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Hotter Than July

by Dennis_Kiros©

A moment later I was standing right between her spread open legs, my cock pointing at her pussy. My sister and dad were standing on my mother's sides.

Rick stood next to me. He started pissing on my mother's stomach. I was starting to think to think that he was an eternal source of piss.

My dad and I started pissing on her too. We pissed on her beautiful face and lips. My sister kissed my mother and shared our forbidden juices.

"Put it in me Jake. It's the moment of truth!" my mom said. "Now you can see how hot my pussy is for you baby!"

I thrust my cock up her hot and wet pussy. I could feel her cunt pulsating and twitching.

I was fucking my fucking hot mother!

"Your pussy is sucking on my cock mom!" I exclaimed.

"Fuck me baby, fuck me nice and slow," she said. "Fuck your mother baby!"

"Your pussy feels so fucking hot Mom!"

"It's burning up for you baby!"


"Right there! Fuck me. Just like that. Fuck me honey. Fuck your mother!"

"Feels so fucking nice Mom."

"Like Heaven?"

"Better than Heaven Mom. I don't think they'd let me fuck you in Heaven Mom!"

"Then I'd rather go to Hell," my mom laughed throatily.

"Me too Mom!"

"Fuck me honey. Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck your Mommy baby!"

I looked at my mother's lovely body. My naked sister standing right there beside her, playing with her hard, long nipples. Pure lust and unconditional love for these two hot women had taken over all my senses.

I fucked my mother with all the love I had inside me and she returned my love with her lovely melodic moans, her contracting pussy and the warmth of her juices.

We fucked restlessly and shamelessly, for all that seemed perverted and dirty in the eyes of some was now in fact the way of love in our family.

Written by: Dennis_Kiros

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Category: Incest/Taboo Stories