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My Mother, My Slut Ch. 04

by dreamgiver7©

Mom and Laura come home that weekend, ignoring me throughout the day as much as possible. Dad was out all day with his drinking buddies. When he finally comes home, he's drunk and soon passes out in bed. Disgusted, you storm off to bed as well.

I wait an hour before crawling into bed with you, my hands sliding over your long smooth legs, caressing your thighs as I slowly push your thin nightie higher. Dad snores next to you as my hand moves over your golden ass, squeezing it hungrily. My other hand moves along your inner thigh as it glides up over your panties.

"Mmmm..." you moan softly, turning to face me in your sleep. I pull you close, kissing my mother deep and passionately, my tongue darting past your lips and into your mouth.

You begin to return the kiss, accepting my tongue eagerly. Your eyes flutter open as you awaken, looking at me with surprise and confusion. "What are you doing?" you whisper quietly.

"Shhhh..." I whisper sharply. Without saying another word, I rip open your nightie, fondling your breasts roughly as I squeeze them, pulling you to me as I grind your body against mine. I smile, looking over at Dad as he sleeps. "I'm going to fuck the shit out of you, Mom. Right here, right now."

You moan at my touch as I feel your breasts. Your eyes go wide at my statement. "No, not here. He'll wake up."

I flipping you over roughly, turning you away from me, your face next to Dad's as he sleeps. "Oh yes whore, right here, right now. Did you honestly think you and Laura could get away from me? You two are mine... forever." I grip your ass, thrusting my cock up inside your slightly wet cunt, plunging deep up inside you. "Ohhhhh shit yeaaa.."

You bite down on your lip, burying your face into the bed as you cry out. Besides you, Dad snorts some as you press your pussy back against my cock.

Smiling as I slide out to the tip, only to ram it back into you deeper, moaning in pleasure as I feel your pussy wrap around it. Reaching around your body, I pull your tits back as I pinch your nipples hard, jamming my dick back into my slut of a mother. "Kiss him, whore." I order you sharply.

"Ohhh.." you groan, getting more and more aroused as I use your body. You lean forward, kissing my father as I fuck you. He moans slightly as I plunge into you harder, burying my cock deep into your cunt.

"That's it bitch. Make him cum, and I'll let you cum."

You kiss him more, passionately, plunging your tongue into his mouth. Hesitantly, you reach down for his cock, panting hard as you begin stroking him slowly.

I grip your hair, jerking your head back. "Suck him off whore."

You cry out slightly as I pull your hair, but obey my command. I watch as you slide down, taking his cock in your mouth, your tight ass and hot pussy up in the air as you lean over him.

Gripping your waist, I drive my cock back up inside you, ramming into your cunt as you engulf my father's rod. He moans deep in his sleep even as I nail his wife's now dripping pussy.

You continue sucking him off, shoving your pussy back hard against my cock as I thrust up into you.

Smiling to myself as you go down on him, I shift your body, positioning it over him before finally pulling out of your cunt, moving it over his face. "Now for the fun part whore..." I jam my cock up your ass as your pussy drives itself down onto my dad's face.

"Ohh god!" you scream out as I enter you, smearing your pussy across his face as my powerful dick stretches your ass open.

Raping your hot ass, I thrust my cock into you. Dad wakes up, but doesn't see me in the darkness as he begins to eat out your wet pussy. I straddle you as you straddle him.

You continue grinding your pussy all over his face as I fuck your ass hard. I pull out suddenly, jerking your head back as I whisper sinisterly into your ear. "Remember whore, you don't cum until he does." I push your body aside, turning you around onto him.

You reach behind quickly, gripping my dad's cock, guiding it into your pussy as you slide yourself down onto it. "Ohhh yes, babe. Fuck me," you moan in desire, riding him, grinding your pussy against his cock.

I climb back on top of you, driving my cock back up into your tight ass as you scream. We start banging you furiously, fucking this slut in a sandwich; ramming your ass as he drives into your cunt. Raping your ass as my dad fucks your pussy.

"Oh god! Oh yes!" you scream in pleasure as we fill you completely. "I love it!! More! I'm going to cum," you cry out, feeling my dad's cock throbbing beneath you as I jam my cock hard into your tight ass.

Knowing how proper and polite you always are around Dad, your friends, and other people, I decide it's time to teach you your place. I lean over your hot body, whispering into your ear. "Tell him to cum in his whore. Let him know how much of a slut you really are Mom."

"Ohh yes... fuck me... shoot that hot cum in me babe." You cry out as you ride his cock faster, driving your body down onto him.

"Tell him you're his WHORE!" I order, jerking your hair back hard.

"Ahh," you gasp in pain. "I'm your whore!! Oh god, fuck me babe, make me your little cum-slut!!"

Hearing you say that, being so vulgar, Dad thrusts up inside you, cumming hard, reaching up and pulling your tits in his hand, twisting your nipples hard. At the same time, I hammer my cock hard into your ass, exploding as I cum deep into you. "Cum whore! Cum now, you slut of a mother."

"Oh yes, oh god... I'm cumming," you scream in pure lust as your body shudders and shakes. "Fuck me!"

Both of us smash up inside you, filling both your holes, cumming hard and deep as we nail our slut again and again, flooding into your body as we unleash our loads.

"Oh yessss... oh god yesss... mmmmmm..." you moan, collapsing onto my dad as I pull my cock out of your ass. You slide down, licking and sucking both of our rods clean. Dad quickly passes back out, never knowing I was there. You drop back onto the bed in exhaustion, as I leave you covered in both your husband's and your son's cum.


Waiting to make sure my mom fell back to sleep, I sneak into my little sister's room, pulling the sheets down off her young eighteen year-old body. I slide her panties off as she sleeps peacefully, spreading her legs apart. Without warning, I thrust my cock deep into her, burying it up inside her cunt. I kiss her hard and deep to silence her screams...

You twist and turn, slapping at me to try and push me off you.

"Stop it bitch... you know you want it slut." I sneer, sliding out and plunging back into your tight little pussy as I bury my thick fat cock into your young teen body.

"AHH!! Stop!!" you scream, struggling to get free.

"What's the matter Laura? Mom tell you not to? You were begging like a bitch in heat when we both fucked you like a little whore... or did you forget about that already?" I smile, sliding out fully before jamming my long thick cock back into your young teen pussy, stretching you open, filling you completely. "Ohhhhhh yesssss, so fucking tight, you little cunt."

You slap me across the face as you scream. "Get off me! MOM!"

"Mom can't help you sis, I left her lying in a pool of cum." Laughing as I hold you firm, your legs spread wide as I bury my cock in and out of your sweet young pussy, raping my tight little sister as I fuck her deep. "Ohhhh god yessss.... take it you whore... feel my cock deep inside you sis.... ohhhh yea..."

"Stop," you cry, squeezing your pussy muscles, trying to push my cock out of you.

"Ohhh yesss... that's it, struggle more..." I moan as I feel you grip my cock even tighter. I pull on your pert little tits, fucking you harder as I pound your pussy deep. "Ohhh fuck, Laura. That's it, baby... that's my little sister. You know you love it, Laura. Don't you? Tell me..."

I smile as I look down at you - your eyes closed, your mouth open in a silent moan. Your arms now rest outstretched at your sides instead of struggling against me. "Ohhh..." you gasp softly I thrust into you. "Y-yesss... m-more..." you reply softly as I plunge home inside you.

"Ohhh yeaaa sis... that's my little sweetie," banging your cunt to the base of my balls as I bury my cock into you. "Beg Laura... beg for my cock like the whore I am turning you into."

"Oooo... ohhh yessss... give it to me..." you plead as you feel it deep inside you. "Give it to me... more..."

"Ohhh god yes... yesss... " I jam you harder, deeper, faster as I rape my slut of a little sister. Fucking you without mercy, I bury my cock deep into your pussy, again and again as you start screaming for more.

"Ohhhhh yesss... fuck meeeee!!" you cry out as I hammer you.

Without thinking, without caring, I smash my cock up inside you, exploding, erupting as I shoot my cum deep and hard up inside your tight little cunt, filling my little sister's fertile womb with her brother's hot sperm. "OHHHHH YESSSSSS YOU WHORE!!! TAKE IT SLUT!!!!"

"Ohhhh yesss... ohhhh god... cummmingggg!!" you slur as your body convulses and shakes beneath me, spasming as I shoot my load into your pussy.

You moan and pant, twitching heavily as I ram your pussy, cumming over and over into your body. I pull out quickly, shooting my sperm over your stomach and chest before heading out of your room. I turn back to you, smiling. "Good night slut. See you tomorrow, Laura."

Written by: dreamgiver7

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