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My Mother, My Slut Ch. 05

by dreamgiver7©

As I come out of my little sister's room, leaving her covered in her brother's cum, I catch a glimpse of my older sister stepping into the shower. I smile as I move down the hall and step into the steam-filled bathroom, staring at your naked silhouette through the shower door.

You step under the hot water, closing your eyes, letting the water flow over you as you start lathering your body, rubbing the soap all over your full breasts.

I smile as I slowly slide the door open, stepping in behind you, still naked from raping my little sister as I prepare to assault my older one. You open your eyes, seeing me for the first time as I push you hard up against the wall, kissing you deep. My hands fondle your firm breasts as the water splashes down over you. Not waiting, not saying anything, I push your legs apart and plunge up inside your cunt. I moan in pleasure as my cock stabs deep up inside my older sister. “Ohhh yessss Jenny…”

“Chris! Ohhh god...” You scream, remembering the feelings I gave you last time as you wrap your legs around my body, your arms moving around my neck as the water splashes over us.

“Ohhh fuck yea...” I groan, pulling out and jamming back up into your pussy, pressing your body up against the wall as I hold you firm.

You moan in pleasure as I ram my cock up into you again and again.

“Ohhh yea Jennifer... that's it... take it deep. You like your little brother's cock inside your slutty little cunt, don't you??”

“Ohhhh… yes…” you answer immediately without hesitation, no trace remaining of the pure innocent Catholic girl you were just days ago. “Fuck me… FUCK ME HARD!” you cry out as I drive my cock up into you.

I bury my cock deep into your pussy, plunging fully up inside you. “Ohhhh Jenny... such a whore... just like Mom...” I moan, ramming up into you. “Just like Laura... I just fucked them both, sis. You're all my whores now. You know that, don't you??

“Ohhh yesss, I’m your whore, Chris… give it to me!” you scream as you lift yourself up and down on my thick rod.

“Fucking you just like you need it Jennifer, hard and deep.” I say, slamming your pussy again. “Ohhh yesss… just like how Laura needed it… I raped her until she screamed for more... scream for me Jennifer... let Mom and Laura know you're my whore too.”

“OH FUCK YES!!!” you tilt your head back, crying out in pleasure as you drive yourself down onto my cock. “Fuck me Chris… please... more…”

I ram up into you deeper. “That's it sis, “ smiling as I fuck you hard. “That's my slut of a sister... faster... deeper... take my cock, whore…”

“Ohhh god yes… I’m going to cum all over your cock bro…”

Pinching your nipples, I twist them hard as you cry out. “Not until I say you can, whore.”

“Ugghhh… ohhh please…” you moan, milking my cock, squeezing your pussy around my rod.

“No, before you can cum, you must answer my questions...” I slow my pace, tormenting you. “For each right answer, I fuck my naughty sister.” I demonstrate by thrusting up into you hard. “For each wrong answer, I pull out. Now, what are you doing?”

“Ohh god,” you moan in pleasure. “Fucking you good and hard.”

I bury my cock to the slit of your cunt, my balls slapping your pussy. “Very good... mmmmm... very good indeed.”

“Ohhh yessssss..” you moan in ecstasy.

“Question two... who are you fucking?”

“My little baby brother… my fucking huge-cocked little baby brother!”

I jam it back up into you, spreading your cunt apart as I fuck you deep. “Ohhhhhh yesss… very, very good. Question three, what are you exactly?”

“Ohhh god, I’m a fucking whore that loves cock filling my hungry pussy!!”

I pull my cock out swiftly. “Wrong answer!! You're MY fucking whore who loves MY cock!! Don't ever forget that, Jenny.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” you cry, your pussy suddenly feeling empty. “I’m your whore, please fuck me… don’t stop. Don’t ever stop. Please.”

“Two more questions whore. What do you need?”

“Ohhh god, I need your huge cock fucking me hard. Always. Never stop fucking me bro. Never.”

I start pounding you harder, faster now. Driving into you deep, fucking you like crazy, plunging up inside my sister. You feel my cock pulsing and throbbing deep inside your pussy as I hammer up inside you over and over. “Last question. Do you want to cum, whore?”

“Ohhh god yessss… yes… please let me cum, Chris. Please… I want to feel your hot sperm filling me.”

“Then CUM WHORE!! CUM HARD!! CUM NOW YOU SLUT!!!” I jam my cock up into you as I explode, cumming deep up inside you, filling your pussy as I erupt again and again.

You scream out as your body orgasms, unable to control your muscles as you flail in my grasp. “Ohhhhhhhh yesssssss!!! Ohhhhh GOD YESSS!!”

Jerking and stabbing your pussy, fucking you deep as I cum over and over pumping up into your cunt. “OHHH FUCKKKKKK!!!” I cry out, filling my older sister with her little brother's sperm.

You continue to ride my cock, milking it, making it shoot up into you as your orgasm continues.

“MMMmmm… good little slut.” pulling out of you, pushing your head down deep to clean my cock. You open your mouth, sucking deep as you lick the cum and pussy juices off my rod. You swallow it all eagerly in excitement, smiling up at me as the hot water splashes over your face.

I reach down, gripping your wet hair, pulling your head down deeper around my cock. Smiling as I watch you start to gag, choking on it as I slam suddenly into the back of your throat.

Your hands move up to push me away but I hold your head firm around my cock, listening to you cough around my rod. Finally I pull out quickly, allowing you to gasp for breath before thrusting back over your lips. Gripping your head, I begin to pump forward into your mouth in a slow steady rhythm, fucking my sister’s face.

“Ohhhh yessss…” I moan, watching as my cock is engulfed by your warm wet mouth. I force my cock into my older sister’s mouth, that lovely face that took care of me and played with me growing up. Deeper and harder, I thrust down your throat, imagining all the times you yelled at me for messing up your things or annoying you and your friends. Over and over, seeing your pure virtuous smile all those times you used to kneel in prayer. Again and again I plunge forward, hearing you gag and choke on your little brother’s hard thick cock. My rod pulsing and throbbing as you try to keep up with my intense assault.

“Ohhhh YESSSS SLUT!!” I grip your head, ramming my cock down your throat as it explodes. You cough and struggle for breath as my cum blasts down your throat. Gripping your hair, I jerk your head back, pulling you off suddenly as my load continues to shoot over your face, coating you in my cum, shooting into your hair, you eyes, splashing it across your breasts as the shower continues to beat down on you.

You gasp for air as I cover you with my hot sperm, slapping my dick against your face back and forth. Your lips suddenly turn upwards into a seductive smile as you gaze up at your younger brother. Your hands move over your soaked wet body, rubbing my cum into your skin and licking your fingers hungrily.

I reach down to run my fingers through your dripping hair, moving down to caress your cheek as you lean into my hand. “Ohhh Jennifer… such a good slut… such a sweet little whore…” I smile down at you as you lick the head of my cock clean. “Such a wonderful big sister.”

Written by: dreamgiver7

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