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Watch Me Wank, Sis

by arousednready©

I'm home from college for the summer. My how you've grown, sis, in the year I've been away. 18 now, and your body is filling out nicely. Late at night, I sit at the computer in the den, browsing through Literotica. I pull up a something by asian_princess, and feel my cock growing in my pants while I read the hot story. My cock has grown too big for my jeans, so I slowly and quietly unzip them. I don't want to wake my parents or little sister. Slipping my hand in my boxers, I gently rub my balls. The text on the screen is so hot. My cock stiffens a bit more, popping out of my boxers. I grip it in my palm and slowly start stroking it.

Something feels different tonight, like I'm being watched. I look up from the monitor, and see you in the mirror, watching me from the hallway. My little sister come to see what her big brother does on the computer late at night. Standing there in just a long T-shirt and panties. I jump a little, but don't stop stroking my cock. You want to know what I'm doing Sis? I'll give you a show.

I slip my pants and boxers down to my ankles, and turn slightly, giving you a better view of my hard cock. I see you jump back a little, afraid I'll see you. I do see you Sis, and I love it. Watch your big brother stroke his cock. My hand moving slowly up and down the shaft. You reach up to caress your breasts. Mmm yes, this turns you on too. I have to restrain myself from staring at you too closely in the mirror, afraid you'll notice me watching you and cower back to your room. I don't want you to go Sis. I want you to watch me cum.

I wonder if you know about me listening to you masturbate. Out in the hallway, my ear to your door, jerking off while I listen to you moan. It turns me on so much, listening to my little sister finger her cunt. It's so wrong, but it turns me on so much.

You slip your hand inside you panties. I see it moving around, rubbing your clit. Is your pussy wet for me? Your big brother? You're such a naughty girl. My hand moves down the shaft of my cock again, holding it tight at the base while my fingers caress my balls. There's my engorged cock, standing up for you, begging you to come sit on it. The thought of fucking my dirty little sister makes me so horny. What would mom or dad think, if they came out of their room right now. Their son sitting at the computer with his pants at his ankles, jerking off, while their sweet little princess fingers herself watching him.

You let out a soft moan. Your eyes open wide, your left hand shoots up to cover your mouth. But I see your right hand still working your clit and you don't take your eyes off me. Off my erect cock, my hand moving up and down it. Light from the monitor reflects off the precum on the tip of my cock. I squeeze it, sending some precum running down the shaft, lubricating it. Stroking faster now, up and down the full length. I can feel my balls start to tighten.

This is it Sis, I want you to watch me cum. Watch the hot white spunk shoot all over me. I stare at you now in the mirror. Your eyes are glued to my cock. My hand pistoning up and down my shaft, faster and faster as my orgasm builds. I hope you're cumming with me, Sis. I bite my lip and my body shudders as the cum starts shooting my cum all over my shirt. Each stroke sends another load shooting out. God, so much cum for you Sis.

My body relaxes, and I continue staring at you in the mirror, watching you play with yourself. It takes you moment to pry your eyes off my cock, but you notice where I'm looking. You shift your gaze to see what I'm looking at, and our eyes meet in the mirror. I see a mix of lust and shame in your eyes. How could you get off watching your big brother wank? Oh, but you are getting off, aren't you? Your body shudders and your legs go weak as the orgasm races through your body. That's it, Sis, cum for me like I came for you. Cum now, staring into my eyes, seeing you brother covered in his own semen. Your orgasm fades, and the lust diminishes. You look away and hurry back to your bedroom. Don't feel too bad Sis, didn't it feel good?

Written by: arousednready

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