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Happy Nude Day Ch. 09


"You should have told me that straight off, Jason. You didn't have to hide that from me. You should know by now that you can tell your mother anything. You can trust your mother to understand. Now, that I know your secret, the fact that you are a virgin makes all the difference in the world."

"Well, now you know and it's a big relief for me. I'll just go upstairs and leave all of you to celebrate the remainder of your non-sexual, Nude Day holiday without me. I'll be in my room. Call me when supper is ready, please. Thank you."

Jason took a few steps towards the stairway. His mother looked to her mother.

"Virgin cock! Get him, grandma."

Jason's grandmother tackled him and forced him to the carpet before he could make a run for it upstairs. Apparently, Grandma's pent up sexuality and lust for her grandson gave her animal like strength. Not to be denied, she was insatiable in her desire for him. He struggled, but she was too strong for him and sitting on his chest, she pinned him to the carpet by his wrists.

"Let me go, Grandma. Let me go. You're hurting me. Please, ow!"

"Ah, shut up you little pussy, virgin wimp, and stop your whining. I'll let you go when I'm done with you and have satisfied my lust for you."

She scooted up her body and impaled his mouth with her pussy. Now, practically sitting on his face to hold him down, every time he protested, she lifted his head by his hair and forced his mouth on her dry pussy.

"Lick it. Lick my pussy. Stick your tongue all the way in there and slide the tip of it in my hole. Lap me. Touch me. Finger fuck me."

"Grandma, what the Hell, that's so gross. I'm not going to eat your pussy. You're my grandmother. That's incest and I'm not into incestuous sex. I'm not into any sex. I'm a virgin. Have you no respect for that? Besides, when's the last time you trimmed this forest. I'm suffocating in your pussy hair. Every time you pull my mouth into your bush, I feel like I'm wearing a full beard."

"Quit your yapping and start your licking. I just trimmed it in '76, I think, in celebration of our country's 200 year anniversary. It's not that long."

"My tongue is covered with your pubic hair. Yuck!"

Meanwhile, Jason heard a familiar sound, zzzzzzzip, as his mother unzipped him. He struggled beneath the weight of his grandmother who perched herself on his upper chest and shoulders with her pussy only a few inches from his mouth. Yet, the more he struggled, the more of her pussy she pushed in his mouth. He had to open his mouth to breath and every time he did, she stuck more of her pussy in his mouth. One who was so innocent, it was horrible for the poor man.

"Quit your struggling and just lick my pussy," said his grandmother. "Lick me good. C'mon, lap granny's pussy."

His mother pulled down his jeans revealing Jason's briefs to everyone. Already he had an erection and his bulge stretched the entire front of his underwear.

"Dude," said Michael. "That's a major boner."

"Wow," said Vivian. "He's got a bigger cock than Mr. D."

"Mother, what are you doing? Stop it! No! This is so embarrassing."

"Quiet Jason and just enjoy it. This would be so much easier if you cooperated."

His mother continued stripping her son by pulling off his sneakers before pulling off his jeans. He flailed his legs trying to stop his mother from removing his jeans. Then, when she reached for his underwear to expose his cock to his grandmother, mother, sister and her friend, he opened his legs as wide as he could hoping to keep her from pulling down and off his underwear, but it was all to no avail.

"Please don't take off my underwear, too. Mother! Mom! Mommy! Please, stop!"

He felt the tips of her fingers reaching inside his underwear. She touched the head of his cock. Then, she took him all in her hand.

"Hush, now Jason, relax. I'm only going to give you a good time. I'm doing this for your own good. You'll thank me later. Think of this as a sexual demonstration," she said leering at her husband and giving him the finger. "And who better to teach you about sex than your mother?"

She placed a knee on the outside of each of his ankles forcing his legs closed. Then, he felt his mother's fingernails reach beneath his elastic band and in one quick pull; he was naked below the waist. She continued pulling down and off his briefs.

He could feel his cock sticking straight up and saw his grandmother turn to look at it. Then, he felt his grandmother's hand wrapping itself around his cock and stroking him.

"You have a nice, big cock. It's much bigger than your grandpa's cock."

Grandma let go of his cock to allow her mother to take over.

"Now, I'll show you Mommy's demonstration," she said to Jason. Then, she turned to her husband. "This is a sexual demonstration, asshole!"

She took her son's cock in her hand and stroked him while staring at her husband.

"If it's okay to have Susan suck your cock, then it's okay for me to suck Jason's cock."

"You're just being vindictive," he said to his wife. "What I did with Susan was an innocent non-sexual demonstration that suddenly went wrong. What you are doing from the outset is incestuous revenge and by using your poor son to accomplish your vengeance is just so wrong."

"Use me, Mrs. D. I don't mind. I mean, anything to save peace in the family, I'd sacrifice my naked body for the sake of my friend. You can blow me, Mrs. D, instead."

"Thank you, Michael for the offer, but it is more appropriate that I teach my son about sex."

"Mother please take Michael up on his unselfish offer. I'll just get up, gather my clothes and head up stairs."

"Shut up and lick my pussy," said Grandma pulling his mouth to her pussy with a handful of hair.

His mother stared down at his erect cock while stroking it. Occasionally, she'd look at her husband while stroking Jason's big dick.

"Grandma is right; you do have a nice, big cock, Jason. It's so appropriate that since I gave birth to you, I should be the first one to not only see your cock but also to give you your first hand job." She tried to look around her mother to see the look on her son's face, but grandma was too busy forcing his face in her pussy.

"Lick me, Jason. Finger my clit and get your finger up in my hole," said Grandma.

"Grandma get off me! Mother, please stop. This is not right. I'm so embarrassed. It's wrong for you to give me a hand job, especially in front of my sister and her friend. I'm mortified. What is wrong with you people? This is rape. Help! Someone help me!"

No one was coming to his aid. All eyes were upon Jason's mother hand stroking his cock.

"Your cock is even bigger than your father's cock," she said smiling at her husband. "It's much longer, wider, and thicker. I can barely touch my fingers around it," she laughed. This is the biggest cock I've ever held in my hand and this hand has held lots of big pricks. I can't wait to suck it. Do you want Mommy to suck your cock, Jason?"

"No, mother, I do not want you to suck my cock. Please, Mommy, stop. Please don't blow me."

"Well, you certainly didn't come from your Grandpa side of the family," said Grandma turning to get another look of Jason's cock. "They were Irish and all had little cocks, the smallest cocks I've ever seen since I had sex with Mr. Woo, the owner of the Chinese takeout restaurant where I buy lunch sometimes. Now that was an appetizer," she said. "Jason's cock looks more like a giant tube steak."

"You're ruining the mood, Mother," said Jason's mom while continuing to slowly beat him off.

Jason started wiggling and moving his hips to the rhythm of his mother's hand.

"Mommy, please don't do this. This is wrong."

"Does mommy's hand feel good on your cock?"

"Yes, mommy, but please stop."

"Dude, this is so hot. Mrs. D after you're done with Jason, can you pretend that I'm your long lost adopted son and jerk me off, too."

"Not now, Michael, maybe later," she said laughing. "Maybe, later, we can play the pizza delivery man. I like that game and haven't done that since I married shit head over there," she said giving a hateful look to her husband.

"Okay, Mrs. D." He turned to Vivian. "I'm going to pretend that I'm delivering a pizza and Mrs. D's going to give me a hand job later."

"We can pretend that we're brother and sister, Michael, and I'll give you a blowjob, now," said Vivian. "I've been so horny ever since Susan was blowing her father. I really need to feel a cock in my mouth," she said reaching her hand between his legs and stroking him.

"Sure, Sis, that sounds like fun. Just call me bro."

Vivian got down between Michael's legs and started sucking his cock. As soon as Mr. D saw Vivian's pretty, little ass up in the air, he took a position behind her and started eating her pussy.

"It's only fair I return the favor, Vivian," he said. "After all, you did suck off the cum that would have stained our new rug. I feel compelled to show you my gratitude."

"Thanks Mr. D, but I really need to feel your cock in your pussy. Let me get on my knees and I'll lean down to suck Michael's, I mean, my brother's cock while you ram that big prick in me doggie style." Vivian reached around behind her and inserted Mr. D's cock in her pussy while Mr. D took one of her lovely A cup tits in each hand and fingered her nipples to erection. She resumed sucking off her imaginary brother, Michael.

"You're doing a good job, Sis," said Michael to his pretend sister. "Our parents will be so proud."

Susan sat on the stairs watching her Dad fuck Vivian as Vivian blew Michael. When she tired of that, she turned in the other direction to watch her mother give her brother a hand job while her grandmother forced her grandson to eat her pussy. It was turning out to be a better Nude Day celebration now that everyone was getting along again. There's nothing like a non-sexual holiday to bring a family closer together.

"You're getting close to cumming, Jason. Relax and think of something else. Think of baseball. I don't want you to cum, yet. I still want to suck your cock first before you cum. Then, you can cum in Mommy's mouth. Okay?"

"No, mommy, I'm not going to cum in your mouth. I plan on thinking of every playoff game and World Series game in every sport, so that I don't cum. Then, if that doesn't work, I'll think of Olympic Curling.

"Curling? What the Hell is that?"

"Precisely, my point."

"It's like shuffleboard, but on ice" said Grandma and they play it using brooms and a kettle instead of sticks and a puck and they aren't allowed to touch the kettle with their brooms."

"How did you know about Curling, mother?"

"At the nursing home, we play—"

"Never mind, mother, I'm sorry I asked."

Apparently, his mother's experienced hand sensed her son was about to cum by the throbbing she felt. A virgin cock after all had very little endurance and was only good for a few strokes from an experienced hand before climaxing beyond the boiling point and exploding cum everywhere. It was now or never. She leaned down and took her son's stiff cock in her mouth.

"Mom, what are you doing? Mommy, please don't. Stop. This is so wrong."

"What do you think I'm doing," she said removing his cock from her mouth to speak while still licking the length of him. "I'm giving my baby boy his first blowjob. How do you like it so far, Son?"

"Please, don't. You mustn't mother. Don't. Stop. Don't...stop."

She took his feeble plea as a go ahead to continue sucking off her son. If they thought Susan could suck cock, she took second place to her mother. Oh, my God. She was gobbling her son's meat, as if she was a starving woman gnawing on a Thanksgiving's Day turkey bone.

"Doesn't it feel good, Jason," she said removing his cock from her mouth again to tease his head with her tongue.

"Yes, Mommy, but it's wrong, so wrong."

"Do you still want Mommy to stop?"

"Yes, Mommy, I mean, no Mommy. Please, don't...stop."

With that, she went to town on her son. Now, applying more pressure to her quick strokes, she sucked his cock with all the cocksucking skills she had. The sounds of slurping and sucking overpowered the room and Vivian stopped sucking Michael's cock and Mr. D stopped fucking Vivian to watch the sexual demonstration between mother and son.

"You're a lucky man, Mr. D. You're wife gives a wicked blowjob. I can't wait to pretend to deliver a pizza here, later."

"Thanks Michael. I'll tell her that as soon as she finishes. That's a very nice compliment to give another man's wife while watching her blow another man, specifically when the other man is her son."

"You have a way with words, Mr. D," said Michael. "Mrs. D, instead of a hand job, do you think I could get a blowjob when I play the pizza man and deliver your extra cheese pizza?"

"Shh," said Susan. "If my Mom is anything like me when she is sucking cock, she can't hear you. She's too busy focus on what she's doing."

"Wow," said Michael.

"Cum in Mommy's mouth," she said to her son. "It's okay. Let it go. I want to taste my son's warm gooey juice," she said breathlessly only removing her son's cock for the few seconds she needed to talk him into cumming in her mouth.

Just as she said that, Jason let go. His mother wrapped her lips tighter around his cock and didn't spill a drop. Literally, you could hear her gulping and swallowing her son's cum cock from across the room.

Meanwhile Grandma was rubbing her pussy all over his face.

"Lick me," she said. "Lap my pussy. Get your tongue there and give my clit some action with your fingers. Virgin my ass, you act like you never licked a pussy before." His grandmother rubbed her bushy pussy all over his face while wigging her ass. He reached up and took a tit in each hand while fingering her nipples.

"I haven't grandma. Your pussy is the first one I've eaten."

"Quit talking and keep licking."

He lapped his grandmother's pussy while his mother sucked his cock and swallowed his com.

"Jason, that was, certainly, a big load of cum. You tasted sweeter than your Dad and not as salty."

"Oh, Mother, how could you blow me? How could you swallow my cum? This is so wrong."

"Why, Jason? Didn't you enjoy it when I stared at your cock before wrapping my hand around it and stroked it?"

"Yes, Mommy but—"

"Didn't you like it when I took you in my mouth and licked you while sucking you?"

"Yes, Mommy but—"

"Didn't you feel good after shooting your cum in Mommy's mouth and Mommy's swallowing all your cum."

"Yes, Mommy but this is incest."

"You'll get over it, Jason. Later after everyone leaves, you can fuck Mommy. You can sleep in my bed tonight and we'll have sex all night."

"Hey, where am I going to sleep?"

"You can sleep on the couch or maybe Susan will take pity on you and you can sleep with her in her room," she said to her husband.

"Okay," he said with a big smile.

"You're sleeping on the couch, Dad," said Susan leaving the group to go upstairs and shower.

After having been aroused all day, between seeing everyone naked and then watching his sister give her father a blowjob, it didn't take Jason long to shoot a gooey load in his mother's mouth. He couldn't believe his grandmother was forcing him to suck her pussy. Just as he couldn't believe his mother saw his cock, he couldn't believe his mother gave him a hand job and his mother gave him a blowjob. It felt so good to feel the sensation of his cock in her mouth. Her tongue felt incredible and the pressure she applied was better than he could do with his hand. It was an unbelievable feeling when he let go and shot his load of cum in his mother's mouth.

"Okay, Mom," said Jason's mother to her mother. "Your turn."

"No, stop, please. This is crazy. I don't want grandma blowing me. I'll have nightmares for the rest of my life."

Whereupon his mother changed places with her mother and sat on her son's face while his grandmother sucked off her grandson.

"Lick me, Jason. Lick Mommy's pussy. Make Mommy cum in your mouth. That's right, touch my clit with your finger while you finger fuck me and stick your tongue there, yeah, that feels good, baby boy. Now reach up and feel my tits finger my nipples. Pull my nipples as you lick my clit. Do you like Mommy's tits?"

"I love Mommy's tits. Do you want to suck my nipples?"

"Yes Mommy."

She slid her body down and stuck her tit in his mouth, first one and then the other.

"If Grandma wasn't sucking your cock right now, I'd stick that python in my pussy."

"I've never had intercourse, before, Mommy."

"I know and we will tonight."

She slid her body back up and rubbed her trimmed pussy in his face. He stuck his tongue out and licked her as she wiggled and took his index finger and played with her clit while fucking her with his third finger. His other hand was busy feeling and caressing her tits and pulling her big nipples.

Meanwhile Grandma had removed her teeth and was giving her grandson a gum job. With all the red lipstick she had adorned her lips with for Michael's benefit; Jason's cock now looked like a bloody mess.

"Please, stop Grandma. Please don't blow me. This is disgusting. Really."

"I don't mind taking his place, Grandma," said Michael.

"Oh, Mikey, you're too easy. This is more fun forcing Jason."

"In that case, please don't suck my cock, Grandma. I'd be deeply offended," said Michael trying to be as sincere as he could, but Grandma was busy blowing her grandson.

"Oh, that's what they all say in the nursing home. They all pretend they don't want a blowjob, but once I stick their cocks in my mouth, they all ask me to take out my tits for them to feel while I blow them."

"Way too much information, Grandma, way too much," said Jason.

"Actually, I'd like to hear more, Grandma," said Michael from across the room while Vivian's mouth was still attached to his cock and Mr. D's cock was still buried deep in her pussy.

"Look Ma, no teeth," said grandma whooping it up while sucking, I mean gumming her grandson. Bobbing her head up and down with the opposite stroke of her hand, while occasionally taking the time to cup his balls, Grandma kept a steady rhythm of gumming.

"Grandma, please stop, this is so wrong. This isn't right of you, a grandmother to give her grandson a blowjob, I mean a gum job."

"This will give you something to remember me by after I'm gone," she said. "You can standup in church and relate to your family and friends at my funeral how you remember getting your second blowjob, I mean your first gum job from your grandmother."

"I'd be too embarrassed to admit that, Grandma."

"Really? Well, you're not too embarrassed to have an erection, just as your not too embarrassed to cum in my mouth."

With that, Jason shot his second load of cum within only a few minutes. Virgin cocks are known to do that. Virgin cocks can shoot 4 or 5 times within a short period of time.

As soon as he shot his load of cum in his grandmother's mouth, his mother got off of him and walked over to his father.

Her husband still had his cock buried deep in Vivian and was pounding her pussy. With his legs spread apart and his balls hanging down and banging against Vivian's round, firm ass, he was an easy target.

"Now, that was sexual, you perverted son of a bitch. And this," she said giving him a quick, hard foot to the balls again and again, "admittedly a bit violent, but non-sexual, nonetheless, that is, unless you are one of those Japanese men who enjoy being kicked and stomped in the balls, is non-sexual."

"You people are crazy," said Jason standing up and pulling up his underwear and pants. Free from his captors, he bolted from his family and ran for the front door and opened it. There he was met by his Aunt Sally, his mother's sister, her husband, Uncle John, and their grown children, his cousins Rebecca and Stuart. They were all naked.

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