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Hot or Not Husband

by edmead©

I am not sure if I am like most married men, but I have been tempted to cheat more than a couple of times. Each time the risks were just too great. I guess that doesn't say much for my integrity, realizing that the only reason I haven't cheated is the simple fact that I assume I will get caught. Perhaps because of this fact I am drawn to sites like Adult Friend Finder and Hot or Not. On two or three occasions I logged into these sites and found someone to chat with. Definitely inappropriate behavior, but it never went beyond the written word. This all changed last year.

For those of you not familiar with Hot or Not, the site allows you to click on the pictures of people you 'would like to meet'. You become a 'half match' and they are asked to either accept or decline the match. I found the picture of a very attractive Russian woman named Nadia. I clicked on her picture and she accepted the match. Over the next few weeks we exchanged messages. I eventually let her know I was married and to my surprise I learned she was married as well. It took another month until I agreed to meet her for coffee. She was even more attractive in person. One thing led to another and we went back to her apartment and had sex. I won't bore you with the details, let me just say it was amazing.

Two weeks later Nadia and I decided to get together again. When I showed up Nadia brought me to her room. On the bed was a blue 'hump' on the bed. Upon closer inspection it was some sort of sex toy. It consisted of a hot, presumably for a penis, two indentions for legs and a ramp to support your chest. It was plugged into the wall and had a wired controller sitting on the bed. I looked at Nadia who had a very mischievous look on her face. She explained she wanted me to get on the contraption, whereby she would drive me to beg for mercy.

I agreed and climbed on the contraption. It was cold. I carefully fit my penis inside of the hole and laid down on blue monster. My ass was sticking up in the air. Nadia pressed one button and the whole compressed like a blood pressure cuff, tightening around my penis until I couldn't remove it without causing myself pain. The device had handles to hold, but what I didn't notice was the fact that they had padded cuffs that she closed around my wrists. I couldn't let go even if I wanted. She the unit on and I could feel my penis vibrating. While I was distracted she placed straps around each of my thighs rendering me completely helpless.

She then turned up the machine. It began vibrating in irregular patterns. It felt good. When I turned my head I saw that she was putting something on. Immediately it registered. It was a strap on penis. She was going to fuck my ass! I immediately objected, but when I did she finished putting it on and blind folded me. I could feel her fingers pressing lubricant in my anus. She turned up the device to a higher setting and I couldn't object anymore. The device felt great, but it wouldn't let me relieve myself.

She slipped her finger in my ass and it didn't feel terrible. In a strange way it was exciting feeling so helpless. She put more and more lubricant on and I tried to escape, but I was completely trapped. I felt the tip of the dildo entering my anus. I tried to buck again, but Nadia whispered in my ear, "just relax, you are going to like this honey." I calmed down as I felt the cock go deep and deeper. Nadia whispered in my ear again, "Does that feel good." Just as she did she turned up the device and I said in a breathless voice, "yes."

Her body pressed against mine. She was heavy and her weight surprised me. She started fucking me with the cock harder and harder. She whispered again, "Tell me how it feels, beg me to fuck you harder!"

I gave in and started yelling, "Fuck me you slut, fuck my ass."

She released the blindfold and to my surprise she was standing next to me holding the controller. I turned and saw a man laying on me with his cock up my ass.

Nadia laughed and said, "say hi to my husband Levi!"

I couldn't believe it. What the fuck. Nadia kept playing with the controls. I couldn't help feeling overwhelmed by the device. I begged her to stop. I begged Levi to get off. To my surprise Levi stopped, but Nadia didn't. My anus hurt, the void hurting worse than Levi's cock. Nadia kept on, bringing me up and bringing my down with her little controller. I begged her to stop.

Finally, Nadia said, "if you let my husband cum in your ass you can get off." I refused. She kept going for more than an hour. I still hadn't ejaculated. My penis literally hurt.

Nadia pressed her finger in my ass again and said, "Oh come on, it won't hurt. You may even like it. Just nod you head if you want me to stop."

I nodded my head and I felt Levi's cock entering my anus again. It didn't hurt as much this time. Nadia turned off the device and all I felt was Levi's cock fucking my ass. The device had restricted the flow of semen when it was on, but now that it was off I could feel my own orgasm building. Levi's body convulsed and I could tell he was cumming inside of me. Just as he did I ejaculated in the blue device.

Nadia could tell and said, "Honey, he is cuming too!"

I left and never visited Hot or Not again.

Written by: edmead

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Category: NonConsent/Reluctance Stories