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The Hot Mom Ch. 09

by thehumpman©

Al went home and quietly went upstairs to pack up enough clothes for the next couple of weeks and then he went back down the stairs to put them in the car. He then drove off as quickly as he left, Angela just heard him pull out of the drive way as she was out in the kitchen making her daughter a snack. Minutes later the house phone rang and it was Al telling her to get a sitter and meet him at a local bistro for dinner.

Angela curious to what is going on got a sitter for the evening and got dressed for dinner wearing a conservative pant suit, the sitter arrived and she was off to the bistro. Little did she know her husband had called her son and wanted him to bring his pregnant girlfriend and she also did not know the mother of her teenaged lover and her lover were going to be there as well?

"Wow that was my dad and he really wants us to join him, my mom, Kevin's mom and Kevin for dinner tonight." He told Mary Beth as she looked at her baby bump in the mirror.

"Sounds like fun." She sighed with little excitement.

"What's wrong?" Jimmy asked knowing when she was feeling down, he went over behind her as she continued to look into the full length mirror he wrapped his arms around her and nuzzled her neck.

"Now that I'm showing I'm afraid you won't find me attractive anymore." She said softly.

"Stop talking nonsense." He whispered in her ear. "I could never stop finding you attractive."

With a slow and deliberate move he slid one hand up under her blouse and cupped one of her breasts, gently running his hand over it until the nipple got hard under his hand. He took his other hand and undid the button of her jeans and slid his hand down inside her panties. She moaned softly as his hand slid down over her dampening pussy and then back up to rub her sensitive clit.

"Ooooohhhh Jimmy I love you so much." She moaned into his ear.

He stopped playing with her breast and then stopped playing with her pussy; he with some help from her slid her jeans and panties off. Then he peeled her blouse off and then her bra, she was now naked in front of the mirror, he took his shirt off and slid his pants off, his cock bouncing lewdly in front of him.

She went to get onto the bed and he had stopped her, she was surprised when he turned her around to look into the mirror, he resumed running his hands over the front of her body. His cock was now prodding her backside, he kept whispering to her to look at how beautiful she looked. Mary Beth was just the right height for him to slide his cock into her waiting pussy from behind; she leaned forward just a little bit so he had a better angle. Jimmy slowly slid his cock out of her making her moan softly so her parents would not hear them.

"Oh Mary Beth you are so beautiful, I love you, I love your hot body." He groaned aloud as his cock slid in and out of the hot wet pussy of his pregnant girlfriend.

"I love you Jimmy, oh you make me feel so good, so beautiful, so wanted." She groaned back as she felt her first orgasm explode.

Not one time while they were having sex in front of the mirror did Mary Beth stop looking at herself and her lover was right she is beautiful. How handsome he looked as he his face looked so blissful concentrating on her pleasure, she could feel another orgasm building inside of her this one was more powerful than the first one. She could tell by the way Jimmy was now twisting his face that he too was on the edge of cumming.

"Oh god yes, oh yes I'm cumming Jimmy, oh baby feel me cum." She moaned aloud.

"AGH!" He yelled as he spewed inside of her.

"What the hell is going on up there?" Her father yelled from downstairs as the two of them came down from their climax.

"Sorry Mister Johnson!" Jimmy yelled back. "I stubbed my toe."

After that Mary Beth got into the shower to get ready to go to dinner and Jimmy washed up, the two of them left the house for the bistro. At Kevin's house his mother arrived home and told him to get ready to go out and eat, she went upstairs and got ready. She told him who they were going out with and he felt a little uncomfortable, he drove as his mother said she wanted to drink wine at the bistro.

Al and Angela were already seated at the table and Jimmy and Mary Beth were seated across from them, they exchanged pleasantries and then Angela sat at the other end by Al and Kevin sat next to Angela. Everyone ordered drinks and appetizers and made small talk around the table. When the drinks and appetizers arrived Al decided this was a good opportunity to talk about everything.

"Funny how life is changing in just a short amount of time, I'm going to be a grandfather soon and I find out today my wife is having an affair with the son of our son's best friend." He said calmly.

"What the fuck dude!" Jimmy exclaimed jumping up from his seat.

"Son sit down, sit down now" His father said sternly from across the table. Jimmy reluctantly sat back down, staring coldly at his mother and best friend, Mary Beth now held his hand tightly. "As I was saying it is funny how life changes, for the last few years I felt Angela and I drift apart and did nothing to stop it. Then I find out she is having an affair from none other than the mother of they young man she is having the affair with. So I've done a lot of thinking in the last two hours, you can do that you know think a lot in that small amount of time. Angela I love you, but I no longer love you as my wife, I love you as a best friend, as the mother of my children and I only want you to be happy, so if Kevin makes you happy then I will let you have what you want. I will have our lawyer draft the divorce you will get custody of the kids of course, I will pay support, I will not pay any spousal support due to the fact that we both have jobs and it was you who cheated. You of course will get the house, the van and to make sure you have enough money I let you have everything in the checking account, half of the savings and I will call are financial planner and have him split our investment portfolio in half. Kevin you have a great lady there, take good care of her and no hard feelings. Don't any of you worry about me, I have moved on, I think I will like be a bachelor and there is a nice caring lady here I would like to date if her son has no objections and if she would like that as well?" He said after his long explanation gripping Sharon's hand.

"You mean you are okay with Kevin fucking my mom and you want to do the same to his." Jimmy said rolling his eyes.

"Jimmy really buddy, listen to me I love your mother and I love my mother and if that is what she and your dad want to do I just want to see everyone happy." Kevin said to him trying to calm him down.

"Yes Al, I would very much like to continue seeing you." Sharon said.

"Really do you guys realize how fucked up this is." Jimmy groaned aloud. "Well you do whatever you want; I'm washing my hands of the two of you. I'm going to give Aunt Janet and Uncle Steve a call when dinner is over and see if I can stay with them until after graduation and I go off to school in the fall. Maybe by then I will have time to think and cool off, now why don't we worry more about food than this drama you created."

They all ate dinner, everyone engaged in forced uncomfortable conversation, Angela told Al she was sorry and she would agree to whatever he wanted with the divorce and the division of assets. Everyone but Jimmy was part of the conversations that were going on; he just sat quietly staring at Kevin and eating. After dinner Sharon told Kevin she was going back to Al's motel and he went home with Angela. Mary Beth waited while Jimmy called his Aunt and Uncle from his cell phone, then he came back over to the group and took Mary Beth by the hand.

"They are cool with me staying with them and I will explain everything to your sister when I get there Mom, I will get my things when you are not home." He said coldly.

"Hey Jimmy I'm sorry man, I still want us to be friends." Kevin said extending a hand.

Then without any warning Jimmy went to take Kevin's hand, instead of shaking it, he hauled off and punched him in the stomach as hard as he could. Kevin doubled over coughing and gasping as Angela and his mother went to help him. Al pulled Jimmy back by the arms and held him tight against his car.

"I'm sorry I just felt I had to do that." He said. "Dad let me go, I'm leaving."

"It's okay Al, really I was expecting that punch from you, but I guess in a way I deserved it." Kevin said catching his breath.

Al let Jimmy go and without saying anything else he and Mary Beth sped away, they talked for a little longer outside in the parking lot and they all agreed to give Jimmy time and space. Then they were all off leaving the bistro and going back to their respective homes. Angela and Jimmy went to her house and Sharon had Al take her back to her house, when they arrived Sharon told Al to follow her upstairs.

"Why don't you get undressed and I will slip into something a little more comfortable." She said kissing him lightly on the lips.

Al got undressed and laid down on the bed, when Sharon came out she was dressed in a short black lace teddy that showed off her body. She turned the radio on in her room to a soft romantic music station, then she lit some candles, she turned off the light and walked slowly to the bed. She lay down on top of Al and the two of them became embraced in a long slow passionate kiss.

He pulled the straps of the teddy down to reveal her large breasts and he suckled her sensitive nipples, swirling his tongue around them. She then sat up enough to let Al slip his cock into her and she eased herself back down on top of him, she slowly leaned forward again and the two of them resumed kissing. Al slowly pumped his cock in and out of her as they made love in her bed for the first time.

For Sharon this was the first time she felt as if she was being treated like a woman and felt desired, sex had always been more hardcore and rough. Not that she did not like it like that from time to time, but this was different it made her feel special. They continued on like this for the ten minutes, she had one soft orgasm, but now she was urgent for more, she lifted herself off of him and sat straight up on his cock.

She now bounced up and down on his cock as fast and as hard as she could, Al grunted aloud as he saw a sight unfamiliar to him. Her big tits were bouncing up and down as compared to Angela's small firm perkier breasts. Sharon grabbed one as she was riding him and licked her own nipple.

"Um yes baby fuck me, you made love to me, now I want you to fuck me." She moaned holding onto both of her tits and squeezing them.

"Oh yeah, oh fuck this is so hot." He said grabbing her ass and fucking her as fast as he could.

Soon the two of them were in perfect rhythm together and she could feel orgasm after orgasm flood out of her pussy and all over his cock and balls. She was now moaning loudly as she had no one to hold it back for, her passionate screams of lust filled the house.

"C'mon Al empty your balls into me, c'mon baby cum into me." She beckoned him.

"Ugh!" He groaned as spurt after spurt of his cum filled her pussy.

The two of the fell asleep in each others arms, Al had never had such a boisterous lover and he could only wait and see what other surprises Sharon had in store for him. Sure enough she did have a surprise in store for him; three hours later he was awaken by his cock getting harder and harder. Sharon was straddling his legs sucking his cock back to life; Al moaned aloud that this was going to be a long night.

They had fucked in every possible way with the third time Al receiving his first ever titty fuck, by morning the two of them were spent and they ended up sleeping until the afternoon.

At Angela's house the she paid the sitter, who looked at the funny, then she left the house and drove home, Angela could not believe this was happening. Her marriage was over and she was now free to start a new life with her young lover, she was worried about Jimmy though.

"Do you really think Jimmy is going to come around eventually?" She asked Kevin.

"Yeah I do." Kevin said pulling her too him and pulling the blazer to her pant suit off. "I can't wait to get you out of this; it looks like something from the Hillary Clinton collection."

"You don't like the way I dress?" She asked mockingly.

"I do, but I expect my hot older girlfriend to dress like a hot older girlfriend." He said undoing her blouse and pulling it off of her.

"Well I think that can be arranged." She said undoing her pants.

Kevin helped her pull them down and then the two of them started kissing he still fully clothed and she just standing in a thong. Kevin took her over to the dining room table and put her on it then he pulled off his shirt, then his pants is cock only semi hard. He then got on his knees pulling her thong off of her down her long shapely legs, he then started to lick and suck on her wet pussy. His tongue working over her clit and his finger ramming in and out of her, she began to hump his face and pant loudly until she came all over his mouth. He eagerly sucked up all of her love juices and he stood up aiming his hard cock for her pussy.

He pulled her ass to him and slid his cock easily into her, he pulled her legs up onto his shoulders and he held her by the waist. Kevin fucked her long and hard right on the, Angela was lost in passion as Kevin's big cock hit her cervix.

"Oh oh uh oh oh fuck oh yes fuck me, yes fuck me." She moaned as her young lover made cum.

"Yeah, oh fuck you are so hot, so fucking hot." He groaned.

After she had her first orgasm he pulled her off of the table and turned her around so he fucks her from behind, she loved it when he fucked her doggie styled. The way he grabbed her waist and the way his large cock made her feel from this position was unbelievable.

"Oh god Kevin, oh fuck me, fuck me, oh god I'm cumming again oh I'm cumming so fucking gooooooood." She screamed as her orgasm again.

Kevin however was not done he pulled his hard cock out of her and sat down in one of the dining room chairs, he pulled down to him by the waist. It was difficult for her to comprehend what he was trying to do at first. Then she understood he wanted her to straddle him reverse cowgirl style.

When they finally got the position to work her rode up and down on Kevin's cock at a slow steady rate, he was into her so deep now. Kevin reached in front of her and played with her tits roughly and the other hand reached down and rubbed her sensitive clit. She was now riding him harder and faster now, her passionate moans filling the room, she could feel him hit her cervix again. Soon he was filling her pussy with his cum, only this time the cum found it target deep into her pussy impregnating her.

Kevin carried her up to the bedroom and the two of them made love again after she sucked his cock back to life, Angela fell asleep exhausted from the passionate lovemaking.

Three years later:

Sharon and Al got married and live happy in Sharon's house; they still work at the same company and enjoy having Al's daughter and grandson over on the weekends. For Sharon she found a gentle caring man who treats her like an equal in the work place and in the bedroom.

Jimmy eventually forgave his best friend, his parents and is in his third year of school, working for his new wife's dad during the summer. He is on pace to graduate with honors and should have plenty of good job offers when he gets out of school, Mary Beth is working on becoming a teacher when she gets out of school and enjoys being a mother and a wife to her high school sweet heart.

As for Kevin and Angela well they had a baby girl and then a year later they broke up, Kevin ended up screwing around with girls at college and Angela met a man her own age at a local carnival. It turned out they were both divorced, with kids and Angela found out later he was endowed just like Kevin.

Written by: thehumpman

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