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Sucking My First Cock

by John Hamilton©

The following is a true story.

I first saw another man's cock in college. I had stumbled on a black man cruising in a campus restroom. He was in a stall masturbating, waiting for guys to come in. I didn't know what cruising was at the time. I thought he was just minding his own business, stroking himself, which is exactly what I came in there to do.

So I sat down in the stall beside him and started to have my fun. He then came around the edge of my doorless stall stroking himself and showing me his big, hard black cock. I never thought about guys before but I was turned on by the sight. He started dripping cum on the floor and that sent me over the edge. I shot my load into the toilet I was sitting on.

I became very curious about guys after that. I started having cybersex and phone sex with them. I started reading gay erotic stories. I even jacked off with the black guy again the next time I stumbled on him in the restroom.

One thing I discovered was that cocks excite me. I read a story about a straight guy who is turned into a cocksucking slave by a dominate man and became fascinated with stories like that. I began to really wonder what a cock would feel like in my hand and in my mouth. I began to fantasize about being a cocksucker on my knees,having a big, hard cock dominating my mouth.

I got a girlfriend in college who was at first turned on by the idea of a three way with a guy. She wanted to see me suck a dick and get penetrated. Wasn't sure about the penetration but the sucking sounded good. But she cooled to the idea ,and never got comfortable with having three ways or group sex after that. I married her, so my bi-curiousity got put on hold.

Then I got divorced, many years later. It took me awhile to adjust and get my life back together. But eventually I decided to pursue my bi-curiousity and experiment. I went on a free gay cruising site and a guy on there sent me an instant message. I went into chat with him and was immediately amazed at the dick in his profile. It was large, white, and insanely thick. I was immediately turned on.

We chatted and it turns out this guy was bisexual with very little time to look for a relationship because of a work schedule that keeps him on the road. The only things he did with guys was mutual masturbation and letting guys go down on him when he needed to get off. That was perfect since those were the only two things I wanted to do.

So I agreed to meet him that night for mutual masturbation only. We planned to meet at a tiny parking area in a historic park. It was abandoned in the afternoon and was a popular cruising area with nature trails that provide lots of privacy.

We both drove out and met there. Unfortunately, it was at night by the time we got there and there was little in the way of lighting at the park. After an unsuccessful attempt to walk to a nature trail using his cell phone as a light, I offered to let him got back to my place.

He followed me back in his car. At my place I finally got a good look at him. He was taller than I was, well built but not ripped. He had a bit stubble on him and wore a baseball cap, giving him a bit of a scruffy look.

I threw a blanket on my love seat and told him to sit down. I asked him if he needed to watch porn, that I have both gay and straight DVDs, or if just watching each other was enough. He said he didn't care.

So I got down to business. I stripped my clothes off and sat there naked beside him stroking myself. He rubbed himself through his soft workout shorts. The material of his shorts clinged to his massive erection as he cupped his hand around it.

He then took his dick out of his shorts. His massive naked erection just did something to me. I wasn't planning on it, but I couldn't resist having my hand around it. I asked him if I could touch it and he said "yes." So I grabbed his cock. I had never touched another man's cock before. It felt incredible in my hand, so large and powerful. I stroked it. I loved every minute of having that gaint dick in my hand. I played with his clean shaven balls as I jerked him. He played with my cock off and on, but mainly I justed wanted to get him off.

I stroked him until he came all over my hand and he did the same to me, We cleaned up and he left. Then something else happened to me. I realized I wanted his cock in my mouth. I wanted to feel my lips around that massive hard fuck tool of his. The urge grew and grew. I just couldn't get the idea out of my head of sucking his dick. So I messaged him on the cruising site again and we arranged to get to together so I could suck him off.

He came over and had on a top and similar shorts. About thirty seconds after he stepped through the door, I asked him if I could get down to business as he stood there in my living room. He said "yes." I dropped to my knees and put my hand on his crotch. I felt his cock through his soft shorts and rubbed it through the material. I clasped my hand around it as I ran my lips over the bulge in his shorts.

I pulled down his shorts and unleashed his massive cock. I put my hand around it. I put my mouth up to it and tasted it, sliding my lips and tongue back and forth, all over his shaft, getting it wet. The feeling was incredibly potent. I couldn't believe what I was finally doing.

Then I took it in my mouth. My lips closed on his cock and slid up and down his wet shaft. His hard man meat filled the hungry hole my mouth had become. His monstrously thick cock stretched my mouth as I took as much of it as I could.

He wanted to sit down, so he sat on my love seat. I striped off my clothes and crawled naked on my hands and knees over to his cock. I was on my knees between his legs as I took the monstrous fuck tool back into my mouth. I kept sucking him as he ran his hands through my hair telling me how good it felt.

I alternated between sucking him and worshiping his cock. I would take it out of my mouth, licking it up and down, sucking on his balls and rubbing his hard powerful cock against my face. Then I would plunge it back into my warm, hungry mouth. I was in cocksucker heaven. A slut on my knees with a dick in my mouth.

So I sucked, licked, stroked and worked his dick for awhile. He had tremendous control and lasted a very long time. Finally, I did finish him with a nice handjob, firmly grasping his rock hard wet cock, sliding my hand up and down it. I stroked him faster and faster until he shot all over my hand and his stomach.

We cleaned up and he left. I never saw him again. The next time I looked him up on the cruising site he had moved away.

So far, that's my only experience with a guy. I doubt it'll be my last.

Written by: John Hamilton

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