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Family Fun Ch. 01

by hot_boy_canada©

Let me tell you a true story. This is a story of sordid incest and steamy hot sex. Let me tell you about who is involved, first myself, I am Mike and am 41yrs old. I like to think I am still a stud. I work out a few times a week and it shows. I am 6'3" and 215lbs. My wife says I got a giant cock but it is only 8" long. That brings me to my beautiful wife Jennifer. Jenny as she is known to her family and friends is 5'8", 113lbs blond hair, blue eyed hottie. Considering she has had 2 kids my wife has absolutely no fat on her tight little body. Jenny's measurements are 44DD-26-36. When she works out more then a few guys have hurt themselves. Wherever she goes guys stare and want her and women are either jealous or want to be her(I am still not sure). Jenny and I got married when we were 19. We were high school sweet hearts. Not long after we were married we had beautiful twins. Bobby and Michelle who are 18. Bobby takes after me, he is 6'2" and 193lbs, and muscular. Bobby is into sports, he is the star of the Lacrosse team and an all-star 3rd basemen for his high school teams. He has earned a full scholarship to the University of Tennessee for baseball. Michelle is identical to her mother. She is 5'6", 107lbs with the same long blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. Michelle has 38D breasts, I know because one day when I got her laundry I seen one of her skimpy little bra's. She also has a thing for thong and g-string panties, as most of her underwear are thongs or g-strings. Well enough about us, on to the story.

It was a hot Sunday afternoon. It was 102 in Tennessee where we live, now I know why its called the dog days of summer. Bobby and I had went to play catch and work on his hitting. When we got back we were covered in sweat. We entered the kitchen to see Michelle pouring 2 glass' of lemonade for her and her mother. "Hi kitten, where's your mom?" I asked.

"She is laying out by the pool getting some sun." Michelle said not taking her eyes of the glass'.

"Hey sis about pouring me a glass of lemonade?" Bobby chipped in. Seeing my opportunity for a couple minutes alone with my wife I slipped out the sliding glass window. Immediately I lost my breath, not because of the heat, but because my wife was topless.

"Shouldn't you have a top on?" I asked my wife as I tweaked her nipples.

"Why? Michelle has a pair of her own big tits, and we don't have nothing you and Bobby haven't seen." my wife replied simply.

"True, but Bobby is your son." I countered.

"Gee your right mom, they are horny." I heard my daughter say from behind us. "Bobby couldn't keep his eyes off my ass while I was pouring his lemonade. I had to keep lifting his head up so he was looking at my eyes not my tits." Michelle added.

When I looked up, I seen Michelle had lost her top. I must say her breasts and pink nipples were amazing. Large, round and very perky. "Kitten, where's your top?" I asked.

"Well you see, Bobby couldn't stop looking at my tits, so I took it off and showed him. Then he got a hard on so I told him that on top of my dirty clothes hamper, that I had worn when I fingered myself earlier." She told us, "When I told him that he took off upstairs. Gee dad your penis looks bigger then Bobbies."

I looked over to were my wife was sitting. To my surprise she wasn't there. All of a sudden I felt something warm and wet around my cock. I looked down to see Michelle had my cock head in her mouth and was sucking on it. Watching my beautiful daughter suck my cock was getting me hotter by the second. Then she did something that surprised me even more. She reached one hand up cupped my balls and stuck her other hand inside her bikini bottoms. She pulled her hand out, untied her thong bikini bottoms and tossed them to the side. Reaching back between her legs she started rubbing her clit and moaning around my cock. I placed my hands on her head and guided her head up and down on my cock. The more she took in the better it felt. Then I realized she had my whole penis inside her mouth. "Ohhh yes kitten, suck daddies cock. That's it baby, daddy is going to cum, keep sucking. Ohhh god yes I am cumming!" I was telling her. Michelle kept sucking and swallowed all my cum and sucked my penis clean. Michelle stood up and we kissed, a long passionate kiss, not a father/daughter kiss, but the kiss of 2 lovers.

"Daddy, I want you to fuck me!" Michelle demanded.

"I don't know kitten" I replied.

Michelle pushed me down on the lounge chair. When I sat down, I felt something sticky. "Kitten, did your pussy leak your cum? Cause I think I am sitting in it." I asked.

"Yes that's were mommy ate my pussy." she replied, as she climbed on top of me. Then slowly she started lowering her tight little pussy down on my rock hard cock. First she took just the head in. Then she lifted up and let the head pop out, only to slide it back in. She took a few more inches in and then I felt it. Her hymen was still intact. Oh god I thought, I am about to take my daughters virginity and I am not in control. Then she raised up a little and slammed down on my cock. She screamed so loud, it's a wonder that the neighbors didn't call the cops. "Oh god daddy your cock is so huge!" Michelle exclaimed breathless.

"Oh baby your so tight! Are you a virgin kitten?" I replied

"No!" she exclaimed.

"What?" I asked.

She said "Not anymore I am not." Just then she started bouncing up and down. Wiggling her cute little ass from side to side. Her tits were bouncing up and down. That's when I noticed something on her nipple. It was nipple ring. I reached up and started tugging on her hard nipples. That sent her over the edge. "Ohhh god daddy, I am cumming!" Michelle screamed. Her pussy was so tight to begin with, and now it just got a whole lot tighter. I thought she was going to rip my cock off. That pushed me over the edge.

"Ohhh god kitten I am going to cum. You better get off, we don't want you getting pregnant. I groaned.

"Don't worry daddy, I am on the pill" Michelle panted. Just then I lost control. I blew my load inside my daughters tight little cunt. Michelle collapsed forward and laid her head on my chest. She looked up at me and we kissed again. My cock started softening and then popped out of her red pussy. Michelle reached down and scooped up the cum that ran out of her pussy and licked it off her finger.

"You are so beautiful kitten. Your body is so sexy. My cock gets hard when you wear short shorts, bikini's or mini skirts around me." I told her.

"That's why I were them daddy. Just to tease you and Bobby." Michelle smiled and said.

"You are exactly like your mom. She used to wear skimpy clothes and sexy lingerie like the stuff you have, when she was younger." I told her.

"What do you say we go find mom and Bobby and see what they are up to?" Michelle asked.

"You and mom planned this didn't you?" I asked Michelle.

"Yes we did. I saw you and mom having sex one night and then saw Bobby jacking off, and it just made me so horny. Mom said that you had a big cock and was asking about Bobbies and I told her how big it looked. She got so wet, there was a wet spot on her bikini." Michelle told me. Then she added "That's when we went inside and she laid down on the bed and I got on top of her. We licked each other till we both came."

"Wow, you have no idea how hot that makes me. Lets go see what your mom is teaching Bobby." I told Michelle. She stood up and took hold of my still hard cock and led me into the house. We made our way upstairs where we found Jennifer riding Bobbies cock. She was bouncing up and down moaning and babbling incoherently.

"Oh god mom I am going to cum!" we heard Bobby shout.

"Me too son, fill mommy's pussy full of your hot cum baby." Jenny moaned.

That's when Jennifer looked over and saw us and started shacking. "Sorry honey I had to see if it was as big as Michelle said it was" my wife said. I asked "Is it as big as she said?".

"Oh god yes, and he is still so hard!" Jenny replied. She climbed off Bobbies cock as we moved into the room. That's when Michelle seen her thong and picked it up. She climbed up on her brother and put her pussy over his mouth.

"Mmmmm your pussy tastes just as good as it did on the panties" Bobby said. He started licking his sister's tight little cunt. While they were fooling around, I started playing with Jenny's nipples. I slowly kissed my way down her body. I made my way down to her pussy, where I began licking her juicy cunt. We looked over and seen Michelle sucking her brothers cock.

"Oh god Bobby fuck me. Stick your big cock up my tight little ass" Michelle told Bobby. She stood up, bent over and grabbed his desk. She wiggled her ass and smiled at him.

That's when I stood up, turned Jenny around and bent her over. I rammed my cock in her pussy and made her moan. I rammed my cock in my wife's pussy at the same time Bobby rammed his penis in his sisters ripe little butt hole. Both women moaned loudly.

"Look at Bobby butt fucking our daughter, baby." I said to Jennifer.

"Oh god that is hot. Ram her ass hard son." Jenny moaned.

Just them Bobby picked up the pace. Ramming his cock in and out of sister. His big thick rod was splitting Michelle's tight asshole and making her squeal. In and out it slid. "Oh god Michelle, I am going to cum!" Bobby groaned.

"Oh god yes! Bobby fill my ass with cum. Cum in your sisters ass." Michelle moaned.

Just then Jenny squealed and I felt her pussy tighten and my balls were soaked. Jennifer was cumming. Just then as I was starting to cum, we heard Michelle squeal, as she became orgasmic. After we all regained our sense's we all moved to the bed. Jennifer started sucking Bobbies cock clean and playing with Michelle's ass which was now leaking her brother's cum. Michelle climbed between my legs and started sucking my cock clean. Once the girls had sucked our cocks clean they climbed up and snuggled up to me and Bobby.

"Mom this was the greatest day of my life." Michelle said to Jennifer.

"Thank your brother and father for taking your cherries" Jenny told her.

"Yes, thank you daddy for letting me suck my first cock and being the first guy that I had sex with, and thank you Bobby for taking my anal cherry" Michelle said.

Bobby and I both thanked her and Jennifer in unison for all the hot sex.

(c) Deep South Pleasures 2008

Written by: hot_boy_canada

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