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"Breathe slowly. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Good girl."

Blindfolded and topless, she sat comfortably in the upholstered chair. Black ropes secured her forearms - from elbow to wrist - to the armrests. Her lower legs were similarly secured to the front legs of the chair. Yet another rope wound repeatedly at her waist and her lower and upper ribcage to affix her torso to the back of the chair. This was one of the rare occasions when she was not wearing her collar, specifically because of what was about to take place.

"you look wonderful like this," I informed her, and she smiled appreciatively. It struck Me then just how obscene a smile can be in the right circumstances, and given that she was topless and blindfolded and held in place by black ropes, her smile definitely looked obscene. With an obscene smile, I was afraid that if she grinned, it would somehow profane the experience.

The house was perched upon a plateau with a nice view over the valley to the east. The main reason I had bought this place as a second home was to enjoy the sunrise, unfettered by trees or buildings: All that separated the house from the valley was about twenty yards of grass, a wooden fence, and a drop of about six hundred feet.

It was an excellent setting for this. Throughout the night, I had played with her - some pleasure, mostly pain, just the way she liked it. For the past hour, I had purposely kept her blindfolded, and as dawn approached, it was time.

After one more appreciative view of her flogger-reddened chest, I moved to stand behind her. As I waited for the right moment, I gently ran My fingers through her lengthy disheveled hair, ultimately gathering it in My hands and tugging gently, causing her head to tip back over the back of the chair and exposing her throat. she moaned softly, and I could tell from the sound that fatigue was getting the best of her - after all, she had not enjoyed the benefit of coffee throughout the long night.

"I'm almost finished with you," I assured her. "Just a little longer, little one."

"Yes, Master," she whispered in acknowledgement.

Still maintaining the tug of her hair, I reached into My shirt pocket and withdrew the sunglasses, opening and donning them with a single hand with practiced ease. I pulled harder, back and down, causing her torso to strain against the ropes securing her to the back of the chair. she groaned softly, in part from the growing discomfort in her scalp, in part from the ropes biting into the unprotected skin of her upper and lower chest. she was breathing a little harder, a little faster.

I took advantage of her body's natural reaction to the discomfort and, still pulling her fair hair, I quickly removed the blindfold and tossed it aside. she squealed from the daylight, naturally blinded after having spent so much time in complete darkness, and as soon as her squeal had ended, My free hand grasped her neck.

With one hand hurting her and one hand preventing her from breathing properly, I smiled. Within seconds, the first ray of daylight would rise above the distant clouds and truly blind her.

Just before the first golden ray befell U/us, she began to truly struggle, the growing pain in her scalp augmenting the discomfort across her upper and lower chest, the lack of proper oxygen starting to induce a panic within her.

"That's right," I told her. "Struggle for Me. Suffer for Me."

she could not see or feel it, but I am certain that she knew Me well enough after several months to know it: I was aroused. My erection was pressed against the back of the chair, which given My position was as close as I could come to pressing my manhood against her. her gasps, her wheezes, her sputters further thrilled Me, and certainly the day's first rays of sunlight were providing yet more distress for her.

Twice I briefly allowed her to breathe properly - just long enough to refill her lungs before My hand tightened anew around her neck. The power I had over her was great, the ability to control something so basic as whether or not she could breathe quite heady.

When at last the sun had fully risen above the distant clouds, I slowly released her neck and her hair. "Good girl," I praised, massaging her shoulders as she loudly inhaled as much oxygen as her lungs could handle. "you have definitely earned your rest."

she had also earned her way into My bed.

Written by: WFEATHER

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