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My Sister

by LordHorny©

This is a work of fiction. All character depicted are at least 18 years of age.

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It was a day like any other in August, hot, humid and boring. It was about to change though, at least the boring part.

My sister Julie and I had the place to ourselves, the parental units both being away on separate business trips. Julie turned nineteen in November and I am due to hit there next week.

Julie and I aren't exactly on anyone's "A" list. We are both mature, responsible teens. This of course is part of the reason why we're not on anyone's "A" list.

Anyhow, back to my story. Julie was having her friends, Jen and Holly, over to go swimming in our pool, so I was looking forward to seeing some skin. I love girls in bikinis. I was hoping for a chance to see Jen topless again. (She liked to sunbathe that way.)

I waited in my room for a few minutes and then went into our parent's room for the best view.

There they were, Holly was standing with her back to me and Jen, sitting on the ground next to her, had her feet in the water. What an ass Holly has! I started stroking myself while fantasizing about it.

At that point, Holly came out of the pool house... wait a minute! Holly came out of... then whose ass was I? Julie's!

Holy crap! I was just thinking about having sex with my sister!

I had never thought about Julie sexually before. It didn't freak me out as much as I thought it should. In fact, as I continued to look I was getting harder than I could ever remember.

Then the three of them turned as one...


How do you like my new bikini?

Jen, looking up at Julie, caught sight of her brother in the window and said, "It's a little on the small side, more like something Holly would wear."

"What's like something I would wear?" Holly asked.

"My new bikini, you like?" was Julie's reply.

"Hmmm... yes, I like!"

"Your brother is spying on us again." Jen interrupted softly.

"Is he now?" asked Holly.

"Should we give him a show?" asked Julie.

"What do you have in mind?" Jen wanted to know.

"We could pull a "girls gone wild" and flash him." Julie said with a look of mischief.

"I'm in!" Holly answered quickly.

Jen hesitated.

"He's already seen your boobs Jen, there's nuthin' new for him there."

"Hah, hah." Jen mocked, "You're so not funny!"

"Are you in or out?" Julie asked.

"Yeah, I'm in." "Just make sure my mom never finds out, she's such an old prude."

"Its about time you loosend up Jen, that boyfriend of your's has really helped."

"Ok, everyone stand up and face the pool house." instructed Julie.

"In three, two, one..."

The three of them turned as one...


I couldn't believe what saw, three sets of beautiful tits.

Though I'd jerked off to fantasies of Jen and Holly before, there is nothing like the real thing, but my eyes riveted to Julie's chest and I started cumming faster and harder than ever.

I didn't have time to grab a tissue; I shot my load all over the wall and floor.

Swearing loudly, I leaned back in my chair for the tissue box and fell over backwards!

They must have heard the noise; Julie called out "Hey! Are you all right up there?"

I froze for a second, realization and embarrassment warred across my face, I heard footsteps on the stairs and Julie walked in.

"Are you ok? We heard a crash..."

Picture it; I'm standing there half-naked, my cock still dripping cum like an old faucet and my ''all of a sudden very sexy'' sister walks in on me.

I could feel my face heating up as embarrassment won out. I stood in stunned silence.

"Are you all right?"

"Y...y...yes." I stammered.

"Fine, good. Here, let me help you clean up this mess."

"Uh, no! I mean its ok, you don't have to." I said, still a little stunned.

"It's the least I can do, since it's my fault this happened."

She took some tissues and kneeled to clean the rug. Her butt, barely covered by the blue triangle of the bikini bottoms, was facing me. I actually started to get hard again!

"Huh?" was all I could manage.

Julie turned around and "stood" up on her knees, putting her almost eye level with my cock.

"Maybe you should put that thing away before we have another mess to cleanup."

"Oh, ah, yeah." I bent to pull up my pants. For just a second I thought she was staring at my crotch.

Julie took the box of tissues and turned to finish her cleaning.

"Wow bro' do you usually cum this much? Or has it been awhile since the last time you masturbated?"

"What?" I couldn't believe she was asking me something like that.

"Oh c'mon, you practically kill yourself jerking off while looking at me and my friends and you're embarrassed by a simple question?"

"I guess it's a little stupid huh?"

"Just a little, run downstairs and get me the rug cleaner in the blue can will you?"

"Uh, yeah, ok." I replied.

Quickly running from the room, still feeling embarrassed. I returned shortly with the cleaner and a sponge.

"Thanks.'' She paused a moment, then spoke more softly; "You still haven't answered my question."

''Well..." What should I say? Should I tell her the truth? We've always been honest with each other before.

"Well sis, to be honest, it was seeing your ti...uh… breasts that did it for me."

With a smirk, she replied. "Really? My 'Ti...uh breasts' did all this?"

"Um...yes, your tits..."

Julie interrupted. "Boobs use 'boobs' or 'breasts'. I don't like 'tits' very much and it'll probably be easier for now."

"Ok, yes, your boobs did this to me."

"Just mine? Seeing Holly and Jen topless wasn't part of it?"

"Truth?" I asked.


"It was mostly you. I was surprised and aroused by theirs, but, when I saw you, it sent me into overdrive."

"Really, hmm..."

She was chewing on her lower lip, thinking something over carefully.

"That's not all." I said.

"There's more?''

"Yeah, when I first looked out the window, you had your back to me, and with that new suit you're wearing, I thought you were Holly."

"So you checked me out in my new bikini?"

"Yes, specifically your butt."

''Well bro, I'm gonna hafta think about this a little."

''Whadda ya mean?"

"I don't think it's fair, you're getting turned on just by me wearing what I like to."

"Huh?" was all I could come up with, she was confusing me.

"I'll let you know little brother, I'll let you know."

This just confused me even more!

Almost a week later, just two days before my birthday, our mother called to say she had to stay in New York for an unknown number of days longer and our dad wanted to know if it was ok with us if he went to New York to spend time alone with mom. Julie and I both agreed it was fine; "No problems here ma, you and dad try to have a good time and we'll see you when you get back...ok, love ya too, bye, bye."

"Did ma say how much longer they might be?"

"She said it could be as little as four days or as much as a week. I guess her new client is one tough nut."

"Ma's pretty tough too; she'll get him to do what ever it is she's trying to get him to do."

"Well bro' I guess it's just you and me for your b-day party."

''Its ok sis, you don't have to do anything special."

"Don't be silly, I asked ma for some extra cash so I can take you out to a nice place for your b-day dinner and she told me where your present is hiding so you can open it."


"No problem little brother."

Julie started to leave the room when she paused, turned to me with a wink and said, "Bro? I think you're gonna love what I got you."

So a couple days later, I stood waiting for Julie at the foot of the stairs in my "nice" clothes when this incredibly hot girl in a slinky black dress and high heels came down the stairs and actually spoke to me.

"Hey there little brother, do you like my new dress?"

"Wow, uh... ok, who are you and what have you done with my sister?"

Julie replied with a giggle, "I'll take that as a yes."

We hopped in her car and went to eat at this Italian place I like and the evening went routinely enough.

We got home and Julie took the leftovers to the kitchen saying, "Go settle on the couch and I'll bring out your gifts."

I kicked off my shoes and sat down.

Julie came back carrying three presents, handing me the largest first, "This one's from mom and dad."

I opened it to discover, "The new playstation!"

"Your such a geek sometimes bro'. Here, open mine."

I opened the smaller of the two first; "A new watch, thanks sis, I needed one."

"I know, but open the next one!"

She seemed excited so I tore into it.

"Girls gone wild, spring break oh five?"

"You like?"

"Hell yeah!"

"I'll let you in on a little secret bro', I'm in this video!"

"What? How?"

''Remember Holly and I went to Florida with her sister Chrissy? That was spring break oh five!"

"Do mom and dad know about this?"

"Of course not. Don't you dare tell them either!''

''No problem sis."

"Good, I got you the watch to show them and the video can be our secret ok?"

''Ok sis, I..."

"Oh damn! I almost forgot! I got you one other thing, hang on, it's upstairs."

A few minutes later she called down; "Hey bro', come give me a hand will ya?"

Up the stairs I went, two at a time. Her bedroom door was closed most of the way, pushing it open, I was brought to a stop by my sister's gift.

Julie was lying on her bed, propped up on her elbows wearing a big blue ribbon with bow and nothing else!

"What's the matter little brother? Don't like your gift?"

"I, uh, um, what the fuck?"

"Exactly bro'."

"You mean, you and me, uh...together?"

''Oh c'mon bro'! You've been sneaking peeks at me every chance you get!"

"Uh, no!"

"Uh yes!"

''Well maybe, I..."

"No maybes about it bro', I saw you in the mirror, peeking at me while I was changing into my bikini, I found my blue undies in your sock drawer, and the time you 'accidentally' walked in on me exactly when I stepped out of the shower, then..."

"Ok, ok!" I cut her off and held my hands up.

"Oh, and one last bit of evidence, you have a hard on right now!"

There was no denying it, I had done all those things and planned more.

''I'm sorry for being so perverted sis."

''Bro', I'm your sister and I'm laying here naked inviting you to have sex with me, you haven't quite cornered the market on perversion."

"I guess not."

"Another thing, you weren't the only one peaking."

"I never saw you anywhere."

"Of course not! I'm better at it than you are.''

''Alright, so we both peaked, but peaking is one thing, this is a whole other world!"

"You're right, but think of this: One, we're both virgins that want to lose their virginity. Two, we're both legally, consenting adults. Three, what better way to lose your virginity than with someone you trust?"

"Those are good arguments; still, we're brother and sister! It would be incest! What about pregnancy?"

"In reverse, I've been on the pill for the last year and I bought some condoms and yes it would be incest, I'm not a fool, I know how society views sibling sex so if we do this one time or a hundred, we have to be careful and secretive."

"To hell with society, what about mom and dad?"

Sighing she replied; ''Can you honestly tell me you haven't thought about having sex with me at least once in the last week?"

''Yes I have, more than once."

"I have also, several times. Moreover, I've thought allot about going through with it. If you say no, or, if you want to start slower that's fine, but, I'll tell you this; I'm ready to have sex all night, in all kinds of ways with you right here, right now!"

With that said, she lay back again, spreading her legs and fondling her tits, she reached one hand between her legs to rub her pussy and I noticed for the first time she was shaved!

She must have noticed my intense staring at her crotch.

"You like? Holly helped me, but I did it just for you."

"Just for me?" my voice cracked and I took a step forward.

Julie giggled a little then her voice became soft and sexy; ''Come over here and eat my pussy, make your big sister happy!''

I couldn't resist any longer. Passion filled me to bursting! My heart raced and I flew across the few remaining feet to the bed.

Julie cried out in pure joy when my tongue first touched her clit.

''Oh, oh, aaahh..., oh my god!''

I had never gone down on a girl before so I licked her all over, pushing my tongue in as far as I could. Lapping up her juices as fast as possible.

"Oh little brother! I think you must be a natural!, I'm cumming!"

I'd never seen a girl having an orgasm before.

Julie's whole body shook, she let out a primal cry of pleasure, and fluid gushed out from between her legs soaking the bed!

"Wow sis, do you usually cum like this? Or has it been a long time since you masturbated?"

"Oh brother, dear brother! I've never had an orgasm like that before, not even with Holly between my legs!"

"Whoa! Hold on, you and Holly?"

"Ooo, you like that idea huh?"

"Every guy has a three way fantasy sis."

"Yes, Holly and I have played, but enough of that, c'mere mmmm..."

She pulled me to her mouth for a deep, lingering kiss. Our tongues twisting and dancing.

We pulled apart for air and she licked some of her juices from my chin; "Mmmm, I taste different on you than I do on Holly."

I kissed her again; pressing our bodies together, she felt my erection through my clothes.

"This isn't fair, I'm naked and you're not!"

With that she rolled us over and began undressing me.

First, my shirt flew across the room, then she ripped my pants off with wild abandon, she slowed when she reached for my underwear, staring at the arched bulge of my cock, its tip just visible above the elastic I could see a glisten of precum and asked; "Why not taste me?"

"Great minds think alike bro'"

Julie gave my underwear a quick tug, my cock stood straight up.

"Oh, ho! Maybe I should stop calling you 'little brother'."

I groaned, not in pleasure.

"Didn't like that? Let's see if you like this."

Taking my cock in hand, Julie stretched back the foreskin, the point of her tongue penetrating my pee slit.

''Mmm...Salty and creamy, I like your taste bro'."

Julie took just the head of my cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the underside of the cap.

"Oh god sis! Where did you come up with that?"

"Holly told me about it, she read it in some porn mag."

"Aaahh...haaa, keep it up any longer sis and I'll cum in your mouth!"

"As much as I want to try that, I'm not letting you cum just yet bro'."

"Not yet?"

"No, I want...I need you inside me!"

We rolled again, kissing each other's necks. I rose above her, my cock poised before her swollen pussy lips...

''Slowly, 'taking my cherry' will hurt at first... ahh."

I stopped just at the edge, "I don't want to hurt you sis, I..."

"It's ok, it's necessary, it'll only hurt for a minute and then there should be only pleasure."

I pushed a little more and felt her body stopping me.

"There, that's my hymen, pop my cherry bro'! Now!"

I thrust into her as hard and as fast as I could, I sank all the way into her warm folds, it was amazing!

Julie caught her breath in momentary pain, and then contentment seemed to wash over her whole body, transforming her before my eyes into a woman.

Her smile didn't leave her face when she spoke, "Oh wow, that's incredible bro', incredible!"

"It is." was all I could manage.

Instinct took over and I began a slow rhythmic thrusting in and out of my sister.

"Ahh, aaah, I'm not gonna be able to hold off much longer sis!"

"Its alright bro', you can cum inside me this once, c'mon fill your big sister with your cum!"

Julie started bucking up to meet me and that was it for me. I couldn't stop. I ground myself into her as deeply as I could, wrapping my arms around her, mashing our nakedness together.

I could feel every curve and contour of Julie's body as I convulsed in ecstasy. Surely, I had to have cum at least a gallon.

I was spent, my energy drained right out of me and I flopped to the side.

"I'm sorry sis, I...I just could… couldn't stop!" I could barely gasp out these few words.

"Trust me bro', you've got nuthin' to be sorry for."

Julie snugged in close and we lay there holding each other tightly.

"I could feel it."

"What?" I asked.

"Your cum. Squirting inside of me. Now I can feel it trickling out down the back of my leg. I like it, but from now on we use condoms every time ok?"

"Yes, of course..." I was getting a little sleepy.

Julie snugged up to me again and pulling the sheet over us she asked, "Bro'?"


"When do you think you'll be ready to go again?"

Written by: LordHorny

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