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Fun with Dad and Big Brother

by sexygirl76©

19 year old Crystal was laying naked in her bed thinking about the last few days. Her mother Maria had been killed in a car accident on her way to the store.

The funeral was yesterday and her father had spent all day drinking while her older brother Peter stayed away from the house. Peter was three years older then Crystal but they were very close.

She heard her brother go into his bedroom and close the door. She spread her legs wide open and ran her hand down over her wet pussy. Even while she was growing up, Crystal had taken care of her body. She had always thought she was a good looking girl. At 5'8" and maybe 120 lbs, she had long red hair and green eyes. When she started to develop, she felt that her breasts were her best feature. Medium sized (28C) but pert, they hung perfectly from her body. Her daddy told her when she was little that she would be a heartbreaker when she grew up.

She had been playing with herself for over a year now and imagining her brother fucking her. She knew it was wrong to think that way but she couldn't help it. She closed her eyes and slipped a finger into her pussy sliding it slowly in and out as she imagined it was Peter's cock. "Fuck me big brother," she whispered to the empty room.

She moved her finger faster as her orgasm started to build. "Oh...Oh...I'm gonna cum." She cried as she fingered her pussy and ran her thumb roughly over her clit. She slipped a second finger inside her and rammed them in her pussy as she pummeled her clit with her thumb. "OH FUCK. I'm cummmmiinnnngggg." She cried as her orgasm washed over her.

"Did that feel good little girl?" A slurred voice by the door asked.

Crystal pulled her fingers from her pussy and looked over to see her father standing in the doorway naked. His belly hung a bit over his hard cock which was hanging out from his body. In his hand he held a half empty beer bottle.

"Dad?" She asked half scared of him standing there.

"I asked if it felt good when you came." He slurred as he moved into the room and closed and locked the door behind him.

Crystal heard the lock turn and cringed. Why was her father in her room naked? And why had he locked the door?

"Dad, what do you want?" She asked trying to cover herself with the blanket as he swayed drunkenly towards her. "Why are you naked?"

Joseph took another swig of his beer then looked down at his body. "Well, I'll be damned. I am naked." He laughed drunkenly as he continued moving towards his daughter's bed. He took another swig from his beer bottle then set it down on the nightstand before he moved onto the bed.

Crystal tried to slip off the other side but he grabbed her ankle and pulled her back. "You ain't going anywhere until I get what I want." He slurred pulling her towards him.

Crystal kicked out at him suddenly scared but he just grabbed her other ankle. He pulled her until she was lying with her legs spread in front of him. Then he lifted her up and pulled her struggling body onto his lap.

"Dad please." She cried trying to pull away. She could feel his hard cock pressing against her ass.

"Come here and kiss daddy." Joseph slurred holding his daughter against him tightly.

Crystal stopped squirming and settled against her father. He just wanted a kiss. That was it. She thought to herself. She had kissed her father many times.

She pressed her mouth quickly against him. Unfortunately when she tried to pull back he gripped the back of her head and held her lips to his. She gasped when she felt his tongue pushing into her mouth.

She had been kissed before but never like this. Most of her kissing experience had been with relatives and quick pecks. She had never been French kissed before.

Joseph took advantage of her open mouth and pushed his tongue inside, French kissing his daughter roughly as his hand moved down and started massaging her breast gently.

Crystal didn't like the taste of alcohol on her father's breath and she wasn't sure she liked having his tongue in her mouth but she did like his hand on her tit. She pressed against his hand as she moaned into his mouth.

Joseph was sure his daughter wouldn't try to get away as he continued to kiss her so he moved his hand off her head and grasped her hips moving her back and forth over his hard cock. He moaned into her mouth as her butt massaged him.

Crystal tentatively started kissing her father back as she moaned at the friction of her pussy pressing against the length of his cock. It wasn't her brother's cock but she noticed when she first saw him that they were about the same size.

As she kissed him she hoped inside that he would fuck her. Her snatch was on fire and she was breathing heavily into his mouth.

"You are so hot little girl." Joseph moaned finally pulling his mouth away from his daughters. He moved his hand from her breast and down beneath her so he could hold her. Then he flipped her onto her back and lay over her. "I love you so much." He said kissing her again.

This time Crystal didn't try to get away. She kissed him back with all the gusto she could manage as she wrapped her arms around his neck. She felt his cock resting against her pussy and pressed up with her hips.

Feeling the motion, Joseph, rubbed the length of his cock back and forth over Crystal's pussy. "Do you like that little girl?" he asked as he rubbed his cock against her pussy.

"MMMMMM...yes dad that feels so good." She moaned as she pressed up with her hips.

Joseph moved up a bit and reached down between their bodies. He spread her pussy lips open and slipped his cock between them so it was resting against her clit. He moved his hips back and forth as he looked down into his daughters face. "Like that, baby girl?" He asked.

Crystal looked up at him as she felt her orgasm building. "Oh yes daddy. That feels so good."

Joseph smiled down at her and leaning down, took a nipple into his mouth as he continued to slowly fuck her clit with his cock. He had already decided he was going to fuck his little girl but for now, he wanted to get her off. With his size, he knew if he didn't get her ready, it would hurt more.

Joseph bit down gently on Crystal's nipple as he moved his cock over her clit. "Oh daddy, I'm gonna cum." She cried pushing at his cock with her hips.

Joseph moved his hips faster so the friction of his cock against her clit was greater as he moved to the other tit and sucked on it to.

"OH DADDDDDDDDYYYYYY!!!!" Crystal cried out as she came.

Joseph didn't pull away from her but continued to fuck her clit as she came and he sent her into a second orgasm. When that one was finished he finally pulled away from her. Sitting back on his knees he looked at her as she tried to get her breath back.

"That was great dad." She panted looking up at him through half closed eyes.

Joseph smiled and chuckled. "It isn't over yet baby girl." He said touching her clit softly. She jumped as it was still sensitive.

"Are you going to fuck me dad?" She asked breathlessly.

He looked at her. "Yes baby girl. But not yet." He lay down on his stomach so his face was level with her pussy. She watched him for a minute trying to figure out what he was doing. "What are you doing dad?"

He smiled up at her. "I'm gonna eat your pussy baby." He said before he lowered his head and took her clit between his lips sucking greedily.

"Oh daddy," she cried as she just about came out of her skin. She pushed up and moaned as he sucked on her clit and slipped a finger inside her. "Are you going to make me cum again daddy?" She panted.

He moved his mouth off of her clit for a minute but didn't stop his moving finger. "Yes I am baby. I am going to make you cum with my mouth, and then I am going to make you cum again with my cock." He moved his head back to her pussy and took her clit back into his mouth nibbling gently on it as he used his free hand and massaged her breast.

The thought of her father fucking her, pushed Crystal to new heights. "Oh yes, I want you to fuck me daddy. I want you to make me cum on your hard cock like you're making me cum with your mouth." She cried as she lifted her hips. Her fathers tongue and fingers felt so good on her pussy.

Joseph slipped two more fingers into her pussy as he licked at her clit. "Cum for daddy baby." He chanted over and over as he fucked her with his fingers.

"Oh daddy," Crystal cried. "I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum all over your face." She lifted up with her hips over and over as if she was trying to fuck him for real. She had her eyes closed and was in pure heaven. Her father was doing things to her pussy she had never dreamed of before.

As he slipped a finger inside her asshole she just about came out of her skin. It hurt at first but soon she was purring with pleasure as two of her holes were filled. "Eat me daddy." She cried. "Eat my sweet little pussy."

Joseph did just that. He sucked at her clit while he fingered her pussy and ass. He could tell she was close to cumming and he couldn't wait to taste her juices. He sucked harder on her as he moved his fingers even faster inside her and squeezed her nipple with his free hand.

Suddenly Crystal tensed up and screamed. "I'm cummmmiinnnngggg." She cried as her body convulsed in orgasm.

Joseph quickly pulled his fingers from her pussy and replaced them with his mouth, not wanting to miss a single drop of her juices.

When he was sure he had gotten it all, he moved up her body until his cock was resting against the entrance to her pussy. "I love you baby." He said as he pressed forward slowly.

Crystal looked up into his eyes, with a smile on her face. She could feel him spreading her open as he slowly entered her. "I love you to daddy."

Joseph locked his mouth on hers as he slowly moved in and out of her pussy. He pressed in a bit further every time he pushed in until he came to her hymen. When he felt the proof of her virginity, he pulled his mouth away as he looked into her eyes. "You're a virgin?"

Crystal had been enjoying feeling her father inside her but his words brought her back to reality. "Yea, I haven't found anyone before now that I wanted to give it to."

Joseph kept his 8 ½ inches buried just before her barrier as he pushed himself up on his arms. "Why didn't you tell me?" he asked suddenly sober.

She shrugged her shoulders. "I was going to, but the things you were doing felt so good, that I didn't want you to stop. I want you to fuck me, I was afraid if I told you that you would stop." She looked at him worriedly. "You're not going to stop are you?"

He cupped her face gently with his. "No honey, I'm not going to stop. But this changes things."

She looked up at him. "How?"

He sighed as he started to pull from her body. She wrapped her legs around him preventing him leaving her. "No, don't leave me." She cried.

"Easy," Joseph said, setting down over her again. "I'm not leaving you honey. See, it hurts a girl the first time she takes a cock inside her. I don't want to hurt you."

Tears filled her eyes, "but I want you to fuck me daddy."

When she used the pet name she had called him when she was little, Joseph knew he couldn't deny her. He kissed her deeply as he reached between their bodies until he was able to find her clit. He flicked his finger rapidly over it as he kept his lips locked on hers.

Crystal's breathing quickened then she started panting against his mouth as he pushed her towards orgasm. "Oh fuck, dad, I'm gonna cum...Make me cum." She cried lifting up with her hips. She felt him slide a bit deeper inside her and screamed into his mouth as she convulsed around him.

Feeling her tighten around him, Joseph kept his hand busy on her clit while he thrust hard forward with his hips, burying himself inside her.

Crystal's scream increased in volume as the pleasure she had felt with cumming mixed with the pain of his entrance.

He finally broke the kiss and looked down at his daughter lying beneath him. Her eyes were closed and tears were streaming down her cheeks. "It's okay baby. It won't hurt no more." He promised as he slowly started to fuck her with long drawn out strokes. He would pull out to the head then slowly press back in until she had taken him all. Then he would pull back out again.

After a minute or two, Crystal opened her eyes to look at her father and began moving her hips in time with him. "It doesn't hurt anymore dad. Your cock feels good inside me."

Joseph smiled at her as he continued his slow fucking. "You like me fucking you?" He asked looking into her eyes.

"Oh yes dad. It feels so good." She pulled his face down to hers for another kiss while he started thrusting into her a bit faster.

"Oh...Ugh..." She moaned as she pushed back against him. Her ankles dug into his ass as she pulled him deep inside her. She felt her father's hands under her butt and felt him pull her up to him every time he pressed into her.

"Feels soo good, your mother was never this good." He panted as he fucked her faster.

"Fuck me dad." She cried. "I'm cumming."

Joseph fucked her through her orgasm then suddenly grabbed her and rolled them both over until she was on top of him. She rested her hands on his chest and looked at him. "What do I do?" She asked as she settled her legs on either side of him.

Joseph looked up at her and smiled. "Ride me baby."

She looked at him in confusion. "How?"

Joseph showed her. Lifting her hips then pulling her back down until after a moment she was doing it on her own. "Oh dad, you're going so much farther inside me." She cried as she bounced on his cock.

"Oh Yea," Joseph cried as he rammed up into her. "Your pussy is so tight baby."

"It feels so good dad, oh fuck me." She moved faster over him rolling her hips so she felt him everywhere." Joseph brought his hands up and played with her titties as she fucked him. "I'm gonna cum again daddy." She cried.

Once again Joseph let her cum then switched positions, this time with her on her hands and knees before him as he fucked her from behind. "Oh fuck meeee." She cried as he went further inside her then before.

"Oh baby. I'm gonna cum." He cried just before he started to fill her up.

His cumming sent her into yet another orgasm. Afterwards Joseph collapsed on top of her and they both fell into dreamless sleep. His cock still buried inside her from behind.

Peter moved away from his sister's door with a smile. If his dad could fuck the little minx then he could to. He had dreamed of fucking her ever since he caught her coming out of the shower about six months earlier. He hadn't been able to because his mother was always around. Well, tomorrow he would get his shot.

The next morning Crystal woke up early to her father pummeling her slowly from behind while his hand caressed her breast. "Oh dad, yes fuck me. It feels so good." She whimpered pressing back against him.

Joseph pushed her over onto her stomach and started slamming hard into her as he whispered words of encouragement in her ear. He sent her into four different orgasms before he came himself. Then he kissed her softly told her he loved her and went into get ready for work.

Since she was taking some time off of work, Crystal just went back to sleep. She woke again a few hours later. Dressing in just a robe, she walked into the living room to find her brother sitting on the couch watching a movie on TV. "Good morning." She yawned sitting down beside him.

He looked at her with a smile. "It will be."

She was about to ask what he meant when suddenly she felt his hand between her legs. "What are you doing Peter?" She asked as probed at her pussy with his finger.

He just smiled at her as his hand moved over her clit and she jumped as a shock of pleasure went through her. "You shouldn't touch me there." She protested even as she spread her legs open more to give him better access.

Peter just smiled more broadly as he continued rubbing his hand over her clit and pushed her back further on the couch so she was half laying on it. "Why shouldn't I?" He asked spreading open her robe so he could expose her tits. "I mean after all, you're a girl and I'm a boy." He used his free hand to completely open her robe then grabbed one of her titties and squeezed it gently. By now his other hand had found her slit and he pushed a finger inside her.

"Ohhhhhh..." She moaned closing her eyes for a moment while he slowly finger fucked her. "You are my brother...You shouldn'" She lifted her hips against his thrusting hand. "Be touching me like this." She finally managed to say as he lowered his head and took one of her nipples into his mouth sucking deeply.

She didn't know how her hands ended up in his hair, but suddenly there they were. Running her fingers through his hair and pulling him closer to her breast. "Oh big brother, don't stop." She cried as he pushed a second finger inside her and moved it roughly in and out.

"You gonna cum Crystal?" He asked looking into her eyes which were glazed over with passion.

"I'm so close." She said lifting her hips as he fingered her faster.

"Cum for me sissy," he panted fingering her fast and hard as he mauled her clit with his thumb. "Cum for your big brother."

He pressed his mouth against hers and kissed her passionately as he continued to slam into her with his fingers. She clawed at him as she was so close. Finally it was like the damn broke. She screamed against his mouth in pleasure as she came.

Peter felt her pussy clench at his fingers as she came and almost came with her as he imagined her doing that around his hard cock.

Finally Crystal collapsed back against the couch and closed her eyes. She didn't pay any attention when Peter slipped her robe away from her body or pushed her down so she was lying on the couch. She did notice however when something was pressed against her lips.

She opened her eyes to see Peter's 8 inch cock against her mouth. "What?" She started to ask when suddenly he pushed it into her mouth.

"Suck my cock sis." He said pushing it still further into her mouth.

She felt his cock press against the entrance to her throat and almost gagged. She forced her mouth from his cock. "I have never done that before." She gasped.

Peter held her head and pushed his cock back into her mouth. Then he told her how to suck on it so it would feel good to him. She looked up at him as she started sucking on his cock and watched his eyes as he closed them in pleasure. "Yea, that's it, just like that." He moaned slowly fucking her face.

Crystal became bolder as her attempts brought him pleasure. She did different things with her tongue and even grazed his cock with her teeth. "Oh god, so good," Peter cried fucking her face faster. Finally he pulled out of her mouth and stood there panting for a moment. His hard cock hit him in the stomach. "Gotta stop, I don't wanna cum yet." He panted.

Crystal just lay on the couch and smiled up at him.

Peter stood there looking at her for a minute. She was lying on her side with one leg bent. "Stay, just like that." He said lying down beside her on the couch. She moved back a bit to give him room then waited to see what he wanted to do next.

He lay down on his side facing her and brushed his cock against her pussy lips. "You are so wet." He moaned as he watched her juices glistening on his cock. He lifted her bent leg and pulled it over his hips then slipped closer to her. When they were up against each other, he pushed his cock into her. "Oh yea, so tight," he moaned as he filled her completely.

"Fuck, yes, big brother, your cock feels so good." She cried as she rested her hand on his arm and her other hand above her head which she rested on the arm of the couch.

"Are you ready?" He asked not able to hold back much longer from fucking her.

She nodded. She was braced against the back of the couch. Peter locked his mouth on hers as he started pounding into her hard and fast. They could hear their juices squishing together as he moved his cock in and out of her tight little pussy. "Fuck me big brother." She cried digging her hand into his arm.

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