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My Mother, My Slut Ch. 01

by dreamgiver7©

Imagine me coming into your room as you sleep, slowly sliding the sheets off your hot body. Your breasts rise and fall with each breath beneath your sheer nightie. My hand reaches out, resting on your long smooth leg, caressing your soft tender skin as I stroke myself over you, gazing down at your hot sleeping form.

Reaching up, slowly pulling on the strings of your nightie, opening it to expose your firm breasts, your nipples harden in the chill night air...

Stirring from the cold...

Leaning down over you, my tongue darting out, flicking over my mother's hard nipple, my other hand moving up over your smooth thigh

You stir slightly as you begin to awaken. "Mmmm..."

Caressing your breast in my hand, squeezing it softly as my lips kiss it, sucking it gently.. my other hand moving around your thigh, feeling the tender flesh of your hot tight ass

"Ohh yes..." you moan as you become more awake.

Lost in my desires, I don't notice you're awake yet as my mouth engulfs your breast fully, taking it deep as I suck it, my other hand fondling and groping your smooth tender ass.. "Ohhh yes mom... " I moan softly.

You push my head up off you. "Christopher? My god honey, what are you doing?"

"Don't fight it, mom. You are sooo beautiful, I have to... all the guys at school said I have to."

"No stop it!" you yell.

Grabbing your arms by the wrists as you try to cover yourself. "It's okay," pinning your arms to your side. "Just relax, try to enjoy it." My head moving down to kiss your neck.

"No! Stop!" Thrashing around trying to get away from you.

My hand holding your arms firm, my body over yours... "Mom, stop!! Relax..." Slowly spreading your legs apart as I move myself in between them. "This is the only way they'll let me on the team. The team you wanted me on! So stop fighting, just relax and smile for the camera."

You look over seeing the recorder filming us. "No!! My god, no! You can't do this!!" Struggling harder, trying to get away.

Stopping your legs as you kick, spreading them apart as I move over you... "Mmmm mom...." I moan softly, "You are the MILF of the year and I get the honors."

You feel something hard and hot pressing against your leg as I move up over you, my lips moving from your tits back up to kiss your neck, my hot breath against your skin...

Tears coming down your face, crying. "Nooo, please no. Chris stop."

Gripping your legs firm, forcing them wider. "Shhhh... stop arguing and accept it. It has to be done." You feel my hand pulling your thin silk panties to one side, the rest of your hot sexy body naked and exposed to me...

You bite your lip as tears roll down your cheeks

Lifting your arms up over your head, pinning them above you. "Shhhhh... trust me mom, you'll enjoy it, I know I will. I bet you'll be begging me for more." Leaning down, kissing your lips. You feel the tip of my cock sliding over the lips of your pussy, the head teasing your slit.

You tremble, shaking head side to side. "No, please don't do this."

Gripping your hair, jerking your head back, pressing my lips to yours deeply as I force your kiss. I thrust forward swiftly and hard, my cock plunging up inside my mother's tight cunt.

"AHHHHHHH YESSSSSS!!!!" I cry out in pleasure as my cock buries itself deep into my hot mother. Sliding out slowly, to the head of my cock, before thrusting back into you harder, burying my cock into you fully. "Ohhhhh god MOM!!"

"NOOOO!!!!! Ohh god stop!"

Gripping your hair, still kissing your neck, your breasts crushed against my chest as I move out slowly then plunge my rod back into your tight cunt, burying my shaft to the base of your slit. "Ohhhhh fuck yessssss!!!"

Your legs spread wide as I slide out slowly, then back into you again, faster... moving steady now as I begin to fuck you. "Ohhh yess... take it mom... feel that deep within you??"

"Y-yyes." You answer softly between thrusts, your sobs growing softer and less frequent as I drive up into you.

Kissing your lips, lifting myself up on my arms over you as I begin to pump you faster, spearing my mother with my cock. "Ohhh god yesssss... sooo good... take it.."

Smiling as I watch your eyes close, a soft moan escapes your lips... "Ohhh yess mom.. that's it... you like that? Like your son deep inside you... that's it mom, that's my little slut...

Slowly, hesitantly, you wrap your legs around me, pulling me deeper into you.

Stabbing your pussy with my cock, long deep strokes, all the way out then deep and hard back into your tight pussy. Whispering into your ear, my breath hot and moist. "Ohhh god yesss... mmmm, my hot sexy mom, such a hungry little slut, aren't you, mother??

Your breathing deep now, panting between breaths as you reply softly. "Y-ye-yess."

Fucking you harder as you answer me. "And what do you want whore? What do you need??"

"I-I- oh god... i want you to fuck me...." you exclaim as you reach down to grab my ass, pulling me to you as I slide out and shove it back into your pussy. "Ohhh yess... Fuck me!"

Stabbing your cunt harder and faster as you moan. "Good... gooood... beg for it bitch... beg for me to fuck you mom."

"Ohhh my god, baby!!! Fuck me hard!! Shove that cock deep into my cunt baby!! Fuck me please!"

"You're mine mom, now and forever..." Pounding my cock into you, stretching your pussy apart as I fuck you again and again, you feel my cock pulsing and throbbing deep inside you...

"Ohh yea mom, gonna cum... beg for it bitch... beg for my cum deep inside you like the whore you are..."

"Oh yesss baby" You moan louder, giving in to your primal desires as you orgasm, cumming all over my cock. "Oh god baby, shoot that hot cum in me... fuck me..."

Gripping your legs, spreading them wide as I jam my cock into you... spearing you harder and harder until my dick explodes.... erupting up inside you as I unleash my load...


"Oh yes baby!! Ohhhh god yesss!!!!"

Filling my mother's fertile womb with her son's hot seed...

"Mmmmmmmm yesss you whore... take my sperm mom... feel it fill you whore... take it all.."

"Ohhhh yessss" You gasp as your body is rocked again and again by mind-numbing orgasms.

Still driving into your pussy... my cock jerking and spasming as I cum deep inside my mother...

"Ohhh yes baby...mmmmmm" You pant, breathing so heavy.

I plunge up into you one last time before pulling out of your cunt, my cum dripping down onto your stomach as I walk over and turn off the video camera... smiling down at my mother's hot naked body.

"You're mine now, mom... but place nice when Daddy comes home."

"Yes, son" You answer.

"I'm gonna go take this to the guys," waving the DVD in my hands. "They wanna upload it online before school tomorrow."

Your eyes go wide in shock, but you quickly lower them in submission. "I-I understand."

"When I come home, I expect you ready and spread for me.. understood?"

You smile in excitement, already wanting more. "I will be ready."

"And, I want my curfew increased until midnight"


Looking down at your naked body, still drenched in sweat and cum, I smile mischievously. "Crawl over here on your hands and knees."

You move of the bed. "Yes son," crawling over to me.

My cock dangles in front of you as I grip your hair, jerking your head back... "Lick it clean whore..."

You reach up, taking my cock into your mouth, licking it clean as you swirl your tongue around it.

"Mmm... " I thrust my hips forward, plunging my cock down my mothers throat.. "Ohhh yessss... "

You gag as it hits the back of your throat, but continue sucking as ordered.

Gripping your hair, holding your head firm as I thrust my cock down your throat deep... hearing you choke on my rod... "Ohh yesss mom...suck it you slut..."

You're unable to do anything but obey, gagging with each thrust down your warm wet mouth...

Fucking my mother's hot mouth again and again as I plunge down your throat... Forcing my cock in over and over... loving hearing you choke and gag. I hold your head firm in both hands as I jam my cock down your mouth deep. It explodes, shooting my deep load down your throat!! "Ohhhh yessssss, choke on it bitch!!"

Your eyes go wide as you try to swallow all of my hot cum.

I pull out quickly, cumming all over your face and tits... shooting my gunk into your hair...

You take my cock into your hands as you lick the head, sucking all the cum out and licking it clean.

Smiling as I look down at my slut of a mother... your face drenched in my cum, your hair matted together as you lick my cock.

I grip your hair, pulling hard as I jerk your head back, forcing you to your feet... kissing your cum-stained lips long and deep, fondling your naked breasts as you stand before me.

You moan softly as I caress your body.

Suddenly, I grip your arm, wreching it behind you as I push you up against the wall.. your breasts pressed up against the full double windows... exposed to everyone as they walk by the house...

"Oh god no, stop honey."

"Shut up whore, I told you that you were mine now..."

"No please stop, please."

You feel me kicking your legs apart, spreading them wide... "What's the matter mom? Don't want anyone to know how much of a slut you really are?"

"B-but what about the DVD?" You ask, panicking now. "Y-your friends are waiting."

"They can wait." You feel my cock rubbing along your cunt as I molest you from behind. You can see Mrs. Johnson, our eighty-year old neighbor working in her garden next door. She doesn't see you yet... will she??

"Please honey, don't. The neighbors."

"Exactly," I whisper into your ear as I thrust my cock up into your cunt once again.... "Ohhhh yesss whore..."

"Ohhh!!" you cry out as I enter you. "No, please... we can't. Not here."

Gripping your ass as I slide out then plunge back up into your pussy.... your tits smearing up against the window... "Yes... we can whore... and we will... right here, right now."

"Ohhh!! But.. t-the neighbors are watching."

"Good... give them a show slut. Next time I'll charge admission... across the street you can see Mr. Brooke staring at you from his bedroom window in disbelief, a hunger in his eyes as he watches.

"Oh god noo..."

"Yessss.." I exclaim, driving my cock up into you again and again. I start to hammer my mother's dripping pussy over and over as you feel it overtaking your resistance.

"Ohh..." You gasp, feeling my cock drive into you like a piston. "Ohhhh... m-more." You moan like a bitch in heat.

"That's it whore... beg for it... beg for your son's cock..." Ramming my rod into you again and again, pressing your face up against the window so Mr. Brooke can see you moaning in pleasure.

You press your tits together for him, holding them up against the window. You can see him stroking his cock as he watches.

Old Mrs Johnson still hasn't noticed as I slam you up against the window... again and again... fucking you so hard and deep without remorse.

"You like that whore?? Does it make you feel dirty, slut??"

"Oh yes, yess... do it!! Fuck me harder!"

I oblige eagerly... harder... faster... you feel me driving my hard thick cock up inside you deep... down the street you see Dad's car turning the corner.

"Oh my god..." You suddenly start to struggle as I hold your naked body tight. "Stop, please, your father is coming..."

"I don't care whore, we don't stop until I cum. And you don't cum until I say you do, slut." Pressing you harder up against the window, raping my mother's cunt as I force my cock deep up inside you.

"No please, ugh.." You feel like I am about to slam your body through the window as I hammer your pussy. "Ohhh... y-you need to stop, please... your father will see us."

"Better tighten your grip around my cock then bitch, it feels like I am starting to lose this feeling..." Driving it up inside you... his car draws closer only a few houses up the street as I continue to fuck you.

You clench your pussy around my cock, squeezing it tight.

"Ohhhh yea, that's it whore." Gripping your hot ass, driving my cock into you again and again... fucking you harder... faster...your naked body pressed up against the window. "Fucking you mom.. raping you... nailing your hot cunt." You feel my cock pulsing inside your pussy as his car turns into our driveway.

"Oh god no, stop... He's here."

"Gonna cum bitch... beg for it... beg for it as Daddy watches..."

"Ohhh god yesss...." Your pussy is on fire as you drive your ass back to meet my dick, knowing you can't stop me. "Give me your hot cum baby. Fill me, fuck me harder."

Faster and harder I fuck you... again and again... I ram forward deep as Dad steps out of his car... erupting up inside you. "CUM NOW BITCH!!" I order you, screaming as I explode into you...

Your body spasms uncontrollably as you experience the most intense orgasm of your life. "OHHH GOD!!! Yes... fuck me!! Ohhh... Make me cum for you, baby!!"

Filling your cunt again and again as I drive into your hungry snatch. Pulling out quickly as your pussy drips, pouring down your leg. My dad walks up the driveway and into the house without ever looking up at us. "Go clean up and get dressed before he sees you, slut. I'll be back later for more."

Written by: dreamgiver7

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