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Louise, Horny MILF Ch. 02

by james19876©

I rushed in, dropping my files all over the floor, and got to the phone just in time.

"Did I interrupt something, or do you always sound out of breath when we talk?"

"Who's this?" I sort of recognised the voice, but was having trouble concentrating, then it dawned on me...

"Chris! What are you doing? Where did you get my number?"

"Well, it was on Jess phone, I hope you don't mind..."

"No, but...well. It's a surprise. What are you calling for?"

"Well, I'd like to see you again. You don't have to come here. There's a hotel near to you, I found it on the net. I could book a room, drive up. I can't stop thinking about you, Louise, come on."

I was shocked. A drunken one night was one thing, but wilfully planning to be unfaithful to my husband was something else. There is a big step between wondering and doing and making a decision like that...

"Look. Get a pen, here's my number. Text or call me anytime, and I'll arrange everything. I really want to see you again, I do."

Which was how I found myself in a hotel lobby a few weeks later, waiting a little nervously for Chris. I had an okay marriage, sex was okay. No real complaints. But the excitement, the thrill of this had gotten the better of me, so I had text Chris to let him know, and he had booked at once. I sipped my drink, hoping he would arrive soon, I felt a little odd on my own in a hotel bar. Not that I looked out of place, I was dressed 'business'. Black skirt, blouse, jacket, heels. I had my overnight bag with me, the picture of a working traveller stopping for a night, but still...

"Hi, hope you weren't here too long" a voice said at my shoulder. I turned and there was Chris. Smart and good looking in trousers, and a shirt open at the throat. A little shiver ran through me at the thought of unbuttoning it and drawing my nails across his smooth and muscular chest...

He ordered a drink, and another for me. As the bartender turned to pour them, Chris leaned in close to me, his hand brushing my knee

"You look gorgeous, Louise. I'm so glad you came, I've been thinking about this all week, especially when I'm on my own in bed, the shower..."

"Chris! That' know..."

I blushed, slapping his hand away. It was quite a kick, to be honest. A good looking man, 23 years my junior, fantasising about me. It made me feel good, wanted, attractive, sexy. I would definitely be thanking him for that feeling later, I thought.

"Okay, I'll just get my bag, here's the key, you go up and I'll be there in five."

"Make it fifteen. I want to change first."

He smiled, and agreed to wait in the bar while I got ready, a mischievous glint in his eye.

Sure enough, knock on the door a short while later.

"One sec, I'm almost done" I called out.

His eyes widened when I opened it. Stockings, silk knickers, short silk nightie. Heels, red lipstick. I squeezed my big tits together with my arms and pouted.

"Like what you see? Thought I'd give you a little treat, as the last time you saw me I was a little unprepared..."

The bulge in his trousers told me, more than his open mouth and wide eyed stare, that he indeed liked what he saw. I felt stunning, sexy, wanton, womanly, all the things that had been missing and now came flooding back. He pushed me into the room and kissed me. Passionate, urgent, his hands all over me. There would be time later to linger on each others pleasure, but now we were both just gripped by lust. I unzipped him, gasping at the rock hard shaft that greeted me, stiff and thick, seemingly bigger than I remembered. I sank to my knees and sucked him hungrily into my mouth, just to taste him, really, just to feel him in my mouth. He quickly pulled me up again, pulled me over to the bed. I pulled his shirt off as we kissed, popping a button on the way, his fingers finding my clit and massaging my rapidly moistening pussy. I dragged him on top of me, spreading my legs and pulling his cock to me, wanting him now. Pulling my knickers to one side to expose my dripping wet lips, I gasped as he slid into me, gentle, slow, 'til I wrapped my heels around his back and pulled him in hard, needing to be fucked.

"Oh, Louise, slow down, please, I'm going to-"

I knew he wouldn't last long, reaching down I rubbed my clit as he thrust into me, hard and deep. He kissed me, then pulled back, his face that beautiful lost concentration, I crashed to my orgasm, pleasure flooding through me as he moaned and pushed in deep into me. I reached down and felt his heavy balls tighten as he fucked me hard, starting to come.

"Oh, fuck, Chris, yes, give it to me, come on..."

I yelled as he stiffened, then pumped his cum into me. I actually felt it, hot cum splashing inside me, four or five thick spurts...

He collapsed next to me, sweat glistening on both of us.

"Oh god, I'm so sorry" he panted. "I was just so horny, I couldn't hold back-"

"It's okay. We do have all night, and a quick one was just what I needed." I smiled at him, rearranging my dishevelled attire.

"Hop in the shower, and we'll see how you can make it up to me..."

Written by: james19876

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