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Fucking Her Sister's Husband Ch. 01

by Katthrynn©

You may notice this story is written in a raunchier style than my other work. I am experimenting with a new style. I hope you enjoy it.


This is the story of two sisters. There is Suzie who is the good sister and Stephanie, the nasty one. Suzie is married to Randall. She is an excellent wife and mother. She takes care of her home and her family and fucks her husband like a good wife. She fucks in one, maybe two, positions. She fucks him quickly and showers as soon as she's done. She doesn't like to use toys or kinky outfits. Suzie claims to have no fantasies she'd like to act out. And she certainly would never fuck anyone except Randall. That would be WRONG!

Stephanie is married to Carlos. She's a pretty good wife and mother, but she, also, has a job. She works hard at taking care of her family, but she's not that great at taking care of the house. She needs a lot of help from Carlos just to keep the dirt and the mess down to a reasonable level. She fucks her husband like a good slut. She fucks him in as many positions as they can think of. She has a trunk full of toys and half a closet full of kinky outfits. Stephanie has a million fantasies and has acted out at least half of them. She certainly fucks a lot of people besides Carlos, often with Carlos watching and joining in. And she's been fucking Randall for a little over six months.

On the day our tale begins, Stephanie and Carlos are eating breakfast when the phone rings.


"Hey Steph," It was Randall. "would'ya like to fly to Minneapolis with me tomorrow?"

"That could be fun. Why Minneapolis?"

"Work is sending me there for a couple of days. Would Carlos mind you taking off?"

"I'm pretty sure he'd be cool with me going there with you for a couple of days."

Carlos nodded his head vigorously; a shit-eating grin plastered to his face.

"Good. The plane leaves at 4pm."

"Okay. I'll meet you at the airport." She hung up the phone and turned to her husband.

"So Randall is feeling randy, huh?" Carlos quipped.

"I guess so. Susie's probably made his balls so blue, they're probably ready to fall off."

"You know, your sister needs a really good fucking. She needs to remember what fucking's all about it."

"Probably. I don't know what happened. It's like as soon as the wedding ring slipped on to her finger all of Mom's hang ups came crashing down on her."

Carlos wrapped his arms around his wife and pulled her onto his lap. "Thank God that didn't happen to you." He said kissing her. His tongue slipped into her mouth while his hands slipped into her robe.

"Thank God." She agreed kissing him back. His hand squeezed her breast softly before sliding down her side. It lingered for a moment on the gentle slope between her waist and her ass before sliding around to grip her ass firmly.

Stephanie slipped off his lap to kneel between his legs. "You know, she won't even give Randall a blow job."

"You're kidding?" Carlos unfastened his pants. "That's fucking grounds for divorce."

"You know it." Stephanie agreed pulling his nice thick cock out of his pants and swallowing it. It wasn't completely hard yet, so she could fit it all easily into her mouth. She moved her tongue along the soft length of it and felt it harden in her mouth. Soon it was too big to hold and she had to let some of it slip out. Slowly, she let all of it slide out of her mouth until her lips only touched the tip of it. Then she sucked it all slowly back into her mouth like it was a strand of spaghetti. His cock was pressed against the back of her throat and there was still about a ½ inch not in her mouth. Carlos grabbed the back of her head and thrust the last ½ inch into her mouth.

"Maybe Randall should take you home to give her lessons."

Stephanie nodded vigorously while Carlos kept thrusting his cock down her throat. "Oh God. You're such a hot little bitch, you could give a hooker lessons. Get on the table, I want to fuck you right now."

He pulled out of her throat and Stephanie quickly stood up and pealed off her robe. Pushing the breakfast dishes aside she lay back on the kitchen table. Her spread open legs dangled off the side. Carlos quickly dropped his pants and climbed onto the table between his wife's legs. He wasn't worried about the table collapsing. He had reinforced the supports himself after their first kitchen table had collapsed doing this very same thing. His hand came down in the cereal bowel spilling it all over the table. Neither noticed.

"Come on, baby. I need to fuck you. I need your cock inside me. Hurry baby." Stephanie urged.

"I'm going to fuck you so hard you're still going to be feeling it while your sucking Randall's dick at the airport." Carlos thrust his dick into Stephanie's slippery snatch.

"Oh yes!" Stephanie cried orgasming as much from thinking about screwing her sister's husband as from being fucked by Carlos.

"Fuck yes! Cum for me. Cum all over my cock." Carlos grunted as he thrust harder and harder into her hot cunt. "I love having a filthy slut for a wife."

"Oh yes! Keeping fucking me. Please keep fucking me. Don't stop. Oh God. Don't stop."

"Play with your tits." He ordered. She immediately grabbed her lush boobs. "Squeeze them. Squeeze them hard. Hold them up for me." She held them up for him and he leaned down and bit the nipples sharply. That sent her off again screaming and shaking through another orgasm. "Oh yes," Carlos cried. "Yes, cum you hot slut." He thrust harder into her as his own orgasm ripped through his body and exploded into her womb.

Collapsed on the table, still entwined in one another, Carlos and Stephanie both began to feel to the cold wet of spilled cereal creeping across the table. The detangled themselves and climbed off the table.

"Oh God. We trashed the kitchen again." Stephanie said.

"Thank God the kids are at school." Carlos laughed. "At least we have time to clean up."

"I think I have Fruit-loops in my hair."

"It looks good on you. Makes me want to eat you up."

Stephanie laughed. "Oh no. Then I'd never get any work done."

Carlos laughed. "And that's such a bad thing?"

Stephanie laughed too. "It is if I'm going to be able to fly to Minneapolis tomorrow. Can you clean all this up while I check in with the offices?"

"Yeah sure."

Stephanie grabbed up her robe and put it back on. Carlos was mopping up the milk as she headed to the basement. Her office was set up down there. She was a paralegal for three different law firms. Two here in Cincinnati and one is Chicago. Thanks to the Internet she could work for all three without ever leaving her home. She quickly checked messages at each office, downloaded her work for the day and forwarded her business phone to her upstairs extension. Then she headed up stairs to shower.

Carlos had finished straightening up the kitchen when she got back up stairs. He was standing at the sink doing the dishes with his back to the basement door. He was still naked. Stephanie couldn't resist. She crept quietly up on him and slipped her arms around him. Pressing her body against his and fondling his cock she whispered, "Have I ever told you how sexy men are when they're doing the dishes?"

"Yes. Every time I do them."

"Well, they are." She answered sliding her hand up and down his cock.

"I thought you had work to do."

"I do. I just wanted to give you something to think about while you're working today."

"Well, I'm tuck pointing the chimney today, so maybe I should keep my mind on my work."

Stephanie laughed. "I guess so. I'm going up to shower. If the phone rings just let it go to voicemail. Okay?"

"Sure. Whatever you say."

In the shower, Stephanie couldn't stop thinking about her trip with Randall. She couldn't wait. Best of all they were going to spend the night together. She loved fucking Randall. He was amazing. The first time she'd ever fucked Randall was last summer. The two families had rented a cabin on a lake in Minnesota for a month. It was in one of those parts of Minnesota where there was a lake ever few feet. One day when it was 95 degrees out, Stephanie had gone for a walk. She followed a small stream that fed into the lake. Eventually she came to sort of a natural dam of large rocks. Three of the rocks came together in such a way as to form a seat right in the flowing water. It was so hot and the water looked so cool. Stephanie stepped out of her sandals and waded over to the seat and sat down.

Ahhhhh. It had felt sooo good. Standing in the shower, remembering, Stephanie could still feel how wonderful it felt to have all that cool water rushing by her on a scalding hot day.

She sat in the rushing water for a few minutes then she wondered how it would feel to have water rushing around her naked back. Glancing around she saw no one so she pulled off her T-shirt and tossed it near her sandals. The water hit her naked back and rushed around her, swirling against her belly and breasts. She leaned back against the rocks and the water poured over her shoulders. Her nipples hardened in the icy water. She touched them gently with her fingertips. That little touch made her pussy throb. She pinched them and pulled them until they stood tall above her firm breasts.

In the shower, present-day Stephanie played with her nipples again reliving the memory.

Stephanie began to notice how tight her wet cut-offs were. She unsnapped them and recklessly pulled them off and threw them over with the rest of her clothes. Completely naked now, she lay stretched out upon the rocks, the clear water washing over her body. Her hands sensuously sliding over her breasts, her belly, her hips finding their home between her legs. She propped one foot on the rocks to open her pussy wide letting her fingers have greater access. Unknown to her, all this time Randall had been watching her. He'd been sent to find her and tell her the others were off to the beach with the kids.

In the shower, Stephanie had her fingers deep in her pussy too. She pictured Randall standing on the riverbank, cock in hand, watching her masturbate in the rushing water.

Still laying in the rushing river, one hand gripping her breast and one hand stroking her clit, Stephanie slowly built herself up to a long hot climax. She was close to the top when her fingers were joined by a tongue. She screamed and opened her eyes. She saw the naked body of her brother in-law between her legs, his face buried in her pussy. Her right hand grabbed his hair pushing him deeper into her cunt. She gasped at the sensations his skilled tongue was giving her. "Oh yes. Oh God yes!"

"Yes. Oh God yes!" Present-day Stephanie echoed herself in the shower.

Randall stuffed two fingers into her open twat and thrust them in deep. Thrust, thrust, thrust thrust. Harder and harder he finger fucked her. He raised his head to watch her. "Cum, baby. Cum for me." He said still fingering her hard.

"I'm cumming! Oh yes, I'm cumming!" She shouted to the sky. "Oh yes! Yes! Yes!!!" Stephanie's body went limp. Her head fell back plunging her face under water. She jerked it back up sputtering. Laughing kindly at her mishap Randall climbed up her body and lined his cock up with her pussy. "I have got to fuck you, Stephie."

"Damn right, you've got to." Stephanie answered opening up her legs for him. With one hard movement he was inside her. He wrapped his arms around her body and held her against his chest. "It will have to be quick," he whispered. "Susie and the others are expecting us."

"Just fuck me." Stephanie gasped. "Fuck me hard and fuck me fast."

Present-day Stephanie was lying in the bathtub with the shower spraying her body. One leg slung over the edge and other foot resting on the faucet. Her left hand was on her clit and her right hand was fucking herself with the handle of the back scrubber. In out, in out, in out she thrust trying to echo the rhythm from six months ago.

In out, in out Randall fucked Stephanie in the rushing stream. Stephanie couldn't believe how fast he was driving her to another orgasm. She could feel her whole body tingling, her pussy throbbing. Any second now... here it comes. Oh God, yes! "I'm cumming!" She whispered in his ear as the orgasm broke over her entire body.

"Steph, oh Steph." He moaned and gave three final thrusts into her spamming pussy.

In the shower, Stephanie came with them while dreaming her back scrubber was Randall's hard cock.

Stephanie and Randall lay together in the flowing stream for a few moments. Then Stephanie burst out laughing.

"Oh God, Randall, what were thinking? You're going to be in so much trouble."

"And you won't?"

"Carlos will be pissed I didn't ask first, but he'll understand. Susie won't."

"Are you planning on telling her?"

"No way, but I hope she doesn't find out."

"Besides, I wasn't really thinking at all. I was walking through the woods looking for my sister in-law when I came upon this river Goddess masturbating in a forest stream. I was struck with awe and wonder. Her very presence drew me to her and commanded me to fuck her. Who am I to disobey a Goddess? When I finished and thrust my offering deep into the womb of the Goddess, the divine presence faded and I beheld my missing sister in-law in my arms."

"Is what happened?"


"If you say so." Stephanie laughed. After a few minutes she said, "We should probably get dressed and head back. You said they were waiting for us."

"Sort of. They piled the kids in the minivan and headed over the Hastings's beach. I was supposed to find you and drive over in the Saturn."

"Well, at least we'll be able to clean up first." Stephanie said pulling on her clothes.

Randall followed her example and dressed. Then he wrapped his arms around Stephanie and pulled her to him for a kiss.

"I really enjoyed that. Did you?" He asked.

"Yeah. That was amazing."

He looked into her eyes. "I'd like to do it again, if you're interested."

Her eyes sparkled. "You betcha. You're an incredible fuck."

He smiled and kissed her again. Together they went back to the cabin.

Stephanie lay exhausted in her tub remembering that first incredible fuck. KNOCK, KNOCK. "Honey, I thought you wanted to get some work done?" Carlos called through the door. "You'll never get anywhere if you spend all day masturbating in the shower."

"Who said I was masturbating?"

"Well, besides all the moaning, the cries of 'I'm cumming' kinda gave it away."

"Oh. Yeah I guess that'd be a clue. I'll be right out."

Written by: Katthrynn

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