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Managing Melanie

by kinkqueen©

Janet was 43. She'd been a widow for more than two years, and for all of that time she realized how hopelessly incapable she was of controlling the misbehavior of her only child, her daughter Melanie. Janet's late husband had tried to discipline the girl, by grounding her and cutting off her allowance, but he'd had little success. And then Janet, on her own, had had no success at all.

Melanie had had brushes with the law throughout her teens over such things as shoplifting and marijuana possession, but she continued to hang out with other delinquent kids and got into trouble on a regular basis. Somehow she'd managed to avoid having a criminal record, despite showing no remorse (except briefly, in courtrooms) over her actions. She'd managed to graduate from high school, but only with the help of some generous grading by teachers who were eager to help her get on with her life somewhere else.

Melanie was now attending a private boarding college for young women. She was not there by choice.

Janet had heard about the college from a Social Worker who had been assigned by the court to help Janet deal with her daughter more effectively. The college had a reputation for its high level of discipline, which had been proven to be beneficial in 'straightening out' problem youngsters. The college even required the girls to wear uniforms - white blouses and kilted skirts in a tartan plaid - exactly as if they were still in a school for children, a requirement which had the desired humbling and humiliating effect on its students. Melanie could hardly believe it when a seamstress came to their house to take her measurements for the uniforms.

Sending Melanie to the college took a substantial bite out of the annuities which Janet's late husband had left to provide financially for his wife and daughter, but Janet felt that if it helped get Melanie's life back on track it was worth the cost.

At the end of each semester Janet received a report from the college on Melanie's performance, both academically and otherwise, both in and out of the classroom. As the months went by, Janet saw an almost unbelievable improvement in every aspect of her daughter's performance. She actually wondered if the school was being totally honest in their reports, but when Melanie was home for two weeks at Christmas she could see the amazing difference for herself.

For one thing, Melanie had become, for the first time, a polite and well-mannered young woman.

Janet could remember when Melanie showed no desire to be at home at all, except for meals and sleep when she couldn't get those elsewhere, but now she seemed genuinely happy to spend her days and evenings at home and in her mother's company. She was helpful around the house, without being ordered to be. She was affectionate, too, to a degree that Janet had once thought her daughter would never be. The warm hugs and gentle cheek kisses that Melanie showered freely on her mother almost brought tears of joy to Janet's eyes.

Janet couldn't help but wonder what there was about Melanie's college life which was having such a profound and positive impact on the girl's attitude and behavior. She hoped that Melanie would be able to tell her something about it, so she asked her daughter to tell her what her life at the college was like.

* * * * *

Melanie's first day at the college was, she thought bitterly, the worst day of her life. She and the other firstyear girls had been herded by unsympathetic upperclass girls through the tedious and stressful processes of registration, dormitory room assignments, issues of uniforms, and so on. There were lists of chores and duties the girls had to perfom, and pages and pages of rules to be read and memorized. Each senior girl carried a short rod, not unlike a bandleader's baton, and used it to whip the backsides of firstyear girls who didn't keep up the demanding pace or who showed the slightest hesitation in following instructions. Melanie had felt the sting of the rods just twice that day, but they had the desired effect and Melanie found herself trying hard to avoid further punishment. It was like Boot Camp in the military, she thought, without the fun of getting a firearm of your own.

That evening, the firstyear girls gathered in the college's gymnasium to be welcomed formally by the school's Headmistress, who spoke only briefly but who left no doubt in their minds that there was now no room for mischief or slacking in their totally controlled lives. By bedtime on that first day Melanie was exhausted and, perhaps for the first time in her life, more than a little frightened by what her mother had gotten her into.

The girls quickly settled into the college's daily routine, which was simple but allowed for no deviations. There were chores to be done in the morning, school classes through the day, quiet study time in the evening, and lights out at bedtime at ten o'clock sharp. Melanie changed her metaphor for the college from that of an army boot camp to that of a medium-security prison.

* * * * *

Melanie quickly learned how the school functioned. She learned that failure to abide by the stict rules, however minor and harmless the transgression, was never tolerated and always resulted in punishment to the offender. Most of the punishments were administered by the faculty, the class Mistresses, but some were handed out by senior girls if they were the ones offended by a girl's actions. The punishments varied in severity, but some were very severe indeed.

The faculty had their own uniform of sorts, although they had some freedom in the choice of colours in their clothing. They all wore sheer blouses, snug skirts to just below the knee, pantyhose or stockings, and modest height heels. They wore sweaters or blazers on cool or windy days, but those were removed in the classroom. Mistresses were always addressed only as 'Mistress', but their first names were used when referring to them outside of their earshot, as in Mistress Joan or Mistress Margaret.

Melanie witnessed the administration of punishment by one of the Mistresses on her very first full day of classes, when the girl who sat at the desk immediately in front of Melanie had allowed her mind to wander. The class Mistress, Mistress Caroline, caught sight of the girl looking out the window instead of at the blackboard where Mistress Caroline had been writing the highlights of today's lesson. Mistress Caroline glanced at her seating chart and found the girl's name.

"Anna!" shouted Mistress Caroline so suddenly and so loudly that all of the girls were startled. "Your attention is supposed to be on the classwork, not whatever you see in the sky out there."

She stode down the aisle between the desks and when she reached Anna she pulled the girl to her feet by a handful of her hair. Anna let out a shriek of pain and the class gasped in shocked surprise. Mistress Caroline forced the girl's head down onto the desktop, ordered her to spread her legs slightly and brace herself, and quickly gathered the girl's skirt up to the waist. The girl's plain white cotton panties were fully exposed to view, stretched tightly over her plump buttocks. Mistress Caroline drew a narrow wooden spatula from the back waistband of her skirt, put an arm around the girl's waist, holding her still and keeping her skirt up out of the way, and then gave the girl's bottom three rapid and very firm strokes with the spatula, each of which brought a groan of humiliation and pain from the girl, after which Mistress Caroline smoothed the girl's skirt back down over her bottom and ordered the girl to sit back down again.

"Say Thank you, Mistress," said Mistress Caroline, her voice quiet and controlled.

"Thank you, Mistress," answered Anna, as soon as she realized what was expected of her. Mistress Caroline tucked the spatula back into her waistband, returned to the front of the room, and went on with her lecture as if nothing out of the ordinary had just taken place.

The other girls looked at each other nervously. Anna tried to control her tears, shifting her hips from side to side to find a position where the pain in her bottom could be minimized. Her face was flushed and she was panting audibly. Mistress Caroline had made her point, and the world outside the windows no longer interested her students in the least. Melanie had seen it all, up close, and it took her several minutes to get her mind fully back to the classwork.

In bed that night, sleep would not come as Melanie replayed the incident over and over in her mind. The swift and painful punishment dealt out by Mistress Caroline had shocked her, but there were other aspects of the event that had also affected her powerfully. The look of the girl's bottom cheeks in her plain panties was strangely thrilling in itself, because it showed the girl's vulnerability and utter submission to her punisher. As the spatula had struck again and again, Melanie could almost feel the pain it was causing and wondered if she could take such punishment as bravely as Anna had.

And what was Mistress Caroline feeling, if anything? She showed no emotion, not anger or even annoyance. Melanie knew that she must have felt something, if only the satisfaction of a task well done. And what was that thing she did right at the end, when she smoothed Anna's skirt back down? Melanie could have sworn that Mistress Caroline had taken a moment longer to do that then was necessary, as if she was gently moving her hand over the lines she had just made with her spatula, almost caressingly... Now that was weird, thought Melanie. Really weird.

* * * * *

Melanie learned that the proper technique for accepting punishment was to follow the Mistress' instructions exactly, make as little noise as possible, and to thank the Mistress afterwards for the valuable corrective lesson. She also discovered that some girls got more punishments than others, almost as if the Mistresses had singled them out for special mistreatment. Some were taken by the Mistresses to the Headmistress herself, presumably for even greater punishment, and some of those who had received punishment at the hands of the Headmistress seemed to take pride in this accomplishment. Weirder and weirder, thought Melanie.

Melanie had had her share of punishments, all of which she knew she deserved, but it was some time before she felt a subtle change in the way she felt about them. That change happened in a certain class, taught by the stunningly attractive and shapely Mistress Patricia, who seemed to have an unexplained personal grudge against Melanie. Melanie found herself bent over her desk with her skirt raised (she had learned to pull her skirt up out of the way herself) in that class more than others, but she quickly got over her sense of injustice as she began to appreciate the corrective efforts of Mistress Patricia.

First she began to feel better after being spanked (Mistress Patricia preferred to use a pingpong paddle), and then she began to feel better during the spankings, and then she began to look forward to the spankings. Melanie didn't misbehave just to get punished by Mistress Patricia, but when she was ordered to present her bottom for the paddle she was quick to comply. She liked Mistress Patricia's fragrance, the feel of the woman's hip firmly against her own, the way the woman's hands moved over the seat of her panties before she began the spankings, and the gentle, almost affectionate, pats her buttocks received to signal that the last spank had been administered. She would smile at Mistress Patricia as she thanked her, and once almost caught a hint of a smile on the Mistress Patricia's lips in return.

Melanie's whole world changed the day she turned in an unfinished homework assignment to Mistress Patricia. Melanie had sincerely tried to complete the work on time, but she'd been caught by the ten o'clock 'lights out' curfew. Mistress Patricia had glanced through the students' work while the girls were working on their own in class, and had noticed Melanie's incomplete worksheet. In full hearing of the entrie class, she ordered Melanie to come to her office after class, to discuss this unacceptable behavior. The other girls knew well that Melanie was probably in for a serious whipping. Melanie knew it too, but she was oddly calm about that possibility.

Later, in the privacy of Mistress Patricia's office, Melanie waited alone for her punisher to arrive. It was usual for Mistresses to make their charges wait for their punishments, giving them time to think about their errors and about the necessity that they be prevented from recurring. Mistress Patricia swept into the office a few minutes later, and surprised Melanie by locking the door behind her. She got a paddle from her desk drawer and gestured for Melanie to assume the position, bent over the desk. Melanie raised her skirt without being asked.

"You know why you are here, don't you, Melanie," said Mistress Patricia, her hand resting on Melanie's right buttock and seeming to be testing its resiliency through the cotton of the girl's briefs.

"Yes, Mistress," answered Melanie.

"Good. Then we don't have to go over your shortcomings again." Melanie watched Mistress Patricia's paddle moving about idly in the air, and then the Mistress caught Melanie totally by surprise by spanking her bottom with her bare hand, something she'd never seen her do with another student. As if to assure Melanie that she hadn't forgotten the paddle, it came down with a resounding thwack a moment later. Melanie's lower body jerked at the sudden shock, and her legs shifted to keep her steady as she awaited more of the same. It came, one hard spank after another, and Melanie could feel Mistress Patricia's free hand moving over her buttocks between the slaps, patting the injured flesh and squeezing the cheeks of the girl's ass. The spanking went on and on, far longer than any punishment Melanie had ever suffered before.

She heard herself moaning, and she thought she might be crying. She was in agony and then, she realized, she wasn't. For the first time in her life, Melanie experienced the strange feeling of crossing the pain/pleasure threshold and felt herself floating, almost apart from her own body, as waves of pleasure swept through her.

Mistress Patricia kept up the spanking rhythmically. She bent her head down close to Melanie's, her hair tumbling over the girl's neck and shoulders, and she whispered, "I think you're enjoying this."

"Yes ... Mistress", Melanie managed to say, amazed at the sound of her own voice.

Suddenly Melanie felt her panties between pulled down over her hips and off. Mistress Patricia's bare hands were now spanking Melanie's bare ass cheeks, hard. There would sometimes be long pauses between spanks, and then they would begin again. Melanie had no idea what Mistress Patricia might be doing during those pauses, but she stopped thinking about that when she felt the woman's hands fondling her buttocks. Then she felt the woman's lips moving over the heated flesh of her ass. Melanie raised her hips slightly, so delicious was the touch of Mistress Patricia's mouth, and felt the woman's hand slip underneath her to cup the mound of Melanie's pussy. She felt two fingers slip wetly into her pussy, and softly brush the side of her clitoris. If the woman's other hand hadn't continued to spank Melanie's bottom, the girl thought she might have actually had an orgasm.

Mistress Patricia's brought her mouth close to Melanie's, and the woman whispered, "Your pussy is very wet now. Do you want me to stop?"

"No!" gasped Melanie. "Don't stop, please, Mistress...I've never felt anything like this before." She turned to face Mistress Patricia and saw that the woman had unbuttoned her blouse. The woman's full bosom was half exposed above the cups of her bra, and a glimpse of her pantyhose was visible above the waist of her skirt. Melanie looked at her and all she could say was, "You are very beautiful, Mistress".

Mistress Patricia took Melanie's face in her hands, looked into the girl's eyes, and then kissed her on the mouth, first tenderly and quickly and then lingeringly and more deeply. She thrust her tongue into the girl's mouth, but only for a moment. She returned Melanie's head to the desktop and resumed her position behind the girl. She hit Melanie's ass hard, several times, with the paddle.

There was a moment of relative inaction and quiet, as Mistress Patricia rummaged around in her desk drawers for something, which she apparently found.

"I'm going to punish you in a way that may be new to you, Melanie," said Mistress Patricia. "You trust me, don't you."

"Yes, Mistress, I trust you," said Melanie.

Melanie felt her body being repositioned, her feet a little farther from the desk and her waist bent more. Her bottom was thrust up and back, as if begging for more punishment.

And then Melanie felt a finger or two moving along the slit of her pussy again. She groaned in pleasure at the touch and in anticipation of the fingers entering her. But when she felt the poke of something between her outer pussy lips she was keenly aware that it was not Mistress Patricia's fingers there, but something else. And then it, whatever it was, was inside her.

'It can't be a cock', thought Melanie, 'but what...?'

Mistress Patricia's hands gripped Melanie's hips firmly and she thrust her hips forward to fuck the girl with the strapon dildo she had put on. Melanie began to buck and shiver as an orgasm swept over her, and Mistress Patricia grabbed a handful of the girl's hair and used it for leverage to drive the cockhead as deep into the girl as it could go. Melanie cried out at the feeling of having her hair pulled and her pussy stretched painfully, but in the throes of orgasm the pain blended deliciously with the pleasure and seemed to add to her ecstatic release.

A few minutes later, as Mistress Patricia held Melanie in her arms, the girl realized what had been going on with those girls who seemed to be eager for punishment. They were hungry for the kind of feelings Melanie had just experienced for the first time. And now she knew what was going on in the minds of some of the Mistresses, who were finding pleasure in administering punishment to the girls and then in having sexual contact with them.

* * * * *

Melanie knew that she wasn't falling in love with Mistress Patricia. Although she seemed to be thinking about the woman a lot of the time, eager for more of the kind of contact that they had enjoyed once, she was now also looking at other females with that same sort of lustful craving. She suspected that the Mistresses might share information regarding those girls who responded in a special way to physical pain, as some of them looked intently at Melanie, and even smiled at her, when they passed her in the hallways. Even the Headmistress gave her a long studying look when she had reason to look in on one of Melanie's classes.

Melanie began to befriend those girls who seemed to be punished more than they deserved to be, knowing that she now had more than a little in common with them. She was strongly drawn to Anna, the girl whose punishment on the first day of school had introduced Melanie to the exciting world of corporal play (she wouldn't have called it play at that time), and the two of them began to meet in private places where they could kiss and fondle each other and arouse each other with tales about their adventures in the clutches of the Mistresses. Just as Melanie had formed a bond with Mistress Patricia, Anna had formed hers with Mistress Caroline.

One afternoon Melanie and Anna were alone together on the landing of a little-used stairwell, kissing and touching each other, when the door to the floor below them opened suddenly and the two found themselves caught in the obviously displeased eyes of Mistress Caroline. The woman simply said, "Be at the Headmistress' residence at eight o'clock this evening. Both of you. No excuses." And she turned and walked down the stairs and away.

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