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Mara and Pak

by lckscknfck7©

"Work" allows me to travel quite a bit and I sometimes find myself traveling back and forth across the Pacific every few years. This was one of those occasions.

I had a few hours to kill until it was time to board my connecting flight, so I decided to hang out at one of those over-priced airport bar & grills. All the table seats were taken, so I found an empty seat at the bar. I ordered something from the kitchen and decided to try one of the bar's amber libations.

As I started to relax a bit, I looked around in the reflection of the bar mirror and noticed an unusually attractive Asian girl sitting next to me. She had her back to me when I sat down, and I hadn't noticed her for some reason. As unnoticeably as possible, I checked her out. Smartly dressed, money, married (at least the ring said so), but very young looking.

I figured she was at least 21, (she was drinking the same beer as me), but looked 18 or 19. In my opinion, sometimes it's hard to tell with Asian women.

As my eyes came back up from her legs to my beer, I could see she had been looking at me in the mirror. I felt my face turn a little red, but tried to hide it with an upturned beer glass.

"Hi, " she said, and smiled.

"Hi, " I said back. I knew I was busted, but she wasn't making a big thing about it.

At least, not yet.

"This place is really busy, " she said.

I said, "Yep. Must be a lot of people with a lot of time to kill before their next flights."

She said, "Yeah, I have a 3 hour layover. How about you?"

I told her I had the same, and then found out we were both going to the same place on the same plane.

Just then, a young Asian guy (boyfriend? husband?) came up to her and said he reserved a table. She asked me if I'd like to join them. I figured the table chairs must be more comfortable than the bar stools, so I did.

For the purpose of this story, we'll call her Mara and him Pak. She was an umbrella girl. I wasn't sure what that was, so she explained that when there's a motorcycle race (the big superbikes, not dirt bikes), she holds an umbrella over the rider and the bike, keeping them cool in the shade, or out of the rain. He was an engineer that worked for one of the major motorcycle companies.

They looked more like brother and sister than husband and wife.

Anyway, we talked and drank beer for the entire three-hour wait. Their English was very good, but the L's and R's would occasionally get switched around. We talked about everything. What we did for a living, where we've traveled, favorite foods, favorite movies and music, how they met, past relationships, and what we found attractive and unattractive in people and life. From the conversation, I learned neither of them was very experienced sexually, although I found that hard to believe by looking at her. They were discreet, keeping the conversation PG-13, but had a very disarming way of carrying on a conversation. We really got to know each other in those three hours.

As we were getting ready to pay the bill, she leaned over to Pak and told him that I was checking her out at the bar.

That felt a little awkward. I was expecting a fight or at least harsh words, followed by a friendly escort by airport security. Instead, he just asked if I thought she was attractive, but he didn't ask in an aggressive way - more curious. I said that I thought she was cute, and that he was a lucky guy.

He smiled, I smiled back, and then she smiled. It was all a little weird.

We paid our bills and then headed for the gate.

As they were calling the seats for boarding, Pak approached me and quietly asked if I'd like to sleep with Mara, if he could arrange it. I thought I was dealing with a nutcase, or someone looking for a fight, so I just said what I said earlier. "She's very cute, and you're a lucky guy to have her, Pak."

He said thank you, but he asked again, as if this was something she wanted - or something he wanted. So, I came right out and asked him, "Do you want me to sleep with your wife, Pak?"

It was hard to keep our conversation private amongst everyone getting in line, but somehow we managed. He gave me his cell phone number, and told me to call him the next weekend.

He wanted the three of us to meet for dinner at one of the most high-class restaurants in Seoul - his treat.

And off they went to First Class, while I waited to board Coach.

For the fourteen hour-plus hour plane ride, I thought about where this might lead. She was more than just very cute. And what was the deal with her husband? Before I knew it, I was asleep on the plane, being woken up for the occasional meal and movie, but mostly I slept.

When we arrived at Incheon, I looked for them as we departed the plane. No sign.

Then I remembered that First Class deplanes before everyone else. They were long gone by the time I stumbled off the plane.

I waited until I got home, took a shower, unpacked, and then picked up the phone.

Mara answered. She said dinner arrangements had already been made, and that I should pack an overnight bag. I thought there might be more to the dinner date than dinner. She made it clear that dinner was only the beginning. My groin throbbed as I hung up the phone.

We met for dinner at about 6PM. It seemed like an early start, but I guess they planned on a long night. Mara was dressed in a shimmery metallic above-the-knee dress that showed off her full back. Pak was dressed in a tailored suit, similar to my own.

They ordered a rather light meal, so I did the same. A few drinks after dinner and they were ready to move on. I couldn't keep track of all the twists and turns Pak was taking as he drove to what I imagined to be their home.

We went inside and they immediately removed their shoes (as is the custom). Mara said they would be right back after they slipped into something more comfortable. A few moments later, they reappeared in bathrobes, handing me one to join them.

I asked, "Where should I change?"

"Right there would be fine, " Mara said with a smile.

From what I could hear in the background, Pak was getting a hot tub running. I stripped completely, trying to prevent a full-on erection as Mara watched. I cinched the terry cloth belt around the robe and asked Mara for a drink. She motioned to a wet bar in the corner of the room.

As I was pouring a glass of Scotch, Mara walked over to me and asked what I wanted to do tonight.

I said that her husband thought we might like to fool around, and then asked what she wanted to do.

"I'm not very experienced, and neither is Pak, " she said.

"Would you mind showing us everything you know?" she added.

"Are you sure Pak is OK with this? I don't want any jealousy problems arising, " I replied.

"Pak is just as anxious as I am... and very curious, " she said with a grin.

I could tell it was going to be an interesting evening. Before I had a chance to ask her how she'd like to get started, she asked me the same question.

"Well, " I said, "let's start with what you know."

Without skipping a beat, she dropped to her knees, opened my robe, and began blowing me like a pro. Just then, Pak appeared and called out Mara's name. I almost dropped the glass of Scotch,

I was so startled. She paused momentarily to say she was sorry for starting without him, but figured he's be able to catch up. He just smiled and said that the water was just right if we wouldn't mind moving to the hot tub. I helped Mara to her feet and she asked if what she had done so far was all right. I told her it was great, but not to forget a little kissing before a blowjob. She said she was sorry and gave me a full-tongued kiss that made my cock so hard it was pushing her away.

"Wow! I see what you mean!" she said.

We eased into the hot tub, me with my glass of Scotch (which was mostly just a glass of ice cubes by now) and Mara and Pak each with a glass of wine.

"Why don't you practice what we talked about, Mara?" I asked.

She put down her glass of wine, and then Pak's, and proceeded to kiss him long and hard while reaching for his growing cock. He stood up in the hot tub, allowing his erect 5" dick to bounce in Mara's face. She immediately engulfed it in her mouth, having an easier time with his smaller cock.

Within 2 minutes he muttered something to her that I imagine was "I'm going to cum!"

She held out her hand and continued to stroke him off until his jizm landed in the palm of her hand. She quickly wiped her hand off in a towel.

"Why didn't you cum in her mouth?" I asked Pak. He said that she thought the idea of swallowing cum was disgusting.

"Mara, " I said, "is that true?" She said she thought he wouldn't kiss her afterward if he came in her mouth. I said they'd both have to get over that.

"Can I try again?" she asked.

"On me? Sure!" I said.

As I stood up out of the water, Pak's eyes widened as he realized the size of my cock compared to his. It was almost like he admired it.

Mara gave me a long kiss, and worked her way down to my fully erect member. Her ability to take all of me down her throat confirmed my theory that she was more experienced than her husband, at least in this category.

She squeezed my balls lightly, licking them, and then putting my cock back in her mouth.

I could see Pak stroking himself under water. I held her head so she would look up at me as I shot my first load down her throat. She backed off ever so slightly so as to catch the next two spurts on her tongue. Then she backed away from me completely and moved over to Pak. She gave him a deep tongue kiss and I could see my cum dribbling out of both of their mouths as they kissed. I wasn't expecting that!

"Better?" Mara asked.

"Oh yeah, " I managed to mutter.

We carefully stepped out of the hot tub and dried ourselves off in our robes. Mara and Pak finished the last of the wine, and I filled my glass with water. Mara led Pak and I to their bedroom, where she leapt on the bed and asked me to give her "oral pleasure." I was more than happy to oblige.

Her pubic hair was short and straight, groomed but not shaved. Her asshole was perfectly hairless. Her pussy was very attractive. I kissed her neck, breasts, stomach, arms, legs, feet, and then up to her nether regions. I started slow, allowing her to get comfortable with my mouth on her, then picked up the pace and the pressure. I carefully slid a finger in her pussy, then another, and massaged her G-spot. She grabbed my head and guided my mouth to where she wanted more attention. She didn't have to move far. She was riding her first orgasm when I slipped my pinky finger into her cute little asshole.

She let out a yelp that sounded like objection and encouragement all at the same time. She began to shake and clawed at the sheets. I thought she was going to break my nose as hard as she was bucking against my face.

She pulled me up to her and kissed me hard on the mouth. My jaw had really gotten a work out. Pak was lying beside us, stroking his small cock.

She rolled me over, and straddled my lap, rubbing her pussy along the shaft of my cock. She raised herself up and slid down on my cock, taking all seven inches inside her. She proceeded to bounce up and down on my cock until I thought she was going to hurt herself (or me). Her tits, while small, looked great bouncing up and down in my face.

Just when I was about to cum, she hopped off and turned around, facing my feet. She straddled me again, this time giving me a great view of her beautiful ass and pretty feet. I licked a thumb and slid it in her asshole.

She tightened her sphincter around it so well, I wondered if I'd get my thumb back. I was close to coming again, but rather than let me cum in her pussy, she slid back putting her pussy on my face and my cock in her mouth.

I came hard and could feel her swallow every drop. She continued to suck while I licked and fingered her pussy and asshole.

She pulled my legs up and back and began fingering my asshole, too. Before I realized what was happening, I felt a tongue in my ass and a mouth on my cock.

Pak was licking my balls and asshole while his wife continued to suck me dry!

I stopped for a moment, and they froze, then turned back and asked if it was OK.

It took about a second to reply, "I'm OK."

I don't know if it was the fact that I had such a beautiful ass staring me in the face, or that it really felt good, but I didn't mind the two of them working their magic on me.

"Mara, " I said. "Maybe it's time you and Pak fuck for awhile. He looks like he needs it."

She rolled off of me and I slowly stepped off the bed and Pak took my place. She straddled him just like she straddled me the first time. This time though, she seemed to make a point of spreading her ass cheeks with every downward thrust.

It looked like an invitation to me.

With as much saliva as I left on her asshole, I figured she'd be a little lubed, but maybe not enough to be painless. I hoped the alcohol would help as I crawled back on the bed and positioned myself behind her.

When she felt the tip of my cock against her asshole, she let out a deep breath and eased herself back onto me. It must have been her first time because she lurched forward almost immediately. Surprisingly, she was willing to try it again.

This time, she was more determined and managed to let the head of my cock past her sphincter. Her ass was incredibly tight.

Just then, Pak slipped out of her pussy and came on my balls. "So sorry, so sorry, " he cried.

I said that it was OK, but I don't think he did it on accident.

He slid out from under Mara, but then slid right back under, this time headfirst. He was lying on his back in a perfect position for a "69" with Mara, but went a little further to the point of being able to play with my balls while I fucked his wife in the ass.

Mara bent down and began sucking Pak's little dick, while Pak played and licked at my balls.

I decided to teach Pak a little lesson and pulled my cock out of his wife's asshole and pushed it in his mouth. He seemed shocked at first, and then relieved as he sucked eagerly. I pulled out of his mouth and then slid my cock back in his wife's asshole, this time a little easier.

"Again, please, " Pak said.

Who was I to deny him? I repeated the process several times until I was about to cum. I pulled Mara's hips back against mine and came deep in her asshole while Pak filled her mouth with his cum. As soon as I pulled out of her, Pak immediately began licking her asshole as if he had acquired a taste for my cum.

I asked if they minded if I took a shower without them. Of course, they objected. They quickly got up and joined me in the shower - which was barely big enough for two. Mara brushed her teeth and got in with me first, and then Pak brushed his and got in behind her. She kissed me like she was in love with me and I started to get worried for them. It wasn't long, though, before my cock was ready for action again. Mara and Pak seemed to do a good job of cleaning each other, and then turned their attention toward me. They soaped up my front and back. Mara would occasionally slide a finger in my ass and smile up at me, while Pak would pretend to accidentally stroke my cock.

Before I knew it, they were both on their knees taking turns blowing me and then kissing each other. It was a sight to see.

I had gotten more than I bargained for, but apparently they weren't through with me, yet.

Mara had no intention of letting me cum in her mouth while we showered. She whispered something to Pak and they both stood up and stepped out of the shower.

Pak left to grab another towel for me. While he was gone, Mara leaned over, grabbed my cock somewhat painfully, and told me she wanted to eat my cum out of her husband's asshole. "If you do this for me, I'll do anything you want, whenever you want, " she whispered, and then eased her grip on my growing cock. Her face was so beautiful, and her eyes so deep and engaging, it was hard to think straight.

Pak came back with a towel and handed it to me, almost respectfully.

This time Mara stepped out, and returned a few seconds later with a small jar of what appeared to be Vaseline. Except, it didn't smell like Vaseline - more like lemons with honey. I really hoped that was something she just forgot in the other room; something she wasn't planning on using on my cock.

Unfortunately, she was.

She whispered something in Pak's ear and they dropped their towels as she kissed him long and hard. Their bodies, not more than 5' tall each, were almost identical in build. From behind, they looked like twins. In fact, if it hadn't been for Mara's longer hair and the occasional glimpse of Pak's tiny cock and balls, one could easily get them confused from behind.

She opened the jar, dipped a few fingers into the jelly-like substance, and rubbed them in and around Pak's hairless asshole. He leaned toward the bathroom vanity, arms stiff and apart, just like his legs. He looked at me in the mirror. I couldn't read what his eyes were telling me, but when he stuck his ass out, I got the message. From the side, he looked like he could have been Mara's flat-chested sister.

Mara walked over to me, grabbed my stiff cock, and pulled me to her husband's ass. She kissed me as deeply as ever, and rubbed the gooey substance on the head of my cock. I was surprised to find the gel was not sticky at all, but still had some numbing qualities. She guided the tip to her husband's asshole, and stepped behind me. She pushed me forward, pushing the head of my cock harder against Pak's sphincter. Pak started to groan, and then wince in pain as his asshole began to open up. Then he pushed back against me in one quick thrust and I was inside him.

We looked at each other in the mirror as I began a slow, rhythmic movement. I eased a little more of my cock inside with each thrust, until my entire length was deep inside him. His mouth contorted each time the full length of my member disappeared from view. I soon picked up the pace. Mara stepped away from behind me and allowed me to make full use of the space in front of the bathroom vanity.

I had never fucked a guy in the ass before, and Pak had never been fucked in the ass before. The way he started getting into it, you'd never know it. The way I started getting into it, you'd never know it, either. Mara dipped her fingers into the gel again, this time rubbing them in and around her asshole.

She assumed the same position as Pak, and I soon found myself fucking both of them in the ass. I'd fuck one for about 30 seconds, and then move to the other. While Pak's asshole was much tighter, his wife's ass was more talented, and I could feel her tightening her sphincter in rhythm with my thrusts.

The three of us looked at each other in the mirror as I went from one to the other. Cum was dribbling from Pak's bouncing cock, forming a small puddle on the floor beneath him.

When I was moments away from coming (which seemed like an eternity from when we started this little ass-fuck session), I quickly pulled out of Mara and rammed my cock all the way up Pak's ass. As my cock twitched and spurted inside him, I slowly started to pull out. Whatever Mara rubbed on us worked well as a lube and provided me with incredible staying power. It had been over 30 minutes since we stepped out of the shower.

I stepped aside as Mara knelt behind her husband and quickly buried her face in his ass. Pak dropped to his elbows, sticking his ass out further, and pointing his toes inward. I could see his sphincter dilate, then close, and then dilate again. Each time, a little of my cum would dribble out of his asshole, and each time, Mara would quickly lap it up. It wasn't just a visual for my benefit. Mara was literally eating my cum from her husband's asshole.

She held his balls with one hand, while milking his cock like a cow teat with the other. The entire time, she swirled her tongue in and around his asshole. He soon came in her hand, and she lapped up every drop.

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