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Cunt in the Bush!

by MScunt©

In the back country of Canada, there once was a man who's job was to ride a Caterpillar. He was so good that he became know far and wide as a Master. One day, he was out riding his Cat and spied a cunt, with her head jutting out between a bush and a hard place.

He asked the Cat, "Did you see that cunt over there in the bush?"

Of course, Cats don't talk - so Master dismounted and went to investigate. The bush was thickly tangled - dense with under and overgrowth.

He called out: "Oh cunt, I say, come forth that I might go afucking!" He listened intently, heard her thirsting but the confounded cunt wouldn't appear. This meant Master must muster much muscle and break through the thick under and overgrowth. He whipped a chainsaw outta his back pocket and in a couple of seconds, stood in a secluded clearing. He'd been there before - in another fairytale. "Aren't those the bushes with dildo squash?" he muttered to himself . . . .

Feeling as though he was being watched, Master did a 360 and SAW HER . . . over there - tall, brunette with huge tits and hard, erect nipples. She was cream colored, extra padded and she wore a studded sky blue collar that said:


"Oh well shit," he said to himself, "my name is in fact Master . . . ."

He started to step forward but stopped, because it wasn't right for him to do. Using his noggin, he decided to make the cunt obey.

"Cunt, I am Master . . . COME!" he pointed sharply to the ground at his feet. She looked at him with brown doe eyes, but didn't budge. He could see she was a horny cunt, for sparkling rivulets of excitement oozed down her inner thighs. Oh GOD, he must have her but how will he get her to come to him? If he lunges forward, she'll surely run.

"Cunt, I am Master! Does this not mean anything to you?" He whipped out his wallet and shuffled through it until he found a well used credit card. He held the card at arms length so she could clearly see the title:

MASTERCARD. Can she read, he wondered.

Her head craned forward and a toe inched out. YES! She sees I *AM* Master!, he thought."That's it, come to me my pretty slut . . ." he cooed. Cunt moved forward, then made a b-line left toward a dildo bush - snapping off the largest, longest squash she could reach.

Oh, this just about did Master in . . . he knew he was in for a show now.

He quickly peeled his clothes off, excitement lapping at his arteries as he fell against a tree to watch. The cunt scooped up some sparkling oozement from her inner lift thigh and buttered the dildo proper. She spread her legs wide, then held the dildo out toward Master and said, "Fuck me, please?"


After Master came to, he gently took the dildo squash from the cunt and told her to kneel before him. What he needed here was a *cunt breaking-in ceremony* Lord, she looked cute there, her hands on either side of those massive tits, holding them toward him as she gazed up into his blue eyes. He needed to be careful; cunt breaking-in is serious work, and he must be pensive about it.

By this time, his cock was fully erect. The cunt was gazing at it, spittle bubbles playing at the corners of her lips. She wanted him - that was evident BUT, he must teach her obedience first.

"Cunt, come with me . . ." He led her by the hand toward a wide stump 20 meters ahead. The Stump was the exact size of a queen-sized bed and covered in green moss and surrounded by furry hornworts. Master sat on the stump and told the cunt to lay face down across his lap. She got a curious look, but smiled broadly for Master and did as she was told. Pushing his fat, bouncing cock against his belly with her soft hip, cunt laid her lush largeness across Master's lap and he began rubbing her back and saying,

"Listen here, we're about to have a breaking-in ceremony for you. Do you understand?" The cunt shook her butt as if she knew what this thing must be about. "I promise you it will hurt, but not too bad and when I'm finished, I will be your Master - you understand?"

She looked up at him and blinked twice.

The first slap caused a large squeal to come to the top of cunt's throat . . . it fell out and splat onto the grass. Master was so pleased, he slapped her again. A tiny "eek" spilled out, but cunt was a trooper, jutting her ass up proudly for Master. In between slaps, Master briskly rubbed her rosy cheeks, admiring the heat that roll off her like morning dew evaporating in the sun. By this time, cunt had his calf in a death grip between her hands. Though her nails were short, he still wondered if she might bite him. "Don't you dare put your teeth to my calf, you slutty bitch, you!" A dribble of cunt juice oozed out and rolled HOT across Master's thigh. Fuck! that was erotic, he thought, and decided to stick a finger in her pussy.

Hell she was so wet! "You've been a bad cunt! I didn't tell you to cum for me yet . . . I will need to punish you HARD now."

Cunt squealed. Master could feel her smile against his calf and it made him smile too. He was having his first Master's Moment, and fuck - it was fun!

Anticipation trembled through cunt's ass. He let her stew in her juices a bit, then touched her with the mere tip of an index finger. That may have been pee that squirted out, but it was hard to know with all the juicy cunt tricklings flooding his lap. The dildo squash laid to his left. He picked it up and rubbed it up and down her hot pussy. Mmmm, this cunt was so sexy, pushing backward, trying to get herself fucked. But he had to be in control.

He made her get off his lap and situate herself between his thighs. Her face was quite flushed, her hair damp and disheveled. She looked longingly at him; the picture of perfect submission and trust.

Master almost caved here - but didn't.

"Cunt, I see you have potential but you MUST learn to let me lead. I will bring you into submission right now, if that's what you really want?"

She cast her brown eyes to the ground, then back on him, slowly nodding yes.

"I won't fuck you today. That's what you want and you're NOT getting it."

She looked as if she would cry and let her eyes fall to Master's chest.

"Look at me." He shoved a finger under her chin, ticking her face toward him, "You will serve me today and prove your worthiness." Master crawled into the center of the stump, spread his legs and commanded cunt to get between his thighs.

"Suck your tits for me," he said forcefully. Cunt had never had anyone talk to her like this. The tone of his voice changed, and she wondered if she should be frightened. She was a cunt though - through and through. She lifted her massive tits high, flicking her tongue against the right and then the left nipple. They hardened and made her pussy flinch.

"Put one of your tits down and stick your fingers in your pussy." She longed for him to do this for her, but she didn't ask - she did as she was told. Master looked pleased, that's all that mattered . . . .

"Fuck yourself, slut!" Cunt shoved her fingers deep into her pussy, faster and faster . . .

"Don't you cum, you horny slut - not till I tell you!"

Slowing a bit, cunt breathed deeply, trying to do as he commanded. The look in Master's eyes was gentle sternness. She longed for this and felt she might just fall in love with him. She wanted to please him so much . . . .

"Put you tit down and suck my cock. I want you to lick my balls too." Cunt did as she was told. Scrunching onto her belly, she gawked at his fat cock and massive balls. Mm, he smelled so good - kinda musky. She looked up and saw Master with his arm behind his head, watching her every move. Her tummy bottomed out and she felt embarrassed. He reached out and guided her head toward his cock . . .

"Lick it - lick it up and down . . . mmmmm that's my good cunt!" She grabbed the base of his wild cock, trying to stabilize it, frantically sucking and licking in time to her own heartbeat. The Master was so excited. He took her head up in fistfuls of hair and crammed his cock deep into her throat. Cunt gagged, but was determined to do as he wished. She got to her knees for better leverage. Wetting a finger with her own juices, she worked it into Master's asshole. He moaned, thrusting his hips harder into her hot, slick mouth. "EAT IT, cunt - eat my cum, little one . . ." then he shot hot, thick globs of cum deep into her mouth. The liquid pelted her throat, nearly choking her. Cunt could feel the pulsing as his cock grew rock hard shooting it's creamy load. She took some of the salty goodness onto her fingers and spread it around on her tits!

Master's legs slide down slowly. " Come up here beside me, I want to talk to you." He patted the soft, cool moss. Cunt scrunched onto her side - laying her head on his outstretched arm so they faced one another.

"You've pleased me very much," he said, his voice heavy with pride. "You're MY cunt now, and I'm your Master. You've proved your willingness to follow my command. I'll love you cunt, and treat you as my own." He reached over and kissed her on the lips, moving the damp hair from her moist forehead to the side, tucking it behind her ear. She had tears in her eyes, and he realised she'd found what she was looking for too. Master removed the collar from her neck and threw it deep into the bush. "I'll buy you a new collar, one that says: OWNED by Master M!"

"Thank you Master!" cunt cried, as she threw her arms about his neck and hugged him so hard. "I want to be yours forever-always," she squealed! Her wet tits felt great against his chest. Little gasps of anticipation slipped from her lips as she began feeling behind her, then looking over Master's shoulder.

He chuckled, thinking how sexy-flushed his subbie looked. "What's wrong little one?" he asked.

"Ummm, since you're NOT gonna fuck me, I was wondering Master M, whatever happened to that big dildo squash?"



Written by: MScunt

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