turned towards him and ran the towel up the front of my legs to my pussy. I placed the towel between my legs and ran it back and forth a few times; rubbing my clit a little; then pulled it in front and ran it in circles around my breasts; pulling the nipples a little.

I walked towards the bed and rubbed my head dry. As I got to the bed, I dropped the towel on him and smiled. He slowly stood in front of me and threaded his fingers through my hair, as I leaned my head towards his chest and urged him forward. He shivered as I touched his chest with my cool lips. Dan could not believe he could be so turned by a woman. His entire body shuddered with awareness and needed to battle the urge to just fling me down and take me. He made me admit that I was as wild for his cock as he was for me. I stared into his eyes as he kissed me deeply and tenderly. His kiss was asking; pleasing and utterly selfless. I said nothing as he lowered his head to kiss my neck; tracing the curves of my spine with his fingers and then his lips. He dropped to his knees and kissed my nicely rounded ass, then gripped my hips and turned me around.

My fingers tangled in his hair as he spread me open with his thumbs and fed from me. My head fell backward and my hands clutched his head as he made my entire body shiver and quake. He kept eating as he pushed me backward until my legs hit the bed and I tumbled down onto it with my legs over the side. Dan pushed them wider and burrowed deeper; kept pushing me; eating me; wishing he could devour me. Everything left his mind except for me; my taste; my scent; the sounds I was making as he pushed me beyond endurance. Then I screamed his name and mashed his face into me so deeply that he could barely breathe as he lapped my juices. Suddenly I shoved him away. Looking at him hungrily, I mounted him. As I moved, my breasts bounced in front of his face and he caught one in his mouth and suckled. He could tell I liked his mouth there, so he kept using it until I was crying out again; spasming around him as he poured his cum into me.

Sweet kisses; "Thanks Dan, but I really need to get home to Scott!" I was insatiable that day. Dan and I came at least four times apiece, before he was done with me. We then said goodnight, and Dan walked me to the truck in his driveway and kissed me goodnight. I was still completely nude, my nakedness glowing in the streetlight; cum dribbling from my slit and running down my inner thighs. He loves it when I stand in the doorway nude with his cum dribbling down my legs. He told me that it makes him hot to think that his neighbors might be getting a look at my pussy and tits. He'll slowly look me up and down and wink and say "My God, you are a luscious woman!" You have to admit my husband, that Dan is always very respectful towards you. He always thanks you and tells you how lucky you are to have such a beautiful and sexy wife. This was one of many incidents where I helped out Dan with his manly needs.

Written by: sharedhousewife

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