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Summer's End Ch. 03

by chargergirl©

As always, Mused, thank you for all you've done. You're the best.

To the readers, my apologies for the length of time between the last chapter and this one. Life issues got in the way. ~Chargergirl


"Mom and Dad are here, Em," Brandon whispered into his sister's ear.

Emma's head snapped up; she looked at her brother with wide eyes, as her heart pounded a wild beat. What would they see? Would it be obvious to them what their son and daughter had done? Would they know immediately the sin that had been committed? "Bran, what if they--"

"Hush, babe. It'll be okay." Brandon cupped her face with his hands and kissed her for a long moment. He could feel her trembling beneath his touch. "That's going to have to last for a couple days. Come on, it'll look strange if we don't go out and greet them." He took her by the hand and led her to the front screen door of the family's summer cottage. With one last glance at each other, they let go and went outside.

They emerged from the cottage to see their mother getting out of the back seat. Emma's heart leaped. That could only mean one thing.

"Nana!" Emma yelled, and raced around to the passenger side of her father's car. She opened the door to see her grandmother smiling up at her. Emma took her hand and helped her out. "Nana, I didn't know you were coming up here."

"Well, hello to you, too," their mother laughed.

"Hey Mom," Brandon and Emma spoke in unison. Brandon kissed her cheek and said hi to Dad, but Emma only had eyes for their grandma.

"It's all your mother's fault, child." Ruth laughed and glanced over at her beloved daughter-in-law. Margaret returned the glance with a laugh of her own. The two women had always shared a close relationship. Ruth had only born one child, Brandon and Emma's father, Bruce. When Bruce decided to get married, instead of resenting her new daughter-in-law, Ruth embraced Margaret as the daughter she'd never had. "She forced me to come."

Brandon smiled to himself when his grandma called Emma child. His eighteen-year-old little sister was no child; she'd thoroughly proven that to him last night, then again less than an hour ago. He was pleased to see how happy Nana's presence made Emma. Out of the entire family, Emma was closest to Nana. She was the one Emma turned to when she needed help. And it was Nana that knew all of Emma's secrets. Brandon hoped their grandmother's presence would make Emma forget her angst, at least for a little while.

Brandon watched as, arm in arm, his grandmother and his sister set off for the front of the cottage set up high on the bluff overlooking the lake. Nana hadn't been up since last summer, and she, like everyone, was eager to see Lake Michigan. Ever changing, yet always the same, the lake held an incomparable natural beauty. The cottage, beautiful in its own right, had been in the family for three generations.

"Tell me, Emma, how have you been?" Ruth asked her granddaughter as they made their way over to the crooked split-rail fence that guarded the edge of the bluff.

"I've been fine, Nana," Emma spoke quietly and turned to smile at the aged woman.

"It looks beautiful today, doesn't it?" Ruth looked out across the vast expanse of water. The sun was at its zenith, and the water sparkled like diamonds below.

"The water is still low, Nana. Brandon and I went down earlier, and the beach is still there."

"I can remember, oh thirty years ago or better, water lower than this," Ruth smiled, as her mind carried her back in time.

Enraptured, Emma listened on as her grandmother spoke. She always loved her grandma's stories.

"The beach down below was probably forty feet wide, and the bluff jutted out much further. We could wade all the way out to the third sandbar and the water only reached our waist. The water level rises and falls in cycles, Emma, just like everything else. It's reaching its thirty-year low, I think. You will see it drop further before it begins to rise again. But it will." She patted her granddaughter's hand and changed the subject. "And how is that handsome brother of yours? Staying out of trouble? Or is he driving all the girls up here crazy?"

Emma nearly groaned at her grandma's question, but managed to hold back. "He's fine Nana, and staying out of trouble, for the most part, I guess."

"Well, good. He's always been so responsible."

Emma winked at her grandma. "Unlike me, Nana?"

"Now child, I didn't say that."

It was true that Emma had always been flighty, with her feet never quite firmly planted on the ground, and her head always among the clouds. To Ruth, Emma's free-spiritedness was an endearing quality. Brandon had always been the level headed one, and it was no surprise to anyone that he had graduated with top honors from University of Michigan and had been accepted to the University of Chicago Law for the fall semester.

"It's okay," Emma laughed.

Brandon came around the corner of the cottage just then, making Emma's heart jump a little. That particular reaction to her brother was a new one for her, but she knew what it meant. He was holding what looked like a letter in his hand. He waved it at her and their grandmother.

"Got my acceptance letter for the student housing in Chicago."

Emma's heart sank at the reminder of what would happen at summer's end. Brandon would leave, and that would be that. She pasted on a smile for him. "That's great, Bran. Did you get the one you wanted?"

"Yup. Hyde Park, Ingleside." he grinned.

"That's wonderful, Brandon, dear. I'm so pleased for you."

"Thanks, Nana." Brandon bent and kissed his grandmother's cheek. In a spontaneous moment, he also kissed Emma.

"When will you move in?" Emma quietly asked, looking up with sad eyes.

"Mid-August, probably. No later." Brandon's voice turned just as quiet, his eyes sad. Brother and sister had momentarily forgotten their grandmother's presence.

Emma didn't say anything, only nodded, her light mood decidedly dampened by thoughts of Brandon leaving.

"You'll miss him, Emma?" Ruth asked her granddaughter after Brandon left to help their dad unload the car.

"Of course, Nana." Emma turned to her grandmother. "He's my brother."

"But he's only going to Chicago, dear."

"He won't come home until Christmas. He thought maybe for Thanksgiving, but he's not even sure about that." Tears threatened to spill over Emma's lower lids.

"Emma, he just spent the last four years in Ann Arbor. That's nearly as far as Chicago," Ruth pointed out.

"But he came home nearly every weekend. He said his load is going to be too heavy, and he won't be able to come home 'til Christmas, Nana." Hot, salty tears coursed a path down Emma's cheeks.

"What's the matter, Emma? Is there something else bothering you, other than your brother leaving?" Ruth asked, her voice laced with concern.

"No. No, I guess not." Emma sighed and made a vain attempt to wipe her tears away. She couldn't let Nana know just how upset she was. She couldn't make it obvious that the thought of Brandon leaving was killing her.

Ruth looked at her granddaughter closely. Something was obviously wrong, and it was so unlike Emma not to confide in her. Ruth thought there had to be more to Emma's emotional state than just her brother leaving, though she knew the siblings were close. "When you're ready dear, I'm here." She reached out and patted Emma's hand.

"Nana, I don't--"

"Hush child. When you're ready to tell me, I'm here," she repeated.

Emma looked at her grandmother in amazement. How the elder woman did it was always a shock to her. She knows something's up. How can I hide this from her?

"Help me up, Emma, and let's go help your mother in the kitchen. They brought up quite a bit of food and supplies."

"Yes, Nana." Emma rose and helped Ruth to her feet.

On the way to the cottage she saw her father and brother by the stairs to the beach. Brandon was gesturing wildly and Emma tried not to laugh. He was no doubt in the midst of telling their dad how Emma nearly killed herself on the steps the other day. Emma gave an involuntary sigh. Brandon was so protective of her. It hadn't been that bad; hell, she'd made it all the way to the bottom without going through any of the rotted steps. But he had come unglued when Emma had failed to wait for him to check the conditions of the boards. She realized now that his reaction was due in part to the depths of his feelings for her.


It was during lunch when things grew tense, with Margaret inadvertently the cause of it.

"Emma, have you seen anything of Adam yet?" she asked her daughter with a knowing smile. Margaret knew how much her daughter liked Adam, even though he hadn't paid a lot of attention to her over the years. Margaret and Bruce were good friends with Adam's parents, John and Sue Gerhardt, and spent many a summer evening with each other.

"Uh...a little," Emma stammered, not wanting to think back to the day before when she had finally realized Adam's true nature as a user.

Margaret looked up. "Oh really?" she asked, her interest piqued.

"Well, yeah. I mean, we just went to Silver Lake for the day. It was no big deal," Emma shrugged. "He was kind of a jerk."

"He's such a sweetheart, Emma. How can you say that about him?" Not waiting for her daughter to answer, Margaret continued, "They're coming after dinner tonight for a fire. I'm sure he'll be thrilled to see you again, dear. Now that you've grown up a little, I'm sure he'd love to spend more time with you."

"I couldn't care less, Mom," Emma grumbled, not pleased with the news at all. She cast a furtive glance at her brother. He looked none too pleased, either. Then his jaw muscle began to flex. That was never a good sign.

"Now, Emma, the Gerhardt's are our good friends. It won't hurt you to pay attention to Adam if he comes, too." Margaret gently chided her daughter. "And anyway, it's not like you're dating anyone up here or at home."

"Thanks for pointing that out," Emma whispered under her breath, earning a little chuckle from her brother, who was sitting next to her. She looked up at him and could now see a twinkle in his eye. Emma playfully stuck her tongue out at him.

"Better watch what you do with that tongue, Em," Brandon laughed, then leaned over and whispered in her ear. "You might catch more than flies."

Emma let out an inelegant snort at her brother's remark, then looked across the table at her mother. "I'm really not interested, Mom. Sorry. I know you guys like Adam, but I've decided he's not my type."

"Well, it sounds like you haven't given him much of a chance." Bruce replied.

"What is this? The third degree?" Emma's temper began to boil. "I don't want to see Adam, okay? I think he's a jerk. Why do you keep pushing me at the boys, anyway?"

"Well, you haven't dated anyone in quite awhile, and you've always had your eye on Adam," Margaret noted.

Brandon sensed Emma's ire and did his best to diffuse it, but it was too late. "Mom, I really--"

"What is it with you people and dating? You're always on my case about boyfriends! I don't want a boyfriend, okay?" Emma burst into tears and jumped up from the picnic table. She wanted to yell out that the only man she wanted was her brother and just shock the hell out of them. That would shut them up, but wisely, she held her tongue. Emma took off and fled down the steps to the beach.

"What's gotten into her?" Bruce wondered, looking over at his son.

"Don't know Dad," Brandon lied as he stood. "I'll go talk to her."

Brandon made his way down the steps to where Emma sat in the sand, her head tucked down on her knees. Always respectful of each other's space, he asked, "Can I sit?"

Emma looked up at him and smiled. "Of course."

Brandon sat next to her, put an arm around her shoulder, and pulled her close. They didn't say anything for several minutes, just stared out at the white-capped waves. Brandon spoke first, not really knowing quite what to say, but he managed to muddle his way through. "This isn't going to be easy, Emma. I love you, you know. But...I just--Mom and Dad are here, and they're pushing you at Adam, now, and that bothers me and not just because of how I feel about you. He might be my friend, but you found out what he's really like. I'm trying to set aside my feelings for you and tell you, please, don't let them push you. I know I have my own selfish reasons for wanting you to stay away from him--I know," he nodded.

"Brandon, I don't want Adam. I don't want anyone. I want you. Don't you know that? I love you, Brandon James Reed. You, okay?" Emma paused and poked him in the shoulder. "Mom and Dad can push me at Adam all they want, but I don't care. He's a jerk. Sorry, I know he's your friend, but still..." Emma shrugged as she trailed off.

"No, it's okay. He is a jerk. But then, he's not trying to get in my pants, so it doesn't really matter." Brandon laughed, and Emma giggled along with him. "Speaking of getting in your pants. Do you know how hard it is to keep my hands off you in front of everyone?" He leaned over and nuzzled at Emma's neck, making her pull away with another giggle.

"That tickles, Bran. Besides, someone might see."

Brandon stood, then helped his sister to her feet. "Come on, let's take a walk." He grabbed a beach towel off one of the lounge chairs.

From the top of the bluff, Ruth observed her grandchildren, as they headed off down the beach. She watched them until they disappeared from view, hidden by the outcropping seawall. With a deep sigh, she turned and headed back inside. She was tired and only wanted to sleep for a while.

But sleep would not come for the elderly lady. Worried about the scene she witnessed, she could only lay on Emma's bed and stare up at the ceiling. Alone with her thoughts, she rose and headed out through the sleeping porch, which also served as Brandon's room, and went to sit on the double swing with Emma's beloved grey-striped tabby cat, Scooter.


Brandon wanted to hold Emma's hand, but he didn't. There were just too many people around that knew them. They kept walking south along the beach. Emma took off her sandals so she could walk in the wash. She gave a little screech as the first wave sluiced over her feet. "Yikes! It's still freezing!" she laughed and knocked into Brandon. Catching her around the waist he pulled her in for a hug, then quickly released her. Still giddy from their newfound love, it was hard to keep from touching.

After a time they reached the rolling dunes that butted up against the backside of Silver Lake. They turned inland and followed a faint path through the dune grass that led in twists and turns and came out just above the smaller inland lake. Brandon spread the towel out and sat down. He reached up and drew Emma down next to him. Hidden as they were among the tall dune grass, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her deeply.

"Brandon..." Emma sighed against his mouth and pressed against him.

Brandon cupped Emma's face in his palms. His mouth slanted repeatedly over hers and his tongue repeatedly stabbed and thrust. His cock grew in his shorts and begged for release. He broke their kiss and gazed into his sister's eyes.

"I want you Emmie, now." Brandon ran a hand over her breasts and watched as her nipples hardened against the thin material of her tank top.

"Here?" Emma squeaked.

"Where else? We can't do it back at the cottage." He brushed her hair back with the back of one hand as he spoke quietly, trying to reassure her. "No one's gonna see us here, Em. Come on; it's okay. Trust me."

"I do trust you," Emma whispered as her brother slid his hand up the inside of her leg. With his other hand he undid the single button of her white wrap around skirt. He slid a finger into the leg hole of her underwear and brushed the lips of her sex.

"You're already wet, Em," Brandon growled and gently pushed her down on the oversized beach towel. He unwrapped her skirt, then slid her panties off. More than anything, he wanted to bury himself is his sister's pussy. "I just want to be in you, baby." He lowered his face to her and slowly stroked her sex with his tongue. "You taste so sweet and smell so good." Brandon invaded her, thrusting his tongue in as far as he could, then withdrew it and found her little clit.

"Oh, yeah," Emma breathed and pushed herself up into his face as he began to suck her hard nub. "Eat my pussy, Bran--fuck!" Emma was beyond caring about the coarse language flowing from her mouth. Normally a quiet, reserved girl, she found herself losing control when her brother touched her. "Fuck me, Brandon. Please," she urged and shoved at his bare shoulders.

Their blue eyes locked. Brandon moved between Emma's legs and spread them wide. He gently pushed his index finger into her wetness. Watching Emma's face contort with pleasure sent a fresh surge of lust through him and he withdrew the digit, before sinking in two.

Brandon tried to resist, but he was fighting a losing battle and he knew it. His sister was so beautiful, and he loved her so much. He pulled his fingers from her body. "I want you Em. I didn't bring anything..."

"I want it, too, Brandon," Emma nodded.

With nothing more than a sigh, Brandon moved between Emma's legs and sank himself into her.

Emma pushed her pelvis up and met her brother's thrusts. She moaned and repeatedly chanted Brandon's name. Their mating was hard and fast, with a desperate urgency that surprised them both. She pulled his head down and kissed him with all the passion she could muster. She wanted to show him how complete her love was for him.

Brandon pulled away and paused long enough to yank Emma's tank over her head. He tossed it down next to her discarded skirt. He twisted and pulled at her nipples, knowing how that pushed her over the edge. "Cum for me, Emma," he urged her. "I know you're close." Sweat beaded on his forehead as the hot June sun beat down on their naked bodies. He gave a few more thrusts.

Emma did cum, writhing and thrashing beneath her brother's weight, as he continued to drive himself in and out of her pussy. His own release was near.

"Oh God, Brandon!" Emma grabbed his forearms as her orgasm washed over her.

Fascinated, Brandon watched Emma's face scrunch up and her little nose flare, as her climax consumed her. Right then he thought his sister was the most amazing creature put on the planet. He loved her so much that he would've done anything for her. "Em," Brandon grunted as he pumped his seed on to her flat belly. "Holy shit, I can't stop cumming." His body jerked once more as the final spurt landed on her rib cage.

Emma lifted her head and glanced at the goo covering her stomach. It was warm, and felt kind of nice. She looked up at her brother. "Did you have to be so messy?" She winked at him and they both laughed.

"Here, I'll wipe it off." Brandon used his grey tee shirt to wipe the sticky, slimy mess off of Emma's belly and ribs. "I can rinse it in the lake before we get home." He extended his hand and helped her to her feet.

Brandon couldn't take his eyes off Emma as she dressed. Everything about his sister captivated him. Her tiny ankles as she stepped into her panties, the swell of her thighs and the trim indentation of her waist, all the way up to her small, pert breasts capped with dusky pink nipples. He bent and quickly flicked one with his tongue. It stiffened immediately.

Emma gave Brandon a playful swat. "You stop that right now, Brandon. I need to get dressed and so do you, before someone comes along." They both knew the likelihood of that was slim. That part of Silver Lake State Park was isolated from the rest of the park and the lake below them.

Hand in hand they made their way back down the path. When they reached the vast expanse of dune, and the place where someone might see them, hands parted, as they continued on to the water's edge. Brandon swished his shirt around a little, but it was sticky and the residual come wouldn't completely rinse out.

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