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Suburban Cumslut Ch. 03

by Gilroygal69©

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"Hurt me Daddy. Hurt me while I cum."

Daddy chuckled deeply. "My pleasure slut. My pleasure."

I moaned and pumped my hips lewdly, to demonstrate to my Daddy how incredibly hot and needy I was. My cunt announced that need with a full lipped scarlet smile and my clit was swollen to an almost unbelievable size. The entire length of it was engorged, and the throbbing column of woman flesh almost felt like a small cock jutting forth from the top of my dripping slit.

I reached down to retract the tender pink hood until the mini head was clearly visible.

"Look Daddy, look at my baby cock. It's so hard! Don't you want to hurt it? Please Daddy, hurt my pretty little baby cock."

Daddy laughed and said, "I certainly do want to hurt that baby cock. I want to hurt it so very, very badly. But how? How to make my sweet little whore scream for Daddy?"

Daddy pretended to be deep in thought. I shivered at what might be going through his mind; so many wonderful ways to be hurt, so much delicious cruelty to inflict upon my vulnerable, pouting womanhood. My nipples tingled with an intensity that was almost electric as I considered the likelihood of them becoming targets as well. I arched my back to show that they were up for offer along with my cunt.

"Oh my, we can't forget those little morsels now can we? My slut needs her lovely tits hurt as well, doesn't she?"

"Oh yes please, Daddy." I panted. I pinched my nipples hard between thumb and forefinger and pulled them upward until they were grossly elongated and my heavy breasts stretched into a conical shape.

"Hmmmm, I think Daddy has just the thing for that slutty little cunt and those hungry little tits. Hold them just like that slut."

Daddy disappeared for a moment, leaving me to stew in my own juices, so to speak. I heard him rummaging around in the toy bin, searching for whatever implement had stuck his fancy. I hoped it was the riding crop. I loved the deep, stinging bite and the lovely, vivid stripes that it made upon my pale, tender skin. If wielded properly, it caused no permanent damage, but left a sweet soreness for a day or so that was a delicious reminder of Daddy's commitment to my training and discipline.

I loved having a sore pussy and tender aching nipples, but until today, I had never had the courage to ask for the punishment I craved. I had always had to wait until Daddy was compelled to mete it out. Then, I had feigned protest, too ashamed to admit that I had been waiting eagerly for my Daddy to hurt me.

"Oh Daddy, please hurry, I need it so bad." I felt very bold as I expressed my longing.

Daddy reappeared at the side of the bed, carrying a slim black riding crop, with a cock shaped handle. I moaned with excitement at the sight of it.

"Hold those tits up, slut. Do not drop them. Do you understand?"

"Yes Daddy." I tightened my grip on my nipples to insure my obedience.

"And spread those legs nice and wide. I want that cunt ready to accept some more abuse."

I complied, eagerly. The first blow struck the underside of my right breast and immediately following, one fell upon the left breast in the same place.

The blows were hard; much harder than those Daddy had given me previously. My back arched against the pain and the breath hissed from between my teeth. Almost before the searing heat could register, a blow was delivered to the top of each breast. I writhed and hissed some more, but I maintained my hold on my strained nipples.

Daddy took his time beating my tits thoroughly; top, bottom and sides. Sometimes, he landed several blows in the same place, teasing me with the delicious agony, then moving on. I tried not to cry out, but I couldn't keep the moans, which were a combination of pain and lust, from escaping my lips. Each shriek, each stifled oath, each sob elicited a grin of satisfaction from my Daddy.

Finally, he was finished. My tits were on fire and were a suitable shade of crimson to attest to the searing heat. There was a satisfying ache deep in the core of each quivering mound of tit meat that promised to be very much in evidence for several days. I was gratified to know that the effects of my beating would linger. But I knew there was more to come.

"Drop those tits slut. Let's see what we've accomplished."

I complied. Now my nipples were exposed and vulnerable. He eyed them with a salacious leer.

"Very nice, slut. I love to see a pair of well beaten tits. But those nipples...Mmmmm. I think they need a few good, hard strokes. Don't you?

"Yes, Daddy."

"How many, whore? How many strokes do you deserve?"

That was a loaded question. Did Daddy mean, how many did I deserve as a reward for being such a good Cumslut and such a filthy, dirty girl? Or how many did I deserve as punishment for being a worthless, shitlicking whore? I didn't know how to answer. Too few would make him angry, as would too many. And though my cunt was wet with longing, I didn't honestly know how many I could take.

"Whatever you decide is best for me Daddy."

"Playing it safe, slut? You disappoint me. Fifteen hard strokes on each nipple. Cup your tits from below. Lift them up...that's right...offer them to your Daddy. Mmmmm, yes, just like cherries on a sundae aren't they whore? They won't look cherries when I'm done with them. Noooooo, I think they will look like sweet succulent plums, all purple and swollen."

I shuddered with anticipation and did as he said, cupping each breast and lifting my eager nipples to him. I waited for the pain; excited, afraid, longing, dreading.

"Count." He said, and then the first blow struck the turgid bud.

Sweet Jesus it hurt.

I screamed, forgetting to count as the sensation ignited a licking flame of desire that raced down my spinal column, unfurled in my arched pelvis, and curled sinuously into my cunt where it was consumed, but not extinguished, by a fresh flood of my female juices. I felt the warm fluid burst from the slick pink surface of my most intimate flesh and collect in the basin of my open, glistening hole.

Reflexively, I dropped my breasts and covered my vulnerable nipples. It was only an instant before I realized I had made a grave mistake.

"How dare you cover yourself, slut!" roared Daddy.

He stood above me with a dark look on his face. He reached down and buried his hand in the thick hair at the nape of my neck. Daddy tightened his grip slowly, until the there was no slack in the abundant tresses and the delicate skin was pulled painfully taut. Then he pulled my face close to his own, forcing me to look deep into his eyes. I could smell the warm, masculine scent he gave off, and feel the heat from his body.

"You asked for this whore. Remember?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"You begged me, didn't you whore?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"What do you have to say for yourself, you ungrateful little cunt?"

Fearful the delicious pain would be withheld from my stiff and yearning nipples, I did the only thing I knew to do. I began to plead with him.

"Daddy...I'm sorry! I didn't mean to cover myself! It was just a reflex, I swear. I am grateful Daddy, really I am. Thank you for beating my tits so well! I love the way they hurt so deep inside. I'm a very lucky painslut. Please don't stop! Oh God Daddy, please beat my nipples too. I want them to hurt for days, just like my tits Daddy. Please!"

I was near tears, which surprised me, as did the sincerity of my pleas. How such a thing had become so important to me was baffling and disconcerting. But the was so seductive. I needed more.

"I believe you, slut. And I'm glad to hear you're remorseful. I'll finish what I started, but there will be consequences for your insolence."

I was weak with relief, but wary of what punishment might be imposed for my transgression, which I knew to be quite grievous indeed.

"Get back up on your knees whore."

Confused, I nearly blurted out "Why?"...but managed to hold my tongue. I scrambled back to my knees, anxious to avoid displeasing Daddy further.

Without comment or preamble, Daddy again shoved his cock into my asshole. I gasped as his hot flesh made contact with the reddened, stinging tissue and then cried aloud as he thrust through the swollen, abused ring. Was this to be my punishment? Though undeniably sore, I could certainly stand another assfucking. The agony would be fierce, but sweet.

Daddy quickly disabused me of that notion, however. When he had seated his cock fully and firmly into my ravished rectum, he paused a moment, and then began to piss. The stream was powerful and copious and I immediately began to experience a painful cramping. It was a far different experience from the gentle cleansing enemas I often gave myself.

And yet...I was excited and titillated. I was being used as a urinal, a receptacle for the liquid waste from another body. It was the pinnacle of degradation and I loved it. Once again it seemed as if my every thought was somehow silently communicated to my Daddy.

"I think you're enjoying this, slut. You like being filled to the brim with hot piss. You like being a toilet for Daddy don't you?"

"It hurts, Daddy. It's giving me such bad cramps!"

"But you like it because you're a filthy piss loving whore, aren't you?"

"Yes Daddy"

"And you don't care which end it goes in, do you? It's all the same to you, as long as you end up with a bellyful of piss, isn't that right whore?"

"Yes Daddy."

"Well, you might enjoy being a toilet, slut, but I promise you won't enjoy having to hold it while I beat those fucking teats black and blue."

Ahhh, so that was my punishment.

I gasped audibly and Daddy chuckled at having taken me by surprise. Yes, it was cunning and diabolical. My asshole had been stretched and weakened by the earlier assault. It would be quite a struggle to retain anything that an angry Daddy might choose to shove into it.

But the real punishment would be my inability to focus wholly on the pain I needed and loved so much. I would be unable to turn inward and let myself float away on the tide of pain and pleasure.

In a very short time I began to feel uncomfortably full. I looked down to see that my stomach bulged slightly just below my navel as the piss distended my bowels. I whimpered softly in protest, but the stream continued unabated. My stomach swelled larger as I watched. I stroked it softly, disbelieving that my body could hold so much piss, and doubtful of my ability to hold it in.

Finally, with a soft, wet plop, Daddy pulled his flaccid cock from my ass. I felt a small stream of piss dribble from my asshole and trickle slowly down my legs.

"Tighten that hole slut! If you release any more, or you lose control completely, I will not hurt your little girl cock. Do you understand me? I won't give you what you've worked so hard for. You will have debased yourself for nothing."

"Daddy, pleeeeeeaaaase. I can't hold it. There's so much piss in me, Daddy!"

I moaned as another vicious cramp gripped my bowels. Daddy ignored my entreaty.

"Don't disappoint me again, slut. Roll over carefully...that's right...and spread your legs. Lift those tits, just like before. Now, let's continue."

Daddy lifted the crop above me, preparing to strike the untouched nipple, but then, in mid stroke, he stopped.

"How could I forget? Just a moment, slut."

He bent down to retrieve something from the floor and came up holding the damp, soiled panties that he had used to silence me earlier. He smirked.

"I would love to soak these with piss before stuffing them in your mouth, but I'm afraid the contents of my bladder are currently sloshing about in your ass."

Daddy crumpled the pale blue nylon panties and gagged me with them.

"Now then..."

The crop slashed downward with a sensuous whisper and struck my nipple with perfect accuracy. The pain was indescribable... sinister but wonderful; a living thing that caressed my tender flesh with fingers of blistering sensation. I arched my back and raised my hips in the primal, age old posture of sweet, sweet agony.

I was transported to a place I had always longed to be. But in that place, I was unaware of anything but the delicious onslaught of pain and desire. As my cunt received the lovely message from my tormented nipples, I gave myself up it and relaxed my pelvic muscles involuntarily. I felt a small trickle of warmth in the cleft of my buttocks and realized I was very close to losing control.

My panic dissolved the delicious pain haze. I clenched my anus as tightly as I could, which resulted in another wave of rippling, cramping pain deep within me. Any remaining euphoria evaporated abruptly and was replaced by fear as my strained muscles struggled to hold back the deluge inside my bowels. Goddamn my devious Daddy.

With each blow that Daddy delivered to my defenseless nipples, the vicious cycle was repeated; pain, pleasure, realization, panic, fear, struggle. Each time, he brought me to the precipice of masochistic satisfaction, only to yank me back with his expectations.

He whipped my nipples mercilessly, with all the strength that he possessed. It wasn't long before I was screaming behind my panty gag. The screams were muffled, but still strident.

"That's it whore, scream for Daddy. Louder baby...let me hear how much it hurts!"

By the final blow, I was a wreck. The tender sphincter that had often given me so much pleasure, now quivered with fatigue and ached with strain. My palms were indented with half moons where I had bunched my fists tightly. My knees were weak, my cunt was open and weeping, my nipples were twin nodes of pure flame. I was panting heavily, and tears ran from my eyes. I felt them trickling into my ears.

Daddy was breathing heavily his cock once again stood proud and rigid before him. Hurting me aroused him and I felt strangely satisfied with that knowledge. He removed the panties from my mouth and kissed my lips gently.

"Is that what my little painslut needed?"

"Yes, Daddy."

He grazed his thumbs lightly over my battered nipples. I gave a loud cry as his touch coaxed more pain to the surface of the angry, throbbing nubs.

"Mmmmmm, yes, those teats hurt, don't they whore?"

"Yes Daddy!"

"Goooood. That's very good." he crooned.

He ran his finger up between my ass cheeks, grazed my tightly closed hole, dipped briefly into my cunt, and then teased my clit with a light, fleeting caress.

"I feel some moisture here, whore."

My heart sank. I had allowed just a tiny bit of piss to escape when the crop first struck, but I had tried so hard to please my Daddy! Surely he knew how I had struggled!

"But I'm pleased. You've performed well...better than I ever expected considering how hard I fucked your ass earlier. And I think you've learned your lesson, haven't you?"

"Yes Daddy." My reply was emphatic and sincere.

"Then you may go to the bathroom and expel, slut."

"Thank you Daddy. I'm glad I pleased you."

Gingerly, I crawled off the bed and stood on shaky legs. I quickly realized that gravity was working against me. I couldn't move for fear of releasing the churning mess in my bowels all over the carpet. Daddy grasped my predicament at once and laughed softly.

"You may need to crawl in there slut. Fitting, don't you think?"

"Yes Daddy."

I dropped to my knees and crawled slowly to the bathroom. My cheeks burned with shame. It seemed like an eternity before I reached the safe haven of the commode. I got to my feet and prepared to sit, but hesitated, not knowing if I should close the door or not. I certainly didn't want to anger my Daddy again, but I was almost at the point of no return.

"Daddy? May I close the door while I expel your piss from my ass?"

"Yes whore. You've earned your privacy."

With relief, I shut the door, settled hastily onto the smooth, cool seat, and promptly exploded. I cringed, embarrassed by the rude noises emanating from my body. I knew Daddy could hear, and though the door was closed, I felt naked and vulnerable as I let nature take over.

Finally, I was empty of piss, or seemed to be. I sat for a moment, trying to calm down. As I took stock of myself, I realized that my clit was still monstrously swollen, and pulsing with the strength of its need. I reached down hesitantly and stroked it. Oh god...the was almost too much to bear. I frigged it furiously for just a moment, knowing that it was a serious and punishable offense.

"What are you doing in there slut!?"

I started guiltily and snatched my hand from between my legs.

"Just making sure I'm empty, Daddy."

"I'm coming in, slut."

"NO! I mean, not yet Daddy. I'm so messy...let me get cleaned up first."

I quickly destroyed the evidence of my crime by licking the pussy juice from my fingers.

"Alright slut, but hurry up!"

I attended to my hygiene quickly and then stood before the mirror, assessing. I had been wearing tasteful make-up earlier in the evening, but now, I looked the part of the whore I had been playing. My mascara had pooled into deep smudges below my eyes and tear tracks streaked the artfully applied blusher. My lipstick was liberally smeared and my mouth appeared swollen.

My breasts were a deep rose color, and painted with a number of slender marks. They looked pretty, I thought. But my nipples looked magnificent. They were swollen to perhaps twice their normal size, and were still swelling as I observed them. They were a deep, majestic purple at the tips, while around the areola, the dusky shadows of what would be vivid bruises were just appearing.

I looked as if I had been brutalized, used, broken and discarded.

Just then the door opened and Daddy entered. He stood behind me and reached around to cup my heavy, aching tits. Our eyes met in the mirror.

"You have never been more beautiful" he whispered.

He was right.

And I realized then that I hadn't been playing a part, but achieving the fulfillment of a long silent truth.

To Be Continued...

Written by: Gilroygal69

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