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Angel & Naughty: The Hotel Ch. 03

by Steven_Dessmir©

"Oh sis, his dick feels so fucking good up my ass," Lisa said.

"You bitch Leese, I'm so jealous."

"Mmm, I know." I fucked deeper, and Lisa softly bounced her hips back. In fluid rhythm, like a lewd pendulum, we crashed together. Her butt flesh trembled with each collision.

"Yes baby," I said. "Fuck it you slut, fuck your hot ass on my cock."

Lisa pushed harder with each down thrust. Veins rippled on her neck. Her hand fringed her pussy. "Loretta it feels so good."

Loretta put her finger on her lips. "But Daddy I want some," she said.

I pumped up to meet Lisa's ass. "Beg me Kitty."

"Beg him sis. Beg him."

Loretta pouted. "Steven? Please?"

Lisa fucked back into me. "Beg him dirty sis," she said.

"Fuck my ass."


Loretta pleaded. "Sodomize me Steven."

Lisa lifted herself off the ground, up on her knees. I reached around her, mauling her luscious tits. She whispered: "Don't you wanna sodomize my sister Daddy?"

"If only I could fuck both of you at once." I pulled out of Lisa, threw my leg up and turned, arranging myself quickly, and shoved violently, without mercy, spiking up Loretta's puckered butthole. The heat flooded around me.

I grunted. "Shit!"


"Shit, shit, shit-"

I stroked deep, to the hilt; her bubble butt flexed with each thrust. I threw my head back and yowled, a sinful, storming marauder.

I wanted more than I could have.

I wanted everything.

To spoil them.

To fill them from every hole.

"Now you!" I wrenched out of Loretta and hammered back into Lisa. "Out of one sister's ass and into the other!"

"Ahhh fuck! FUCK."

Lisa squealed, splintering the air. After a series of drilling strokes, moving her across the floor, I pulled out and shoved back into Loretta. She fell on her stomach. I grabbed her leg and pinned her on the carpet, stab-fucking into her.


Lisa smacked her own ass. "Me! Me!"

"You greedy bitches," I said. I hopped back up on my knees, wheeled behind Lisa and forced myself up her butt.


And I imploded-a deranged fucking animal. My hands clawed down Lisa's stocking-clad body, moved up greedily and tore the costume wings from her back. I made two fists of the white body stocking, and I pulled her, tearing through, using the shredded fishnet as reins as I yanked her with all my might, onto my dick.

Lisa roared: "GOD STEVEN! Fuck, FUCK, OW! That's hard!"

"Fuck yes Lisa, take it!"

"Ahhh-wreck my fat ass!"

Loretta panted, watching me annihilate her sister's anus. A demon in heat, gouging as Lisa contorted and twisted with rapture.


"You like eating my sperm?" I hissed. "You like eating it Lisa, huh? While you talk to your husband?"

Lisa threw her head back. "Yes, oh GOD YES! Fuck that idiot!"

I spit. "Say it again!"

"Fuck my husband! FUCK HIM!"

I grabbed Lisa by her pearl necklace, wrapped it once over. Yanked it tight. "How'd my babies taste? How'd they TASTE?"

"You're babies! AH-fuck! Your fucking yummy cock food!"

Her necklace tore in my hand, the pearls dinging off her, skipping across the floor.

I rasped at her, grabbed her hips. "How does it taste BITCH? How does my fucking cum taste when you talk to your husband?"

"So fucking thick Steven! So salty and good."

"Say you eat my sperm!"

"I EAT your sperm food!"

"Say it. Tell me you eat my babies."

"AH, ah! I eat your BABIES. I want them ALL!"

"Tell your sister!"

"Loretta, I eat his SPERM! I fucking EAT it!"

Loretta was fingering herself.

"Tell her how it tastes!"

"It's so GOOD!" Lisa shouted. "His COCK FOOD is SO good-I LOVE it!"

"I want some." Loretta bucked her hips at me. "We want more Steven-more!"

Lisa whipped her head back. "I'm FUCKING CUMMING!"

I reamed into her, and she humped back from the floor, spasming, flailing, seizuring. Her celestial ass shook and convulsed under me, and I fucked back, a madman blazing, sweat splashing off my face, my arms, falling over her.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming-oh god!" Lisa's orgasmic grunts and the wet, slopping sounds of sex clouded the room like a sinful fog. Lisa burst, and I felt her cum, shaking uncontrollably, completely surrendered, alone and yet together, with me, seized by the momentous instant in time when all things fail to stop, when things instead push through and finish and there is nothing to be done but give in and let it wash over you. I squatted over her and she gnashed into my foot, grabbing at my heel.

"Oh god, don't stop-DON'T! I came so hard, SO hard, ahhh-"

After a thorough, last deep dick, I pulled out.

"NO, no!"

I didn't want to cum yet. I couldn't.

There was still something I had to do.

I stood. Lisa collapsed on her stomach. Loretta retained her position, rolling her ass in the air. I left the girls there, on their elbows and knees, and I circled in front of them into the den. I sat on the couch, in the near dark, and spread my legs.

For a moment, I welcomed the quiet.

I sighed.

My cock still raged, slickened with the ass juice of these two bombshell brunettes.

Through the doorway I saw the sisters in the other room.

I curled my finger. "Come here girls."

From the coffee table, I thumbed a square. I lit it and watched Lisa and Loretta paw in the other room. The slicing shadows gave everything a noirish quality, a black and white hyper-sexiness-Lisa's classic buxom hips compared with Loretta's posh nightclub chic-the scene gave me anxious shivers-I couldn't get enough. I wanted to violate these dreamgirls in every way possible. I felt like the master of some dark domain, the treader of an outskirt, immoral line. I dragged my cigarette and glanced at the clock. A quarter past one. I took another drag, unsatisfied.

Lisa approached first, a cock-bursting cat crawl. "You left us," she said.

Loretta whimpered. "Weren't we good butt sluts?"

"Ah my little girls, you were angels. Perfect sister slut angels. Now come here. Come and suck your slut asses off Daddy's dick." They slunk up playfully on all fours and took opposing positions on either side of my cock. I sucked on my square. "Beauties. Sirens. My loving sisters."

I smoked as they dragged their red tongues up the sides of my dick.

"God you made me cum," Lisa said. "So hard. I fucking worship you."

"Tell your sister you love her."

"I love you baby," Lisa said.

"Um, I love you too Leese."

Along the tip they kissed each other, mouth-fucking across my cockhead. Painting my dick with a gorgeous mix of spit and precum-it webbed from their lips-thin puppet strings connecting them to my cock for all time. Their saliva dripped down the shaft as they probed each other's mouths, coating me with a glossy sheen of sexual remains.

Loretta rubbed my balls. "Ohhh. Leese, do you think he has anything left for us?"

With her ass in the air, Lisa licked my sack from the other side. "All that talk about eating his babies-"

"I wanna eat more of Steven's babies."

"God, look at these big balls." Lisa's eyes rolled into her head as she swallowed my nut sac.

"You wanna cum on us?" Loretta asked. "Fuck sperm on our tongues?"

"-on our incest tongues?" Lisa added.

"I have plenty left," I said.

"Feed us then Daddy," Loretta said. "Feed your girls."

"I'm not cumming yet Kitty."

"Aw. Why not?"

"Lisa knows why," I replied. "Don't you angel?"

Lisa feigned innocence. "Oh."

"What?" Loretta asked.

"I think I know what he's saying. Bad boy." Lisa cupped her hand, whispered into Loretta's ear. "Don't tell, but, I think Steven's going to fuck a baby into me."

Loretta mock-gasped: "But you're married!"

Lisa returned the shrill voice: "I know! He's so BAD!"

"Your sister can videotape," I added.

"But that's wrong," Loretta said. "Making my sister pregnant while she's got a husband waiting for her at home. Lisa wouldn't do such a thing."

"Go get the camera sis," Lisa said, watching me.


"And bring my coat," Lisa added.

"Fine." Loretta sighed, bounced up. I watched her bubbly ass shake as she strutted into the bedroom. I took another drag, refocused on Lisa between my legs.

"I want you naked," I told her. "Completely fucking naked."

Lisa stood up, instantly illuminating the room with her unequaled beauty. A sexual beckon. A supermodel vision in battered streetwalker nightwear.

"I've been waiting for this all night," she said. She tenderly peeled away her torn fishnets, off her shoulders and under her tits.

"I adore you Lisa."

The dim light spooned over her magnificent curves, painted her sultry, dark gold. Sensually, she eased the stocking elastic over her voluptuous hips, bending over, rolling the stocking down her thundermare legs. She straightened, cutely kicked the stocking behind her, fully naked-a triumph of human architecture, a dark haired, femme fatale in black ankle boots.

She ran her hands over her tits, her diamond ring glinting in the light. "What about this?" she said, twinkling it. "You did say completely naked."

"Keep your ring on," I said.

"I thought you'd like that," she said.

I rubbed my cigarette out. "Come here. Sit on me."

Lisa's smooth, long leg unwound, stretching over me. With Lisa completely naked, it was never clearer how flawless she was-a tanned celebration of femininity-and with delicate, soft movements, she straddled me on the couch. Her swollen breasts heaved in my face. I ran my hand up Lisa's thigh, over her hips and grabbed her ass. My dick pressed into her as she leaned forward, draped her arms around my shoulders.

"When we dated back in college I used to dream of this," she said.

"I know angel," I said.

"I'm so bad for you, my love."

With a palm full of her firm Italian ass, we kissed, deep and unbridled. She tasted like sweat and apricots, her tongue lulling over mine, wrestling in the near dark.

Loretta crawled up next to us on the couch, the LCD popped open on the camera. She tossed Lisa's fur coat across my leg, situated by our side. Lisa and I broke our kiss, nuzzling our noses together. With her hair dancing over me, I mauled her butt with my hands.

"You guys look so sexy," Loretta said.

"Say hello to the camera Lisa," I said.

Lisa flipped her hair. "Hello," she groaned. She drudgingly squirmed on my lap, her hands running down my chest.

"Now what are you two gonna do for us tonight?" Loretta asked.

Lisa slipped her coat around her. "I'm going to ride Steven's cock."

"Oh that sounds fun," Loretta replied. "And you big boy?"

"Well, I'm gonna sit here and watch," I said.

Lisa babied me. "Awww." She slid her arms through her coat sleeves, let the fur fall around her-a gourmet naked beauty, pampered in a thousand dollar coat. "I know," she pouted at me. "You've been doing all the work. You just lay back, relax, and let your Lisa take care of you."

"I like the sound of that," I said. "Doing nothing but admiring you."

"Maybe slip a finger or two in my ass-"


"-or squeeze my tits-"


"-while I milk a monster load from those balls I love so much."

"I can't wait to cum in you."

Lisa closed her eyes and reached down. "Neither can I," she said.

Her cool hand laced around my broiling dick. Easing down slowly, Lisa pressed the tip to her pussy, guiding it in. For a moment she sat there, hovering just above me in nothing but her ash-mink coat, massaging the top of my cock against her pussy. She breathed evenly, as if she were somewhere else, coiled in some warm nook inside her mind. The anticipation was excruciating. She bit her lip and moaned slightly, then continued lowering, until her velvet pussy stretched and recoiled, and effortlessly, my cock squeezed inside. She glided down over top of it-a few inches buried inside of her.

She arched her back and slipped further, enveloping another two inches. With a subtle wiggle, she sat on her knees, and after a soft bounce, she completely sunk down, all eight and a half inches buried inside my burning-hot Lisa.

"You're my girl baby. Say it, say you're my girl."

"Oh, I'm sooo you're girl." "Ohhh, yes," she said.

"You look so beautiful sis," Loretta added, moving around us.

"I love you sis," Lisa said, glancing at the camera. She looked back at me. "Whatta want this tape for Steven? You gonna jack off to this? Gonna beat that big dick of yours to this video while I'm pregnant?"

"Maybe. Either that or watch it while your sister blows me."

Behind the camera, Loretta giggled.

Lisa slapped my chest flirtatiously. "Asshole!" I fucked up from the couch, into her pussy, once and hard, jarring her back to her most tactile senses.

She moaned. "Ohhh."

"You're a bad wife," I said.

"I am, I'm bad."

"A stupid hot wife."

"I'm your stupid slut Steven."

"Gonna be a bad mommy," I said.

"I am."

"I'm gonna fuck you over the crib-"


"Fuck momma's ass while little baby naps-"

"Um, you're so bad."

"I'm so gonna fucking cum in you," I said.

"And I want you to, I do. I stopped the pill months ago. Please, please-"

Slowly, she rocked back and forth.

I closed my eyes. "God you feel so good."

Lisa leaned into me, gently churning her hips. She whispered in my ear: "I want you to fuck me in my wedding dress-"

"With the veil and all?"

"Please. Tomorrow. After I know you've fucked your baby in me."

"God you're a fucking evil wife."

"I know. Please don't tell."

"It's so hot."

"Mmm." She moved her hips in small circles, kneading my dick inside of her, her soiled pussy muscles milking me, coaxing me. She slid back, the soft fur of her coat brushing my thighs before her ass hit my legs.

"I love your fucking titties Lisa, your married tits." I groped her torpedo breasts, caressed them flat beneath my palms.

"You love my big fucking tits?"

"You're FAT fucking tits."

"Look at them while I ride you, fucking STUD." She held her coat back, displaying her tits, arcing. "You fucking asshole, you big-dicked asshole. You're SO deep. SO fucking DEEP. GOD dammit." She threw her head back. "JESUS, why'd you ever dump me?"

I mashed her tits together. "Because you gorgeous dumb bitch, I knew I could always have you."

"You can!" She straightened, bouncing harder on my dick. "Oh you cocky bastard, you can. You CAN always have me!"

I dropped her tits and gripped handfuls of her butt, kneading it, bouncing it in my hands. "As long as you have this fat fucking ass-"

Lisa squeezed her elbows, hushed: "-and this dirty mouth?" "Fuck yes."

She whipped forward on my dick, grabbing the back of the couch. "You gonna fuck other girls Steven? When I'm pregnant and swelling, you gonna fuck my sister?" Loretta adjusted her angle, coming closer.

"I'm gonna fuck your sister's face, her pussy, her ass." Without a word, Loretta ran her hand over my chest, listening intently. "I'm gonna fuck her all over your fat pregnant stomach." Loretta moaned quietly, grazing her hand between Lisa's rampant fucking. "But when I cum, I'm gonna feed it to you-"

Lisa whipped her hair. "OH!"

"-feed it up your pussy, your mouth-"

"Oh Steven, yes!"

"-so that if it's a baby girl, when she grows and bangs with your fucking ass-"

"You're so nasty!"

"-she'll already have a taste for her Uncle Steven."

Loretta gasped. "GOD!"

Lisa almost screamed-"I'm a cum-cumming! Oh-oh GOD!"-but instead, after her stuttered words, her beautiful face warped and nothing came out but a high-pitched squeal. Her eyes squeezed and she hugged me, flattening her tits against my chest. She continued to buck wildly, a rider possessed, her butt slapping my thighs. My arms flexed, grabbed her waist, holding her hourglass frame steady as she flopped clumsily back and forth, her coat drooping down past her shoulders, revealing her angular shoulders, more of her million-dollar smooth skin. I felt her slick pussy slosh over me, then spill around my cock, wetting my thighs. She whimpered feebly and crashed down in a final, trembling push.

"I love Steven, I love you! You make me cum SO good! AMAZING! You're amazing!"

Her hair tossed wildly, and I plugged her mouth with two fingers, calming her, centering her a moment. She grinned wickedly, split between exhaustion and ambitious, eager hunger. She slurped my fingers wet.

I nodded at my fingers in her mouth. "You know where they're going?" I lifted the back of her coat up and patted her butt.

She licked the tips, smiled. "Up my ass."

With a quick swoop, I reached around her, over her butt. I parted her asscheeks, felt for her sweat-lubed asshole and stuffed the wet fingers inside. Using her anus like a lewd handle, I aided her slowing thrusts on my cock.

And just then, from the other room, Lisa's phone rang. Her expression darkened with evil delight. "Loretta, can you answer that?" she said, riding my cock.

Loretta grabbed it off the floor, walked back into the den. She sat down on the couch next to us, still videotaping as Lisa and I locked eyes. Lisa lovingly ground her ass on me, licked my chin. "Who is it?" Lisa asked.

"You know who it is. It's your husband Leese. Should I get it?"

Lisa ran her finger down my lips as I finger fucked her ass. "Would that make you cum harder baby? If my sister talked to my husband while I fuck you? While I beg you to a fuck a little hot-ass baby girl into me?"

"Answer it Kitty," I said. "Keep him on the phone."

"This is so mean," Loretta said, holding the phone to her.

"-and so hot," Lisa added. "My husband's calling and I'm fucking you. My husband is on the line, waiting for me to answer, and your fingers are in my ass."

"Shhh," I said. "We have to dirty talk quietly."

"Hello Todd," Loretta said. "It's Loretta. Yeah, Leese is-well, she's busy."

"If you do fuck a baby girl into me," Lisa said quietly, rolling her hips over my lap, dwelling in the moment, "I'm going to have to teach our little girl all the nasty bad things you like."

"Mmm, like what?"

Loretta positioned the camera on the end table, aimed over the couch arm at Lisa and I. "I dunno Todd," she said. "She's just busy. Doin girlie things, yeah, you know how girls are. But I'm here, you can talk to me."

Lisa licked my neck, bobbing her hips on my dick. My dick was in heaven, milked on every up stroke, swallowed on every down stroke, spoiled inside Lisa's warm body. Lisa whispered: "You know, I'll have to teach her all the nasty things you like. Like how to take your cock up her big ass. How to cook while you fuck her doggy style. How to eat your sperm off my tits-"

"You'll teach our daughter to be my nasty slut?"

"Maybe you could fuck her in her prom dress."

"I like that."

"Fuck her butt while her date waits downstairs," Lisa said. "I'd keep him busy for you," Lisa said.

"Jesus baby," I said. "You'd slay any man with this body."

"But only if she holds all that daddy sperm of yours in her mouth-"

"Yes, yes-"

"-and feeds mommy the rich leftovers."

Inside of her was lustful paradise, a warm and wet dick haven, conforming to me exactly, as if it were custom made, perfectly suited for my cock. As if a thousand miniature tongues were inside of her, licking along the thickness all at once.

Loretta shook her head at us. "Hold on," she told Todd. She held her hand over the phone. "You guys, what should I say?"

I grabbed Lisa's hand, twisted it in front of me. I spit over her engagement ring.

Lisa smirked deviously, held the rock over her mouth. Leaning back, presenting her body like a sexual idol-the mountainous contour of her tits silhouetted in the sinful brume-she drove her hips upward, and with her hand above her, the spit fell and suspended in midair like taffy, then flopped down over the side of her mouth. Carnivorous, she lapped up the spit from the edge of her mouth. Swallowed it back.

She jerked up, licked her lips. "I wish that was something else gooey and yummy," she said. "But a little warmer with a bit more tang."

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