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Sharing Submissive Slut Wife

by texasreb1369©

First off let me describe my amazingly erotic submissive wife. Blonde, slender, short (five feet tall), large breasts for such a small woman, nice ass and a slick shaved very moist cunt.

We were apart, her in Dallas and me in Houston due to work responsibilities, so I went online to look for some quality help with her training as a proper submissive slut wife. After getting rid of all the wannabe's, would-be's and narrowing down the rest into experienced doms who were willing to get involved basically as a trainer only and the ones that I thought might work something out.

After having one experience where the guy was a retired military and professional businessman, who turned out to be entirely too rigid for what we were looking for. I had told my wife since she was going to be spending quite a bit of time with this person I would let her make the final decision from the ones I had chosen. She thanked me for that, sharing that it would most likely create a better overall relationship in the long run. I had in the past sent her off with guys she had never seen or met prior to being used by them and in some instances couples when they wanted to use her.

So after numerous emails, phone calls, I allowed her to phone him and get a feel for him. She, after the phone call, seemed very much Ok with it, to that point. Maybe a little excited if truth were known.

A weekend was planned for the three of us to get together and maybe put the final touches on this new relationship. Which would involve her being his submissive slut slave to insure her training would continue without interruption while I was at home in Houston. He had agreed to train her as he trained his own sluts, be willing to take some direction from me if there was something special I felt was needed or wanted and pics/movies were to be a major part of the whole scene. He and I were both very excited about the whole set-up.

I went to Dallas and met with him on a Friday nite and made plans to have our little get together the following nite. We were both very excited by the time our meeting was over. Having allowed ourselves the opportunity to get to know each other face-to-face, feel each other out and realize how closely we agreed on future training. He shared some things with me that I had not tried in the past and I showed him some things he had not done or thought of that stoked his fire. We did not tell my wife anything about our plans other than she knew I was coming over to Dallas that weekend. Part of our excitement was keeping her totally; well almost totally, in the dark. She knew we were talking about JJ becoming her second dom, based on her approval from their phone call.

Saturday afternoon, I took my wife to Victoria's Secrets to add more excitingly classy-trashy slut-wear to her wardrobe to allow her to be appropriately dressed for what was coming later that night. When we walked in VS to start our adventure I told my wife to go on into the dressing room area and take off all her clothes because she would not need them anymore tonite. She smiled and pranced into the dressing area. I in turn got the attention of a rather attractive sales woman to who I explained the complete scenario. At first she did not believe me, so I ask her to go back to the dressing area and ask the naked blonde if she could take her measurements and get her sizes. Reluctantly, she turned and went into the dressing area. A few minutes later she came back with a small note book in her hand, that when I could see it, I noticed had measurements and sizes that looked a whole lot like my wife's.

The sales lady looked me in the eye and asked how she could now help me with this wonderful task. I knew she was the one who could help me. At another time or place I think I/we might could have talked her into joining us for some fun, but tonite I was more focused on getting JJ set up as my wife's second dom to keep her busy when I was unable to be there to take care of it myself. So I shared that I would need a simple but very sexy black dress that would be very easy to get out of, either garter belt with black stocking or black thigh highs, black strapless half bra or black shelf bra and a pair of come-fuck-me stiletto heels. The sales lady glanced at the notes she had been taking while I shared what I wanted, slowly looked up with a sly smile and said, "I assume you left off panties or thong on purpose."

"Very astute." I assured her.

"If you would like to have a seat back near the dressing area I will gather samples of everything you have requested and bring them back there." She offered.

"Excellent." I answered.

I wandered back to the dressing room area and found the chairs she was referring too. Walked to the door of the dressing area and could see my wife sitting on a bench beautifully naked with her legs crossed. I spoke to her and she smiled when I told her I would be right outside in the easy chairs provided for the gentlemen to be able to check out their wives, girlfriends, mistresses and/or sub/sluts. As I sat down I realized when the louvered swinging doors leading into the dressing area were open anyone sitting in the chairs could have a wonderful view of my naked wife on her little bench. I thought to myself, how nice of the Victoria Secret's folks to afford such an erotic arrangement. So I settled in to enjoy the show.

After a few minutes a couple of other gentlemen joined me in the chairs as their wives took some clothes into the dressing area. They had not been there but a couple minutes when they became aware of the visual opportunity the chairs provided. One of them jumped up and yelled through the swinging doors to his wife, "Louise, put down those clothes and come back out here right now. We are going home." His wife stuck her head around the door- facing and asks him what was wrong.

He said, "Get your purse and let's go. Right now!"

She reached and got her purse and they left in a huff.

The other guy smiled, looked at me and said hesitantly, "Well I guess if you are going to see my girl friend I get to see your girl."

After I stopped laughing, I shared, "Yes my friend it certainly looks that way doesn't it. Seems the other guy was not willing for us to see his wife. Awfully insecure, don't you think? Now since we have that part settled, I wonder if you and maybe your wife would be interested in maybe giving us second and third opinions on what my wife is going to try on?"

"I don't know about my mistress but I know I will be glad to be of assistance." He said smiling even more.

I then told him that I was preparing my wife to be extra sexy tonight because I was taking her to meet a new boyfriend here in town that I was going to let use her since I had to be in Houston most of the week. And I really wanted her to make a very sexy erotic impression on our new friend. He was taken back at first then warmed to the idea. About this time his girlfriend came out in nice sexy camisole top for him to check out. As he was having her model for him my sales lady came into the area with her arms full of black clothing that looked interesting, if the person who would wear them really wanted to be very much exposed.

I ask the sales lady to have my wife try on the undergarments first and let me see what they looked like before we started on the dresses. She just smiled and nodded her head in the affirmative, walking into the dressing area. The guy and his girlfriend hearing what I had said looked at one another then at me with a quizzical look. He leaned over and whispered something into her ear. She immediately started whispering something back to him. This went on until the sales lady, standing at the swinging doors asked if would like to come and look at my wife's first offering of undergarments.

I smiled, still sitting in the easy chair, told her, "No. Let her step out and model for me."

The sales lady pushed through the swing doors, came over to where I was sitting and immediately responded, "But sir, she can be seen by almost everyone in the store if she steps out of the dressing area."

"Well unless you have some objections that is what I would really prefer. I have asked this gentleman and his lady friend to help me make some decisions about these new clothes."

"Ok." The sales lady said as she turned and went back into the dressing area.

A couple of minutes later, the sales lady held the swinging doors open and my blushing wife stepped out of the dressing area, presenting herself to me, the guy, his girlfriend and any body else who happened to be looking in this direction. She was wearing the thigh high stockings and the strapless half bra. Her face was flushed with embarrassment but she step out like a trooper. Taking an almost aggressive stance with her hands on her hips and her legs spread at shoulder width. Her nipples were already very hard and erect and it appeared her cunt lips glistening with erotic moisture. She presented a very sensuous picture.

Without saying a word I raised my finger and made a twirling motion. She immediately understood and slowly turned around for everyone to view her lovely ass. I turned looking at my new friend and his girlfriend who were wide-eyed. I asked, "What do you guys think?"

The girlfriend, I think without realizing she was saying it out loud, said, "Wow!" The guy was speechless. Both were staring, unblinking, at my wife.

"I think, maybe we might need to see the garter belt and stockings before we can make a decision. Don't you guys?" I said, breaking the silence before it became awkward.

"Yeah, yeah, for sure, absolutely" the guy said without taking his eyes off my wife's aroused sex. His girlfriend still stared, while nodding her head.

My wife and the sales lady turned and went back into the dressing area. The guy's girlfriend shook her head and said, "I think I'll go get my blouse back on." She then turned and went back into the dressing area with my wife and the sales lady. The guy looked at me in amazement trying to put his words together before saying anything. "That was the most erotic thing I have ever seen. I can't believe she came out almost naked for all to see. Damn man, how did you get her to do that?"

Stifling a laugh, I shared with him that she was my very submissive slut wife, who did what ever I told her, whenever I told her, with whomever I told her. This opened up a whole new line of thoughts and questions, which he proceeded to blurt out quicker than I could answer? His wife came back out with her own blouse on and sat down on the arm of her boyfriend's easy chair. She seemed to have re-gained her composure while changing blouses and watching my wife and the sales ladies put the garter belt on my wife and fasten the stockings properly. She looked over at me and said, "You guys have a very different relationship!"

Her boyfriend looked at her then back at me before saying, "You just don't know the half of it, Honey. I was just asking this kind gentleman about that."

Again, just as I was about to tell them about our relationship, my wife and the sales lady came through the swinging doors. At first glance it was obvious that the garter belt and stockings were the answer. The black fabric perfectly framed her now moist cunt lips beautifully. I ask my new friends what they thought. Again it took them a couple of seconds to answer. But they both agreed that the garter belt and hose were certainly very tantalizing, much more so than the thigh highs.

I told the sales lady that we would take the shoes, garter belt, hose for sure, so now let's see what the dresses look like. The sales lady smiled as she said, "I think you will like this one best," as she held up a very small piece of black spandex like material.

I asked confused, "Is that really a dress?"

"It is a tube dress, like a tube top just longer. It really is form fitting and very erotic." She said smiling at the eager audience sitting in the dressing room chairs. She then turned and led my sub-slut back into the dressing area.

As soon as the doors swung closed the guy and his girlfriend/mistress began to pepper me with questions about our lifestyle.

"I hope you don't mind if we ask you some questions about your lifestyle? We just have never been around anything so erotic in our lives." He asked.

"Oh yes please tell us about how you guys live? If we are not being to rude." She asked smiling.

"Darling wife is a complete submissive." I said in response.

"What does that mean? Complete submissive?" the wife blurted out before she realized how anxious she was.

The husband seemed very surprised and interested in his wife's responses, very unsure about where this might go and not even sure he would want it to go anywhere even.

"My darling sub, does what I say, when I say, where I say, with whom I say." I offer.

"No shit! I mean really?" the wife blurts out again before thinking about what she is saying to a complete stranger in front of her husband. Who is growing more interested all the time but willing to let her go wherever this line of questioning might go.

Smiling still, I say, "Yes, really."

"Oh!" she says, as the swinging louvered doors of the dressing area swing open again, being held open by the sales lady, as my darling wife steps into view. She strikes a very erotic sexy, come fuck me type pose and asks, "What do you guys think of this little outfit?

There she stands framed by the doorway beautiful blonde hair, flushed skin glowing, covered by the tube dress that does nothing to hide anything. If anything is accentuates her every curve. Her breast are pushed together showing lovely cleavage above the top of the tube dress that barely covers her protruding nipples. The tube dress is just barely long enough to cover the tops of her gartered stockings. This whole presentation stands atop of the skimpy black stiletto heels.

I look over at the man and his wife, who are staring unblinkingly at my erotically submissive wife striking her pose. I ask, "Well guys do you think a new man in her life would be pleased with that look?"

"WHAT?" the wife says jerking her head around to make sure she heard what I had said.

Her husband attempts to explain we are buying these sexy clothes so she can go meet a dom they might get to help this kind gentleman train his sub when he is not in town. The look of disbelief and confusion is very apparent on his wife's face.

Knowing we did not have time to take this much further I said, "Why don't you guys give me call sometime over the weekend and we will get together and talk some more?"

I then turned to the sales lady and ask if she would be kind enough to wrap up my wife's other clothes and I would settle the bill.

Written by: texasreb1369

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