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A Night at the Academy

by Lady_Neferai©

Always being the average looking sister of the gorgeous blond beauty queen, Nef had always downplayed her looks and focused on her mental acuity. She lacked self esteem, and in strange fashion, she overcompensated by trying to domineer men and women of power alike. She prided herself on her control, but in all honesty, she was lost inside. She had always felt in her heart that she wanted to submit, fantasized about living a D/s life... giving over all control to a loving Master or Mistress and focusing her mental acuity on pleasing them utterly.

Nef started to play a little in the BDSM community in an online capacity- engaging the services of an online Master, she began to explore (slowly) what it was about the lifestyle that made her burn for more. She learned a bit about herself, but due to the infrequency of the online sessions, and frankly, Nef's undisciplined personality, she had reached the pinnacle of her time with her online Master. Nef and her Master had been working together for about 2 years, on and off, when he sent her application in to a private sub-training Academy. One day, out of the blue, Nef received an acceptance letter telling her she had ten days to return her waivers and other insurance paperwork and arrive at the Manor to begin her training- all paid for by her cyber Master, a man she had never formally met.

Nef wanted to shred the documents; she fired off a nasty letter to her Master, writing disrespectful and untrue things in her anger and abject fear of placing herself totally in someone else's hands... her Master was calm, but firm and explained that she had promise but was too undisciplined to reach her potential... she needed one-on-one training that only the Academy could provide, and if she wished to continue the relationship and eventually go to the next level, she had to comply, trust him and go attend training.

Nef screamed.

Nef cried.

Nef wheedled.

Nef begged.

Her Master would not relent, and actually blocked her emails... he said he would resume contact when she called him from the Head Mistress's office and not one second before. Faced with such determination, Neferai relented and packed a small bag, made her excuses at work, and departed for the Manor.

The day of her arrival was overcast and stormy. Lightning light the darkened sky as she slowly made her way up the front walk. She was met at the front door by a nude greeter, who took her valise and showed her to a side room- since she had arrived the night before orientation- where she would wait, kneeling on a pillow, until the orientation meeting the following day. The greeter apologized, but explained that there were rules that needed to be followed, no matter what the circumstance. Nef had read she needed to arrive at a specific time, but was so anxious to call her Master, she had taken an earlier flight. Now she would receive a punishment before even being inducted into the Academy proper.

As Nef knelt, she fantasized the her Master was a Taskmaster at the Academy. In her mind's eye, she raised her eyes from the floor as two large feet came into view, and she knew instantly that this was the man. The one to free her from having to always be in control.... free her from the prison of trying to play dominant when her heart screamed to submit- a cry she was only just learning to hear and translate. She imagined that he entered silently, disrobed her and shackled her hands and feet without saying a word, his posture reflecting his displeasure that she did not arrive at the appointed time, and that she took so long to obey in the first place. Her thoughts were jagged and incomplete, as she had no real life experience and did not know what to expect. She hears him whisper "In time, you will learn to obey, or your life will be a saga of pain and torment." She can feel her body respond to the vision, her inner wall muscles clenching and unclenching, body taut with tension as she pictured him abusing her, using her mouth like a fuckhole, laughing at her gagging cries at her first deep throat experience.

She pictured the crop he'd use to mark her ass and thighs, leaving raised, stinging welts as a testament to his dissatisfaction. Before long, her left hand slipped behind her to the floor for support as her right hand ventured down her pants, it took mere seconds and a few quick flicks of her fingertips against her swollen clit to bring her panting and quietly moaning to orgasm. She must have dozed, for when she woke, she was surrounded by dark, cloaked and hooded figures. She was startled and tried to stand, but prolonged kneeling had left her legs asleep and as soon as she stood, she tumbled to the floor.

She was grabbed roughly, pulled to her feet. She sagged in her captor's arms, still unable to bear weight on her tingling limbs. They hauled her through a small, hidden door into an antechamber with a very large fireplace on one wall and large concrete table in the center. They flung her over the table, securing her wrists and ankles to the table's legs, and using what felt like a long, cold knife, began to cut her clothes from her trembling body, leaving her exposed and vulnerable. She cried out for them to stop, and was brutally backhanded, then cloth- her cum-stained, shredded panties- were thrust into her mouth and a piece of tape was slapped over her lips to secure them in place. She struggled in vain against her bonds, but to no avail.

Nef shook her head, trying to decide if this was a dream induced by her fantasies, when suddenly, a sharp crack rang out and she jerked as a line of fire spread from her lower back down to her mid right thigh. Nef's eyes widened and she crazily looked around to see where the strike had come from, but all she saw were legs, many many legs circling the table... watching. She had never felt so exposed! She started to cry in earnest, terrified of what things waited for her.

Someone grasped her head and fastened a harness to it, secured it in such a way she could no longer raise her head to look around, but left her mouth in a position to be used. A rough voice instructed her that they were going to fuck her mouth one after another, and screaming would avail her nothing, as they were isolated and no one would hear her anyway. They jerked the tape free, causing her to inhale quickly, she could taste her juices on the panties before they were pulled from her mouth. They began to line up to use her, and use her they did.

Three times, a man, masked, stepped forward, rammed his cock down her virgin throat and fucked her mouth until he reached climax, then would roughly wipe her face, and the next would move in... then the next, leaving her barely enough time to breathe and swallow down their sticky offerings. Behind her, she felt something cold slide down the crack of her ass , two fingers spread the substance liberally over her exposed asshole, then fingered around her tight, virgin sphincter, coating her with lube. Suddenly, there was an uncomfortable pressure and a burning sensation in her rear as someone rammed something hard and warm into her virgin hole, barely slowing to allow her body to accommodate before pushing in and out of her taut body. Hard hands grabbed her hips as she felt the blackness encroaching.

As she sagged and ceased struggling, the cock in her mouth was removed and she was slapped hard several times across the face, presumably to bring her back to consciousness, then the cock was back, forcing itself between her tight lips and thrusting until the owner spurted his release down her throat. The feeling of being completely out of control sent wave after wave of fear through her body, but as she struggled, she felt something new....the sweet juices of her pussy were leaking copious amounts of liquid down her naked thigh to puddle on the floor beneath the table. The relentless pounding of her ass was beginning to arouse and evoke a deep response... what was this sensation? What was this feeling?

Nef stilled. The strikes slowed as she lied there, trying to make sense of the jumbled sensations she was receiving. When she calmed herself, she reached a place inside that opened up her innermost dark fantasies and revealed to her at last what it was that drove her. In her mind she surrendered to the experience and reveled in her submission. The person behind her quickened their strokes, hammering into her soft flesh until she felt a whit-hot sensation and suspected they had cum. The feeling of being filled from both ends sent her soaring and she tensed at the ends of her bonds as she came screaming, her hands like claws as she orgasmed a full three times from the overload of stimuli. Not long after, Nef fell soundly asleep.

She awoke what felt like days later, but in actuality was only a few minutes. Nef felt many hands caressing her throbbing buttocks. Hands that massaged every inch of injured flesh and made her feel whole and cared for. She felt warm, moist cloths gently bathe her, she was offered water after they checked to be sure she had swallowed every trace of semen, then she was released from her shackles. They helped her stand, and as she stood, the audience applauded, each looking Nef over with the look that said- I know just what you went through. Nef flushed head to toe, humiliated to be so exposed, but smiled at the audience and waited to be told what to do next.

She heard footsteps behind her. Instantly she tensed, sensing that these steps were someone special. And she was right. Strong hands grasped her shoulders and turned her to face him, she raised her eyes slowly from the floor to look him in the eye, and she knew.

"Master," Nef said, smiling tiredly.

Written by: Lady_Neferai

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