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Sexy Wife Shows to Passing Cars

by lonestarchef©

Imagine this...we are driving down the road. It is a beautiful day. You are feeling rather randy. You have on a rather sexxxxy see thru top and a VERY short skirt, complete with a garter belt and stockings, very nice high heels. You have been flirting with everyone going past us, men and women, in cars, trucks and even truckers!! Once I looked over at you and you had your leg up on the dashboard and was rubbing your pussy, as a trucker was going by!! Boy did you ever give him a show!! I was just smiling at you and thinking to myself, DAMN, I am the LUCKIEST Fucker on the face of this earth, YOUR MINE!!

A car of males pulls up along side of us. They are whistling at you. You seductively lick your lips at them. Then you pull your top up and suck one of your hard nipples, leaving lipstick marks around it. This drives the guys crazy. They stay along side of us for a long time. You lean over to me and kiss me. I love your hot steamy kisses. You rub my already rock hard cock thru my shorts. Then you lean over and unzip my shorts. Pull my cock out and start stroking it. You then get on your knees in your seat. This leaves your bare ass and pussy open for the guys driving beside us to see. I reach over and start fingering your pussy. You are so FUCKING wet!!! I slide 2 fingers into your pussy and start finger fucking your wet pussy. You are still stroking my cock, but you won't suck it, at least not at this time. After a little while you sit up and lick your lips. The guys think you just swallowed my load!! They speed off.

We both laugh, knowing what those guys are thinking. You ask me if I enjoyed that. Well, DUH!! I say!! You stick your tongue out at me. I love it when you do that. We ride along for a while, singing and having fun. You reach over for my cigarettes and light us both up a cigarette. As I watch you smoking your cigarette, my cock gets even harder. You look over at me and just smile. You know how I get when a woman smokes and you have been smoking more, here lately, just to get me so fucking horny. You take a drag off of your cigarette and lean over and kiss me. I damn near cum.

Then you notice a car coming along side of us. There is a Blonde driving the car. She is a pretty woman. You say to me, damn I would do that in a fucking heart beat. I say "Go for it" Honey. So you pull your top up and start licking your nipples. She looks over and smiles. She slows down to stay with us. After a few miles, she motions us to follow her. We do. She pulls into a Rest Area. The rest area is empty, except for the 3 of us. We all get out and introduce ourselves. We chat for a few minutes. She takes your hand and starts over towards a table. She sits on the bench and has you sit on the table. She is in between your legs. I am sitting on the end of the table watching and smoking a cigarette. Still very horny. As the woman licks your pussy, you moan and bite your lip. You lean back onto the table. Your head is hanging off the side of the table. I take advantage of this. I take my cock out. I walk over to you and offer you my cock. Which you gladly suck into your mouth. I am still smoking my cigarette. You suck my cock all the way to my balls into your mouth and throat. Then you moan as loudly as you can, as she is attacking your clit now. The you reach up and take my cigarette from me and take a drag off of it. Then you open your mouth and the smoke flows out all around my cock. My cock twitches. You keep sucking my cock. I love watching you sucking my cock. You are so beautiful sucking my cock. You have such a loving look of passion in your eyes. I tell you that I am close to cumming. You stop, saying not yet baby, not yet. You sit up and the woman looks at you, she is soaking wet from eating your pussy. The 2 of you kiss. She looks at my cock and then back to your pussy. She says I am a lesbian, but I do love the taste of cum. She then suggests that she eat your pussy some more and when I get ready to cum, to shoot it all over your pussy and her face and tongue. I'm all smiles at this!! I start stroking my cock, knowing that I am going to get to see one erotic, sexxxxxy scene and VERY SOON!!!! You reach up and start rubbing my balls. Telling me Babydoll, I want you to fucking cover this Bitch and my pussy with your huge load. I am grunting now, I am sooooooo close to cumming. You gently squeeze my balls and that does it. I move over close to you and your pussy. My first shot, hits her right in the mouth. The next few shots land on your pussy and her face. She then licks up all of my cum. Then you both share it between you.

Then we all say our Good Byes. We head back home. Hot. Horny. And Ready to go at it, AGAIN!! We barely make it in the door, before we are at each other again!!

Written by: lonestarchef

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