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He closed his eyes, concentrating on the sensations on his cock. Natasha would never be able to satisfy him like this ever again.

"Jesus..." Steve cried as he ejaculated, squirting his cum in several explosive jets.


"You know, Nat's gonna be here for a few nights, right...?" Steve said, letting Lilah pick on the implied suggestion as he pulled up his pants.

His wife in hospital, another woman taking her place in his bed. He wanted to fuck Lilah in every room of his house. Natasha would never know that the her home had been used in such a way and that her marriage meant nothing, that Lilah had fucked away all the love that Steve had ever felt for her.

"Any pangs of conscience, Steve?"

Steve smiled and shook his head. "Not any more." He rubbed a hand down her soft back and nestled his head between her breasts for a few minutes before they finished getting dressed.

Steve thought about the intern at work, Katie. The way that she made gooey eyes him. He was sure that he'd be able to get her to fuck him. Turn the innocent girl into a fuck toy for a married man.

The waitress at the diner. She'd spread her legs no problem.

That young widow at church. She'd probably gone so long without that she'd beg him to fuck her.

There were so many pussies out there, just waiting for him to stretch them open with his cock.

He'd just had the best fuck of his life. His days as a faithful husband were over.


Steve entered the delivery room.

He saw his tired looking wife holding his daughter. A pink bundle with little crop of black hair.

"Look, here's daddy..." Dr Srinivasan called out.

"Oh Steve..." Natasha said, starting to cry. " You weren't here..."

"I came as soon as I could." He explained, shooting Lilah a meaningful look. He couldn't make himself feel any regret for not being there.

She had to repress the urge to laugh at the innuendo.

"I'm sorry." He apologised as he stroked his wife's hair and gazed down at his baby. "Hello, Billie." He said, gently stroking the little one's check with his finger tip.

"She's beautiful." He added and Natasha beamed.

Dr Srinivasan filled Lilah in on all the particulars. How long the labour had taken, when Billie had been born, her weight etc, then he put his hand on her shoulder and got close to her ear.

"She has her mother's eyes." He whispered.

And it was true. When Billie opened her eyes to the world, they were the exact same shade of blue.

Steve thought she couldn't have been more perfect.

Written by: seducedHylas

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Category: NonConsent/Reluctance Stories