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14 Days on the Mountain Pt. 01

by Odysseyker©


Before you read this work, please note that it is adult oriented and very sexually explicit. Also, it is very lengthy and broken into 10 'parts' that should be read in order. Most of them will stand on their own, but certain nuances of the story will be better understood if each part is read in succession. In addition, I would like to say that I am in no way a professional writer and ask your forgiveness for any grammatical errors that might be present.

This story was written for entertainment purposes only, yours as well as my own. While it is a work of fiction, there is a great deal of the information that I have included which stems from three decades of my own sexual promiscuity. The people and places are pure fantasy but most of the sex acts depicted are relayed from personal experience, things that I have actually done or witnessed in person.

I have tried to touch on a variety of themes and topics in this work to provide a little something for a diverse group of readers. For the most part, the sex is straightforward and what most would consider "normal". There is some mild bondage included in one 'part', as well as a couple of scenes that contain light M/M contact, in a bisexual context. Some portions of the story were written to be simply lustful encounters, while others lend themselves a little more to the romantic lot.

I enjoy reading stories that have realism to them, stories that could actually take place, and so that is what I have tried to compose. In so doing, a good deal of 'PART I' is non-sexual in nature, but plays a strong role in setting the scene for the complete story. Since it is so lengthy, I felt obligated to devote a considerable amount to building a foundation for it. I will warn you that if you are looking for line after line of nothing but imaginary depictions of improbable sex, this is not the story for you. My hope is that you will enjoy this creation and that it might give you a fantasy break from your everyday grind.

~~ Odysseyker


Days 1-4

This is a story about what might be the best vacation that I've ever had in my life, although I was never more wiped out afterward.

I guess I could begin by telling you that my name is Mike. I was 28 years old and working for a large engineering firm in Denver, Colorado when this story took place. It all began when I was approached by two of my buddies at work. It turned out that they had planned to go on vacation with another mutual friend of ours, but he had to cancel for one reason or other. They were planning on going to a timeshare somewhere and they asked me if I would like to come along. They told me that the lodging was already paid for and the cost to me would be minimal. Since I had some time coming and no place to go, I said "Sounds good to me."

When the time came, we set out and had a fun trip, joking and laughing all the way. Finally arriving at our destination, I was a bit surprised. The place seemed almost like a truck stop instead of a resort. I was soon informed that this was only the check in point. We would be driven to our accommodations by way of Hummer SUV. Once we finally got to the resort, I was almost amazed at how gorgeous it was. It was the kind of place that looks like it belonged on a postcard or something. There was a beautiful two-story log lodge overlooking a pristine lake shimmering in the afternoon sun. The whole place was surrounded by huge trees and, other than the rugged logging road we had come in on, seemed to be totally secluded.

After unloading and getting squared away in our rooms, we began to check out the place a little better. We came downstairs and went to the kitchen, delighted to see that the pantry was stocked with more than enough food and alcohol to supply us, and the other guests, for the two weeks that we were to be there. Across from the kitchen was a very large room that was the main activity area. There was a pool table, bar, wide screen TV and another round table with chairs. There was an electronic dart board hanging on the wall to the right of the bar and sliding glass doors at the far end of the room. These doors opened onto a huge deck that had a spectacular view of the lake. From this deck we could see the dock extending out into the water and a couple of boats that were for our use. I couldn't help but to think about how fun this vacation was going to be. Little did I know just how much fun!

The guy that had driven us up the mountain told us that the other guest wouldn't be there until the next day, so we had the whole place to ourselves the first night. We grilled some steaks and drank a few brews, enjoying the peacefulness of the surroundings. After eating we decided to take one of the boats for a quick turn around the lake before the sun set. When we got back, we watched some TV and shot a few games of 'Cut Throat'. It had been a long day and we all decided to turn in because we wanted to get an early start on hiking some of the trails the next morning. I headed for bed and went to sleep with only the sounds of the wilderness outside my window.

Early the next morning Tom, Dave and I had a light breakfast and headed for one of the trails. From what we could see, the trails were clear enough that you could tell the trail from the rest of the woods, but still pretty rough. We chose one and set out for a good morning workout. Our plan was to make it back to the cabin around mid day, which we would have done, had Tom not taken a wrong turn landing us on the far side of the lake. Still it was only about 1:15 when we returned. To our surprise none of the other guests had arrived as yet. We had lunch and I said that I was going to take a nap, which my companions decided sounded like a good idea as well. We all went in different directions; Tom to his room, Dave to the deck, and I opted for the hammock tied between two pines. It wasn't long, I'm sure, before the woods were filled with our snoring.

I was awakened by the sound of the SUV grinding up the old logging road as it neared the lodge. It eased to a stop just in front of the steps leading to the entrance of the building and the driver jumped out. He quickly reached back and opened the rear door, just like a fancy chauffeur would have. 'Son-of-a bitch didn't treat us that way' I thought. But just then I saw why he was being such a gentleman. Sliding down, out of the Hummer was a rather hot looking woman with long firm legs. As she emerged, I could see that she was a bit older than I was, but she was in very good shape. The blue jeans she wore clung to her tight form and she was wearing a plaid print shirt with the sleeves cut off and tied in the front, just above the belt line of her jeans. The shirt bulged with the swell of her full and ample breasts.

As she moved away from the opening of the door, I watched another pair of legs make their way out of the vehicle. They were bare and obviously female. It was almost as though I were watching in slow motion until her feet hit the ground. I heard a giggle, then she popped around the open door of the Hummer. What I saw was a college boy's wet dream. I guessed the girl to be somewhere in her late teens. She was blonde with an athletic build, wearing a bright pink tube top and the shortest, tightest pair of denim cut-offs I think I've ever public at least.

As they moved around the SUV and toward the steps, I noticed two more men and another woman had exited the vehicle. I wondered for a moment if they were all one party or not, but then my attention was again drawn to the cute little blonde as she began to climb the steps leading to the cabin. Her tight ass wiggled seductively as she took each step, the curve of her bare cheeks clearly visible below the frayed denim. It was quite a sweet sight to wake up to.

After the blonde and her mother, as I discovered later, were in the lodge I took another look at the rest of the group that had arrived. One of the men was a rather stout looking black man in his late 20's or early 30's. He was about 6' 2" and looked pretty muscular, like he had spent considerable time in the gym. Given different circumstances, he looked like the kind of guy I wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley. The other two were both white and neither of them was really remarkable in any way. They were both in their mid to late 30's and seemed like a typical suburbanite couple on vacation. The man was dressed in jeans and a T-shirt while the woman wore loose cargo shorts and an oversized khaki button up blouse. I couldn't tell much about her figure, but what I could see of her legs indicated that she was fit, but not really athletic by any means.

After the luggage had all been unloaded and the Hummer began its retreat from the premises, I decided that I'd go see if Tom and Dave had gotten a look at the new arrivals, especially the little blonde. I went inside after the new guests had dispersed, and made my way out onto the deck. There I found Dave still snoozing in one of the lounge chairs. I gave it a kick, startling him.

"What the hell...?" he grumbled.

"You might want to wake up," I said, "we have new guests."

Still a little peeved at my waking him, he replied "So what?"

"So nothing I guess...unless hot little blonde chicks in short tight cut-offs interest you," I smirked.

He sat bolt upright and looked at me with a big grin. "Hot huh?" he questioned.

"Yep, pretty sweet," I answered.

Just then the sliding door opened and Tom came out onto the deck. Sliding the door closed behind him, he asked, "Have you guys seen the new folks yet?"

I told him that I had but Dave had not. "You have got to check out Tiffany," he told Dave, then went on to explain that he had met the first two females as he was coming down from his room. They, of course, were going to theirs. Introducing himself to them, they told him that they were in fact mother and daughter. Their names were Cheryl and Tiffany. The latter being the blonde object of our excitement.

Dave didn't have to wait too long to get his first eyeful of Tiffany. Just a few minutes after Tom had come onto the deck, we heard giggles and laughter below us. Then, as they emerged from under the deck, we watched as Cheryl and her daughter headed briskly toward the lake. Both were clad only in bikinis that were quite revealing. The three of us were instantly at the railing, ogling these fine specimens of femininity as they jiggled down the path to the dock.

I was quite impressed with Cheryl's body as she dove into the water at the end of the dock. Despite her having to be at least 10 to 15 years older than myself, she looked nearly as fit as her nubile young daughter. The thought of getting into an older woman's pants sent a little tingle through the pit of my stomach. Of course, the thought of getting into Tiffany's pants, providing she was of age, didn't exactly calm me down. All I knew was that a chance at either one of these beauties would be sweet. But to try to keep myself from building my hopes up too much, I rationalized that they were simply there for a nice quiet vacation, just like the rest of us.

The remainder of the afternoon and evening was spent getting to know the other guests a little, while trying to not be too obvious with our lecherous staring at Cheryl and Tiffany. Confiding their ages Cheryl said, "I'm 41 and Tiffany's 19," and told us they were from Santa Monica, California. The black guy was a semi-pro football player named Mark. It was the off-season and he was just trying to "get away from it all" for a while before training began again. The other couple were Paul and Kelly. I had guessed pretty well about them. They were 38 and 34, respectively, and lived in the suburbs of Chicago. Both were successful business people and didn't seem to lead what would be considered an overly exciting lifestyle.

The next couple of days were very much the same, with folks in and out, hiking and swimming, just kind of getting to know the surroundings and each other. Tiffany and Cheryl always seemed to grab the attention when they were present. Mainly because their attire never really left much to the imagination. I even caught Kelly checking out Tiffany at one point, but wrote it off as a conservative quietly assessing and probably degrading what was, to her, simply a blonde bimbo. And that was probably what most people would have considered Tiffany, except she seemed very intelligent when you spoke with her. I classified her as a gorgeous young woman just enjoying her youth.

Day four is when this trip started to get very interesting. Tom was feeling a bit hung over (he never could hold his liquor) so Dave and I had decided to hike around the back side of the lake and do some fishing in a cove that we had seen on our boat ride the first night. It was a spectacular setting and we had a nice morning, although we didn't catch much. Around 11:00 or so I said, "Let's go back and grab some lunch," to which Dave agreed. We began our trek back to the cabin and about half an hour later we were nearing the dock. I suddenly froze in my tracks and Dave nearly ran me over. Before he could say anything, I spun around and motioned for him to stay quiet, then pointed to what had caught my attention.

About fifty yards or so ahead I could see a pair of knees sticking up out of the tall marsh grass that grew in the open areas around the lake. It was quite obvious that they belonged to a female and I suspected whoever it might be was sunbathing topless. We moved off the trail and quietly up through the trees to try and get a better vantage point. Finally we were directly above where the knees were. Not really surprisingly, we saw Tiffany lying there on a blanket, completely nude. What really surprised us was that she wasn't alone. And even more surprising was who was with her. It was Kelly, who up to this point had earned the reputation of almost a stick in the mud, that had her head buried between the thighs of the blonde teen.

Instantly I could feel my cock begin to stir and my heart raced at the sight. I would have never dreamed that Kelly would be adventurous enough to have sex out in the open, much less with another woman. Boy, was I ever wrong about her! She must have been really good at it too, because within moments after we got into position, Tiffany's body began humping and twisting in what could only have been orgasmic delight. We watched only a short time longer, as Kelly slid her also nude body up to snuggle with Tiffany, then we made a hasty and very quiet retreat, hearts and boners pounding.

We returned to the place where we had left the trail and resumed our previous heading, a little more slowly, toward the dock and trail leading to the cabin. As we neared the place where we knew the girls had been, we heard some giggles and then saw them as they got up and began to gather the blanket. Quite surprised to see us, Kelly blushed and looked at Tiffany. They were both dressed again now, Kelly in her cargo shorts and a T, Tiffany in a shiny silver bikini. "What are you two up to?" I inquired with a smug tone.

Without missing a beat, Tiffany responded, "Just watching the bugs..." and then turned and headed for the cabin with Kelly hot on her heels. I could tell from Kelly's body language and her facial expression that she knew they'd been seen, but she wasn't about to stick around and discuss it.

After they were out of ear shot, Dave and I shared a couple of joking remarks as we followed the two females toward the cabin. When we arrived there ourselves, we stowed our gear and proceeded to make our lunch. When we had our sandwiches and some beers, we headed for the deck to relax and enjoy our meal. Tiffany was sprawled in one of the chaise lounges, but Kelly was nowhere to be found. In fact, I didn't see her the rest of the afternoon. I was certain, at that point, she was well aware that she had been caught and was definitely embarrassed. I guessed our resident prude was showing her true colors. At least that was what I thought until much later that same day.

The rest of the day passed without event. Everyone except Kelly made appearances, and we all just blew the afternoon playing pool and horseshoes and the like. Then we all pitched in and fixed dinner, grilling some steaks and chicken, Kelly finally showing up to help. She was quiet though, even more so than usual. After eating, everyone once again helped to clean up and we soon found ourselves watching the sun set over the lake. It was quite a relaxing spectacle. Afterward we all headed inside to play games and watch movies in the activity room. This continued throughout the evening until around 10:00 P.M. when Mark said that he was heading for bed. That kind of signaled the close of festivities for the day with everyone else deciding it was nearly time to turn in as well.

As people began to scatter, I too got up and started for my room. At the foot of the stairs I paused and decided that I was going for a walk to clear my head before hitting the sack. As I turned for the door, I noticed Kelly watching me from the kitchen. "G'night," I said to her before heading out the door and down the steps to the path that led to the lake. The moon was bright and I had no trouble seeing where I was going. Within a couple of minutes I found myself looking out across the lake from near the end of the dock. The moon reflected brightly off of the water's surface and it was nearly as bright as day. I breathed in a deep breath and closed my eyes for a moment just listening to the peaceful surroundings.

I was snapped back to reality when I felt what was obviously someone else walking down the length of the dock. Opening my eyes, I turned to see Kelly coming toward me. My first thought was that I was going to get the riot act for peeping, but as she neared me she didn't seem to have a confrontational posture. In fact it seemed just the opposite, coy and meek. I was puzzled to say the least, but quickly reassessed the situation and came to the conclusion that she was going to beg me not to tell anyone else about her little fling with Tiffany. Right then I made up my mind that I would keep her secret, but not without a little teasing first.

"Nice night," I said to her as she neared.

Stepping past me, right to the very end of the dock, she replied, "Yes, it is." She then turned and took a step closer to me, and in an almost hushed tone asked, "How would you like me to show you what Tiffany and I were up to?"

I think I heard my teeth rattle on the dock. To say the least, I was stunned. And I was even more stunned when she stepped closer and I felt her hand on my crotch. I shifted and nearly stumbled as I tried to regain my composure. I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks as it was now me that was blushing instead of her. Not that I'm usually embarrassed easily, but this was completely unexpected and I was caught quite off guard. Within a couple of seconds I had my wits about me again and acknowledged her advances. "I think that would be a swell idea," I said.

Without a word she began to unbutton my shorts. Of course by now my dick had begun to swell, and by the time she finished undoing the four buttons, it was ready to burst free. Before I knew it, Kelly had slipped her hands into my shorts and worked them off my hips to slide to the wooden dock below. Now my hard-on was poking straight out from my abdomen. I felt a little silly standing there in my T-shirt so I reached down and pulled it over my head, dropping it in a crumpled pile next to my feet.

By this time Kelly was stroking her hands up and down my rigid 8" prick and my feeling of embarrassment was replaced with pure lust. My hands went to her still clothed breasts and I began to gently massage them. "You can take my shirt off," Kelly said with a little laugh. I wasted no time tugging the garment up and over her head, exposing a very firm pair of tits. They were not overly large, yet still full and prominent. Her nipples were hard as little rocks and protruded invitingly from the mounds of flesh. I took her boobs in my hands and resumed the massaging that I had been performing. This only lasted for a few brief moments until Kelly lowered herself before me, gathering our discarded shirts to cushion her knees against the rough wood of the dock.

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