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Fantasy Nearly Fulfilled Ch. 02

by hornyhubby29©

The Next Day

Hi, this is Gwen. If you read the first story, you read about me telling my husband about fucking my son while we fucked. I knew my husband had always wanted to watch me fuck another man, but I've always been reluctant to do it. Not because I didn't want to fuck other men, but I didn't want him to feel different about me afterwards. I do love cock and love to fuck, so fucking other men, although I'd never done it since being married until I fucked my son, wasn't the issue for me. I really am a slut at heart.

But, after seeing how excited he was when telling him about Jeff and me, I decided that I will let him watch me fuck other men. He wants to watch me fuck my son, but I don't know how my son would feel about it.

Anyway, the next morning, I was standing at the kitchen sink, cleaning up after everyone had left. I'd only thrown on a thin robe when I got out of bed, with nothing on underneath. But, like I said, I was alone in the house. Or so I thought.

I heard foot steps on the stairs and turned to see my son coming into the kitchen. He was only in his boxers. He came up behind me and put his arms around my waist while I continued cleaning up. "Good morning Mom." he said squeezing me around my waist. I could feel his cock rubbing against my ass. I was immediately starting to get horny again, (I usually wake up that way anyway).

"Good morning, baby," I said, "I thought you had class this morning".

"Nope, not today." he said. I could feel him start to slowly rub his cock against my ass and it was getting harder and I was getting wetter.

"Mmmm", I said, "it feels like you have something for your mother again, huh?" as I started to rub my ass back against his cock. "What got my baby so hot this morning?"

"Well", he said, "I've got a slutty hot mom, with great tits" as he slid one of his hands up to them and started to squeeze them, "and a hot, wet, slutty, bald cunt." and slid his other hand down to my pussy and started to softly rub it.

"Mmmmm, baby, you sure do." I said.

"Besides that, I heard you and Dave last night." he said.

"Oh really?" I asked. "And what did you hear."

"I heard my slutty mom getting fucked again." he said. "Were you still horny after fucking your own son yesterday?"

"Oh, I sure was baby, you made me so hot and I just had to share it with your step-dad." I told him.

His hands froze where they were and said, "You told him you and I fucked?" he asked, almost scared.

"Don't worry honey," I told him, "he's fine with it. In fact, he's more than fine." I said, turning around to face him. "It made him really hot. He's always wanted to see me with other men and I'd never agreed to it before, so, don't you worry about that. In fact," I said, kissing him and letting my robe fall open, "he wants me to fuck you more."

"Really?" he asked, incredulously.

"Yes," I said, "actually he wants to watch you fuck me." As I was telling him this, I was kissing his neck, kissing him on the lips and licking his ears. Then I reached down and squeezed his cock, which was rock hard by now. "He's always known that I was a slut and I would really never admit it, until yesterday. Although, deep down, I guess I always knew it. You brought the whore out of your mother, and I couldn't be happier about it." With that, I laid a deep tongue kiss on him, dropped my robe and told him, "I want you to fuck me again, right now!"

I turned around and bent over the counter and said, "Hurry up and get your hard cock in me baby, I need it so bad."

"Don't you want to suck it first?" he asked.

"Baby," I said, "we have all day. I'll suck it when we're done. Right now, I need your cock in my cunt. Look how wet it is for your cock baby." I said reaching between my legs and spreading my cunt open for him. "C'mon, honey, fuck your whore mother."

He had taken his boxers off and was stroking his hard cock. He started to run his fat cock head between my cunt lips, getting it all wet and said, "So my slut mother wants her son's cock again, huh?"

"God yes baby. Fuck me!" I said.

"That's not good enough" he said, "beg me for it like the whore you are."

"Oh baby", I said, "I am a whore. I'm a whore for my son and my husband and I need hard cocks all the time. Right now, please baby, fuck me. Fuck me hard baby, please!! Fuck your horny slut mom! My slutty cunt wants your cock sooo bad baby; please slide it all way in my cunt."

"Fuck yeah." he said as he slid his hard cock all the way up my cunt as I moaned like a whore.

"Oh God honey," I moaned, "that feels so fucking good. Fuck me hard baby. Fuck my cunt!"

"Oh, fuck that's good cunt" he said, as he started to fuck his hard cock in and out of my cunt. "You like that slut? Are you going to be my and Dave's whore?"

"Yes baby" I replied, "I'll be a whore for you. I'll be the biggest whore you ever saw. Fuck me hard."

"Are you going to let me watch you fuck other cocks too and let me fuck you anytime I want to?" he asked, fucking his cock into me harder.

"Anything you want baby." I answered. "Do you want to watch me spread my legs for other cocks baby? Cause I will. I'll do anything you want baby. I'm yours and Dave's slut to use as you want to."

"Ooh, I don't know if you know what you're getting yourself into." He said. "A few of my friends have told me they thought you were hot. What if I brought some of them over? Huh, slut?"

"Then I guess they'd be fucking me too." I said. "I told you, I'm your slut to use as you choose. If you want me to spread my legs for your friends and let them have my cunt or mouth, bring 'em on. I'll fuck 'em all baby, while you watch. Then I'll fuck you right in front of them. I don't care. Just fuck me."

He had a hold of my hips and was ramming his cock in hard. I could feel his balls slapping my pussy lips on every stroke.

"Oh God, baby", I yelled, "you're making mommy cum. Fuck me. Oooooooooh, yeah honey, I'm cumming. Aaaaaaaaaaaah."

"I'm going to cum to mom, real soon." He said. "Just thinking about watching you get fucked is driving me crazy."

"I want you to cum in my mouth baby." I said. "Let me know when you're ready."

"Now mom." He moaned.

He pulled his cock out and I spun around and dropped to my knees and swallowed most of his cock in one gulp. He started to cum almost immediately.

"Ooooh, fuck yeah whore, eat my cum." He told me.

His cum shot out of his cock so hard that I didn't have any choice but to swallow. I began to swallow as much as I could, but couldn't get it all as some of it ran out of my mouth and dripped onto my tits. God, but it tasted good. I kept sucking his cock, trying to get as much cum as I could. When he finished, I licked his cock clean. It started to soften, just a little, but not too much. I stood up, still holding and stroking his cock and said, "Now, how did my baby boy like that?"

"God, mom," he said, "that was incredible." as he reached around to squeeze my ass.

"Mmmm, thanks baby," I said, "I loved it too. But mommy needs you to do her a favor."

"Anything mom." He replied.

"Well," I said, running my fingers through his pubic hair. "You see all of this hair down here?"

"Yeah, what about it?" he asked.

"I want it gone." I told him. "Mommy likes her men smooth, and all this hair down here too." I said rubbing his balls.

"You want me to shave all the hair off?" he asked.

"Yes, you like mommy's cunt nice and smooth don't you?" I asked him.

"Oh, yeah," he said, "I sure do." as he brought his hand to my cunt.

I then whispered in his ear, "You won't believe how much better it feels to fuck when both of us are smooth."

"Are you going to show me?" he asked.

"You bet I am, as soon as you're shaved." I told him.

"Well, if you let go of my cock, I'll go and take care of it right now." He said, smiling.

Reluctantly, I let his cock go and he turned and went up stairs.

I picked up my robe and went upstairs. On the way to my room, I heard the water running and stopped outside the bathroom door. "When you're finished baby, just come see mommy in her room." I said through the door.

"Okay mom." He said.

I went into my room, wiped the cum off my tits from earlier and got my dildo out of my drawer and laid it on the bed. Then I decided that my husband might like to see what's about to happen, so I set up the video camera, pointed it at the bed and started recording for our later viewing pleasure. I lay down on the bed, spread my legs and slid the 8" fake cock all the way into my cunt. I was still wet from the fucking my son had given me in the kitchen and from looking forward to seeing his shaved cock and balls. I fucked myself slowly, imagining what it's going to feel like in a few minutes to have my son's cock in me again, this time with no hair in the way. To feel his smooth balls slapping against my ass. Oooh, it was getting me wetter and hornier.

After a few minutes, the door opened and he walked in with a towel wrapped around his waist. I could see that his cock had gone down some, but still was semi-hard. I still had my legs spread wide with the dildo sliding in and out of my cunt. I smiled at him and said, "C'mon honey, drop that towel and let mommy see."

With that he dropped the towel. God it looked yummy. He had shaved it all as smooth as a baby's butt. Perfect.

"Ooh, baby," I said. "that looks great. Come let mommy get a feel of it."

He came over to the bed and I reached out and felt his balls first. Nice and smooth. Then I felt all around his cock, which had become nice and hard again, and stroked up his cock. He was watching me fuck myself as I did this.

"Oh baby, that's perfect." I said, continuing to feel him. "It's going to feel so good when you get this thing back in mommy's cunt. Do you see how wet my cunt still is baby?" I asked him, continuing with the dildo in and out.

"Yeah, mom," he said, "that looks great. Ummm, are you taping this."

"Yes I am baby," I answered, "I told you your step father has always wanted to watch me get fucked, so I thought I'd let him watch it later. Are you okay with that sweetie?"

"Sure mom." He said. "It's alright with me and it seems to make you hot."

"Oh, it does baby. I can't wait to show it to him. He's going to love it. Besides, he'll be seeing the real thing soon enough and he loves to watch me fuck myself, it gets him so hot. He probably imagines it's a real cock that I'm fucking. It seems that you like to watch mommy fuck herself too huh?" I asked him.

"You look so sexy and slutty doing that mom." He said.

"Mmmm, I feel sexy and slutty letting you watch me fuck myself baby." I replied. And I did. It was such a great feeling being able to be so open for him. "Do you want to watch me fuck myself 'til I cum baby?" I asked as I started to slide the dildo in and out of my cunt a little faster.

"Yeah, that'd be really hot mom." He said.

"But haven't you already seen mommy fuck herself?" I asked devilishly.

"Ummm," he stammered, "yeah, a few days ago actually."

"I know you did baby," I said, "mommy wanted you to see her."

"Really?" he asked, "How come?"

"Because I saw you jacking off the day that you caught me coming out of the shower and I wanted to return the favor." I said.

"How did you see me?" he asked.

"Well, you must have been in a big hurry to play with this nice hard cock of yours, because you didn't shut your door all the way." I said, squeezing and stroking his cock. "I heard you at first, then peaked in and once I saw this beautiful cock, I couldn't stop watching. It made mommy so hot baby, although, I was a little shocked to hear you calling out to me."

"Well, sorry mom, but seeing you almost completely naked, got me horny as hell." He said.

"That's okay baby," I said, "it made mommy horny watching you too."

"Oh yeah?" he answered.

"Mmmhmm, baby," I said, "in fact, I started to play with my cunt while I watched you."

"Wow mom, that's so hot." He said.

"It sure was" I said, "and after I watched you cum, I had to come in here and fuck myself."

"Did you cum too?" he asked.

"God, did I ever baby", I said, "I came real hard and it didn't take long either. I'm surprised you didn't hear me."

"I wish I had." He replied.

"Well, after that, I wasn't sure how I really felt about everything, so I decided that I wanted to see if you'd make a move on me." I said. "That's when I started flashing you, "accidentally"."

"Why didn't you make a move on me?" he asked. "You knew I was hot for you."

"Well, at first, I wasn't sure what I wanted to happen." I said. "But after awhile, all I could think about was getting your cock in me. So, the day you saw me fucking myself, I left the door open on purpose to let you know that mommy wanted to fuck you too. I was hoping you'd come in and jump my bones, but you didn't."

"I wish I'd known that." he said. "After I watched you, I had to go jack off again."

"After that, I knew that I'd have to make the first move." I said. "That's why I had that little "accident" yesterday."

"Oh, so that was all a setup, huh?" he asked.

"Sorry baby." I said.

"Don't be sorry," he said, "it's the best thing that's ever happened to me. Now I can see you naked and fuck you anytime I want to and now I know that you liked to be watched while you fuck yourself."

"Well how about I suck that cock while you watch me." I told him. "Get up here. But, don't you dare cum. I want you to fuck me again after I cum with your cock in my mouth."

He climbed up on the bed with his hard cock pointed at my face. I took hold of his balls and pulled his cock to my lips and began licking all around the head. Fucking myself a little faster as I tasted his juicy cock. I slid my mouth down his cock and started suck him as he groaned. He didn't know whether to watch me suck his cock of fuck myself. I took his cock out of my mouth and licked down his cock to his balls and started lick and suck them. I love to suck balls. I got them all wet and juicy and licked back up his cock, taking about half of it in my mouth and started sucking for all I was worth. At the same time, I was driving the dildo in and out of my cunt hard and fast. Moaning over my son's cock. At the same time he was mauling my tits, pinching and pulling on my nipples, enhancing the excitement I felt between my legs.

"Fuck mom," he said, "you're such a whore. Suck my cock slut. Fuck that's good. You look so fucking hot doing yourself. Fuck it mom, fuck it hard."

I was close to cumming all over the fake cock sliding in and out of my cunt. If felt so fucking good. I was so hot, moaning and sucking cock, legs spread wide. Finally, I started to cum, I sucked my son's cock as deep in my throat as I could and let out a muffled scream as I slammed the cock in one last time and started humping my clit against the fake balls. Cumming all over it.

"Fuck yeah whore," he said, "cum all over that cock. You love sucking and fucking hard cocks don't you slut?"

"God yes," I said, releasing his hard cock from my sucking mouth, "I love hard cocks!" I was coming down from the hard cum I just had and started to slide the dildo in and out of my cunt again, easily. "Fuck I can't wait to get you and your step-dad in bed and in me at the same time. I've always secretly wanted more than one cock at a time."

"Well, you're going to get that real soon." He said.

"You're right I'm going to get that tonight. After I show your step-dad the tape, he'll be up for anything. But, right now I want this hard cock." I said pulling on his cock.

"Oh and where do you want it slut?" he asked.

"In my hot, juicy cunt baby." I said sliding the dildo out and keeping my legs spread wide. "Your slut mommy wants you to fuck her again. Do you want mommy's cunt again baby?" I said, leaning up to kiss him. "C'mon, get that hard cock between mommy's legs where it belongs, fuck your whore again."

"Fuck yeah I want my mom's cunt again." He said as he positioned himself between my wide spread legs.

This time there was no teasing, he slid his cock all the way in my cunt in one easy thrust as we both moaned and he started to fuck me. God it felt good. I was on fire, my son was fucking me again and I loved it. I pulled his head down and kissed him deep as he drove his hard on in and out of my hot cunt. Our tongues were fighting each other as I pulled back a little and stuck my tongue out to wrestle with his tongue that he stuck out. It was so fucking hot. He licked his way down my neck and moved on down to my tits. I squeezed them together for him and he attacked my aching nipples as he fucked me.

"Yeah, suck mommy's tits while you fuck me," I told him, "it feels so good, baby. Bite 'em baby, bite mommy's nipples." He bit down gently, but I wanted more. "Harder baby, bite 'em harder." I panted. This time he bit down good and hard, not hard enough to break skin, but hard enough to make if feel great. "Yeah that's it baby, bite mommy's fucking nipples. Bite the other one, hurry baby, mommy's going to cum." He moved and bit down on my other nipple as he picked up his pace in my cunt and I exploded in a mind blowing orgasm still holding on to my tits as my son bit down on my nipple.

"Ooooooh, fuck yeah baby, you're making mommy cum!" I yelled. "Bite me and fuck me baby! I'm cummiiiiiiinnng! Ooooooh, fuck baby."

As I was cumming down from my cum, he slowed fucking me a little and was licking my tits again to let me catch my breath. I pulled his head up and kissed him hard again.

I pulled him down into a hug and my lips were at his ear. "That was fantastic baby." I whispered to him. "Now it's your turn to cum."

Not that I wanted our hot fuck to end, but I wanted to turn him on more than he's ever been turned on before and make his cock, plunging in and out of my cunt, harder than it's ever been. So, I began to whisper in his ear:

"You like being a mother fucker baby? Hmm?" I said.

"Oh, I fucking love it!" he said.

"Mmmm, I know you do, 'cause that's what you are. You're a mother fucker. And your mother's your personal whore baby." I continued quietly. "Look how wide I spread my legs for you, only a whore spreads her legs for her son."

He started to fuck me harder, which is exactly what I wanted so I kept on; "Yeah that's it honey. Fuck your whore harder. Mommy loves to get fucked hard. She loves to have hard cocks ramming her fuck holes. Ram it harder baby. Really fuck my cunt. Use your mother's fuck hole."

All he could do at this point is fuck and moan. He was fucking me harder yet, so I kept on.

"C'mon on baby, cum for mommy. Give mommy a nice big, hot load of cum in her pussy. Mommy loves having cum shot in her. I love the feeling of it shooting out of a hard cock and spraying all over the inside of my cunt." I told him.

"You're going to watch your mommy get fucked by another cock tonight, you know that?" I continued. "You're going to watch your step-dad fuck me and then you're going to fuck me, while he watches. He's going to love watching you fuck your mother. He's wanted me to be a whore for so long and now I am. All, because of you baby, my own son made me the whore that's always been in me. Mommy's going to let you both use her fuck holes at the same time. I've always wanted to have two cocks to fuck and tonight, I'm finally going to get it." I told him.

"And it won't be the only time you get to watch your mother get fucked. I can't wait to get a hold of some of your friends cocks, baby. You'll have to set something up real soon, because I can't wait honey. Bring as many as you want. You can all gang fuck me. I'd love it." I said.

"Oh fuck!" he yelled, "I'm cumming. Hmmmmmm." He slammed his cock into me hard and held it there and I felt his cum shoot our harder than I'd ever felt it before, from anyone. That made me start cumming again too.

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