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The Education of Jeremy Blake Ch. 03

by drastique©

Jeremy was making moaning noises as he licked his mother's cunt animatedly. He lifted her legs up and placed them over his shoulders as he burrowed his face into her pussy.

His hands cupped the soft, matronly buttocks lifting her off the wooden surface as he lapped up her juices with long up and down strokes - much like a cat licking milk.

Her ass-globes were sticky from her juices that had leaked onto the table top - the boy feasted excitedly on every bit of it; his eager tongue savoring his mother's private wetness – delighting in her tangy, forbidden flavor.

Jane's skilled fingers guided her son's mouth to her most sensitive spots.

"Baby, you see this little pink cock on top of Mommy's cunt?" she tweaked her unnaturally long clitoris that protruded out of the hood much like a tiny penis.

"This is Mommy's clit - my main pleasure point – you can suck it and bite it – but be very gentle; it is very that...Mmmm."

Jane marveled at how quickly her son had taken to oral sex. He was a natural, just like his parents. Hardly the novice – he seemed to be titillating all her pleasure points at once. His tongue fucked her cunny-hole; his teeth nipped at her stiffened clit; one hand caressed her soft buttock flesh and delved deep into the crevice seeking the wrinkled ring of her ass-hole while the other hand rolled and pulled her erect nipples.

The depraved mother held her breath as her son briefly lingered around her pucker and then exhaled loudly as he boldly inserted his index finger which was slick with Mommy-juice into her nether hole.

"Mom," he rasped between gulps, "I hope I am not hurting you."

Jane smiled at her ever-considerate son.

"No, baby, go ahead; Mommy enjoys baby diddling her ass-hole."

Encouraged, the boy began finger-fucking his mother's tight anal cavity as he devoured her pussy.

Jane tightened the grip of her thighs around her son's head as he took her from the throes of one orgasm to the next.

He seemed to be in a feeding frenzy as he frigged his mother's ass-hole and kept swallowing all the juice that her pussy poured forth for him.

The boy would pull his nose out of her cunt just to take a few gulps of fresh air and then dive in again with renewed fervor to his labor of lust.

His mother was now moaning loudly as Jeremy refused to let up on the tongue-fucking.

Through her lust-crazed haze, she could see that his inflamed cock had swollen to immense proportions and was now touching his belly.

"Jer, honey. Your looks so hard and it painful?"

"Yes, Mom, my cock needs to be relieved so bad... my balls are hurting awful."

"Baby, let's move to the floor and we can sixty-nine - I'm dying to suck your cock."

Jeremy reluctantly put down his mother's legs as she hopped off the table, grasped hold of his tool and pulled him to the carpeted floor on top of her.

Knees up and thighs parted, she pushed her son's head to her crotch as she opened her mouth wide to receive his erection.

"God, I've wanted this for so long."

Jeremy groaned with pleasure as his mother flicked out her tongue and licked the pre-cum off his dark cock-head.

"Mmmm... you taste so yummy. Suck my cock, slut-mom."

Jeremy's mother could not restrain herself any longer and popped the entire giant head into her mouth, sucking on it like a lollipop. Savoring each thick-veined inch, she devoured her son's cock slowly until she felt his virginal flax tickling her nostrils.

And then she gradually withdrew the magnificent weapon from its wet, oral scabbard until only the tip rested between her lips.

Determined to make this yet another important sexual landmark for her son, Jane started licking his cock's sensitive underside all the way down to the scrunched up balls.

She could feel the boy's breathing quicken as he bit hard on her engorged clit.

"Honey, go easy on Mommy's's very sensitive, as I told you. You can nibble it lightly but no biting hard."

"Sorry, Mom. It's just that I'm so excited, I can't control myself. The feel of your lips and your mouth sucking my cock is so awesome!"

"And the fact that it's my sexy Mom who's sucking my dick is enough to get me off. It's my fantasy coming true," he added.

"What other fantasies does my baby have – tell Mommy?" she mouthed between sucks.

"Mom, I'm always dreaming of doing things to you. You know, dirty things!"

"Like what?"

"Mom, I dream of fucking you all the time. I want to fuck your cunt, shove my cock up your ass so hard that I rip your ass-hole and make you bleed. I dream of raping you on the dining table, on the living room floor, in the shower and on your bed – with Dad watching us do it!"

"Ohhh, baby. Mommy wants to fuck you too. Don't stop eating Mommy's cunt now... oooooh... go on, baby ... what other dirty things do you want to do with your Mommy, tell me more!!"

"Mommy, I want us to fuck like a dog and bitch in the front yard so that Mrs. Henson can watch us and get off too. I want to drill you in the swimming pool, Mommy. And, another thing, Mommy, promise you won't get angry if I tell you?"

"I won't, honey. Tell me....unhhhhh... yes, baby. Suck Mamma's clit... like that... yessss..."

"I think a lot about Aunt Bea. I want to fuck you and Aunt Bea together – with both of you lying naked side by side – offering your pink asses to me, so I can fuck one and then the other. And then I want you and Aunt Bea to lick each other's cunts as I fuck your asses. Have you ever sucked Aunt Bea's cunt, Mommy?"

"Mmmmm...yes, hon. Your Aunt Bea and I often have oral sex together – with your Dad; and also by ourselves. Aunt Bea also wants to fuck you – but Mommy wants to do baby first. Then we can have a threesome with Aunt Bea .... Yessssss... mmmm... Mommy's cumming again, honey...ohhhh, baby... good baby...mmmm...suck Mommy's juice...yes...yes!"

Jeremy kept on sucking the cum that poured out from his mother's generous vagina and groaned as he fucked her mouth with renewed fervor.

His fat cock totally filled her oral cavity leaving very little breathing space – which was just the way Jane enjoyed sex – stuffed and full!

Saliva drooled down the sides of her mouth as she slobbered over her son's gigantic organ, clamping her lips tightly on the bulbous head and moving her head back and forth to milk his youthful meat.

"Mom...I think I'm going to cum...Momeeeeee...I'm cumming...Mom...drink my cum...Mommy...enjoy your son's hot, virgin seed...."

The boy kept on fucking his mother's open mouth which engulfed his erupting cock.

After swallowing a mouthful of her son's semen, the depraved mother abruptly moved her head back and pulled the throbbing tool out of her mouth.

"Baby, give Mommy a facial...mmm...Yes... yes..."

Jane squeezed her eyes shut, preparing for the deluge. Her hand tightly grasped Jeremy's slippery, bucking cock as it sprayed thick ropes of cum all over her face. She felt the heat of her son's incestuous sperm on her eyelids, cheeks, lips, fore head and in her tousled hair.

The thick, meaty instrument pulsated in her hand with a life of its own as it spurted its juices on her. Insatiable hunger consumed the greedy mother as she hurriedly gobbled her son's penis with urgency – needing to feel its musculature and power on her tongue and inside her mouth – much like a fix to an addict.

Jane struggled to breathe and swallow at the same time under the onslaught of her son's tsunami-like orgasm; but she refused to relinquish the thick meaty morsel that she craved so much.

The callow youth shook with the force of his climax but kept his cock embedded in his mother's mouth as her throat muscles milked him until his juices were fully drained.

He continued mouthing his mother's pussy, luxuriating in the flavor of the juices and the fact that he now had access to the most private parts of his mother's body.

It finally hit him that virtually nothing was forbidden to him and even as his mother lay prone with the sheer exhaustion of multiple orgasms, the boy was busy exploring every nook and cranny of her voluptuous, naked body.

Jeremy made her lie on her back and open her legs wide so that he could examine her pussy in detail – he would jam his two fingers inside her and then see how much he could stretch her labia so that his third finger could also be pushed in; he asked her to lay flat on her stomach with her ass pushed up so he could explore her ass-hole; and finally, had her sit in the lotus position so that his head was cradled in her naked lap allowing him to alternately lick her pussy and suck her boobs that dangled over his head.

Mother and son would repeatedly give each other long, open mouth kisses – enjoying each others' unique flavors and creating a funky mélange that they called "J-J Juice" (after Jane and Jeremy).

He noted with pride that his mother would not waste even a single droplet of his cum; she industriously massaged the semen into her skin, on her face and all over her body – just like a rejuvenating elixir that she believed it to be. Making sure to lick her fingers after it was done.

The incestuous pair continued their lustful love-play on the living room floor blissfully unaware that a third party was also taking great pleasure from observing them secretly.

- The Neighborhood Watch

Katie Henson's gray-green eyes shone with excitement and her panty-less crotch was wet as she pressed against the Blakes' living room window where the blinds were not fully drawn and observed with mounting excitement the mother and son's obsessive sexual play.

Her breath fogged the glass and her fingers manipulated her salivating, bald pussy.

She started as she suddenly felt the cold wind on her exposed buttocks. Her skirt was pulled up and a rough hand thrust itself into her crotch, pressing down on her well-manicured fingers that massaged her cunt.

Katie's body that had stiffened in protest suddenly relaxed as she felt the familiar knob of a hard penis insinuate itself between her ass cheeks.

"Hello, Mom. You promised you wouldn't start without me."

Katie giggled and turned to look at her son Brad.

"Sorry, hon, but Jane and Jeremy are having a private party that I just had to see."

Brad's cock head kept rubbing his mother's pussy which was dripping wet. He lifted up her buttocks and, out of habit, Katie arched up her right leg perching her foot on the window ledge, allowing her son's erect cock easy entry into her pussy.

"Naughty, Mama. Are they as wicked as us?"

"Not by a long shot, baby. They're just beginners, honey – we will have to teach them so much ...mmmmm... But I do like the boy's cock, it looks soooo yummmy!"

"You're such a slut, Mom!" Brad retorted with an extra hard shove of his prick into his mother's pussy.

"That's why Braddy loves his Mama, doesn't he? He wants Mama to be his dirty slut," she whispered, giggling as she made circular movements with her tight ass, squeezing his cock with her cunt muscles.

"Yes, slutty Mama...tell me what they are doing."

As Katie gave a suck-by-suck account of the other mother and son's oral activities - her own son began the languorously slow fucking movement that he knew his mother enjoyed. She was now hunched forward and thrust her ass back hard into her son's crotch to take in as much of his rock-solid eight inches as she could.

"Mmmm...son, fuck me harder! Harder...unhhh! Look, he's cumming – the boy is cumming all over his mother's face and tits... so much cum."

"She's trying to swallow it all but there's too much ...he's spraying his seed all over her like a fucking garden hose! On her face, her tits, her tummy. I wish I could get some of that yummy cum."

"Mmmm, baby... that's it...Mommy's almost there now...ohhh..."

"Mom, Mrs. Blake is so hot – and her tits are awesome! Mom, I'd like to fuck her – she's your friend, so do you think you can set it up?"

"Baby, you're making Mommy jealous. You don't think Mommy's titties are nice?"

"Aww, you know I love your titties – especially these nipples, Mom," Brad twisted and pulled his mother's extra long nipples making her wince in pain. "Your nipples are made for sucking, Mom, but Mrs. Blake's boobies are just made for tit-fucking!"

"Bad baby-boy... Mommy will see how she can help...yes...yes...ooh...yes..."

"Cum, Mommy, cum with your baby...uhhhh...take your baby's cum in your hot snatch...milk your baby's cock...unhh!!"

Katie jammed her naked buns tight against her son's crotch as her cunt milked his ejaculating cock - consuming his copious emissions deep inside her torrid and ravenous maw.

Both mothers and sons came together as Jeremy's education took a new twist - destined to move even faster than his mother had planned – as more experienced devotees of the incestuous life-style entered the scene.

Written by: drastique

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