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Beach Fun

by cheekypeek©

You had been in Melbourne for a couple of weeks and were just about to head up to the coast to Sydney. It's a long drive and you were planning on doing it over several days. Your friend was unable to join you and as you didn't want to do the drive alone I said I would join you (I was still looking for work so had no commitments). We had been driving for about 5 hours when we both decided we needed to stop and have a swim. It was beautiful day about 30 degrees and blue skies. It had been so hot in the car hat when we pulled into the beach I couldn't wait to get in the water. The beach was deserted so after getting out of the car I stripped off and began to run to the sea. By the time you had got yourself out of the car you could see my naked ass was halfway to the sea. This gave you the giggles but seeing me naked you realized that we were on our own and thought you may as well join me... By the time I had dived in the water and turned around I just caught a glimpse of your naked figure ducking into the waves.

It was so refreshing to feel the cool seawater washing over naked skin. Washing away the heat of the trip, water caressing flesh, and playing in the waves. Having been in the water for a good 20 minutes and feeling very refreshed (and aroused at the thought of being so close to you naked in the sea). I suggested we get out and let the sun dry our skin. Following you back up the beach my eyes were drawn to rounded curves of your ass and I could feel my cock start to get hard. Having watched you spread your sarong on the ground my cock had swollen to its full size and being naked there was no way to hide it. So I lay own my own sarong and continued to drink in your nakedness with my eyes.

When you finally looked over at me and saw the state I was in this gave you a fit of the giggles. Teasing me about the fact I could never get myself under control. I couldn't help but agree as with a smile on my face i reached down and gave my hard cock a squeeze. That set my imagination off (always thinking with both heads...) on a bit of a tangent and I asked you if you pose for me if I got my camera. After a bit of persuasion you agreed (making me promise to let you delete any you didn't like!) and I popped into the car to get the camera. I started by taking pics of you lying on your sarong making my way around to catch as many angles as possible. I then asked you to sit on the bonnet of the car and I got some great shots of you touching your pussy and boobs.

I could see this was getting you very aroused so I placed the camera on the car roof on video and kissed my way down to your very wet pussy. The camera was capturing every lick and touch I was giving you and this turned you on even more (and me too). i could feel your body begin to tense as your orgasm got closer. By now I had my tongue flicking your clit, 2 fingers in your pussy and one in your ass. I steadily increased my pace until I felt your body tense and begin to shake with orgasm.

It wasn't until after we had both recovered a little from our activities that we realized that a couple of young surfers had joined us on the beach and had thoroughly enjoyed the little show judging by the tents that had been erected in their board shorts............

Once we had got over the initial shock of having two strangers walk in our little session I saw a devious grin spread across your face. I took that as my queue and beckoned them over.... they dropped their boards walked stiffly over, when they reached the car you undid the their board shorts and released their hard cocks. The bigger blonde guy (who's shorts you had dropped had a short but very fat circumcised cock. The skinnier dark haired guy had a long but thinner uncircumcised cock. You took one in each hand and began to stroke them spitting on each one in turn to help your hand slide up and down their length. In the mean time I had joined you on the car and was positioning myself so you could suck my very hard cock. The boys couldn't keep their hands to themselves. The bigger one was massaging your boobs and playing with your nipples while the other had his fingers in your pussy and your ass.

I knew after being aroused for so long that I wasn't going to be able to hang on for much longer. Seeing you rubbing two cocks and being played with by four hands was driving me over the edge. I started to groan and began to cum in your mouth, I had been waiting for this for so long that it was a huge load and you could only swallow half of it and the rest ran down your chin and onto your boobs. Needing to recover after Cumming I moved off the car and picked up the camera. I wanted to capture you being ravished by the two surfers....

The big blonde picked you up and carried you over to the large blanket I had laid down beside the car. He then lay you on your back and spread your legs wide, he slowly rubbed his fat cock up and down your wet pussy. Feeling the heat of his hard on pressing against your clit only turned you on more. The dark haired guy had joined you on the blanket and positioned himself over your face. He pushed your boobs together and using the moisture of my cum began to reverse tit fuck you. This meant that his balls and his ass were left open to you and you greedily sucked his balls and his ass. Sliding your tongue into his shaved ass and giving him a great rim job. The blonde had by now began to push his fat cock into your pussy. You could feel his girth stretching you wide as he went deeper......

This only made you increase the speed with which you are licking the other guys ass. You feel his sphincter tighten on your tongue as he starts to cum. The rim job has been to much for him and he shoots some big ribbons of cum all over your gorgeous boobs. I capture all of this on film and feel my cock swelling at what I am watching. The dark haired guy climbs off your chest and I pass him the camera. I want to join in the fun again....

I suggest to the blonde guy that we try a new position so that we can both be in you at the same time. So he rolls over onto his back and with you sitting astride him I push you forward so that your ass is raised and I can see his fat cock stretching your pussy as he enters you. I reach forward and spread your ass cheeks with both hands. I flick out my tongue and begin to lick your ass, I feel your body begin to shake as I slip my tongue into your ass. I can feel his cock moving in and out of you as I slide my tongue deeper. . The sensation of having both holes filed gives you a small orgasm and I feel your sphincter grip my tongue as the orgasm hits you. Once you have recovered I position myself so I can slide my throbbing cock into your tight wet ass.

I feel you tense as I place the head of my cock against your wet little asshole and then I slowly slide the head in. I can feel the big blonde guy so close it feels like our cocks are rubbing together. I slowly ease my way further into your ass. I start to build up a rhythm so the two of us are sliding in and out of both your holes together. With our balls banging together I can feel his sack tighten in readiness to cum. I felt his fat cock swell even further and then I feel the first jet of cum shoot into your pussy. I feel your body tense as a huge wave of orgasm hits you. I can feel both of you coming as I keep sliding my cock into your ass. I stop fucking your ass when the blonde lets his drained cock slip from your pussy. I can feel your combined juices running over my balls....

I look up to see the dark haired guy sporting a big hard on still filming my cock in your ass. He is close and I reach out my hand and begin to stroke his hard cock. He moves closer and hands the camera over to the blonde guy, his cock is now just by my mouth so I flick out my tongue and taste the head of his cock. I slowly begin to rub his shaft with my hand as I take more of his cock in my mouth. I can feel your hand begin to stroke my hard on and with the other one you begin to caress his balls encouraging more of his shaft into my mouth.

I can feel his thrusts getting more urgent as you slip a finger into his ass. I can feel my own orgasm getting closer as the speed of your hand gets faster. But before we all came again I wanted to change positions. I made him lie on his back with his feet up, you climbed on top of him so that your pussy was on his mouth. I came up from behind him so that you effectively had both of our cocks in your mouth. The sensation was incredible. Then I slowly took my cock and slid it into his ass. I started slowly but then began to fuck his ass hard. With each of my thrusts into his ass his cock would slide further into your mouth. I could also see his tongue teasing your pussy and ass.

I couldn't take much more of this and could feel my orgasm starting to build. I increased the speed of my thrusts and could feel his sphincter tighten around my cock. I wanted to cum on both of you so I took hold of the back of your head to show you what I wanted. You blink your agreement with me as your mouth was full of cock.... I could feel the dark haired guys orgasm hit and also see it as his cum filled your mouth. This sent me over the edge and I pulled my cock out of his ass and came all over your face and his cock and balls.

We all lay there in a big heap exhausted. After a few minutes the boys grabbed their stuff and headed off to have a surf. We slowly packed up our stuff and got back in the car before heading further north and to another beach......

Written by: cheekypeek

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