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College Roommate Ch. 01

by married_but_curious©

Late in the first semester of my freshman year at college, I decided I needed a new dorm roommate. It was almost impossible to study in the rowdy, hard-partying dorm I started out in -- I needed a quieter dorm, and a roommate without an electric guitar and a well-used bong. My Resident Assistant said this would be difficult, since all the dorm rooms in the men's complex were occupied, but a few days later, on a Wednesday, he called me into his room.

"We've got an opening in a real quiet dorm, Harry. Just one thing. He's a little ... odd. His first roommate requested a transfer out, which is why there's this opening."

I shrugged. "Is he quiet? That's all I care about. I need to get some studying in."

My RA gnawed his lip. "Yeah, he's quiet. He's just, you know ... a bit queer. You catch my drift?"

Being a naïve kid from a hick town, I totally missed his meaning. "Great. Fine with me."

My RA narrowed his eyes, studying me, and then shrugged. "Um, OK. If you don't mind that -- I'll fill out the paperwork."


Friday night, after hours of studying, I was sitting with my new roommate, Tim, on the bottom half of a bunk bed, which doubled as the couch in our cramped narrow dorm room. We'd been drinking beer and talking story for about an hour, and I was wondering what the heck his previous roomie had found so objectionable about him. Tim was a slender, short guy with a button nose and an engaging, open personality. The subject rolled around to pornography, and Tim suggested popping one of his tapes in and watching it.

I shrugged. "Sure. Why not?"

Tim turned off the lights and popped in the tape, turning the sound down low so as not to offend our neighbors on the other side of the cinderblock walls. The tape featured large-breasted women in prison who, implausibly, were sucking and fucking each other and the guards without the prison warden getting any wiser. I started to get an erection, and snuck a peek in the dim, flickering light at Tim, who was rubbing the bulge in his crotch. He looked me in the eye and said, "Look, don't want to weird you out or anything, but this is really turning me on. Would you mind if I took my cock out while we watched?"

I hesitated, and then shrugged. What harm could that do? "OK, if you don't mind me doing it too."

Tim unzipped his jeans and took his cock out, which was half-erect, and started to knead it between his fingertips. I followed suit. I tried to keep my eyes on the video, but kept sneaking peeks at Tim's stiffening cock. After a few peeks, I caught him doing the same thing to me. I glanced away, embarrassed, but when I looked back he was still staring at my erection.

"Umm, look," Tim said, "it would feel better if we used a little lubricant." He raised an eyebrow, and I shrugged OK. Tim reached in his drawer of the nightstand at the base of the bunk beds and pulled out a tube labeled "K-Y Jelly". Tim popped the lid off, scooted closer to me, and squeezed some onto his left hand. Then he quickly reached over and started rubbing it onto my cockhead.

"What the fuck?" I said.

"Shhh. Not so loud. Our neighbors will hear." Tim kept rubbing with his soft, warm hand.

I thought about slapping his hand away, maybe punching him, but my smaller head had other ideas, as my cock got real hard and the blood started to pound in my ears, drowning out the moans from the woman getting fucked doggystyle on the TV screen.

Tim grinned. "Doesn't that feel better than using your own hand?"

I shut my eyes and groaned. Tim started sliding his hand up and down the shaft, pausing on the upstroke to finger the sensitive underside of my cockhead. I started breathing harder. I opened my eyes and looked at Tim. His lips were parted, and his pupils were wide open in the dim light as he locked his eyes on mine. He gently took my right hand, squeezed some jelly on it, and guided it to his waiting cock. My hand hovered over it for a moment, indecisive.

Tim said, "Don't you want to make me feel good, too?" His fist gently squeezed my cock.

I took a deep breath, and then touched his cockhead. It felt good, the velvety softness over the hard core.

"That's right," Tim said. "Now rub the jelly all along the shaft." He squirted more jelly on my cock and rubbed it in. "Just like I'm doing to you."

My cheeks burning from blushing, I did what he said. It felt good to be holding this hard dick, giving my roommate pleasure while receiving it. We jacked each other in silence for a minute or so, the only sound in the room the grunts and moaning from the TV and the squishing sound of our hands sliding up and down each other's hard pole.

I felt the rush of my orgasm building. "Oh, God, don't stop," I said in a quiet, strangled voice, trying not to alert our neighbors what was happening. "Unnh. Unnh. I'm cumming. Here it comes! Aaaaaaah!" My jism shot out in the most intense orgasm of my life, so hard it splashed against chin and lips. As the less intense follow up spurts splashed out, Tim quietly started cumming too, his lips clenched tight as his rapid breaths whistled through his nostrils.

We sat there, side by side, as our cocks softened and our breathing slowed to a normal pace again.

"Wow," Tim said. "I didn't know cum could shoot that far out." He reached over with his free right hand and gently wiped cum off my chin and lips, then sensually slid the finger into his mouth and licked and sucked on it.

I must have been blushing from the eroticism of the gesture, and what it promised. "Look," I said, "You can't tell anyone. I like women, not men."

"I understand," Tim said softly, tilting his head to the side with a concerned look in his eyes. "I mostly prefer women, but I just couldn't resist. Your cock looked so good, all hard like that. Are you mad at me?"

"No. But this was a one-time deal. We can't do this again. Understand?"

Tim's eyes softened. "OK. Whatever you want. You're not gonna ask for a new roommate, are you?"

"No, we're cool. I like you. We just -- look, never again."

"Cool." Tim got up, grabbed a towel off a hook in our closet, and wiped himself off, then handed it to me. After shutting off the TV, he said, "I'm beat. I need to get some sleep." He stripped to his underwear, both shirt and shorts, watching my face as he slowly slid his outer clothes off. I tried not to look, but my eyes kept wandering back -- there was something sensual and provocative about his leisurely undressing, and the smoldering look in his eyes. Then he climbed up the ladder into his bunk on the top. My eyes couldn't help but follow his underwear-clad crotch as it passed inches from my face.

I heard the rustling of covers being pulled up. "Good night," he said, his voice soft like a caress.

"Night," I grunted. I kicked off my clothes, leaving just boxer shorts on. I pulled the sheets over me and closed my eyes, trying to sleep. Instead, my mind kept turning over what had just happened, remembering the look on Tim's eyes as he licked and sucked my cum from his finger, and those soft lips ...

No, I thought. I shouldn't be thinking about that. I shouldn't. I'm not one of those sissyboys.

Written by: married_but_curious

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