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Take What U Want Ch. 02

by Dom_man76©

I released her hair from my grasp and allowed her head to fall on the bed. At once, I realized that I should have brought along my digital camera because the sight was beautiful. She had cum in her hair, dripping down from the scarf, and even drooling out of her open mouth. It was a mental picture that I'll never forget.

Returning to the supplies that I packed, I opened up a bottle of water and downed half of it in one shot. Out of my sex toy stash, I found a small bottle of lube and a medium sized, straight vibrator that looked fun to play with. Walking back to the bed, I laid down beside her prostrate body and saw her visibly cringe as she felt my motion on the bed. After the oral games that we had played, I didn't replace the panties back in her mouth, but so far, she had been an obedient little slave and kept relatively quiet. I opened the bottle of lube and drizzled a small stream down the crack of her ass, and she started to whimper and wiggled her bottom in protest.

"No!" I said sternly as I gave her ass a hard smack with my open hand. "That's not how good little slaves behave."

The spank didn't get a verbal response from her, but she let out a small 'yelp' from the stinging blow. Afterward, she became more still, and I proceeded to pour more lube down her ass crack. I used my right index finger to rub the lube in between her beautiful ass cheeks before plunging it deep into her pussy, and she responded with a gasp but still remained well behaved. I worked the first finger into her pussy until it relaxed, so I responded with a second and a third finger. By this time, she seemed as though she was beginning to enjoy the assault, and I knew that I need to, once again, change the balance of control. I removed my fingers from her pussy and grabbed the medium sized vibrator. Her slit was artificially and naturally lubed by this point, so I aimed the tip at her wet hole and shoved about 3" into her. She squealed in pain from the new invader which didn't slow me from fucking her deeper and deeper with the plastic cock.

Once the entire 5" of usable length was inside of her, I twisted the base of the vibrator, turning it onto its highest settings. Her entire body started to quiver and shake as the vibrator stimulated her from inside, and it appeared as though she was building toward a huge orgasm. I began fucking her with the vibrator starting with short strokes until I was using nearly the entire length. After just a few short minutes, her body stiffened up, and she let out a huge scream of ecstasy as an orgasm ran through her little body. When the orgasm left her, I could tell that she was ashamed of allowing herself to come by her "rapist" because she started to sob, and I could see tears streaking down her face.

Rather than taking pity on my little slave, I stepped up my assault. Keeping the vibrator on high, I pushed the length of it back into her dripping pussy and left it there. Looking back at the night table, I spied a pair of nipple clamps that I had bought the previous day, and I decided that now was the time to try them out. For the first time, I rolled her onto her back, exposing her beautiful yet small breasts. They were too good to leave alone, and I started by licking her right nipple while I rolled her left between my thumb and forefinger. She didn't want to allow herself to succumb to the pleasure that she was feeling, but the combination between the vibrator in her pussy and my oral assault on her nipples were too much to ignore. She began to breath heavier and heavier until it was a veritable pant, and I knew that I was working her up to another orgasm, whether she wanted it or not.

I wanted to reel her back in and assert my control over her again, so I opened one of the nipple clamps and let the rough edges graze her right nipple. This seemed to send a shiver down to her very core which confirmed that her nipples were definitely a sensitive spot. I eased the clamp closed around her right nipple until it had just started to apply pressure, and without warning, I let go of the clamp, letting it close on her nipple abruptly. The combination of pain and pleasure made her whole body shudder as she cried out in pain. I put my right hand on her chest just between her breasts to hold her down to the bed, and with my left hand, I repeated the process with her left nipple. Her whole body was practically convulsing, and I knew that she was walking the edge of her next orgasm.

My cock had responded to the whole scene, and he was definitely ready to play again. Her ass was the only playground that had not been used today, and it was time to remedy that. Keeping the nipple clamps in place, I rolled her back onto her belly and exposed her gorgeous little ass to me once again. Once her nipples touched the bed again, I think that the pain from the nipple clamps was intensified because she tried to arch her back to ease the pressure from the bed onto her nipples. The sight confirmed that I had chosen wisely with the nipple clamps and that she was indeed struggling with whether to enjoy the stimulation or to cry out in pain.

Looking down at her beautiful ass, I could tell that the vibrator had definitely done its job because her juices had been rolling out of her pussy and down on her ass while she had been on her back. Between the lube that I had applied and her own lube, her little asshole was wet and glistening. Leaving the vibrator deep inside of her pussy, I mounted her from behind and started to swab the head of my cock down her ass crack to get it nice and lubricated. She must have known where I was going because she started to buck and squirm, but I persisted with the attack.

I positioned the head of my cock at her asshole and pushed forward to gain entry which prompted a cry from my victim. Her ass felt extremely tight with the vibrator already filling her pussy and my cock trying to gain entry in her backdoor, so I stopped my assault after I had about 2" in her. She had her head down into the duvet covering the bed, but her cries were unmistakable. I stopped my assault for a moment to allow her ass to adjust to my cock, and as I did, I could feel the strong pulsations coming from the vibrator in her pussy. Between her tight ass and the vibrations, the overall sensation on my cock was extremely intense, and I knew that I didn't have much time to waste before my own orgasm took over.

Not wasting any more time, I thrust the remaining inches of my cock into her tight backdoor until I felt my balls touch the end of the vibrator. She screamed into the duvet below her, objecting to my assault, but that didn't give me any reason to slow down. My little slave wanted to be taken, and this is how I wanted to take her! After a few thrusts, my hips found a good rhythm, and it seemed as though her ass started to adjust to the girth of my cock.

I could feel the orgasm building deep in my balls, and each thrust brought me closer and closer. My poor little slut had been on the edge since I started molesting her nipples, and I wanted to give her one last shameful orgasm while I pounded her ass. I shifted my weight forward slightly which pushed her upper body down, smashing her chest onto the bed. With each thrust, the clamps tweaked her little nipples, and after just a few thrusts of this, her little body finally gave in. It felt like every muscle in her body tensed up, and she let out a loud, animal-like scream as the orgasm ripped through her body. I could certainly feel the contractions on my cock, and this finally pushed me over the edge as well. I barreled my entire cock into her tight ass, and my entire body shook with my own orgasm as I emptied the contents of my balls into her.

Once I regained my composure, I looked down at my little slave and realized that I didn't want her to have the satisfaction of any sort of afterglow. In one quick stroke, I pulled out of her, crawled up to her head, and used her pretty brunette hair to wipe off my cock. Rolling her over, I quickly removed the nipple clamps and pulled the vibrator out of her pussy, also wiping it off in her hair. She was groggy and only half conscious at this point, I re-gagged her with the panties that I had used on her earlier just to prevent any unwanted cries for help or mercy.

Even though it was just late morning, the day's events had worn me out, and I decided to lay down for a little nap. Obviously, my little slave did not deserve to share the same bed as I did, and I decided that she should be stowed in the closet just like any other inanimate object. I lifted her limp frame off of the bed from underneath her armpits and drug her into the closet, closing the door behind her. I pulled the soiled duvet off of the bed, climbed in, and happily drifted off to sleep.

Written by: Dom_man76

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