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Forcing Aunt Lisa Ch. 04


She lay naked on the bed, spread eagled with her son's cum dripping from her pussy. She was coming to grips that her son had just fucked her against her will and she never had such incredible sex in her life before. She felt him rubbing her pregnant belly and wanted him to continue touching her. There was something different about the way he touched her compared with anybody else and she wanted it to continue no matter what happened but she was still ashamed that she let her son fuck her so easily. She was thinking about what she had done in the last few months. She was pregnant with her nephew's baby and also just had a threesome with that same nephew and her husband. Now her son had taken her and she loved it. Her transformation from a proper wife to a complete slut was complete. A cock in her pussy, ass or mouth, anybody's cock was all that she wanted now.

She looked over at her son and saw he was already hard again. She was also ready for more. "Son, did you like losing your virginity to me?"

"Yes Mom, I loved it."

"Looks like you need more help with that hard cock of yours. Let me take care of that for you."

"Oh Mom, can I fuck your ass like Dad did in the video?"

"OK son but go easy, that was my first time and I'm still sore from that and you're much bigger than your Dad. Go in Dad's drawer and get the KY gel and rub it on your cock and then push your cock in my slow and easy."

I did just as my Mom told me and she got ready to take my cock up her ass by getting on all fours and sticking her ass up nice and high. I got my cell phone out and took a video of my taking her ass. I put my cock head on her asshole and pushed and it slowly slid in. Her asshole opened up wider and wider and I finally saw my head pop in and her asshole close around my cock. It was a wonderful feeling, different from her pussy, tighter and more taboo.

She felt her son's cock penetrate her asshole and then it started to move deeper and deeper in her ass until she felt his balls against her asshole. She felt so full but it wasn't painful. It was perfect again just like when he was all the way in her pussy. She suddenly felt her muscles tighten up and she came on his cock over and over.

"OH! OH! OH MY GOD! Keep it in all the way... oh my god. I'm cumming on your cock in my ass."

He felt her cumming on his cock and pushed it in a little deeper and kept it there while she came over and over. She finally finished and they stayed still for a few minutes.

"Son, that was great, I love your cock, you can have me any time and I mean any time. Did you see how much I liked getting fucked in the ass on the video? I loved it but I really love it when there's a cock in my pussy and ass at the same time."

"Mom, I can arrange that right now, Mike is home and could be over here in 2 minutes. He always told me how hot you were and I'm sure he would love to fuck you."

"Son, I'm not sure about this, I would love to have 2 cocks in me again but could he keep it a secret?"

"I'm sure Mike would keep it a secret. I'll text him to get over here right away and I'll tell him that I'll kill him if he tells anybody."

I stopped the video and then sent it with a text message for him to come over quick if he wanted in on this. He replied immediately that he would be over in 2 minutes. I also told him to keep this a secret and he said OK.

I still had my hard cock up her ass and was fucking her nice and slow, pulling my cock all the way out and then pushing it back in. We were both groaning as I fucked her when we both suddenly saw the bedroom door open and saw Jimmy's best friend Mike walked in!

Lisa said "Michael, get over here. You have to promise me right now that you'll never tell a soul about this."

Mike said "I promise Mrs. Smith."

"Take your clothes off and let me suck you cock."

They both watched as Mike quickly stripped and put his cock in his best friend Mom's mouth. She sucked it with gusto while her son fucked her ass.

"Jimmy, get Dad's video equipment out and tape us."

I pulled my cock out of her ass and I set up the equipment quickly and started the taping.

"Jimmy and Mike, I want to be fucked in my cunt and ass right now. Jimmy, get underneath me so I can put you in my pussy and then Mike can put his cock in my ass after he puts some KY gel on his cock."

We quickly got ready and my mom put my cock in her pussy. Mike put some KY on his cock and got behind her and started to put his cock against her asshole and pushed in.

"Michael, go real easy on my ass, I'm a little tender back there."

He did what she asked and put his cock head on her asshole and pushed. It went in a little bit but the whole head wouldn't go in. He pushed much harder and it suddenly popped in and went all the way in.

"MIKE! OH MY GOD! I SAID SLOW! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! THAT FUCKING HURT! OH! OH! It's getting better, oh yeah, much better. OK boys now fuck me like there's no tomorrow. Fuck me as hard as you can and cum in me no matter what I say."

I started to lift my mom up and down on my cock while my best friend fucked her ass. We got a rhythm going and everybody was well on the way to monster orgasms. Lisa felt Mike's cock expand in her ass and then felt him shoot load after load in her ass. This made her start to cum and this forced my cock deep against the back of her cunt. My cock swelled up and I pulled her closer and jammed my cock against the back of her cunt and started to cum. I shot spurt after spurt into her while she groaned.

We all collapsed on the bed with my Mom between us. She had cum seeping from her pussy and ass as Mike and I watched her. "Boys, that was great, I loved it. Are you ready for more?"

We were already getting hard again so Mike and I switched places. My Mom got on top of Mike and sat on his cock and I then pushed my cock in her ass and we fucked like rabbits. We all came again fell on the bed again.

Mom then said "Come on boys, I need more."

"Mom, I need to rest for a little while before I can get hard again."

"Boys, I need a hard cock, NOW!"

"Mrs. Smith, I got a couple of friends who will fuck you and keep it quiet. Let me text them."

"Michael, are you sure?"

"Positive Mrs. Smith, they won't say a word about this. Jimmy and I will make sure of this."

"I guess it's OK. Do I know them?"

"Yes, you know them, it's Tom and Mark."

"Oh God, I've know them since they were little boys. I don't know about this Michael, it's bad enough that I'm letting you fuck me."

"Mrs. Smith I swear they'll never say a word to anybody and they need a break, they're both virgins. They're too shy to ask girls out. Please give them a chance."

"Come on Mom, give them a chance, you know you want to and Dad won't be home till tomorrow afternoon."

"OK but this better not get out. I don't want everybody knowing I gangbanged a bunch of teenage boys."

Mike quickly texted his 2 friends and they texted back that they would be over in a few minutes.

We waited a few minutes and the boys walked in the bedroom. Tom and Mark were nervous but excited when they saw my Mom on the bed spread eagled with cum seeping from her pussy and ass.

"Mark and Tom, do you promise to never tell anyone about this?"

"We promise Mrs. Smith!"

"Boys take your clothes off and come join me on the bed. Mark, lay down and I'll show you how to fuck. Tom, after I get Mark's cock all the way in my cunt, you push your cock in my ass and then I want you boys to fuck me as hard as you can"

Mark got on the bed and I watched my mom get on top of him and took hold of his cock and put it to her pussy and sat down on his cock until it was all the way in. Tom got behind her and rammed his cock into her ass. The boys went crazy and fucked her only like teenage boys can. Both the boys finished within a minute and the gangbang was on now with 4 boys having fucked her.

"Mark, how was your first time? Did you like it?"

"Oh Mrs. Smith, it was incredible, I loved it, thank you."

"Thomas, did you like fucking my ass? You might be the first boy to ever lose his cherry in an ass."

"Mrs. Smith, it was tight and warm and it felt great. I loved fucking your ass and I'll fuck it anytime you want."

With my Dad out of town and not expected back until tomorrow afternoon, we kept at it for hours. The boys were able to sleep over and she took turns with us all night long. We rested for a few hours early in the morning and started again. It was about noon with the 4 of us around my Mom. She was a mess with cum all over her. The bed was also full of cum and the room smelled of sex. Each boy had cum in one of her holes at least 10 times so my Mom had taken at least 40 loads of cum in her mouth, pussy and ass. She now had 3 cocks in her and was stroking the other one when all of the sudden the bedroom door opened and my Dad walked in! HOLY SHIT!

To be continued...

Written by: KEVGOW

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