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Jayne Mansfield Sexual Journey

by duanep©

She was sure it would feel ok to make love to other women. She often lay in bed at night fondling and caressing her own naked body. She knew how good it felt touching her own soft breasts they felt so nice to touch. "I wonder what it would feel like to be with other women," she thought, as she lay down on the bed reaching to grab the blanket and pulling it up to cover her nude body. Jayne wanted to sleep but found it difficult to clear the images of the dirty pictures from her mind. Thinking about what the two women were doing in the pictures together. It was hard for her to stop thinking about the beautiful white girl in the photos. Jennifer had a gorgeous body but even harder for her to forget was the nude African girl in the pictures. The black girl's beauty interested Jayne even more than Jennifer's beauty. The African girl had smaller tits, and dark chocolate colored skin even the girl's dark forest between her legs. The girl was very tall and she had a shaved head. The girl certainly did not look like a beauty queen. Her body was more masculine looking then feminine. "Why am I thinking about this dark-skinned girl? I like men not women! Well, not all men," thinking back for a moment to what happened in the office a few weeks ago. "No! Those men made me feel dirty inside. No, those men I do not like at all," she thought.

Jayne tried to sleep that night but found it hard. The night brought on many different kinds of dreams about her young life. She thought about the men in her life including her past lovers. Her new career in Hollywood, and now she was dreaming about the two women in the dirty photos.

The night's dreams created a completely new problem for the young star.

Jayne woke up from her restless sleep when she heard the front gate's buzzer going off. Getting out of bed, she wandered over to the intercom to find out who was at the gate.

"Who is it?" she asked.

"Hi, the studio sent me over, Miss Mansfield. I have some papers for you to sign."

"Ok I will buzz you in."

Jayne started walking briskly toward the bedroom door to go downstairs. As she started to walk down the stairs, she felt her breasts bouncing. "Whoops, looks like I forgot to put something on." She turned around and ran back to her room, grabbing her robe to cover her nude body.

Jayne just grabbed the first item she found to cover herself and ran to the front door. She opened her front door before the girl had the chance to knock. She was standing at the front entrance waiting for the girl to finish coming up the front steps.

"Hi, Miss Mansfield, I have some papers for you to look over." Jayne caught the girl's eyes looking her over. She really did not pay too much attention to the girl at first. Her thoughts were occupied by the envelope the studio sent.

The young girl was enjoying the distraction she had given the actress. Miss Mansfield was so busy playing with the envelope. The girl was giving the star's voluptuous body the once-over look. The young girl's eyes roved over Jayne voluptuous body. The girl could see a lot because Jayne had put on a transparent robe to cover her nude body. The girl was staring at Jayne's breasts clearly visible thru her robe. "Wow!" was her reaction to the view of the actress' voluptuous breasts. The girl lowered her eyes down the star's voluptuous body, looking below her flat tummy, down to her pussy. The young girl could see Jayne's auburn bush. Her pussy hair was clearly visible thru the thin outfit she had worn.

Jayne glanced at the girl and noticed the direction of the girl eyes. "Oh, my," she thought, realizing the robe she had on was the sheer one and that the girl could see everything.

She lowered her hands to cover herself from the direction of the girl's stare. The girl quickly looked up to make eye contact with the Jayne's face. Jayne tried to be as nonchalant about the situation as possible "What did you say your name was?"

"Oh, I have not yet said. My name is Jennifer."

This time it was Jayne's turn to check out the girl. She noticed the girls long legs she had a nice tan. Then her eyes took notice of Jennifer's shirt. It was obvious the girl was not wearing a bra. Her nipples were poking thru her thin tee shirt.

Jennifer was pleased that Jayne modestly lowered her hand to cover her pussy, but her fabulous boobs were still on display for Jennifer to see. Jennifer was thinking Miss Mansfield was indeed going to be a wild and fun ride. Jennifer laughed at her own inside joke.

"What is so funny?" Jayne asked.

"Oh, it's nothing, Mrs. Mansfield."

"Call me Jayne. Mrs. Mansfield makes me feel old."

"Ok, Jayne," the girl replied.

Jayne started to think about the pictures from last night. "You said your name was Jennifer."

"Yes, Mrs. Mansfield. Oh, sorry, Jayne, I mean."

Jayne began to look the girl over again. The girl had sexy long legs and a very pretty face. Her breasts looked well developed too. She started to remember the photos of the girl's nude body.

Jennifer wondered what the woman was thinking, but she noticed Jayne's hands were now at her sides, so once again she could see the star's pussy as well as her tits.

Jayne noticed the girl looking at her tits. "Oh, sorry about my outfit, I just grabbed the first thing by my bed."

"Oh, do not worry, you look fine. You have a wonderful body Jayne."

Jayne felt a shiver go down her back when Jennifer made that comment, and she got little goose bumps on her arms...

Jennifer noticed Jayne's body shake a little and her tiny nipples actually puckered up under her thin robe, making them stick out more noticeably thru the robe.

Jayne was actually blushing, and she felt a tiny chill going their body even though it was a very warm summer day. She hugged her arms across her breasts feeling chilled, but not sure why.

"I will see you later, Jayne. I better be getting back to the studio." Jennifer said.

"Oh, bye, Jennifer," replied Jayne.

Jayne went back inside her new home. She thought about the envelope in her hand and removed a letter from it. She was very excited, thinking it might be a check, but there was only a letter inside the envelope. The letter read, "Pack your bags, kid. You have a photo shoot in Africa. Get ready, you leave this Friday. Jennifer will be going with you as your personal photographer."

Jayne shivered. She wondered, "Why Africa? Jennifer is going with me?" Something about that made no sense. Jayne thought about the photos she was given yesterday showing Jennifer nude with the African girl, and today Jennifer delivered the letter. "I did not even recognize her today because she looked different than she had when I saw her at the studio. And now they want me to travel to Africa with Jennifer," that seems strange.

Jayne still feelt a cold chill coursing thru her body at the thought of her African trip.

End part 1

Part 2 continues in Africa - the African journey begins

The story will continue with a ton of sex African ceremonies

Note if you have a story add ideal let me know.

Written by: duanep

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