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Seduced By My Mother-in-Law

by Toolmo©

Sharon stood picking up our glasses and walked to the bar pouring us both another drink then walking back to me on the couch. I watched her the whole time admiring her tight firm body. Handing me my drink Sharon just smiled then said, "That was the best sex I have had in a long time, cheer's." We touched glasses and took a drink. Sharon then suggested that it was time to go to bed, she took my hand and led my up the stairs to my bedroom. Standing at my door she kissed me sweetly on my lips, then said, "Goodnight."

I watched as she walked down the hall to her bedroom until I closed the door to mine. As I settled into my bed I took the last gulp of my drink and thought of what just happened. I felt a twitch in my cock.

Written by: Toolmo

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Category: Incest/Taboo Stories