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Backyard Home Schooling 101

by Justin_Thyme©

Cautiously, I inserted the middle finger of my right hand as far as it would go in Mom's vagina and began to finger fuck her while continuing to lick and suck everything between my two hands. Mom's moans were muffled but my sister's were loud and joyous as our backyard three-way played out.

Suddenly, Mom shouted, "Oh God Jeremy, I'm going to cum," and her hips began to jiggle and vibrate much as Chris' had. I quickly removed my right hand from her pussy and clamped my mouth over the opening to her vagina and began to suck with all the strength I could muster. I alternated sucking and poking my tongue into Mom and was rewarded with a tremendous outflow of delicious pussy juice.

Although I think that Mom may have had more energy to continue, my sister and I were exhausted and needed to lie back and rest. We placed three of the lounge pads close together on the ground and stretched out to rest. Mom arranged for me to be in the middle between herself and Chris. I was supine and the two women were mostly on their sides facing me. My arms were extended in such a way that I was able to hold a pussy in each of my hands. Naturally, Mom and Chris positioned themselves so that each could place a hand on my groin and fondle my cock and balls.

We laid like that for about half an hour and then Mom asked, "So does either of you have a question about anything we have done this afternoon?" Chris and I tried to respond at the same time so, as graciously as possible, I said, "You go ahead Chris," and she said, "Well Mom, it probably won't come as a surprise to learn that I before we stop, I want to know what it feels like to have a big hard cock in my pussy. I suppose I am just going to have to wait until I marry but God I want to know now." Mom looked at me and said, "Jeremy?"

"That's exactly the thing that has been bugging me almost constantly every waking moment since I was fourteen or so," I answered. Mom didn't speak again for several minuets and I thought the discussion may have ended, but then Mom said, "I suppose it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to go as far as we have this afternoon and then just stop and leave both of you horny and frustrated." She looked directly into Chris' eyes and said, "Are you certain you want to give up your virginity now?" Thoughtfully, Chris said, "Mom I think it would be awfully naïve to try to fool myself or either of you two into believing I am still a virgin. Certainly, I don't feel very virginal anymore and it has been quite a while since I broke my cherry with a hairbrush handle, just haven't had a cock in my vagina yet. I guess that I am trying to say that I want to get laid and I would be the happiest girl in the world if you would let Jeremy and me do it."

Mom sat up and said; "I guess that settles it then." She looked sharply at me and added, "That is if that's what your brother wants as well." I sat up and said, "Oh wow Mom, but what abut...I mean, I don't have any rubbers and sure as hell don't want to take a chance of getting my own sister pregnant. Much as I want to fuck Chris, I don't think we should..."

Chris and Mom exchanged strange looks and Mom said, "That's very adult of you Chris. I'm glad to hear that you are willing to put your sister's welfare above your desire to have her, but there is something I guess you should know. Chris has been on the pill for a couple of years now. That and the time since she had her last period pretty much insures that she is safe."

I grinned and said, "In that case," and reached to take my sister in my arms. She responded by throwing her arms around me and we started a long tongue-thrashing kiss. We broke for breath and Chris said, "Jeremy, please play with my pussy and tits and shift it a bit so I can reach your cock."

"Mmmm," I responded and did as she requested. Our foreplay was not long lived as our pre- coital fooling around had been going on for well over an hour and a half. We broke for air again, and Chris said, "Lets do it Jeremy, lets fuck now. I don't want to wait any longer to feel your big hard cock in me."

That is exactly where we were when Dad arrived home and discovered the three of us. Dad chuckled and said, "Damn but you all look as though you have been enjoying yourselves. Got room for one more?" He didn't wait for an answer but removed his clothing, got another lounge pad and stretched out beside Mom and took her in his arms. Seeing Mom, Chris and me all naked and entangled as we were was all it took to give him a raging hard on that Mom was quick to attend to. She took him in hand and began to stroke him slowly while placing soft kisses on the blood engorged hood of his cock.

Then Mom lifted her head and told Dad about overhearing Chris' and my earlier conversation and everything that had taken place since then. Finally, she said, "God, I'm glad you came home when you did. After all this, the kids are both so horny it would be cruel to make them stop. I told them that it would be all right for them to fuck and they were just about ready to start when you got here. I sure hope you don't have any serious objections because, well, just look at them.

My cock was swollen to its greatest size ever and was coated with a glistening coating of precum. Chris was lying on her back with legs spread and her knees elevated and she, too, was covered in lubricating fluids. Dad chuckled and said, "There's no way I would be so heartless as to stop what is obviously about to happen. Besides, I am getting turned on at the thought of being able to watch the kids fuck for the first time."

After that, I lost no time positioning myself between my sister's legs for my first ever fuck. Both Chris and I were awkward and had a bit of difficulty trying to get my cock into position to penetrate Chris' vagina but Mom quickly reached and guided me to my sister's waiting pussy and even held me tightly until her hand was all that kept us from bumping pubic bones. Even then, she only moved her hand until she was able to hold and caress my balls. I started out on extended arms looking directly into Chris' smiling eyes and saw her nod encouragement as I penetrated deeper and deeper. When our pubic hair became entwined, she sighed softly and said, "Oh God Jeremy, you feel wonderful in there." With that, I allowed my arms to fold and let myself down until my sister's breasts were pressed tightly into my chest and we began the humping and thrusting that has to be instinctive because neither of us had ever experienced anything like what we were doing.

Mom squirmed around until she was able to continue fondling my balls while sliding her hand between us so that she could grasp and fondle one of Chris' breasts at the same time.

All the sexual activity that had taken place earlier had taken the edge off our libidos and we were both totally relaxed as we bucked and thrust against one another. There was no urgency so we fucked for an awfully long time before either of us felt the increasing tension that signals an impending orgasm. Finally though, I gasped that I was almost ready to come and Chris said, "Me to Hon, I'm ready whenever you are." We thrust against one another a couple of more times then I went rigid and thrust as deeply as I possibly could and began to ejaculate spurt after spurt of hot cum deep within the depths of my sister's pussy. Afterward we lie alongside one another exhausted and gasping while Mom hugged us both and Dad hugged Mom while playing with her tits.

Dad's cock had grown to enormous proportions as Chris and I fucked, a phenomenon that did not go unnoticed by my sister. She grinned and said, "Golly Dad, it's a good thing Jeremy got me first, you might have split me in half." Dad grinned and said, "Much as I would have enjoyed having you first, I expect you are right. You two practice for a while then if you want maybe you will be stretched enough for me. That is if your mother doesn't have serious objections." Mom said, "I often fantasize about a foursome involving the four of us. You can bet there is no way I will ever object if you and Chris decide to get together. I just hope Jeremy wants me as much as I want him."

Dad sat up and said, "My God Hon, you have never so much as hinted that you would be open to anything involving more than what we have enjoyed all these years. Truth be told, I have dreamed of some sort of a closer family relationship for years." Grinning, Mom said, "Oh, so just when did you first get that idea?" Dad said, "There's no way I will admit when my fantasizes started. I will say that I most likely would have been sent to jail if anyone knew of the thoughts that were in my mind." Mom said, "I think I may have an idea when you started getting horny think of Chris' nubile young body. You probably think I didn't notice the way your pants used to bulge when I bathed the kids together." She added, "Don't fret it though, my pussy used to be wet when Chris and Jeremy would reach out to touch each other's privates."

Chris, shocked, said, "I don't believe this. I have only been curious about Jeremy for the last couple of years. I never touched his cock until today." Mom grinned and said, "Well you did. You just don't remember about it is all. Hell, there's no reason either one of you should remember, I did my level best to act as though being curious about one another was perfectly normal, which it was." I said, "Mom, I think I would have remembered if I had ever touched Chris before now, although I do know that I have wanted to touch her breasts ever since I have been aware of the tiny little bumps growing on her chest. What's that, five, six years?"

Later on, when Chris and I were on our way up to bed, my sister surprised me when she said, "Jeremy, let's sleep together tonight. Want to?" Well, of course I wanted to, just don't think I would ever have had the nerve to mention it the way she did. Chris and I slept locked in each other's arms that night. Our sexual appetites were appeased for a while and we were happy to just enjoy the closeness.

We awakened slowly the following morning and since it was a Saturday, had all the time we wanted to indulge our desires to explore and become acquainted with each other's body and to speak of anything erotic or sexual that came to our minds. Naturally, I awoke with an erection and had to go and relieve myself. Chris saw me get out of bed and asked, "Where are you going Jeremy?" I grinned and said, "Gotta pee. Don't worry, I'll be back." Chris jumped from bed, said, "Me too," and followed me to the bathroom. Clearly, my need was more urgent than hers so I used the commode first, then I stood back and watched as my sister sat and relieved herself. I told her that I wanted to watch so she kept her knees far apart so that I could see the orange/yellow stream as it gushed from her pussy. While wiping dry, Chris looked up and grinning, said, "Well, I guess we will not have to wait for the other to finish in here before coming in from now on. I sure hope you won't be shy about sharing the shower with me." I grinned and said, "Scrub my back and you can do about anything you want." Chris, with a kind of sly smile said, "Anything," and we returned to her bed to learn everything we could about things a lot of people never do feel free enough to talk about.

While talking, we laid on our sides facing one another and embraced. After talking for an hour or so, Chris looked at me and said, "I don't know about you," she glanced down at my throbbing erection and added, "actually, I guess I do know, but all this talk of cocks, pussies, tits and butts is getting to me. Think maybe it is about time for some of my stretch exercises?" I cocked my head and said, "Stretch exercises?" Chris giggled and said, "Well aren't you supposed to be getting me ready for Dad?"

I grinned and said, "Actually, Hon I think that with a little lube, Dad would fit in you very nicely. But, if you are in the least concerned, I will be more than happy to assist." Chris laughed and said, "Well roll over here, get on and start stretching me."

Our long erotic discussion had kept the both of us right on the edge of orgasms so that I only entered her and stroked a few times before my orgasm hit and I pumped spurt after spurt of cum into my sister's eager pussy. Fortunately, it was not a problem as the first semen to flood her pussy triggered Chris' orgasm that left her weak and shaking.

I rolled off her and we hugged and kissed for several minutes, then I said, "Gees Chris, I'm sorry I wasn't able to hold off longer. From everything I have ever heard, the guy is supposed to be able to restrain himself in order to give maximum satisfaction to his partner." Chris pulled back, looked me in the eye and said, "Jeremy, will you get off it. This is only the second time for either of us. I'll bet that with a little practice we will be able to fuck and fuck for as long as we want." I smiled and said, "Gosh, I sure hope so because I think that when we fuck, besides having a really good time, we should be giving our partner the best experience of their lives." Chris lets make that our goal, "We will always strive to make the other feel as good as we possibly can." I chuckled and said, "Count me in." Chris laughed aloud and said, "One, two, three..."

Written by: Justin_Thyme

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