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Fantasy, A Black Cock Indulgence

by LustMania©

There they were, another day at the gym getting their daily workout. Dave and Linda were fitness enthusiast, and enjoyed their daily workouts a lot.

They were married for what seemed like forever, actually 11 years this week. As an anniversary present Dave had arranged for a special surprise, one they had each fantasized about for years, but never shared with each other.

This day their time at the gym had been a bit different. While Linda was lifting some small dumbbells a trainer was watching her. She had noticed him looking but tried to act as if she hadn't. After a few minutes of watching the trainer approached her and began to talk to her about the way she was using the weights. He offered her a few suggestions regarding her technique, and explained that these minor changes would have a huge effect on her muscle groups. Then he did something that sent shivers through her body. He touched her on the under side of her arms and asked if she could feel the muscles there being worked. She was mesmerized by his touch, the thought of this big strong black man touching her made her tingle all over, and she liked it. He showed her a few more exercises and each time he would touch her with the excuse of showing her the muscles that were supposed to be worked. The feelings rushing through her body were intense and she felt herself burning inside with a desire to be with this man.

This situation hadn't gone unnoticed by Dave, but he waited quite a while before moving over to where they were. He was enjoying watching his wife interact with this man, the color of his skin against hers was a tremendous turn on. Dave secretly hoped there could be more, much more. He had fantasized for a long time about watching his hot little wife being penetrated by another man. But not just any man, a stud. And this man fit the bill to a tee. He was built like a Greek God, features and muscles chiseled like a fine statue. The color of his skin was like milk chocolate and he looked delicious. The contrast of his large dark body standing over Linda's small fair skinned frame was an erotic masterpiece.

As Dave approached them, they both smile awkwardly, like 2 school kids caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Linda introduced her new friend Keon as one of the trainers from the gym who was kind enough to give her a few pointers. Dave shook Keons hand and was impressed by his firm grip and smooth skin. Keon asked if Linda would like to take a few training sessions at no cost to them. He explained that once in a while he did some training at no charge for select clients that he thought would benefit from them. After some brief small talk Linda took him up on his offer and made plans to come back the next day.

The ride home was electric; Dave and Linda were as horny as they had been in years. When they arrived home, as soon as they closed the door they were all over each other. The sex was wild and raw, right there on the floor. They hadn't fucked like that for years. It went on long into the night; they fucked like young lovers in lust, 4 times that night. Not a word was said about Keon, but they both knew the reason they were so fucking hot.

The next day couldn't come fast enough for either of them. Dave watched as his sweet little wife of 11 years got ready for her time with Keon at the gym. He had to leave for work, but not until Linda sucked him into her hungry mouth, and for the first time in years she sucked until he came and swallowed it all. Dave left for work and Linda left for the gym and Keon.

When she got to the gym Keon was waiting, she was instantly hot inside and could feel her skin getting flushed. She hoped he would touch her again while he was training her. Today he began by helping her onto the chin up bar, he lifted her by the waist until she grabbed the bar. His touch was making it hard to concentrate. Next he had her laying on her back on the bench and lifting a barbell. As he spotted her she could look up the leg of his shorts, the sight of his black cock made her too weak to continue. He had no underwear on, and liked showing this hot little white married woman his cock and balls. He asked her if she was enjoying herself, she couldn't even speak, she just shook her head yes.

Next he took her to a private area of the gym. There was workout equipment, a sauna, shower, couches, a massage table and a desk. She knew now that this is where the real training would be done. Keon sat at the desk and dialed the phone, he asked the person on the other end of the phone if "it" was still ok to move forward, and Linda wondered who he was talking to. Then Keon handed the phone to Linda, the voice on the phone was Dave's, and what he said next sent her reeling. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BABE, Enjoy yourself!!. Those words rang in her ears, she asked him if he was serious, and also realized that this was all a set up. She handed the phone back to Keon and entered his world dizzy with lust.

He motion her to the couch where he sat down. He had her kneel on the floor in front of him, and bent over to kiss her full on the lips. She loved the feeling of his hot tongue in her mouth. She wanted more of him, and she was going to get it.

For years she had fantasized about being with a black man, and now it was coming to fruition, and the urgency she felt in her loins as he gently kissed and caressed her was making her very wet!!!

He continued to kiss her while his hand moved towards her pussy. What's going on in here? he asked, while slipping a finger into her panties. She was screaming inside for him to put his luscious black fingers into her hot pussy. She trembled and began to come uncontrollably. You want to be my little white married slut don't you? She couldn't speak, but nodded her head while gazing into his eyes.

She found herself rubbing his cock through his shorts, and couldn't resist the urge to get his cock out so she could see it. He stood and took his shorts down revealing a sight that had her drooling. He commanded her to "get to sucking it bitch", and she did. She loved being controlled by her big black stud, and knew she was to become his. She was sucking his cock, licking up and down the shaft, and then she worshipped his big balls. The smell and taste was intoxicating, she couldn't get enough. He could tell by the way she moaned while blowing him that she loved his cock. He asked her if she wanted to taste his cum, and she moaned yes. He commanded her to beg for it and she did. She spoke "Oh baby, I love the taste of your big black cock and balls' "please come in my mouth, I want to taste your juices on my toungue". When he unloaded his come in her mouth she sucked hard and swallowed, it made her come. She fell back on the floor and quivered in front of her new black master.

He lifted her to the massage table and laid her on her belly. Pulling her to the edge of the table he sat in a chair and buried his face in her sweet pussy. Linda began to shiver and come again all over his tongue. The pleasure she was getting from Keon was unlike any she had ever experienced before. The thought of having her pussy devoured by this strong black sex master made her orgasms intense. He continued to lick her like the superb lover that he was, alternating between her pussy lips and her delicious ass. Like a man possessed he attacked her ass with his mouth and she was reacting by uncontrollably bucking and coming in waves.

He spoke... "Your little white ass taste so fucking good" "You like this don't you?" her reply was to begin to squeal "I Love what you do to me" "Your fuckin nasty black tongue is incredible" "You like eating my ass baby?" Keon moaned "Ung huh" "I Love this little white ass". After her next wave of orgasms, she was exhausted from his oral lovemaking.

She was overcome with a desire to lay between his legs and devour his cock and balls. She wanted to taste ALL of him again, she made her way off the table and onto the floor under him. Now that he had her in his world she was beginning to truly yearn to serve her black lover. She wanted to give pleasure to him, make him want her love, make him know her love for his cock. She craved the feel of his cock on her face, in her hands, in her mouth. She was his to use, born for his pleasure, a true black cock loving married white whore.

For the next 20 minutes he taught her how to love his black cock. She learned his inner most desires, he taught her to respond to his masculine voice, like a slave to her master. He had her beg for his cock, he would hold it inches from her mouth and make her beg, she was allowed to caress his inner thighs while being kept from touching what she had grown to desire, the taste and feel of his black manhood. Every nerve in her body was tingling, her body trembled with lust and nasty uninhibited desires. In this short time she had become his little whit sex slave and she knew he would control her sex from now on. And she hadn't even had his huge dick inside her yet.

After lavishing his cock and balls with a bath of saliva, love and hot moaning lust she was swallowing his come again. Nothing had ever made her feel this way inside, she was surely changed forever.

He made her dress for home. She wanted to stay but knew that obeying her master was the only way. They kissed goodbye, and she was off for the house.

She slept most of the rest of the afternoon, until Dave arrived home. He had been thinking about her training session all day, his cock had been so hard for so long, it ached. She greeted him with a deep kiss and hug. He could smell the sex all over her, it was intoxicating to him. He made her tell him what had happened, had she enjoyed the anniversary present? She explained in detail the feelings she experienced while with Keon that morning, and Dave could tell that she was in love with Keons cock from her description of the day.

That night she wouldn't let Dave have her pussy as she had been ordered by Keon to anticipate her first penetration by his cock. The next day was to bring many more first...

Written by: LustMania

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