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Fucking Her Boss Up Right

by quutoo©

Debby was carrying some folders to her boss, Jerry Walker. It was close to quiting time and she was anxious to get home to her husband, Craig. They both got home about the same time and in the length of time that it took them to strew their clothes across the living room, they were locked in a loving embrace. Last night they only made it to the hallway leading upstairs before his thick cock plunged into her cunt.

Tonight it might be the living room. This had actually been the way things were after four years of marriage. They both wanted the sex to drop off to a normal level before they had children. Right now they were still like two rabbits, although they fucked quite a bit longer than rabbits.

"Debby," Walker said as she dropped the folders off and turned to leave," I hope you have nothing planned for tonight as I sure do need your help on the Arnold account. Debby's hopes for a night of fucking Craig came to a halt and the images that she had conjured up evaporated. Jerry Walker was known for his hitting on all the women in the office, but this was the first time he had asked Debby to work late. Debby had asked how long he would need her and he was rather non committal.

"Mr Walker I have to get home to my husband and get his dinner ready. When I took this job it was with the understanding that I would not have to work overtime."

"I realize that Debby but this is an emergency and Carol is out having a baby." Debby knew that Carol was one of the secretaries that Walker was rumored to have made it with. Every one wondered if the baby was really her husband's or Walker's. She hesitatingly agreed and called her husband. Craig was ready to leave the office when the call came on his cell. He said that he might as well stay a while and do some work himself.

For the next three hours Debby busied herself with doing a lot of nothing as Walker hovered over her. He finally put his hand's on her shoulders and talked some nonsense about the account that he wasn't really working on. Debby grit her teeth and Jerry dropped his hand's further down. They were resting on the top of her breast now as Jerry started to heap praise of the woman. Debby had to admit that Walkers skill full hand's felt good. She had been primed to fuck Craig when Walker dropped his bomb. She sucked in her breath as the sensations hit her. Walker's hand crept lower till he was actually rubbing her nipples. Debby tightened her lip's up to keep from moaning.

Jerry was ready to make his next move. He was sure that the young woman was his. He bent his head over to plant a kiss on her lip's. "Hey anyone home," the voice was almost alien in the silence of the office. Walker whipped his head back to see Debby's husband standing there. "Hi...I just finished with the extra work and I saw your car still here so I stopped to see if you wanted to stop for a little dinner before going home," the way Craig said it left no doubt in Walkers mind that he considered the over time at an end.

Debby was glad her husband showed up when he did. She wasn't sure what she would have done if Walker had completed the kiss. "Oh hi Craig...yes...were just finishing up..." Walker said that they were finished and thanked Craig for letting his wife work overtime, cursing the intrusion under his breath.. He had to stand by the desk to hide his hard cock tenting his pants. Debby turned and went to clock out after telling him that this was triple time. Walker nodded dumbly as she went to the outer office. He knew that next time he would have to make sure the door was locked.

"Hey Jerry...don't mean to tell you how to run your business but when Debby came to work here before we got married it was agreed in her contract with her boss then that there would be no overtime," he let his words sink in, " You know Debby doesn't really have to work and I would just as soon have her quit as not." He left the threat lie for then. Walker knew that he had been upstaged and wondered just how much Craig saw before he interrupted them.

Things were normal for a few weeks when Walker overheard Debby talking to her husband over the phone. "Oh Craig," Debby was saying, "You'll be gone for two days...that's terrible. What will I do with out you.?" Walker brain, both of them went into high gear then as he thought of a way that he could use the situation to his advantage.

" Just before quitting time he called Debby in and told her that he had to go to Cleveland overnight in a couple of days. He had listened as Debby repeated the information that her husband gave her about his trip. He made the meeting that he said that he had to attend for the same day that Craig would leave. Cleveland was only two hours away by plane and they could catch a late flight. Walker had it all planned out. He felt that to get the pretty wife in the sack would be well worth his trouble.

Debby told Craig all about the offer and said that Jerry had to have someone there to take short hand of the meeting as the client didn't like recorders. Walker had said that the client was willing to spend the money to pay Debby's salary and expenses. Debby busied herself with all the things she would need for the trip.

Craig left for his trip in the morning and Debby met Walker at the airport for the two hour flight to Cleveland. Just before the plane left Debby got all the information about where she would be staying .At first Walker tried to book a suite of rooms with two bedrooms but Debby told him that that would be inviting trouble with Craig if he ever found out. Jerry did not want any trouble and went out of the way to make sure that was no trouble with angry husbands. Before he became Debby's boss he was in middle management and he had caused several marriage breakups. Now he seemed to be up to his old tricks with the pretty secretary. He would make sure that she did not make a fuss later. He had the drug to do that.

Walker was beside himself as he felt that the young wife was ripe for picking and not only that, she had given him several signs that she was agreeable. The fact that she wanted a single room and not to make waves with her husband showed that clearly to him. The plane was crowded and Debby and he had been seated in different sections. he would have had fun while in transit other wise.

Debby was feeling nervous. She had never done anything like this. True enough, she loved Craig and this was out of the ordinary for her to accompany her boss on a trip where she knew that he was going to attempt to have sex with her. Soon the plane was in a landing pattern for Cleveland and she started to get ready to disembark the plane. Outside Jerry Walker took her overnight bag and carried it to a shuttle which carried them to the hotel they were booked in. Walker knew that by tomorrow she would know that there was no meeting but by then she would have been fucked all night and ready for more fucking before they caught their flight back home. He had told Debby that they had an early morning appointment with the client and would be back in time to fool her husband as to where abouts.

At the hotel Jerry wanted Debby to come and stay in the suite he had booked instead of the small single room. Debby said that till she was sure that every thing was cool she wanted to stay in her room. She said that Craig might call her there as he knew her room number. Debby said that she wanted to freshen up first and went to the room. Jerry wanted to join her but she let him kiss her and told him to come back later. Walker walked away with visions of ramming his cock in the pretty wife.

Two hours later after a shower and perfumed bath scent. Debby dressed in her sexiest nightie. She wanted Jerry to go insane when he saw her like this. He had always seen her dressed for work, pretty severe dressing too. He naturally had never seen her half naked, which she was now, He had never seen her with her hair cascading down on her shoulders. Light brunette curls against skin as white as driven snow. Just as she put on her lace panties she brushed at her dark pubic mound. he would really like the fact that he could see it under the translucent material of the panties and night gown.

At eight Jerry knocked on the door to Debby's room. Debby opened and he almost dropped the wine and the flowers that he held when he saw Debby ready for sex. Debby took the flowers and took them to find a vase while Jerry opened the wine. He poured two glasses and Debby didn't notice when he dropped two pills into her glass. Debby probably would be ready to fuck him but he didn't want to take a chance. The trip was costing him plenty but he would make it up when he let his business associates bid on her for a night of sex. As he handed her the glass of wine he thought of what the pretty woman would look like pulling a train at the Starlight motel while he filmed for videos that he would sell.

Jerry took Debby in his arms after she had drained her glass and kissed her. She returned the kiss almost eagerly. Then began the dance of seduction. "You know Debby," Jerry said when he was sure that he had the woman just where he wanted her, " Theres no meeting in the morning so we can enjoy ourselves all night long and tomorrow we'll go back home and Craig will never know you and I had fucked all night long." He grinned. he knew that Craig would never find out unless Debby refused to go along with him after he showed her the tape of him and two more men that he had coming later. He wanted first with her, let the others have sloppy fourth...or even fifths. He thought this was funny.

He had been pulling this scam for six years now. Two years before Debby came to work. he was still in middle management but he swore that when he was in charge he would fuck her. He chuckled. Tonight long years of waiting would pay off. Debby was sitting down on the bed when she started to feel funny. The sensations that wracked her cunt felt great. All she could think of was to get a cock in there. "So tell me Jerry...when you asked me to come on this trip to take notes for you . You already knew that the reason was a sham and you got me here to have sex with me.?"

Jerry didn't mind telling her. In a few minutes the date rape drug would take effect. The new drug acted like the original date rape except that the woman knew exactly what she was doing except she couldn't help herself. He knew that for him to confess to Debby that the only reason he made the trip was to fuck her. He sat on the bed beside her and started to kissing her. Debby knew that she shouldn't respond so eagerly but she felt herself loosing control.

It wasn't long, Walker had waited so long that now he was impatient to get the succulent Debby, that he hurried. He ripped the gown off her. Debby was taken aback, she didn't expect Jerry to be so violent. He had the woman stripped in no time. The drug had taken effect and now the young wife was powerless to resist, not that she would have, any move Walker made on her. Her breast sprang out in the open and the cool room air caused her nipples to erect.

Debby watched Jerry Walker with interest as he removed his clothes hurriedly. When he was naked she saw that he did have a large cock, a bit larger than Craig"s. She had heard tales and now she knew that they were true. Walker grinned an evil grin as he saw the way she looked at his cock," So another little secretary wants to see what kind of a fuck I am. Well you are going to find out and by the time I take you home you will be well fucked," he told her that he had a couple of friends coming over later to fuck her. Debby cringed when she heard that. She had only counted on Walker. Now in her aroused state she knew that she would fuck anything that moved.

Walker set up a camera and taped the scene when he shoved his cock down Debby's throat. Debby had deep throated Craig lot of times but Walker was rough and it didn't feel as good. She tried to get hm to be a little more gentle. She had only planned on letting Walker shove his cock in her mouth for the camera that she had turned on. It was in plain site on the dresser and pointing at the bed. It recorded all that happened in the room. Without any warning Walker pulled his cock from Debby's mouth and spread her leg's. By the time her muddled mind realized what was happening Jerry had thrust his thick cock into her wet and eager cunt.

"'t fuck me you bastard," she screamed and at the same time thrust her cunt hard on his cock. Walker smiled. He knew he had Debby right where he wanted her. That was when Craig came from the bathroom and stood behind him. Walker had suddenly pulled his cock from her cunt and placed the head hurriedly against her anus. With a force full thrust he split her almost virgin asshole open. Craig watched the lust on his wife's face and wondered what had gotten in to her. He walked over to Walkers camera that was on a tripod and facing the couple. He shut it off.

He also went and turned the one on the dresser off. It already had enough footage. he went and shut the dictation machine that Debby was using when Walker arrived. It had all the necessary information on it. Then he walked up behind Walker as he thrust hard and rough into his wife's anus. Walker, nor Debby either, had noticed his presence even though she knew that he would be there. They had planned on a little sex, like Walker shoving his cock in his wife's mouth. They were well prepared for that. It had been originally planned for Debby to bite down on Walker's cock but that hadn't happened.

Craig saw the pill bottle on a chair with Walker's clothes. He read the label and suddenly understood why his wife was not sticking to their script. Debby was in the throws of passion then and he knew that if a Great Dane was there, then Debby would fuck it. She was clearly in lust and he knew that he alone couldn't satisfy her. Barring him having an antidote for the drug he would have to wait for it to wear off. He began to remove his clothes. When he was naked his cock was hard from watching his wife getting ass fucked so hard. Debby was screaming for walker to fuck her shove his big cock in her," She also said that she needed a cock for her cunt.

Craig shook a hand full of pills out of the bottle. He downed two of them, best to be ready for what ever. Craig loved his wife too much to fuck her like she needed then. He took the walkers camera and taped Debby writhing under the onslaught of Walker's ass fucking. "How do you like that now do you like being fucked by me." Debby moaned out that she needed a cock for her cunt. Walker told her that he knew that she did, "The date rape drug I slipped in your drink will make sure that you need lots of cock. I may even open the door and let anyone that wants to fuck you.

" Yes...I'll fuck anyone...I'll fuck all your friends for you." She had all but forgotten the purpose for this and was now lost to the lust of the drug. Craig was angry. he had been angry at Walker for years. The way he had actually met Debby was when he came by the office on a pretense just to be able to look at the man that he would wreck his revenge on one day. Jerry walker had been a middle level manager then. Craig's little sister, Julie, was working for the company in the secretarial pool. She had just gotten married then. She was given the same drug by Walker and then repeatedly raped by Walker and several other managers at Debby's company. She didn't pull out of the depression that she went into. She carried the child from the rape to full term and her husband couldn't bear to part with a part of Debby after she was committed

Her big brother, Craig, had promised the comatose woman that he would get revenge one day. He had liked Debby and he told her the story. Debby wasn't under any illusions about Craig. Still she fell in love with him and they married. Debby had also her two friends that had their lives ruined by Walker and his friends at the company.

Craig's revere was interrupted by the moans and screams of his wife as Walker fucked her like she was a whore. He took the hand full of pills and cupped them In his hand's. He stepped up behind Walker's ass cheeks and lined his lubed up cock with the man's thrusting asshole. Then he struck. Walker didn't know what was happening, he felt the burning stinging pain of something being thrust in his anus. He screamed in protest, Turning his head around he saw Debby's husband. Then Craig put his hand over his mouth. It had about half a dozen pills in it. Craig pinched Walker's nose and held it till the man had to swallow the pills or suffocate to death.

" What are you doing here you bastard...what are you doing...," he tried to ask a dozen questions all at once. He tried to dislodge the cock fucking his ass but Craig was a much stronger man. He held his cock hard in the man's ass.

Craig had to tighten his lip's to speak otherwise he would have lost it. " So bastard tell me that you don't remember Sarah Carter...yeah her...remember...remember how you and the others raped her and made a video showing that she was a willing participant. Well you knew that she had an older piece of slime." Craig might have had to control his voice but he didn't control his cock as he tried to split Walker's ass apart with his cock. Debby felt the extra hard thrust and screamed for Walker to do it again.

"Well bastard it's pay back wife and I set it all up, "Craig hissed in his ear while he fucked him with out letup. The only thing was that the harder he fucked walker he was shoving Walkers cock into his wife's ass harder. Somewhere along the way Walker's cock slipped out of Debby's ass and when Craig slammed into his ass again he drove the man's cock in his wife's cunt. Debby screamed out in pleasure.

"Yes...yes...that's it fuck my cunt...fuck my cunt hard you bastard'" she screamed at him. Then she saw her husband behind the man. Craig was fucking Walker's ass and from the look on Walkers face, he hated it and was in pain. "Yes Craig fuck his ass. Make him fuck me harder."

Craig was about to cum and he didn't want to cum in walkers ass. he pulled his cock from Walkers asshole. He let the sensations of orgasm subside. He saw the wine bottle and took it and pulled Walker from his wife's body. His cock made a popping sound as it came free. Craig turned Walker's body on his back. He held the man's legs apart and thrust the bottom end of the wine bottle in Walker's anus. It all but split open but managed to stretch thinly over the thick glass. Walker screamed loudly. Craig put his shorts wadded up in Walker's mouth. He smiled at his the result oh his labors.

He taped up walkers hand's and leg's. His taped leg's held the wine bottle in place with jusy the neck sticking out. Walker's cock stuck up in the air like a flag pole, hard and straight. I held out my hand to my wife and she allowed me to help her up. "Look sweetheart...I know this isn't your fault. I should have paid more attention to what a slime ball he was." I had her sit back down on Walkers hard cock facing my feet. "Now lean back...use the piece of shit for a backing and," I placed my hard cock against her burning hot anus. I shoved my ass in Walker's face and shoved my cock in my wife's asshole. I rarely had the opportunity to fuck her there as she had to be in the right mood. Evidently this was the right time. She moaned and cried out as i sunk it in deep.

" Honey...please...I mean," she finally blurted it out," Fuck my ass he did." I hesitated but realized that my wife needed it hard. He drew back and shoved forward as hard as he could. Debby cried out, "Yes...yes baby...that's how hard and fast." That set the pace for the rest of the evening. Debby rode Walkers cock hard and ground her cunt hair down hard on his. Soon he exploded but the pills that I had given him had taken effect and he stayed hard still fucking Debby's tireless cunt.

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