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Our Son, The Porn Star Ch. 06

by Toolboy5©


Saturday night had moved into Sunday morning before any of us had hardly noticed. The ladies had been well and truly fucked in the previous few hours, my wife Linda getting her pussy seen to by my best mate Ken while I had similarly pressed my amorous attentions on Ken's wife Marion. Ken had shot a nice load in Linda's receptive pussy while I had blasted my spunk all over Marion's face and tits. My mate's sluttish wife had lapped it all up, swallowing as much as she could while the rest of the globules had run down her chest before coming to rest amongst the hairs of her thick pubic bush.

And before all this, of course, my son Christopher, who for the past five years or so has been famous - or should that be infamous? - as the adult movie actor Wayne Benton, had given Ken and Marion's daughter Sally a heavy pounding of her tight little cunt during which Ian had moved in, plunging his brotherly cock into his sister's asshole and sending the young lady to the very heights of sexual satisfaction as the two fine young men double penetrated her with every ounce of enthusiasm they possessed.

Ken, Marion, Linda and I had watched intently as our adult offspring put on a live and red hot porno show for us, our pride in them completely overwhelming us. With one of the participants a professional porn actor for real, it goes without saying that it was one of the most intense moments of our weekend gangbang which had begun on Friday night when the Murchisons had arrived, horny and ready, and we had got down to business within a few moments of their arrival.

Now it was the early hours and despite the fact that we had been sucking, rimming and fucking almost non-stop for two days, we still had plenty of stamina left, not to mention our undoubted enthusiasm for lots more incestuous swinging. On the Saturday morning, Ken and I and our sons had gone for a run in the woods, leaving the ladies to sleep the previous night off, but we didn't just stick to running, of course. Once we were deep in the woods and screened by the trees, our natural horniness got the better of us, as it does, and we'd ended up stripping off our shorts and singlets and fucking each other with Ken and I treated to a nice al fresco show of our sons in action.

Ken's son Ian had taken my son Christopher's porn star prick up his ass and Christopher had once again proved just why he is currently the top male adult movie star as he gave it everything he had. Ian had loved every sparkling minute as Christopher fucked his brains out and when we told the ladies all about it when we got home, they insisted that our sons put on a show for them later that day.

That time had now arrived and Ken, Marion, Sally, Linda and I drew round to watch Christopher once again fuck Ian. A couple of horny exhibitionists the pair of them, their excitement was heightened in the knowledge that they had a very appreciative audience.

"Hurry up, boys," Marion said, fingering her pussy as she waited impatiently for the show to begin, "I want to see my son getting fucked."

"Yeah," said her husband Ken, "and just as hard as he got fucked out in the woods this morning."

"Oh, he's gonna get it hard, all right," Christopher said, as he greased his big prick which had only recently been embedded deep in Sally's cunt and Ian smeared some lube into his asshole, "I ain't the world's number one male porn star for nothing."

"You're certainly not, sweetheart," said Linda approvingly, smiling at our son and I mumbled my agreement and nodded my head, smiling as well.

Christopher lay back on the floor with his cock poised for action as Ian straddled him with his back to the audience. He clasped his bum cheeks with each hand and spread them wide as he exposed his tight twitching rosebud to the audience. Then, his mouth drooling in anticipation of another good fuck, he slowly lowered himself southwards, gasping as the head of Christopher's cock made contact with the entrance to his tight sweaty fuck hole.

"Oh, that looks fantastic," Marion said as Ian positioned himself comfortably on Christopher's cock and allowed himself a few moments to acclimatise himself to the invasion before sliding down the pole. The curves of Ian's ass cheeks seemed to spread out on either side as his ass crack made room for the porn star's prick, gasping again as he impaled himself and Christopher's cock slid gently inside.

"Go on Christopher," Marion said, "you horny pervert porn star. Fuck my boy's asshole, make him beg you to stop."

"Yeah," Ken said, "what a fabulous sight. Alan and Linda, I can see why you're so proud of your sleazy son just as Marion and I are of ours."

"And me too, dad," said Sally.

"Of course, sweetheart," Ken said, reaching out to fondle his daughter's tits in his hands. "You know just how proud your mom and I are of you."

"Thanks, dad," Sally replied, "and I love you, mom and Ian so much, too. And Alan, Linda, and Christopher too, of course."

"This is SO hot," Marion said, looking at my wife and I, "your son's prick looks so great in my boy's tight hole."

Indeed it did. Christopher was bringing all his experise and years of experience as a porn star to bear as Ian completely gave up his asshole to our son's fat rod and Linda and I were just as helpless with excitement as were Marion, Ken and Sally. Incest swinging doesn't come more raunchy than this with two young horny naked men only too happy to let their parents watch them fucking ...


Ian began posting up and down on Christopher's colossal penis, his grunts growing louder as Christopher began the fucking in earnest. Ken and I stood and masturbated while we watched, Ken wanking with his right hand while touching up my bare ass with his left.

"Aaagh, oh yeah!" screamed Ian as Christopher's cock stabbed his tight receptive asshole, "fuck that ass, just love your porn star cock up by bum. You fuck so good."

"We're loving watching it too, sweetheart," Marion said, sticking the fingers of her right hand as far as she could into her pussy while rubbing her big tits together with her left. "Aren't we, Ken?"

"Sure fucking are, Marion," Ian's father replied, "our boy certainly has no qualms riding one of the world's biggest cocks."

Ian glanced over his shoulder, smiling his radiant smile as he lifted himself off Christopher as if bringing his asshole up for air, treating his parents, sister, Linda and I to another view of his able and well-stretched hole before sliding back down on the porn actor's prick to resume posting up and down. Ian's enthusiasm for getting fucked was plain for everyone to see, his excitement heightened by the knowledge that he was not doing it in private.

"Glad you're enjoying the show, folks," Ian managed to say, his eyes lighting up at the sight of his family watching him in action before turning back to face Christopher and placing his hands on his active friend's chest for extra support.

"Good boy," said Ken, beaming paternally as he watched his son taking every inch of my son's cock, "take it all, you horny little male whore."

"What are you, sweetheart?" Marion said, beside herself with joy, her eyes not wavering from the action taking place in front of her.

"A horny little male whore, mom," Ian murmured.

"Ian's a fucking natural," I said, approvingly, to Ken and Marion, "Christopher is absolutely right, he'd be an absolute wow in porn movies."

"Fucking well would," agreed Ken, as proud of his son as it is ever likely for a father to be.

Linda and I were, unsurprisingly, equally besotted with the sight of our well-hung son giving our best friends' son all the benefits of a really hardcore porn star penetration as he tore into Ian's sweetly clean fuck box. Ten minutes into the action, and Ian did what Sally had done earlier, expertly spinning round on Christopher's cock without breaking the fuck, lifting a leg over his fucker's head to face the audience and again splaying his legs to ensure that everyone got the best possible view of the hardcore penetration. Everyone now had a great view of Christopher's cock slicing up between the walls of Ian's asshole, our porn star son's balls bouncing and slapping against Ian's spread thighs.

"Come on, Alan," Ken suddenly said, removing his hand from where it had been touching up my ass and grabbing me by the hand, "let's show the ladies that our sons ain't the only ones who enjoy a good fuck. Get that hard-on of yours up my ass."

The ladies squealed and cooed with excitement at the prospect of the gay sex show becoming even more hardcore than it had been so far. Ken bent over with his back to them so that his bare ass stuck out in their direction and a few whistles of admiration emanated from the lips of Linda, Marion and Sally as their eyes focused on the bewitching sight of Ken's firm naked bottom. He reached round with his hands and spread his cheeks, opening up his hole in full view of rhe women, as he waited for me to fuck him.

I didn't need any further invitation, I'd been on the horn virtually all day and night, and I quickly moved in behind him and slid my thick pole into Ken's waiting asshole. As I slowly started pistoning him with my prick, alongside us Ian was still taking every inch of Christopher's cock and the ladies clapped and cheered as they watched their menfolk's show ...


Ian and Christopher changed position and Ian got onto his hands and knees next to his father and began to take it doggie-style from Christopher as Ken was taking it from me. The sight of two sets of sex-mad fathers and sons in the throes of some really hot man-to-man incestuous gay sex was too much for the ladies before their natural horniness started getting the better of them. The strap-on modelled on Wayne Benton, which Christopher had bought for his mother, still lay on the table and Marion, without a word, stood up and picked it up and fixed it around her middle.

"Come here, sweetheart," she said to Sally, "no reason why you shouldn't get your ass fucked again, too."

Sally moved in alongside Ken and I and bent over next to her father. They turned their heads towards each other and began a long incestuous snog as Marion moved in behind her daughter and slowly began to insert the Wayne Benton strap-on into her female offspring's asshole.

"Oh yeah, mom," Sally cried, breaking the kiss with Ken, "that feels great."

"Yeah," said Linda, "after the real thing earlier, now you're getting fucked by Wayne Benton all over again."

Linda wasn't one to be left out of the action as the rest of us fucked in front of her. She quickly moved round in front of Ken and I and pressed her cunt onto Ken's mouth. Ken immediately stuck out his tongue and began to lick my wife's pussy while her husband continued pounding his ass. Ian was still getting well and truly fucked by Christopher and our grunts and groans grew so loud, it sounded, in my fancy, as if an earthquake was taking place.

We were all now so involved again that nobody apart from myself noticed that the porn film had come to an end. As you can see, none of us actually need porn films to help us along but since one of the performers is our own son, masquerading as Wayne Benton, they do add to the overall enjoyment.

But I was still too busy giving Ken a good time to pull out and go and select another of our son's dirty movies. Linda was still getting her cunt licked by Ken as Sally extended her head, eager for a taste of Linda too. Ken sensed what his daughter wanted and removed his tongue from where it had been hungrily working its way round my wife's juicy love box. Linda, an experienced sex slut to say the least, didn't need to be told what was required and she only needed to shift herself a foot or so to press her licked pussy up against Sally's mouth.

None of us were in competition with each other but it did seem as if we were in a race to see who would cum first. I might have known it would be our sons; as Christopher pressed his prick as deep as he could into Ian's tight hole, Ian let out a groan as he wanked his cock through his spread legs, his balls soon to be released of their contents and, sure enough, a second or two later, he let out a loud groan which sent Linda hurrying over, kneeling down in front of him and opening her enthusiastic mouth to capture Ian's load as he squirted his spunk ...


The rest of us were still sucking and fucking like the perverted sluts that we are, all of us ruled by our cocks and cunts, the sound of Ian's grunting as he lapped up his stupendous orgasm ensuring our groans grew louder in unison as we watched the young man spurting several long hot streams of gloriously glossy spunk into Linda's mouth.

Ken hauled himself off my cock and moved forward and, kneeling down next to Linda, began to lick his son's cum from Ian's still hard prick before taking the head into his mouth for a long and delicious father and son suck. Ian's eyes were shut tight as his father cleaned him up; seconds later, Christopher groaned as he came in Ian's ass, pulling out to send the last couple of porn star jets over Ian's buns.

The sight of my son's spunk running in several little streams over Ian's beautiful young buttocks and seeping into his ass crack had me drooling as I stood wanking my cock, fresh from Ken's asshole, as Marion pulled the strap-on out from Sally's ass, untied it from her midriff and threw it carelessly away, and immediately began playing with her pussy; she only needed to do so for a few moments before her juices gushed out.

Linda was still savoring Ian's warm sperm, opening her mouth to show us just how much she had managed to swallow, as Ian and Christopher were slowly getting their breaths back while Ken let Ian's cock fall out of his mouth and moved his tongue over his son's balls and down to his asshole to lick up the creampie from Christopher. Sally and Linda moved in next to Ken and stuck out their tongues and the three of them vied for a taste of Christopher's rich porn star cream, Linda hungry for more even though she had only just swallowed the load from Ian.

"You want spunk?" I said, delighted to see my wife so greedy and having plenty of mine in store, "here, come and get it."

Everyone gathered round on their hands and knees in front of me as I stood back and began wanking before them. Though Christopher was the star guest, it felt absolutely great to now be the centre of attention myself.

Ken did an ass-to-mouth, taking me deep to the far reaches of his throat only moments after my cock had been in his anus, while Linda went for a legitimate lick and suck of my balls. Marion and Sally were fingering each other's pussies and Sally squealed as her mother pulled her trigger and she shuddered as she came in one fail swoop.

Ian and Christopher, having only recently discharged their loads, were wanking their semi-hard pricks again; they spun Linda and Marion round onto their backs and began licking their mothers' pussies, Christopher running his porn star tongue up and down the gash between Linda's juicy cunt lips and Ian the same with Marion, tasting the remains of her pussy juice. The ladies whimpered happily as they writhed and thrashed about on the floor, their legs in the air and spread wide, as they surrendered their tasty cunts to their horny talented sons.

The sight of the naked bodies below me spurred me on and I threw back my head, my legs buckling, as I came. "Aaaagh!" I cried, as the sensations of orgasm wracked my prick and sending thick jets of spunk cascading up from my balls, "here it comes, guys and gals, who wants it?"

Christopher and Ian stopped licking their mothers and they and Linda and Marion repositioned themselves on their knees alongside Ken and Sally in front of me to watch my gigantic explosion.

"Come on," Ken said, "shoot that hot load all over us, you fucking horny pervert."

It felt so good to have everyone gathered round watching and I was revelling in showing them my big cock and my big balls as I served them up my load. After calling me a pervert, I was determined to show my best mate just how much of one I am, making sure the first spurt landed on Ken's face while the second and third rained down on Linda's tits.

I turned sideways to my left and then my right several times over as I tried to give everyone at least a small helping of the precious fluid. Sally and Marion got a daubing on their tits while Ian and Christopher opened their mouths and took the last drops inside, swallowing and smiling as the globules went deep to the pits of their stomachs. Then I fell back onto the sofa, my spent cock deflating, to get my breath back while the others sprawled on the carpet, each and every one of us soaking up the joys of orgasm and some of the hottest kinkiest taboo sex it is ever possible, I think, to enjoy ...


Later that night, Christopher fucked Ken and I fucked Ian, then the boys returned the compliments on their dads and I again thrilled to the joy of being pistoned by my own beautiful porn star son. Over the years, I have been fucked many times by my son and my asshole can easily accommodate his massive weapon and this time was no exception as he buried it balls-deep inside me.

Ken, too, was awakening the early hours with his groans as he rode Ian's prick with gusto, his son proving that he possessed everything required to follow Christopher into the extraordinarly superb world of the adult movie industry.

The women clapped and cheered as they watched the young men tearing their father's assholes to pieces. I love taking cock up at the ass and it feels good when Ken and Ian pleasure me but nothing, I have to say, surprasses the sheer thrill and excitement of getting fucked by Christopher, simply because it is so nice to know that the cock giving me so much pleasure is not any cock but that of my own horny son, the young man Lioda and I love so much. And, of course. as well as being the cock of my son, it is also the cock of the world's number one male porn star, Wayne Benton.

The nay-saters might frown and disapprove of our lifestyle but, as far as we were and are concerned, our gangbangs occurred simply because of our deep love for each other. Make what you like of that, we don't really care what anybody else thinks.

Linda went over to the DVD cabinet and selected another of our son's dirty movies and slid it into the player, it turned out to be one of his straight films and in which he and his male and female co-stars have several piss scenes. Linda seemed to almost disappear into the t.v. set as she got up close to watch our son releasing a steady stream of hot steaming piss as, totally shameless - the hallmark of a professional adult movie actor - he urinated before the cameras in full glorious technicolor close-up.

Here in the present, Christopher and Ian were using all their powers of concentration as they plundered their fathers' assholes before both cumming further large loads inside us. Such was their enthusiasm that it only took them a short while to recover before moving on to fuck their mothers. Linda was soon posting up and down on our son's cock while Ian fucked his mother doggie-style.

Sally wasn't going to allow herself to sit on the sidelines and dropped to her knees in front of Ken and I, treating her father and I to alternate blowjobs before Ken fucked his daughter. Wayne Benton was still pissing over his co-stars, and getting peed on himself, on the t.v. screen and by the time we all shot our loads for the umpteenth time that night, with yet more seemingly eternal gallons of spunk and pussy juice flying and oozing here, there and everywhere, we were indeed then well and truly exhausted and needed to get some sleep - but what a fantastic weekend it had been so far and we still had all of Sunday to look forward to ...


"That was great watching Christopher fucking your beautiful ass last night, sweetheart," Marion said to her son Ian the following morning. "It's gotta be the best fuck you've ever had."

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