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Donna Does a Bachelor Party

by sharedhousewife©

A couple of years after Scott and I had introduced our brother-in-law, Dan, into our lifestyle, we were sitting in the hot-tub one night discussing the upcoming months. Dan advised us that his brother Tim was traveling in from Albuquerque and was getting married to his college sweetheart in a few weeks. The wedding was taking place in Phoenix, and Dan was supposed to arrange the bachelor party. Dan said that Tim was a natural breast man and that most of the bachelor party strippers he had seen before were surgically augmented. He asked if I would be the entertainment at the party, which would be held at his house. My sister, Susie, would be attending the bachelorette party with her future sister-in-law, Daria, so she would not know. Scott naturally said yes, as long as he was invited to attend.

The other guys at the party would be Tim or Dan's friends and had never met Scott or I. I had never done anything like this before, so I agreed, as long as it was only one guy at a time. On the night of the party, Dan let the Tim answer the door. Even Scott had to look twice at what I chose to wear. I had on a super tight white dress that was so short you could see the bottoms of my ass cheeks in the back. When Tim asked who I was, I calmly explained that my name was Donna and I was his entertainment for the night. When I entered the room, all jaws dropped when the other guys saw me. The dress showed every curve of my body; and without a bra on, both my nipples were clearly visible. As each man was introduced, I gave him a kiss on the cheek. When I got to the groom, he got a hot full lipped French kiss.

Dan fixed me a strong drink, which I downed in three swallows. As he made a second one, someone put on some music and asked me to dance. The first song was a fast song and I was soon dancing alone in the center of a circle of men. As I danced, the hemline of my dress moved up and up. By the time the song ended, the back of my dress had raised above my ass cheeks. This revealed that I had worn a thong with a back so thin it was completely inside the crack of my ass. I very slowly and sexily pulled my dress down. When the song ended, I sat next to the groom (Tim G) and sipped my second drink. My hand was on his thigh as we chatted. Four guys pushed to sit on the couch opposite us to get a better look. Slowly I began to spread my legs and give them all a great view under my dress.

I turned to the groom and gave him another hot kiss as my hand moved to his hard cock. I rubbed him through his slacks as his hand moved up my thigh. When the song changed, I stood up and started to dance for him. This was one hot lap dance! My dress moved up again exposing my tiny thong and ass. The front patch to this thong only covered my clit area. Both my labia lips were visible on each side of the thong. When the song ended and another started, I moved to the best man (Tim K), giving him the same type of lap dance. Next I came to Scott and he decided that he would push things along. When I turned and sat in his lap, both of his hands went to my breasts. At first he played with them through the dress. By the time the song ended, he had pushed the dress straps to the sides and had exposed my tits. I left them exposed and moved to the next guy.

I danced one song for each guy. The last one was the groom again, but I completely removed my dress to dance for him this time. I danced in only the thong as I rubbed my naked breasts and ass all over him. When the song ended, I walked to Dan and Susie's bedroom door. Standing there, I turned and told the men the bedroom rules. One guy at a time, the groom first, then any order they chose. Tim G. and I went into the room and closed the door. The rest of the men cut cards to choose an order. Tim G. seemed quite nervous as we entered the room together. I escorted him to the bed and turned to him and kissed him, pushing my tongue past his lips as my hand moved to his hard cock. I sat on the bed and undid his belt, opened his pants and moved the zipper down. I pushed down his slacks and boxers at the same time exposing his cock at my face level.

I asked him what his future wife would think about what was about to happen. Tim G. said they would not be wed until tomorrow, so tonight was fair game. I asked him how he could be sure his future bride was not getting fucked by some male stripper at her bachelorette party. He said he wasn't going to think about it. I kissed the tip of his cock then slowly slid more and more of it into my mouth. Being a little on the average side, I easily got all of him inside my mouth. As my head bobbed up and down, he began to moan. Cupping his balls, I could feel them tighten as he became more and more excited. I stopped and told him as the groom, he had the privilege of being first in any of my holes, and asked which one he would like to cum in first. He said his future bride would not allow him to cum in her mouth, and that is what he wanted.

With that said, I went back to deep-throating his cock. He was soon moaning and his balls tightened again. This time I did not stop, and he soon exploded in my mouth. I swallowed him down and slowly licked him clean again. I told him as the groom, he could jump the line any time he wanted and asked him to send in the next guy. I moved to the bed, made myself comfortable and waited for the door to open. For those few minutes, I thought about how wonderful this fantasy was to live, and that I was very excited. My nipples were hard and my pussy was wet without anyone touching it yet. Finally the door opened and Tim K. entered. He walked over to the bed and stood next to it. I sat up, and as I did with the groom, I undid and dropped his pants. He was bigger than the groom and very hard.

I asked the best-man what his wife would think of his fooling around with another woman. He replied that they occasionally fooled around with others and she liked exposing her naked body to other men. I stroked his cock with one hand and rubbed and pinched my nipples with the other. Tim K. moved onto the bed and lowered his head to my nipple and sucked and licked and kissed it. As his hand moved to my pussy, I spread my legs and he pushed the thong to the side and pushed a finger deep inside me. As he probed deeper into me, I spread my legs more. With his talented lips on my nipple and now two fingers inside me, I began to moan. Within ten minutes Tim K. had me cumming. When my orgasm subsided, Tim K. moved between my legs, as I pulled my thong to the side and guided his cock into me.

As he pumped into me, I moved my hips back at him to push the cock deeper into me. Once we reached a good rhythm, I could feel another orgasm building deep inside myself. Tim K's moaning became louder, and just before I got to the edge of my orgasm, he pulled out and shot his load on my stomach and tits. He got off me and dressed. I was a little disappointed he shorted my orgasm, but I knew there were more men for me. This time the door did not even close as Tim K. left, Doug entered. He dropped his pants as he came to the bed. Doug quickly made it clear by his actions, that he liked being in control. He moved onto the bed and pulled my thong off. He spread my legs and was quickly between them licking my shaved pussy. My god, he was great at it! He knew just the right spot to lick and how much pressure to use.

After about five minutes, I was holding his head to me and I was screaming as wave after wave of an orgasm hit me. My knees were pressed against his ears, as I tried to get more of his tongue inside me. When he finally came up for air, he told me to get on my knees. I did as he ordered and spread my ass as he moved between my legs to fuck me from behind. He pounded me so hard from behind that his balls slapped my clit with each forward thrust. Another orgasm was building when he took a nipple between his thumb and finger and became to pinch it. Somehow he knew that the harder he pinched the more excited I would become. When he pinched and twisted my nipple at the same time, I went over the edge and began to cum. My orgasm sent him over the edge also and he came deep inside my pussy.

I asked Doug what his wife would think if she knew he had just fucked another woman. He replied that she would probably kill him. Gee, a man that actually spoke the truth! I let my knees slide down and Doug's cock came out of me as I lay on the bed. He put on his boxers and left the room without putting his slacks back on. As I lay on the bed, breathing heavily and resting, Greg entered the room. Greg sat in the chair next to the bed and told me he was in the room so the others would not tease him, but he would remain faithful to his wife. I told him I respected his commitment and he could stay as along as he needed, and I would not tell anyone he did not touch me. As we chatted with me still naked, I noticed he did have a hard on. I slowly started to rub my breasts and moved a hand to my clit.

I spread my legs and Doug's cum was running out of me as I pushed a finger into myself. Greg was soon rubbing himself through his slacks. I closed my eyes and masturbated. When I opened my eyes again, Greg was standing on the side of the bed, his cock in his hand. Thirty seconds later, he shot his semen on my breasts. I rubbed it into my skin, as he zipped up and left the room. Next entered my husband, Scott. When he closed the door I ran to him, jumped into his arms and kissed him deeply. I told him how much I loved this and that I had already cum at least six times. We sat on the bed and I told him what each guy had done. Then he asked what was left and I told him I wanted a double penetration. He asked if I was sure because I seldom enjoyed anal. I said yes, and this was going to be the night that all the walls of inhibition fell.

Scott went to the door and asked for Dan to come in. Scott told Dan, and I quote, "Donna wants two hard cocks in her at once".

Dan stripped quickly and came to the bed. I knew Scott would fill me and his length would be perfect to hit my special spot deep inside me. I had Scott lie on his back in the center of the bed. I climbed on top of him and lowered by wet pussy on his long cock. I fucked him for a few strokes and found he hit my g-spot just fine. I lay flat on his chest and told Dan to lube himself up for my ass. I had brought KY and he found it on the nightstand. Dan lubed up and climbed on the bed. He straddled both me and Scott and slowly pushed his hard cock into my ass. Inch after inch of Dan moved into my tight ass. Finally all of him was inside me and Scott was inside my pussy. After some effort we got into a rhythm, and as Scott's push was moving in, Dan's was moving out. With just a little moving of my hips, Scott was hitting the spot.

At the third hit, I started to cum. I was screaming and cumming so much I could feel juices run out of me. Scott started to call me all sorts of names, and I got more excited with each one. He called me a slut, bitch, whore and fuck cunt. Soon Dan joined in and together they called me every whorish name under the sun. This fueled my orgasm, as I continued to cum and cum. Scott shot first, dumping load after load into my pussy. Dan was right behind him with his semen filling my ass. I made all sorts of squealing sounds and noise, because I wanted the other guys to think that Scott and Dan were the best fucks of the night. Dan climbed off me and dressed, and then I moved off Scott. Cum was running down my legs as I stood. Scott headed for the door, but Dan was not done. He pulled me back on the bed and pushed my head to his cock.

I grabbed a wet towel and wiped his cock clean. I started to lick and suck his cock, and I could taste his semen still oozing out. As I pushed more of Dan into my mouth, he started telling what a great cocksucker I was. While pumping Dan's cock in and out of my mouth I heard the door open and close again. I was on my knees and felt someone's hands on my ass, positioning himself behind me. I turned to look and saw Dave, the only large man at the party. His upper arms were huge and he easily moved my hips for him to fuck me from behind. I went back to sucking Dan as Dave slowly pushed his cock into me. Suddenly it was evident that Dave's arms were not the only huge body part. As inch after inch of him moved deeper inside me, I was becoming more and more filled. His huge cock was splitting me! I was not sure I could take all of him, but he proceeded slowly and soon all of his cock was inside me.

After only a few strokes, Dave was fucking me hard and deep, deeper than I had been fucked that night. As my moans became louder, I had to stop sucking Dan, but kept stroking his cock. My screaming orgasm sent Dan over the edge, spraying his cum all over my face and hair. Dan said it was about time to open this party up. He went to the door, opened it and announced there were no rules and everyone should come inside. At this time with Dave still pounding my pussy, I did not care what they did to me. Quickly there were men all over the bed and me. There was a cock at my lips, so I opened and took it in my mouth. There was a hand pinching and twisting both my nipples. The pain was wonderful and my juices never flowed so much. Dave was now moaning, he pulled out and shot the largest load of cum on my back and ass.

Another quickly replaced his cock. This one was much smaller, but I just needed any cock inside me. Since I was still on my knees, someone slid under me and started to lick my clit. I turned my head and saw Scott sitting in a chair smiling, his cock in his hand. I could only imagine what I looked like to him. I had one cock in my pussy, another man licking my cum filled pussy, another cock in my mouth, and two guys abusing my nipples as they jerked themselves off. I soon lost track of who was were. Every time someone blew his load, he was replaced. I do remember looking back once and seeing Greg, "mister faithful", kneeling behind me fucking my pussy as hard as he could. After three and one half hours, the last guy moved off the bed spent. I collapsed onto my stomach and closed my eyes.

When I finally opened my eyes again, only Tim G., the groom and Scott were in the room. They said the others had left. I sat up and looked at the cum all over me. It was on my breasts, and face, in my hair and dripping out of my pussy and ass. Scott then said, "Okay Donna, are you ready for one more round".

Tim G. positioned himself on the bed and told me to sit on his cock. After I moved him into position, Dan pushed me down and forcefully pushed his cock into my ass. They fucked me and soon found a rhythm and Scott moved to my mouth. I sucked on my husband's cock as one moved in and out of my pussy and another in and out of my ass. Since they had all cum at least three times, getting them off again was a chore. A chore of lust! I was soon moaning and on the edge of cumming again. After an hour, Scott came in my mouth. He went to the chair and watched as his new buddies double fucked his wife. Ten minutes later Tim G. and Dan came at nearly the same second. With the sun already up, I found my dress in the living room and left. I passed a couple on the sidewalk and they were quite done out by my appearance. I am sure it was the dry cum on my face and in my hair.

Fifteen minutes after I got back to the house, I heard Scott come in as I showered. I slept until it was time to get ready for the wedding. We attended the wedding and reception. It was funny to see each guy as Scott introduced me to them and their wives or girlfriends, as his wife, Donna. Each of the men was treated to what Dan and Scott have enjoyed for years. I am an excellent fellatrice, and I have a tantric method of massaging a man's prostate and anus which triggers ejaculation. As I bob up and down on an erection, I swirl my fingers around the prostate and anus until the anus relaxes the sphincter muscle. I then trigger the orgasm by putting more pressure on the prostate, and at the point of the anus fully relaxing, I insert three to four fingers into the man's asshole and fists him as he orgasms. This is the method I have used to acquire numerous repeat lovers.

I daydreamed about Dave laying down on his back and having me straddle his waist and sliding onto his eleven inches. I really enjoyed riding his monster! Tim G.'s buddy, Tim K., tried to enter my asshole, which I usually don't allow, but this time I didn't offer resistance. Doug then stood over Tim K. and offered his cock to my mouth, while Greg and Dan were masturbated by one of my two free hands. Five cocks at a time! All of the participants' wives or girlfriends had heard about the wild bachelor party, but imagine the surprise on the horny fives' faces when I was introduced at the wedding as Scott's wife! Especially since my cum-soaked pussy was still oozing cum down my inner thighs from the party the night before.

When Scott and I were introduced to Dave and his wife, Cindy, Dave whispered to Cindy that this woman was the stripper who gave Tim G. the blow-job at the bachelor party. Cindy then made a comment in my direction about how that whore could show up at the wedding. I heard the comment and loudly replied at both Cindy and Dave, "your husband didn't have any problem in shoving his cock in my pussy during the gangbang party! Honey, your husband had the largest cock there!"


Written by: sharedhousewife

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